Belgians premature


The Belgian league put the cat amongst the waffles yesterday by declaring the Jupiler League over and Bruges champions.  They sorted out their TV and other commercial arrangements and can start next season as soon as it is safe to do so.

There are very few calls to cut seasons short.  Tight leagues, such as in Italy and Spain, would forever  have questions hanging over them, while those assured of winning the title, as in Scotland and England, want to do so on the field, not at a league meeting.  Still, it was nice to see panic among the Null and Voiders, who would rather everyone lost than anyone (Celtic) won.

The Belgians have been pragmatic but premature, football is finished for the season, their champions are assured without controversy and they will accommodate those threatened with relegation.  The rest of Europe still clings to the hope that competition can start behind closed doors in the summer.  It will next month before we know if this is possible, there is no reason to make decisions before then.

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  1. The CMO had to go. Her decision to do what she did, twice, will cost lives.



    Nicola should have shown stronger leadership. Loyalty is ok in principle but in weighty matters if you feck up so bad a price has to be paid.



    A leader should not be so relient on one advisor, rather a group or collective of professionals should be on call. No one is that far ahead of their peers as to be better equipped to dish out advice.



    BT from earlier, sorry about your pals.


    Don’t let the troll from down under get to you. He is lost in his love of white supremacy and monarchy and empire, whilst denying others a path which he himself has travelled. I feel sorry that he cannot see that he is a parody of what he fears. It will consume him.



    Anyhow, back to coalface tomorrow and another day. Stay safe and well all.

  2. Fairhill Bhoy,


    feeling fine mucker cheers;-)))


    You tube helping me through the lockdown,


    since it was quiet thought i would stick some songs up

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Norrie M



    ” Can you tell me what contribution of “all in this together” she will contribute to ??? ”


    Is what you asked.


    Her war service was a contribution . But you`d have to be reasonable to take the point.



    All too tedious now. No point in having the courtesy to continue to respond to a silly illogical inquisition.

  4. Art of War on 5th April 2020 11:04 pm


    ‘The CMO had to go. Her decision to do what she did, twice, will cost lives.’






    The Salmond trial, whatever the result, and then this does suggests an entitled elite living in a bubble and cut off from the little common people.

  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Tedious really is a good word to describe the inane imperialist drivel

  6. Macjay


    you cannot seriously promote her war service as a contribution to


    this current situation,her and her family are among the richest in the country,


    what are they doing at this time.

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Oh aye.


    Sympathy for the devil.






    President sent sympathy on Hitler’s death


    Associated Press in Dublin


    Published onSat 31 Dec 2005 00.16 GMT




    Until now it was believed that Ireland’s prime minister, Eamon de Valera, was the only leader to convey official condolences, a gesture criticised worldwide.



    But the presidential record for 1938-1957, made public this week, sheds new light on one of the most embarrassing chapters in Irish history – its decision to maintain cordial relations with the Nazis even after news of the Holocaust emerged.

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    GORDYBHOY64 on 5TH APRIL 2020 11:12 PM





    You did notice her recent visit to Ireland or ignore that ?



    She`s working to the age of 93.


    She deserves to be rich .

  9. I have no way of checking the figures but I saw a Facebook post earlier this evening to the fact that James McClean had donated more to the NHS than the Queen and her Family.


    Regardless he will still be demonised for not wearing a Poppy,



    Anyhow my condolences to all who have lost family or friends and my best wishes to all going through hard times as a result of this Pandemic.


    I thoroughly dislike Boris and I do blame him & his right wing friends for the increased number of deaths caused by their initial dithering when the scale of the impending disaster began to emerge.


    However I would not go as far as to wish his demise, I claim the 5th Amendment in relation to Trump.

  10. To be fair to her maj she was a bit of a goer.



    Four kids by three separate fathers back then was groundbreaking stuff.

  11. Macjay,


    none of the points you make answer my question,


    what are her and her family contributing in this time of crisis?


    I at least had the decency to answer your question.

  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    And there it is, like clockwork,


    But these people were all behind their subjects eh, demonstrating solidarity




    The nazi movement in Britain dwarfed the nimbers in Ireland, a significant socialist leaning population whom our resident imperialist should have gladly stood shoulder to shoulder with MrHitler to defeat, hitler liked concentration camps, Macjay likes concentration camps they have so much in common, no?

  13. Ernie, the Salmond trial was a political circus.



    GPs/medical professionals are detached from our reality as they make life and death decisions daily that we can’t or don’t want to comprehend. They are given status that few reach. Give or extend life. A lot of judgement calls.



    On this, she was wrong.

  14. Shuggiebhoy67 on



    Forelock-tuggers of the world unite !


    You have nothing to lose but your wig.



  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    You are misguided


    “initial dithering when the scale of the impending disaster began to emerge.”



    There was/is no “dithering”, a deliberate strategy of herd immunity was implemented and continues to be implemented, make no mistake, the airports continue to accept incoming flights from the most severely affected countries and regions. That is not dithering.

  16. Saint Stivs, A lot more important things to bother all of us than someone making annoying posts on a Blog.


    Having said that I popped in for a lurk a couple of times in past 48 hours, I was bored & locked in and could have down with a bit of online chat but I saw what was going on & just said Naw,


    Anyway bed for me, let’s see what the morning brings,

  17. I like the definition of us ourselves alone,




















    The work that should to-day be wrought


    ⁠Defer not till to-morrow;


    The help that should within be sought,


    ⁠Scorn from without to borrow.


    Old maxims these—yet stout and true—


    ⁠They speak in trumpet tone,


    To do at once what is to do,


    ⁠And trust ourselves alone.







    Too long our Irish hearts we schooled,


    ⁠In patient hope to bide;


    By dreams of English justice fooled,


    ⁠And English tongues that lied.


    That hour of weak delusion’s past,


    ⁠The empty dream has flown:


    Our hope and strength, we find at last,


    ⁠Is in ourselves alone.







    Aye! bitter hate, or cold neglect,


    ⁠Or lukewarm love at best,


    Is all we’ve found, or can expect,


    ⁠We aliens of the west.


    No friend beyond her own green shore,


    ⁠Can Erin truly own;


    Yet stronger is her trust, therefore,


    ⁠In her brave sons alone.







    Remember when our lot was worse—


    ⁠Sunk, trampled to the dust;


    ‘Twas long our weakness and our curse,


    ⁠In stranger aid to trust.


    And if, at length, we proudly trod


    ⁠On bigot laws o’erthrown,


    Who won that struggle? Under God,


    ⁠Ourselves—ourselves alone.







    Oh, let its memory be enshrined


    ⁠In Ireland’s heart for ever:


    It proves a banded people’s mind


    ⁠Must win in just endeavour;


    It shows how wicked to despair,


    ⁠How weak to idly groan—


    If ills at others’ hands ye bear,


    ⁠The cure is in your own.







    The “foolish word impossible”


    ⁠At once, for aye disdain;


    No power can bar a people’s will


    ⁠A people’s right to gain.


    Be bold, united, firmly set,


    ⁠Nor flinch in word or tone—


    We’ll be a glorious nation yet,







    The Men of Tipperary→


  18. Logged on for a quick read so just visited the last couple of pages. Gordybhoy64 – I enjoyed your music clips, thank you.


    Sleep well and stay safe.

  19. Corkie me and Mrs TT we’re discussing doris and that eejit down the road fae me and we both said while we widnae wish them the worst if it did happen we widnae she’d a tear either.

  20. So allegedly sevco and hearts will consider legal action against the spfl for ending season early despite signing up to the rule book that explicitly saying spfl board can call the league final. Taking celtic to court as well it seems, why are we thrown in there? It’s all Sevco propaganda to keep the watp folk onside.



    It is also now being framed as celtic battling to be crowned champions. The media use stories about italy etc. Being willing to run their season until October if needs as if to back up the wait and see approach. The big 5 have agenda save their own skin hence their desire to finish their season.



    If scotland waits till october we will not have a league to play in as clubs will no longer exist or will be a shadow of the clu s and teams they were.



    I am all for finishing the season but not if it means other clubs going out of business. Waiting it out is worse case for every team in scotland, closely followed by a Null and void (simply because litigation against all clubs from all over the shop would take a while). However, it delays the celtic from winning the league and it stops relegation for hearts so very useful for them.



    Paying out on current placement means every team gets money straight away and rewards teams for performance up until the league stopped. Celtic win hearts are relegated.



    Best case celtic win, euro places given to clubs based on position when league ended, add 2 teams to so we protect clubs at bottom, given the financial hit clubs will take and promotion 2 to the premier league.




  21. Macjay


    i can now see why others say it is impossible to get an answer from you,


    and a couple of your last posts are just trolling at its worst.

  22. Last Word for the night, Canamalar, I thought that the herd immunity strategy had been scrapped, if what you say is true than Boris & Co should be brought before the International Court of Justice.


    To be honest it’s not a debate I want to get too deep into.


    We all have our own personal battles to fight right now and I think it’s important to keep our spirits up and try to be optimistic.


    Nothing we say here will save a life, but things we do in real life might.


    So let’s all do our best & encourage each other,


    The inquest will happen in the fullness of time.

  23. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    St StIves,


    Migrant concentration camps in Oz and the US and our pal Macjay is four square behind these heroic efforts to protect the purity of the race. A true democrat who champions the starvation of nations through economic warfare, because they had the gall to choose their own leaders and economic models. A humanitarian who regards his wisdom far more civilized than any Johnny Foreigner which is why they must be forced to conform and subordinate themselves to his vastly superior culture that will lift them from poverty to desolation. Indigenous populations around the world are in awe of the hypocrisy that drives them to extinction.

  24. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Simple test, spend 10 minutes to try and book flights, from anywhere in the world to the UK, only hurdles you will encounter is if the source of the flight is closed.



    My anger is keeping my spirits high, I’m am a realist and unfortunately too many believe what is being fed to them through a meeja they know lies and laughs in their face.



    Frankly this phase will not be over until August and will return again in the winter probably more virulent than now. The starvation of the NHS since thatcher is all coming home to roost. And I will agree that labour have been as guilty if not more so than the torys. Conspiracy theory or alternative explanation however you want to define it, this could not have come at a better time for the elites, economies are/were falling apart, quantitative easing was becoming impossible to camouflage, it was also becoming impossible to hide where all that money was going, straight into the pockets of the elite. No trickle down not benefit to society, people living and working conditions deteriorating, military spending rising at the expense of social services but money kept being printed and given away. Austerity can now again be justified but this time it will take 100 years to pay back. Freedom will need to be curtailed as well in case of new outbreaks, online access will need to be reviewed and limited to ensure agitators don’t case civil unrest and expose “society” to bigger risks. Throw in a wee cull and we have the perfect storm to keep the prols in place and even more thankful for less. Aye ver ver angry indeed.

  25. glendalystonsils on

    Got to hand it to him , he baits his hook better than most hun trolls.


    And it’s goodnight from me.

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