Beaton threshold on kicking, stamping and the rest


We deservedly lost at Ibrox on Saturday, so it would have been inappropriate to apportion any responsibility towards referee John Beaton, for the free reign Newco player Alfredo Morelos had to kick Scott Brown, stamp on Anthony Ralston and assault the genitals of Ryan Christie during the game.

These things occasionally happen in football (although seldom in such quantities) and are picked up by the SFA review process.  What is exceptional about these circumstances is that the review process is unable to act as the referee claims to have witnessed each incident and determined no action was worthy of a caution or more.

Beaton will have mitigated his decisions with some or other explanation, perhaps with “It wasn’t that bad a stamp” type comment.  This is how the process works.  The system is rightly designed to protect referees and allow them latitude to make decisions, including the occasional mistake.

It is not always easy to view common assault for what it is, in fact, it is easy to get carried away with an occasion and raise your threshold for such matters.  It is only human to be affected this way.  But this is bad refereeing.

Beaton could have taken the easy route out and claimed he missed one or more of the incidents, each was off the ball, after all.  That would have allowed the review panel to dispassionately decide if such attacks are to be prohibited, or encouraged, in our game.  Instead, he affirmed that in his view, there was nothing in Morelos behaviour worthy of a caution.

I have no idea what Dedryck Boyata said to earn his red card from John Beaton against St Johnstone earlier this season but I defended the referee’s decision that day.  You have to trust match officials to competently carry out their duties.  Do I still trust John Beaton’s views on kicking players, stamping, genital punching and the like?  No.  His views and significantly out of line with mine.

I don’t see a conspiracy in what happened this week, just a referee who was not up to the job.  A good referee would have cautioned Morelos for the first incident (kick on Brown).  This may have prevented the more serious attacks on Ralston and Christie, but the Newco player was not even spoken to after any of the incidents.

These are not easy games to officiate but this was not a game full of controversy or incident, only one player and one referee lost the plot.


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  1. Turkeybhoy 11.02



    The Hun bias on Sky Sports makes me nauseous.



    I try to convince myself that they are just trying to build up interest in what is perceived to be a one horse race.



    By my Tim paranoia antenna buzzes with alarm,whenever these Sky pundits make every biased mention of these Hun Zombie besterts.




  2. The huge smokescreen that is trying to be created here,is Beaton seen all the assaults, never done anything about them,therefore there can be no retrospective action,absolute bollox, there are dozens of occasions where referees have been corrected, after the final whistle.



    “I don’t see a conspiracy in what happened this week, just a referee who was not up to the job.”




    Hi Paul67,


















    What this Bhoy said…….

  4. paranoidbyexperience on

    Goodby CQN



    Have been on the site since the very start.



    Have read the site at least every day and many many more times when analysis and positive calls for action has been THE FOCUS.



    Genuinely believe the the site ,initially, made a great difference in proving and providing evidence of corruption in Scottish Football.




    Met many of the guys who originally posted including Paul and the guys who started the golf.



    Been at Aberdour a number of times ….wonderfully organised by John, Kevin,etc and played at some great courses from The Renaissance (thanks Jim F) to Bathgate and Marr Hall but the people have all been different class.



    Had a brilliant time in Ireland in 2016 and an unbelievable time in Lisbon 2017 with so many people.



    thank you all.




    Now leaving the site due to the negatively (of many) and the lack of positive posts


    which addressed corruption and lack of action from our board. (Side issue ADVERTS ON THE SITE: I do not want to go to Australia)



    I have personally sent recorded messages to our chairman and never even had the courtesy of a reply.



    Over fifty years following ….the bhoys will always love the Celts but now I am out .



    Thanks and good luck to all .



    Paul thank you and all the great posters over the years.




    Hail Hail

  5. Glasgow city council calling in extra pest controllers to deal with a series outbreak of squirrels around Hampden.


    Newspaper and media outlets also reporting of increased surreal activity at their offices.


    These outbreaks are expected to grow in the next few weeks.

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    There is and there has forever been a culture of conspiracy against Celtic.


    Perhaps Masonic driven.



    However , while members of our support continue to sing songs of praise for the IRA , then I can`t imagine things changing.


    Who wins when we sing these songs ?


    Only the bigots .


    Who loses ?


    Celtic FC.


    Ask big Jock.



    If it wasn’t the songs they would make something else up to demonize Celtic.


    They conveniently label songs of freedom as terrorist tunes when the law differs.


    We have been appeasers to long in the best wee country.


    Your choice of Big Jock is ironic when they have besmirched him with lies and innuendo without one word of condemnation from mssm or authorities.

  8. Macjay,


    Everything going on against our club at the minute,


    and you think that it will change if we change our songs?


    Jeezo mate there are plenty that hate our existence,


    nothing will ever change that.

  9. Just watched Anyone but Celtic on youtube.



    Brilliant video.



    Cnsprcy – it is so obvious the hidden word.



    Celtic please obliterate these scumbags by winning continuously.



    Back Brendan Big Time.



    The Dortmund youngster would be a good addition – get that done.

  10. PETEC


    While the best wee country’s agenda is obvious the refereeing fight should be winnable if we stick to the facts.


    Beaton’s admission of seeing but there being no punishable offense clearly proves he is unaware of the rules so therefor unfit to fulfill his remit.


    Celtic should demand accountability not based on an opinion of his bias but his lack of understanding of rules and competence.


    Accountability will make these refs think twice about their sleekit behavior especially the loss of being paid paid for a job they consistently fail at.

  11. fan-a-tic,



    That is the real thing here, accountability.



    It’s a closed shop. And it also happens to be hun orientated – with a sprinkling of Orange Order in there!!!!



    They will be Judged. I’m happy about that, I hope they repent before they go – who knows when anyone is taken.



    Cracking comment about keeping the backside to the touchline and keeping the pitch as wide as possible and the View.



    Pep is a really clever coach. We have our very own Pep Right Here Right Now.

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    FAN-A-TIC on 7TH JANUARY 2019 12:54 AM


    GORDYBHOY64 on 7TH JANUARY 2019 1:07 AM



    Thanks for the courteous replies to what is a controversial subject.







    Do you think that reasonable , decent Scottish people would have a favourable view of the IRA and its activities ?


    I would suggest that they would not and would find it difficult to support a team whose supporters entertain them with such songs.


    Big Jock went onto the terracing to stop the singing of IRA songs.


    What huns think of him ( or anything ) is irrelevant to me .





    Not for one minute do I think that . But it would be a step in the right direction .


    How about a Scottish flag now and then in addition to the Irish ones ?


    Agreed. Those who ” hate our existence ” probably wont ever change , but their children may if we live up to our name ” Celtic ” and embrace the Scottish aspect of our existence .

  13. MACJAY



    Do you think that reasonable , decent Scottish people would have a favourable view of the IRA and its activities ?


    There are some reasonable Scottish people but unfortunately they are in the minority.


    The scandalous racist anti catholic /Irish tendencies of Scottish society for the most part have been glossed over and deliberately hidden by the political establishment.Like the hate crime statistics which conveniently disappeared when they showed the overwhelming amount were against Catholics.


    The people are fed propaganda by the mssm on a continuous basis while the blatant anti Irish /Catholic outpourings from the sevco supporters has been studiously ignored.


    There is no evidence that Scottish people are willing to change a historical viewpoint so the dropping of a few songs would make zero difference.


    And as i said earlier commentators often state that songs of freedom which are perfectly legal with no terrorist affiliation are often labelled such and these lies are never corrected by mssm.

  14. MACJAY


    The Jock Stein slurs have been facilitated by a silent and complicit mssm and authorities and have now come to be accepted as fact by many as you say decent Scottish people.


    They are slurs chanted at many grounds in Scotland and not just by the huns.


    The silence of media and politicians over a national hero suggests they are happy to facilitate such.

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    FAN-A-TIC on 7TH JANUARY 2019 3:31 AM





    Do you think that reasonable , decent Scottish people would have a favourable view of the IRA and its activities ?



    There are some reasonable Scottish people but unfortunately they are in the minority.






    Profoundly disagree with you on that point .



    Absolutely agree with your condemnation of SOME Scottish institutions and the Scottish media in general.



    However , I can`t condemn people who misinterpret historical songs with songs which glorify terrorism.



    eg. Do you consider ” Derry`s Walls ” to be a historical song , ergo acceptable , or an offensive Orange hymn of hate , much beloved of bigots ?

  16. FFS



    Celtic support could sing Nursery Ryhmes and the Hun establishment would still hate us.



    Twinkle Twinkle little brain cell!




  17. Derry Walls



    Have never had the temptation previously to know or read the lyrics.



    Just did. This is a sectarian song mentioning directly the Catholic King James II, chrimson blood, swords and shields, rebel death,



    Not just an offensive “hymn” of hate, but a song of sectarian hate revelling in revel Catholic death.



    What is your comparative choice of song Macjay?




  18. It’s our Future



    Dr Future over @ the two spies report is, IMO, an incredible dude.



    Futurequake was for me, essential listening. It’s a shame they called Time @ that Perfect number of years.



    It was right – I wanted him and Tom Bionic to keep going though for selfish reasons.



    Totally disgusted with these demented scumbags that are holding Everything Scottish Fitba back. Scottish Rite – Utter Shite.



    Police Scotland – Oh Dear.



    The SNP Symbol is a Belter.



    Now a good Belter.

  19. Good morning from a damp, dark and chilly Garngad


    Back to work this morning…… Oh great.



    Anyway I hope we as a club do not fall for the smsm Beaton squirrel and just let this fade away.


    I am still waiting for our custodians to fight the semi final fight, remember the statement saying we had been “victimised”, well you don’t make a statement about victimisation and let it just fade away/ be forgotten about. Come on Celtic



    Do not let the cheat that is Beaton and the authorities off the hook.


    Pursue them to the end.



    Looked at a couple of videos of our new signings, and liked what I seen.






    D. :)

  20. Am I the only one up.


    Come on CQN wakey wakey.



    In no particular order.



    BRRB- waiting on your weather report from the sooside.


    DD- Garry, what about green and white Dalmuir this morning?


    BP1- how is Cheshire this morning?


    Jobo- how is the East of Kilbride


    How is the Chiltins today??


    The wheels of industry bhoys and Ghirls need to keep on turning.


    Hail Hail and have a good day yall



    D. :)

  21. Macjay again, what a Tulip. Yep Winston you are right we bring it all on ourselves. We have only ourselves to blame for the decades of cheating.


    So it’s the old adage Croppies lie down.


    So songs are first to go, let’s see will they stop cheating us then, if they don’t we can give up our flags & reassess the position, what next ah yes how about the Hoops surely if we give them up they will be nice to us.


    Give them feck all, give them an inch and they will just take it as a sign of weakness and look for a mile.



    As an aside I don’t care much for singing Political songs at games and have never done so myself. I wouldn’t be at all bothered if the practice died out. However if I thought that ending them was being suggested to try & appease the Huns & win ourselves something that is already our right i.e. Honesty & Justice then I’d go over & sing them myself

  22. Good morning everybody from a drizzly, blustery, dark and foreboding East Kilbride. All that plus the start of the usual Fat Bhoy Slim diet with the hope of losing a stone by Cup Final Day. If I had Alfredo’s number I could make contact as he has a method whereby I could lquickly lose 2 stones….

  23. It’s only been 3h 25mins since I asked for a comparable Celtic “hymn” along the same lines as the sectarian hate filled “hymn” the Dery Walls?



    Nice link though. Cheers for that post on CQN!




  24. traditionalist88 on

    For those who are in love


    theres a song thats warm and tender,



    For those who are oppressed,






  25. morning bhoys from a wet Cheshire,, regarding the songs debate, don’t think we sing songs about wanting to kill protestants, or wanting to be up to our neck in orange blood,, their songs are evil personified.hh.

  26. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CORKCELT on 7TH JANUARY 2019 8:09 AM




    Ah , dear.



    You have an Irish football team decked out in blue shirts with orange trimming which comes into Cork waving Union Jacks and Ulster banners and singing the hymms of the UVF and of protestant supremacy.



    Well . That`ll go down well in the Republic . Won`t it ?


    That`ll attract your average Irishman. Won`t it ?



    Do you have the ability to understand why a Scotsman would actually like Celtic to attract the support of the average Scotsman ?


    And that the average Scotsman would be repelled by the singing of IRA songs ?



    Jock Stein , our greatest hero , knew that.


    Why can`t you understand it ?



    Fair go , pal.

  27. traditionalist88 on




    Jock had no problem with the playing of rebel songs on the players coaches to and from matches during the Lions era, pretty sure he facilitated it a few times with songs like Sean South… and certainly wasn’t ‘repelled’, nice try of you to try and put words in his mouth though to suit your agenda.



    Also these songs have nothing to do with religion so your analogy with Protestant supremacists marching into Cork is feeble as it is nonsensical.



    You’ve been reading too much Daily Record, ones as bad as the other spin.

  28. What came into Glasgow was a multitude of starving impoverished people. What caused them to come was previous deliberate actions by the British which wasn’t a Famine it was Genocide. The potato crop failed but the Country was bursting with corn. At the time the Act of Union was in place so by British Law Irish People were entitled to same rights as Londoners. However there was one difference they were Catholic and this was a God given opportunity to punish them and to clear the land for the big estates & by God did your beloved Brits take their opportunity. Just like they did in many far off lands as Britannia civilised the natives & then screamed bloody murder about the immigrants flooding their Country as the chickens came home to roost.


    There is a very good reason why there is a Club in Scotland with a proud Irish Heritage so stuff your analogy of an Orange Club in Cork & stuff your anti emigrant, right wing ideology that you pollute this site with.


    Don’t bother replying, first of all I’m genuinely off oot but secondly I don’t care to converse with you.

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