Being competitive and disinclined against Bayern


History makers on Saturday but Brendan Rodgers and his players will have nothing but tomorrow’s game against Bayern Munich on their minds today. In truth, the 100-year-old 62 game unbeaten run achieved by Willie Maley’s team looked like it was equalled despite minds being focussed on Champions League duty.

While there was no shame in losing 3-0 in Munich two weeks ago, Celtic were poor. It was not until Bayern achieved their objectives Celtic players looked less intimidated. We were unpicked repeatedly in defence while we retreated under the merest pressing from Bayern.

A win tomorrow is not beyond Celtic, but win or lose, we have to learn how to compete against teams of this level. We have endured harsh lessons against Barcelona and PSG over the last 13 months. Progress would not necessarily mean repeating the kind of remarkable 2-1 victory we got over Barcelona five years ago, being competitive in the game and defending with discipline would be a start.

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  1. Any techies looking in? I’m thinking of ditching Sky and BT looking for reliable “alternatives” – not Kod,i all suggestions welcome, legal or otherwise!! Hail Hail Hebcelt

  2. We have to at least compete. We can take a bit of comfort from the 2nd half display but not much. I’d be happy with the same score we had the last time we played them at our place, they celebrated like they had won.

  3. My friends in Celtic,



    Must agree with some comments at the end of the last article.



    There are many reasons why fans leave early. It’s their own personal choice. This is not like the old days, life is so hectic and time always seems so short. Possibly fans who feel they are not being entertained feel they are missing nothing. Football now competes with numerous forms of entertainment.



    One thing which has not improved is the transport links. .




  4. What’s the deal with Sviatchenko? How close is he to being fit? He’s been back in training for weeks now and doesn’t even come close to figuring.

  5. After beating Anderlecht, the expectations of some were heightened to a rather ridiculous height. Bayern are massively stronger than we are. The manner in which we dispatched Aberdeen gives an indication of our improvement. I don`t think tomorrow`s game offers the opportunity to further judge progress. I will be there and hoping we don`t get the kind of mauling we are capable of handing out to SPFL teams. I will, of course, also be hoping we gain one of those amazing Celtic park victories against an outstanding side. I won`t, though, use the game as a barometer for our improvement.







  6. weebobbycollins on

    I sometimes leave early with my wee grandson (not yet three) if he falls asleep. It’s just a shame to see so many (thousands) leave so early…oh well! Each to his own…




    There’s been a huge crackdown on streaming since the beginning of this football season KODI or otherwise so nothing useful out there in my opinion.



    If you have BT phone line and broadband you get free sports and it costs an extra fiver I think for HD

  8. South of Tunis @ 11.28 0n the last blog.



    When you mentioned the Blane Valley I had to have a listen to your music, selection Great, music actually brought a tear to my eye, My era when I liked to have a drink and play the Dukebox in whatever pub I’d be in, bevvied and listening to good music. thanks for that.

  9. I think making Bayern work hard for their opportunities and us creating clear opportunities would be considerable progress.



    Of course, I still hope for some of that old Celtic Park magic. Our greatest weapon is perhaps the support. Don’t let Bayern subdue the support by giving away an early goal.

  10. Rostov beat Baye



    Rostov beat Bayern 3-2 in a CL Group stage match in November 2016 .



    Ancelotti berated his team for failing to match Rostov’s ” vigour and desire ”


    Sections of the German media gave Bayern a serious slagging and opined that FC Hollywood hadn’t looked up for a scrap in downtown Rostov on a sub zero night .



    It cost them -they came second in the group – that got Atletico Madrid in the next round – who eliminated them on away goals.

  11. Saw somewhere that 6 of our starters on Saturday age average was 19.5, now THAT is something to stay and applaud.

  12. Bawsman


    Is that a fact ? If so, it really is fantastic. I suppose the MSSM was fulsome in its praise of Brendan`s Bhabes.

  13. BAWSMAn @ 12 15



    Yes -they celebrated . They got a vital point . Losing would have been real bad for them.. The result meant that Celtic had to win away in Lyon and Bayern had to beat Anderlecht at home . They did , Celtic didn’t . They progressed , Celtic didn’t

  14. Blantyretim.



    I’ll be in Glasgow around 2,05 pm tomorrow book into Millenium Hotel then head to the Blane Valley around 2.30 pm. or maybe a bit later depending on when I can get into my room. looking forward to meeting up with a few Tims for a few drinks.

  15. If we beat Bayern and PSG beat Anderlecht………



    A draw against us in Paris would put PSG through group winners on an unassailable 13pts and enables them to put the screw on Bayern for possible CL elimination.



    Just dreamin’……………

  16. Taken from the daily rectum today



    Kick Paris Saint Germain out of the Champions League blasts La Liga president


    Celtic’s Group B opponents have been compared to a cheating cyclist by Javier Tebas.





    Mark Walker


    11:16, 30 OCT 2017UPDATED11:53, 30 OCT 2017








    Loaded: 0%Progress: 0%


    Remaining Time -0:00







    Who Celtic could land in the Champions League group stage draw Watch again


    Celtic star Scott Sinclair pipped by Gareth Bale to Champions League award


    Referee for Celtic’s meeting with Linfield announced as bungling Spanish whistler Alejandro Hernandez







    Live football on TV: What channel is showing Tottenham v Chelsea?




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    PSG should be kicked out of the Champions League , according to La Liga’s president who has compared them to a doped, cheating cyclist.



    The Paris billionaires look certain to top Celtic ‘s group and they have already dismantled Brendan Rodgers’ side with a 5-0 annihilation in Glasgow ahead of a return in the French capital.



    But La Liga president Javier Tebas believes UEFA should exclude them from the competition because of ‘financial doping’ and he’s also criticised English Premier League leaders Manchester City .



    He said: “They must not be allowed to compete.




    La Liga chief Javier Tebas (Image: Getty Images Europe)


    Celtic training pictures ahead of Bayern clash





    “If, during the season, you realise that they cheated economically, why not exclude them? When a cyclist is convicted of doping, he is immediately excluded from the race.



    “At PSG, sponsorship revenues are tied to Qatar, directly or indirectly.



  17. OLDTIM67 on 30TH OCTOBER 2017 12:41 PM




    Ill be in around 3pm…and I think BMCUWP may be in around the same time going by our text s this morning ?



  18. AuroraBorealis79 on

    HebCelt, go on YouTube & check out ‘newtechrevolution’ & ‘rich man knows tech’ channels. You may find what youre looking for there.



    As someone has said above live streaming football channels are often zapped during weekend football schedules but no so much during mid-week schedules.

  19. AuroraBorealis79 on




    He forgets to mention that Barca & Real have been playing for over a decade while carrying hundreds of millions of debt.


    Not to mention Reals state aid during Franco’s tenure.

  20. I’ll be there to cheer on the Bhoys tomorrow evening, aiming to arrive in my seat before ko, and leave after the match finishes, having duly acknowledged the team’s efforts. Others who pay for their tickets will do as they see fit, although allowing for a variety of reasons to arrive late and/or leave early, I wonder why there is a mass exodus at the end after paying to attend the match. My opinion, of course. HH

  21. Abandon the principles for POT 1 teams.Defend, spoil, negate



    To think squared up to bayern with paddy, leigh and sinky in our team.



    We will continue to get slaughtered if we try to play then at thier own game

  22. BIG JIMMY.



    See you there, BT has booked the big table,at least we will be able to have a seat rather than standing for a couple of hours.Hope the weathers good for tomorrow. I’ll also be in the Blane Valley on the 11th of the 11th, just for a few practice drinks before heading for the darkness of Mc Cuills.

  23. In 100 years from now our great great great grandchildren will still be remembering Brendan Rodgers name.


    Even before our own. Thats what he achieved on Saturday. I f you were there, feel lucky. HH

  24. And, I’m fu’ o’ the lurgy for good measure. Today’s programme is: Lemsip Max, repeat, plus hot toddies as a top-up. See youse all there! HH

  25. Dear Brendan,



    I would like to share a wee secret with you, which should help you to understand why your team keeps dropping points at home in matches that they should be winning comfortably. It is the fault of Pope Gregory XIII. Well, it is his calendar that determines our months, and thus defines what is our last game within each month…



    In the month of August Celtic played five domestic games. They won the first four and then, in the final domestic fixture of the month, they inexplicably dropped two points at home to St. Johnstone.



    In the month of September Celtic played five domestic games. They won the first four and then, in the final domestic fixture of the month, they inexplicably dropped two points at home to Hibs.



    In the month of October Celtic played four domestic games. They won the first three and then, in the final domestic fixture of the month, they inexplicably dropped two points at home to Kilmarnock.



    Please be aware that in the final domestic fixture of November, Celtic are due to play away to Motherwell, so their 100% domestic away record is likely to be under serious threat. It would therefore be wise to shut the players away from the outside world that week, and don’t let them be aware that it is the final domestic game of the month.



    And now we all know the real reason the SPFL has moved the traditional New Year’s Day fixture (against the team that thinks it is Rangers) forward two days to the 30th December.






    Lots of love,








    I’ll be in BV not long after you! Not really,be nearer to 5pm and can’t stay too long.



    Hopefully earlier,but that depends on how my sister is-you met her in Barcelona,the 1-6 “match”



    Since she has a dental appointment earlier,I think there may be trouble ahead!!!





    Well,that augurs well for the morra the 31st!!!