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I’m sure many of you will remember the home game against Dundee in April 2001. We needed a win to be able to secure the title the following week, at home, against St Mirren. After the game Martin O’Neill sounded irritated at the anxiety in the crowd, oblivious to the fact that the loss of a late goal would have denied many of us the opportunity to be there when the title was won.

If you’ve been there for the highs (Aberdeen) and lows (Kilmarnock) of the league season you’ve earned a ticket to the party. Let’s hope the SPL deliver a home game next, as reported.

Apologies for the extended downtime yesterday. Plans are afoot for five new servers to load-balance CQN (which sounds a lot right now but we’ve had similar thoughts before).

Let the record show that the death of Margaret Thatcher brought CQN down longer than when Rangers did the decent thing. Was hearing the news a ‘JFK moment’? I was in the wee room at the time, a treat for all the senses, so I’m not sure how my memory will handle the situation…. mostly audio.
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    Looks like I’ll be home for the title.



    Magnanimously I’ll let my sisters attend-they have had to put up with some really terrible times watching us.



    They-and all of you-deserve the day…..

  2. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Breaking: Police Scotland have kettled the SPL split fixtures and will be releasing them one at a time over the next few days.

  3. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    The wee room must stay open


    And that’s the bottom line

  4. Afternoon bhoys from a warm and sunny hun free mountain valley.



    A wee poem from Mrs TET



    Our Bobby came for Maggie, he offered her his hand.


    She asked if he was consort, to the promised land.


    Ah sure your passage will be safe, there’s plenty there to meet.


    Maggie smiled and went with him, till she felt the heat,



    What is this place you take me ? Where is my throne and crown.


    Our Bobby said to Maggie, I think your going down !


    Ten brave men stood in judgement, deciding on her fate.


    The eternal burning fires of hell, or heavens pearly gates.



    The first to speak was Raymond he looked her up and down


    With Francis, Joe and Michael standing close, Maggie gave a frown.


    While we hungered for justice, your judgement sealed our fate.


    It’s the fires of hell for you, ye bitch not heavens pearly gates.



    Then Thomas, Kevin, Kieran and Patsy all gave their thought


    If Maggie should enter the gates of paradise or not


    Martin smiled at Bobby they agreed her fate was sealed.


    For crimes again the IRISH they compassion she would not yield.



    Then St Peter gave a smile at Gods chosen men


    For they were her jury, those bold courageous ten.


    What have you decided, what’s her fate, do tell


    Then Bobby smiled and pushed her into the fiery bowels of hell

  5. The Battered Bunnet on




    At face value you might think that having filleted the company for £60M over the years, retiring was an option for him, but the likelihood is that his lifestyle burned much of his earnings during the good years, and while he inevitably will have salted a few shekels away, he needs the income from his LBG employment to sustain what he has left. Costs a lot of money to maintain a chateau and vineyard you know.



    Why does he still work? Simply, because like the rest of us, he needs to!



    No more Peploes on the wall…





    Good to know you are still doing your stuff.



    I remember you posting a montage of pubs which brought back times both good and bad.



    The ones that I didnae recognise were likely to be where I had enjoyed myself most!!!

  7. At work with a very sair stomach


    Jelly and profiteroles don’t mix as well as jelly and ice cream :(


    Party time again tonight though


    “Ding Dong the witch is dead “

  8. Henriks Sombrero on

    Just heard Chuckles ‘ I have a message for the Rangers fans…..No surrender’ statement in his Clyde interview.



    Astonishing. If the SFA don’t come down on this on the back of his racist comments (which he defends), then it really does mean whoever owns that rancid club can say what they like with no punishment whatsoever.





    Must be a wind-up.




  10. Best of luck to ‘Bishop’ Crosas.



    Last year, Santos Laguna made it to the CONCACAF Champions League final, but that was the end of the road for them. Their dreams of a continental championship and a trip to the Club World Cup were dashed, or at least put off by a year.


    Now Santos are one match away from a return to the final, where they could meet the same Monterrey team that beat them a year ago and get a chance at revenge. Santos aren’t quite back in the final yet, though. The Seattle Sounders still stand in their way.


    Seattle didn’t provide much of an obstacle for Santos in the first leg. Playing without the injured Eddie Johnson and Obafemi Martins while Mauro Rosales and Steve Zakuani watched from the bench to start, Seattle was listless in the attack and Santos gave them fits on the counterattack. Herculez Gomez made one of those forays forward count, finishing smartly to earn the visitors a 1-0 win.


    With a one-goal leading heading back to Torreon for the second leg, Santos are sitting pretty. They are the better team to begin with and now all they need is a draw at home to advance.


    History is also on Santos’ side, too. A year ago, these two teams met in the quarterfinals and when the Sounders went south of the border, everything came apart. Santos destroyed Seattle, 6-1. Gomez notched a brace in that match and Oribe Peralta added one of his own, a scary memory considering Seattle will be charged with stopping those two again on Tuesday night, with the dazzling Darwin Quintero also in the attack to accompany them.


    Santos has been one of the few teams who have taken the Champions League seriously. Tigres didn’t and that apathy helped the Sounders become the first MLS team to eliminate a Mexican club in the last round, but Santos will do no such thing. They have a return to the final on the line, with continental championship and a spot in the Club World Cup that eluded them a year ago at stake once again.

  11. South Of Tunis on

    no I’m Neil Lennon [ previous thread]



    For what it’s worth.—-



    Mac Book Pro..



    The 2.7 GHZ is an absolute baby.

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