Belgians premature


The Belgian league put the cat amongst the waffles yesterday by declaring the Jupiler League over and Bruges champions.  They sorted out their TV and other commercial arrangements and can start next season as soon as it is safe to do so.

There are very few calls to cut seasons short.  Tight leagues, such as in Italy and Spain, would forever  have questions hanging over them, while those assured of winning the title, as in Scotland and England, want to do so on the field, not at a league meeting.  Still, it was nice to see panic among the Null and Voiders, who would rather everyone lost than anyone (Celtic) won.

The Belgians have been pragmatic but premature, football is finished for the season, their champions are assured without controversy and they will accommodate those threatened with relegation.  The rest of Europe still clings to the hope that competition can start behind closed doors in the summer.  It will next month before we know if this is possible, there is no reason to make decisions before then.

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  1. Guys – I know CRC is returning tonight at 9 with his CQN Quiz



    To warm up for this


    Liam McGrandles has a Celtic/Irish entertainment between 7-8


    on the “Celts are Here” Facebook supporters page



    Liam says feel free to join him in on this Celts are Here sing along 😂😂😂



    Hail Hail

  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    For anyone still interested in the source of Covid-19, three research articles ordered


    This Chinese/Australian collaboration research using spliced in HIV-based pseudovirus receptors because bats could not transmit virus to humans.




    This collaborative US/Chinese research dates back to 2015.




    The Indian research that found that HIV-based pseudovirus receptors are present in the new Covid-19 virus, people claiming to represent the US & Israeli scientific community force withdrawing of the article even though it was submitted for peer review.


  3. !!BADA BING!! on 3RD APRIL 2020 1:42 PM


    Getting concerned about Big Judith…..





    Weans in the west end using big Judith as a bouncy castle…….fek where’s big Bada off to?

  4. PADDYMACOZ on 3RD APRIL 2020 1:13 PM





    Great to read your Post and that you are feeling better. My best wishes also to BIGYINMILAN once again.



    I do have to clear up a misunderstanding, I have only been living in the CALTON/SALTMARKET Area since December 2016.


    I was Born on Castle Street, Toonheid, just across from the Royal Infirmary, and then due to family circumstances I moved with my Grand Parents to Easterhouse, when it was being built. That must have been around 1958/59, as my first school was “Blessed John Ogilvie” in Easterhouse when I was aged five.


    I was too young to attend any primary school in the Toonheid area while living there.



    My 1st wife was from The Gallowgate next to “Terrys Tattoo Shop”…just around the corner from the bottom of Millerston Street. We “Winched” from 1972, and from then on I did a lot of drinking in the Calton/Gallowgate area with her Hun family…as well as going to watch The Celts of course.


    I Binned her in 1981.



    Stay safe and well PADDYBHOY…..and that also applies to all of course.



  5. Parkheadcomesalford condolences on the death of your father Felix. Prayers said for the repose of your father’s soul, and for his loved ones in this time that is sad for all of you.

  6. Parkheadcumsalford


    Sincere condolences for your loss



    May your dad rest in peace



    God bless Felix

  7. Bada……..swing by Cork and pick me up tae…………



    if there’s a boundary charge, I’ll pay it!







  8. I read the statement from The Belgian FA about ruling out playing behind closed doors in the next few weeks.



    They ( correctly) imply that some Medical Services would have to be present at any matches behind “Closed Doors”.


    That being the case…Football and the SPL etc have NO RIGHT to expect Ambulance/Medical Services to be taken away from their usual and/or FRONTLINE DUTIES due to this Virus…so if that was just ONE of the reasons/arguments that The Belgian FA took with the decision that they did in announcing Club Brugge as Champions…then I say good on them.



    What if The SPL ordered that the rest of the games for this season were all played behind closed doors, with Ambulance and Medical staff in attendance, taken away from their duties during this Virus and people took unwell or even died as Ambulance/Medical staff were detailed to Football matched ?



    I am sure that all those Huns and the Media who are shouting for anything OTHER than Celtic being awarded the League title right now, would be up in arms IF one of their family/friends were having to wait longer than usual for Ambulance and/or medical attention at this time because many staff were in attendance at Football games ?



  9. Bankiebhoy


    From last night I know that some years after I left St Paul’s they moved the primary school to Primrose St where I lived at number 20.


    Would have saved a walk.

  10. Games behind “Closed Doors” ?


    One other valid point is that we are being told every day by Top Medical Folk that someone could HAVE the Virus and are NOT showing any symptoms etc.


    How can you have Players risking their health when being in close contact with other players, especially Opposition Players ?


    If those games were played and a player scored a Goal….would we see his team mates running away from him…rather than towards him and kissing and cuddling each other as they tend to do these days ?




  11. Gene,



    aye, I finished primary school there – my mum taught there too…… sister and uncle lived on Primrose st.



    My mate Tam Dempsey also lived on Primrose st – down by The Emporium ( corner shop). His family left and moved to Canada.

  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Big Jimmy,


    There are tests out there that will return results within minutes while only the elites like trump and bojo have access, I’m sure the football authorities will get access, after all they are not front line responders so no dilemma for the elites on only sharing with the undeserving eh

  13. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Condolences to PCS on the death of his father.


    A wee prayer will be said for his father’s soul.RIP

  14. Trying to recall some of the outdoor/playground games from my childhood to explain to my son. Other than the usual football/British Bulldogs/chase/kick the can/hide and seek etc. , I was trying to recall what we called a game played as follows: you hop on one leg with your arms folded, and bump into each other trying to make the other(s) fall over. Anyone remember that? What it was called?


    Another one we played on the street called Kerby (kirbie, curby) ? Throwing the ball across the street and trying to hit the kerb (or is it curb) so that the ball comes back across to you. If successful you got another throw, but from the middle of the road (so closer this time). Can’t remember how the point scoring went though.

  15. Parkheadcumsalford



    I received a text informing me of your terrible news so it’s incredibly sad to come on to CQN and read it confirmed.



    May God Bless you and all your family at this time and may perpetual light shine upon your dad, Felix.

  16. Me and my mate when very young played “KERBIE” quite often and you would get a Point if you successfully hit the Kerb opposite where you opponent was. The opponent was not allowed to step onto the street and prevent the Ball hitting the Kerb.


    My mate was more than happy to play Kerbie, as when we played One on One….I would feckin dazzle him with my dribbling skills and he couldnt get the ball aff me…


    Yes…He was a Hun !





  17. Is it not strange how you can often remember defeats in detail.



    that Motherwell 3 Celtic 2 , was a scottish cup game, mt first at fir park, I was 10 years old.



    clear memory of my uncle asking me on the shammy bus, how you think we will do today ?



    I said, we need to be careful, remember they beat us at parkhead last season. (also 3-2, Pettigrew scored winner as BJ said)



    reply , that was a one off, pettigrew got lucky, we will win by a few to spare.



    Que quivering lip as we left the ground, massive massive crowd, definately more than the 25,000 reported.








    Celtic fought for an equaliser but the goal would not come. This was the first time Celtic had been knocked out in the 3rd round since 1968 and was a severe blow to caretaker manager Sean Fallon.





    Motherwell :


    Rennie, W Watson, Wark, R Watson (Millar), McVie, Stevens (Taylor), Marinello, Pettigrew, Graham, Davidson, McLaren.


    Scorers: Graham (52), Taylor (61), Pettigrew (70)





    Latchford, McGrain, Lynch, P McCluskey, MacDonald, Edvaldsson, McNamara, Dalglish, Deans, Glavin, Lennox. Subs: Callaghan, Hood.


    Scorers: Dalglish (31), Lynch (39)



    Referee:R H Davidson (Airdrie)


    Attendance 25,000



  18. Parkheadcumsalford, condolences on the loss of your Dad. May he rest in Peace.




  19. Childhood games



    The young Port doon the toon dwellers around Highholm Street , 60s and 70s vintage, had a brilliant game that involved going down to the Glen Yard during Morton v Rangers games at cappielow and smashing some bus windaes , but I cant remember what it was called.

  20. BABASONICOS71 on




    Condolences to you & your loved ones on your sad loss. May your father RIP.





    Thoughts & best wishes to all. Stay sane, stay safe.



  21. At long last Her Majesty the Queen will be doing a special broadcast on Sunday…… cannae see her taking about the 757 rooms at the palace……or the chook giving up his 375k salary per annum to help out the Fronline

  22. Very sad news of your dad Felix’s passing PCS. Both Felix and your family will be in my immediate prayers. May he rest in peace.

  23. Hun’s doing a seance over the weekend ,hoping to contact big Jim Baxter and convince him ‘the Celts can be caught’……..fekn desparado’s.

  24. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    Connaire12 – could you please keep me Aunty Betty in your prayers- tested positive, on a ward in Vincent’s in Dublin with acute leukaemia. The good news is they think she’s had it for over a week. Mind you she’s from Pearse Square and is as tough as they can me.




  25. It’s simple. Games cannot be played until it’s safe to do so in safer conditions than currently prevail. When that happens in Scotland we start where we left off or at split point with points allocated for all unplayed games prior to split at 0 0.



    That allows a 2 week programme, to end season whenever.



    UEFA will have to rethink the nature and structure of the CL and EL thereafter depending on when leagues end playing.

  26. Ivehad…will do that. Hope she keeps improving. Say a wee prayer St Roch who is the patron Saint of curing contagious diseases. Going on line for Mass at Lourdes Grotto at 4 p.m. our time and will pray for her then.

  27. Sincere Sympathies ParkeadcumSalford on the sad passing of your Dad.


    May God be good to Felix and may he comfort you & your family at this sad time,


    Ar Dheís Dé go raíbh a anam.

  28. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    A little bit of me wants the season to n & v just so we can see happy Alex Rae’s face when we win 10iar in two year’s time !

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