Being taken for a brainless clown


I like Alex Ferguson.  He likes his football and cannot hide the respect in which he holds Jock Stein and the great Celtic team of the 60s and 70s.  Like you and I, Alex is immersed in the history of the game here, a history he contributed significantly to at Aberdeen.

So, when questioned by the Daily Record on the potential shuttering of Hampden, his overwhelming reaction was for the loss of history:

“… leaving your history behind you

“You’re throwing away all that fantastic history

“history you are throwing away

“That’s a fantastic history

“history has been formed

“The history of Hampden is riddled with fantastic games

“We need history to tell us where we’re going”

No football fans are more immersed in history than Celtic fans, it sustained us through many a dark day, so these words will resonate with you.  But fear not, there is a solution!

They can raze Hamden to the ground and have another venue BUY THE HISTORY!  Why didn’t this occur to such a great mind?  Buying history is a fairly straightforward issue in Scotland.  I now own the Crimean War, which I purchased from a guy in Edinburgh last week.

The same vendor was selling the Renaissance, which I would love to own, as I would really like to have painted the Sistine Chapel in the 16th century, but he was wanting £1000 for that, and an internal voice told me I was being taken for a brainless clown.

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  1. 50 shades of green on










    Would that be the game where Ferguson headbutted Bobby Murdoch….




    69 cup final mate yea…..

  2. 50 shades of green on

    “I now own the Crimean War, which I purchased from a guy in Edinburgh last week.”




    Thats nothing I own 5 seagulls I bought aff a guy on the North pier in Blackpool a few yrs ago , wonder how they are getting on.

  3. I see Paul is still tub thumping for Scotland to play at ibrox so the Huns can get more money.



    Old firm Paul? You love it don’t you?



    All for a few more quid.

  4. Delaneys Dunky on




    I remember in 2003, in the ballot for Seville tickets, knew at least 20 Knightswood Tims, myself included who were successful. This was highly unusual for one area. Everyone who applied, got a ticket. Always wondered if Mrs MM was looking after her Corpus Christi parishoners? ;)


    Happy Easter to Maureen and You.


    God Bless

  5. Delaneys Dunky on




    Enjoy M.


    Wish I was with you. Love the Belfast vibe. Edgy but exciting.


    Bon Voyage

  6. ‘ shuttering of Hampden’







    Not a bad idea.



    Shutter it and entomb it in concrete. It’s what you do with toxic structures that threaten to pollute and contaminate their surroundings.

  7. Delaneys Dunky on




    It is nice to discover good guys you grew up with posting here. You know 100% they are fenian through and through.


    Happy Easter to you and Kev J



  8. Good Friday, a very restful day after some hectic times.


    The Searchers is on telly, that’s a belter. Cooking some nice lemon sole fillets over a bed of potatoes, garlic, peppers and carrots. Gammon joint bought for Sunday lunch, and will be letting someone else take the cooking tomorrow. There will be drinking also, hopefully The Orcs will be pumped at Motherwell and I will be checking in frequently to the happenings at Celtic Park.


    Any word of the financial meltdown over at Govan?


    Have a good day everyone. HH

  9. 50 shades of green on

    An 8 ton Chinese space station due to crash back to earth today, I bet the huns wish they hadn’t peed them aff now with the moreloss carry on.




  10. I’m lucky enough to be part owner of the Brooklyn Bridge and I am seriously considerin’ an option on the Milky Way………..



    Get in fast bhoays……






    Tell Mick we have a mutual friend Mrs. S, he used to frequent her house as he ran about with her Son. I visit her every Sunday.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  12. Lucky me.



    Bumped into a guy in the crystal palace selling a medieval scroll in authentic crayon detailing the history of Pollock castle.



    What a steal.



    From now you may ,all address me as lord darnley.

  13. Delaneys Dunky on




    You are late wi my Bob of the day.


    Had to play Kaya, Exodus and Uprising to Satisfy my Soul this morning. ;)))


    Thanks pal. Happy Easter





    Was he not another one who s…..d a queen?

  15. I lived next door to that Cecil C De Mille and Charles Branson for a wee bit.


    I thought they were brand new.



    (One of thum posts here, the ither lurks………..)



    It wasn’t until Roger Robot moved into the scheme that things went a bit dodgy.



    Even the wee dugs in the street knew that Roger was in no way a Tim and in fact was a total Buddie, just like that wee brainless baldy guy on Shortbread………..Thing wuz, he kept the routine goin’…..an’ goin’ an’…..



    Turns oot, they were aw at it!



    Don’t believe me? Fine!


    Just ask ma big tim mate Shawn Struth from (nearby) Innishowen………



    Oh Aye!

  16. Delaneys Dunky on




    It what you don’t say in your posts that I take most from. Genius writing sir.


    Happy Irish Easter fae yer wee Home toon.

  17. Random observation for today having had a learn something new everyday moment.



    Is keiran the first person from the isle of nan to represent Celtic ?

  18. South Of Tunis on




    Lateness caused by me having to wait for the old Inter mad codger to deliver 3 piglets ( thankfully already dead and cleaned )



    Sunday’s feast -MAIALINO ARROSTO — roast suckling pig .. Served with roast spuds and lots of spring greens .



    Stuffed with herbs and roasted /smoked with myrtle leaves in a clay oven /hole in the ground . Added vino and dancing . Easter -way down south.

  19. DD…………



    :) Thurs soooo much material! It’s like The King’s Theatre panto here sometimes…….Oh YES it is…. :0






    Lord Danley we doth doff ooor caps.




  20. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The thing about the Glib Offer is that there is no offer.


    If someone is offering something, they would name a price.


    No price is mentioned,


    This offer looks like a regurgitation of a previous notification, which included MASH as a shareholder.


    It looks like another puff of Ibrox smoke.



    When Bobby Murdoch won the 1969 Player of the Year Award, Hugh Mc.Ilvanney, in his piece in praise of Bobby, cited how Murdoch reacted to the attempted head butt from Ferguson.



    Hugh reckoned his reaction of not even breaking his stride would have merited the accolade alone.





    On the 25th March 2016, I had a similar experience to you.


    I landed in Dublin from the Donegal- Dublin flight and was met by WITS.


    We went for a coffee, then on the St.Kevin’s to enjoy the skills of those youngsters from different clubs.



    I went to the Aviva with my son and enjoyed FAI hospitality, before ,during and after the match.


    I also had a quick word with our Rod, who exchanged a “C’mon you boys in Green” response to my ” Hail Hail.



    In Ireland, the pint you got on Good Friday always tasted twice as good as any other day.


    Now the killjoys have spoiled it by repealing the Act!


    STSTIVS 1230



    Due to an unfortunate typo,almost certainly.

  22. Drew1967



    Sorry I had to go out there, and when I was out the bloody engine blew up in my car … Nightmare.. Ah well new car needed.



    Is your mum still working for Celtic… Oops hope I did not get her into trouble..


    Tell her I was asking for her.


    Her and my dad knew each other quite well, unfortunately he has passed away.



    D. :)

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