Beaton threshold on kicking, stamping and the rest


We deservedly lost at Ibrox on Saturday, so it would have been inappropriate to apportion any responsibility towards referee John Beaton, for the free reign Newco player Alfredo Morelos had to kick Scott Brown, stamp on Anthony Ralston and assault the genitals of Ryan Christie during the game.

These things occasionally happen in football (although seldom in such quantities) and are picked up by the SFA review process.  What is exceptional about these circumstances is that the review process is unable to act as the referee claims to have witnessed each incident and determined no action was worthy of a caution or more.

Beaton will have mitigated his decisions with some or other explanation, perhaps with “It wasn’t that bad a stamp” type comment.  This is how the process works.  The system is rightly designed to protect referees and allow them latitude to make decisions, including the occasional mistake.

It is not always easy to view common assault for what it is, in fact, it is easy to get carried away with an occasion and raise your threshold for such matters.  It is only human to be affected this way.  But this is bad refereeing.

Beaton could have taken the easy route out and claimed he missed one or more of the incidents, each was off the ball, after all.  That would have allowed the review panel to dispassionately decide if such attacks are to be prohibited, or encouraged, in our game.  Instead, he affirmed that in his view, there was nothing in Morelos behaviour worthy of a caution.

I have no idea what Dedryck Boyata said to earn his red card from John Beaton against St Johnstone earlier this season but I defended the referee’s decision that day.  You have to trust match officials to competently carry out their duties.  Do I still trust John Beaton’s views on kicking players, stamping, genital punching and the like?  No.  His views and significantly out of line with mine.

I don’t see a conspiracy in what happened this week, just a referee who was not up to the job.  A good referee would have cautioned Morelos for the first incident (kick on Brown).  This may have prevented the more serious attacks on Ralston and Christie, but the Newco player was not even spoken to after any of the incidents.

These are not easy games to officiate but this was not a game full of controversy or incident, only one player and one referee lost the plot.

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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Struggling to understand why so many remain sceptical about the conspiracy, strikes me as faux rationale. Too many want to give the impression they are reasonable to the extent they are missing the bleeding obvious, could be looking at one of thems Darwin awards.

  2. WITS – the SR ‘s initiative should be happening regardless, strengthening the first team should be the number one priority of Lawwell

  3. Why are we requesting a meeting with maxwell, it should be that bigot dallas as IMHO he’s still calling the shots

  4. Remember Celtic wrote to the sfa asking them to explain the officials’ decisions during the ICT semi-final.



    What was the outcome of that?



    Same outcome this time.




  5. What is the Stars on



    I would never stop talking to anyone on here.Least of all yourself


    Its only a blog, a cyber pub ,where we discuss Celtic


    Almost everyone who contributes wants to see the club do well



    Keep the Faith

  6. What is the Stars on

    St Stivs


    I remember that Rovers team very well.


    Good side they were


    In 65 they were knocked out of the European Cup 3.2 on aggregate by Bayern Munich who had Beckenbauer and Gerd Muller in their team

  7. Well, having read back, its clear to see the emotions expressed due to the SFA/MIB cheating and


    brass necked sectarianism. We all know that.


    We just need to be true to Big Jock’s thoughts on that.


    Go out and beat them and beat them beyond doubt.


    We have the resources to do that.


    So lets just do it.







  8. TET



    Not the news i wanted to give but that is what I hear.



    If im honest I was in two minds whether to share on this thread as I find the lead article appalling. I do not often comment although lurk daily and have had the pleasure of meeting Paul67 on a couple of occasions. If you do not believe there is a conspiracy in Scottish football then you are blind.



    Enough said




  9. John Beaton rejects the chance to respond to Celtic’s statement as he claims to have ‘not seen it’.

  10. Oliver Burke?



    Another loanee,



    A winger.



    Morgan, Jonston out on loan?



    FFS Celtic sign a player wee actually need.



    A centre half and a striker would be a feckin start.



    Not a loanee winger………….we’ve got loads of them.

  11. Stairheedrammy on

    The only way the SFA will listen is if we starve them of our cash. Boycott the away and cup games.

  12. So….



    The blog’s been full of anguish, accusations and recriminations today with Paul being regularly called out as the mouthpiece for PL and as a man incapable of expressing an individual dissenting voice.







    wham! ………



    Celtic issue a statement, presumably certified by Peter Lawwell, saying something that people read as being significantly different from what Pauls said ( I don’t) and not one word of correction or apology has been made by those holding those two contradictory viewpoints.




    So what is the Occam’s razor explanation.



    Did Paul67 write his own blog without considering Peter Lawwell’s views?



    Did someone else write the CQN article without taking dictation from PL?



    or did PL intend to do something different but a few hours of tongue lashing for P67 was too much for him to bear and he hurried out a statement at short notice, reversing his previous view?



    If anyone believes the 3rd option, I have a bridge that you might be interested in purchasing.

  13. Hard to fathom why we would want to take in a new winger on loan, unless maybe Sincy is offski.

  14. WITS – no he is, but maybe Brendan sees something in the Lad that he thinks he can improve.



    I just would like us to buy in some experience.






    D. :)

  15. So- Day 5 in the Big Transfer Windae House and Celtic announce their first (loan) purchase.



    “He’s pish” is the universal condemnation.



    “But you said- do your business early”, bleated Peter N’eerdowell.



    Aye, but no him!- could you no have waited until somebody better was available?”

  16. Thought Solanke was going tae join his “hero”, suppose that daniel defoe must be better, oh haud on Dominik is replacing the fox in the box. Effie hunted out of TO for being an imposter.

  17. To bring a bit of politics onto the blog, I offer the excuse that there is a Scottish football analogy involved here.



    I see Channel 4 news did a good investigation of the recent strange award of a multi-million contract to a “shell” firm with less than £100 assets to revive ferry services in Ramsgate, a dock that’s been shut for freight for a few years now. All the initial reporting centred on how bizarre this was but no-one did any research on who owned it and who benefitted.



    Until Channel 4 today.



    Turns out it’s owned by a Mr. Sharp who ran a previous ferry service that went bust owing millions to HMRC that gas been unpaid.



    These Tory inbreds would steal the food from your mouths and sell it back to you.

  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    ( He knew what it went but he went and then whinged about the predictable response )




    “These Tory inbreds would steal the food from your mouths and sell it back to you.”







    What we need is a large dose of Venezuela , Ecuador and Cuba.

  19. Catman. 7.32.


    Thank you for taking the time to share your information.


    I always appreciate it and so does my bhoy.


    Hail Hail

  20. Setting free



    It was exposed at the weekend. A newco (ffs) who got a contract with no boats and a suspect owner who’s bruv is Bamford ( major tory donor)



    Couldnt make it up !.




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