Belief the key for Celtic


I sat beside Stevie Chalmers and Bobby Lennox on Friday night at the excellent Irvine Celtic Supporters’ Club.  The conversation eventually got around to Inter Milan.  It’s hard to over-estimate the Inter team they faced in Lisbon.  Going for their third European Cup in four years, and their fourth Italian title in five, they were the most imperious team Europe had ever seen, and arguably remain so.  Real Madrid won five successive European Cups, but that consistency was not repeated domestically.

Despite this, Bobby and Stevie made it clear: Inter didn’t stand a chance.  They were going to win that game, no matter what, there was not a single shred of doubt in their minds.  It was a confidence which belied external reasoning and could only have existed within the team structure.

Talking about it 48 years later, the sense of purpose remains just as strong.  That team believed they could do anything. I’ve heard contrasts. Gordon Strachan’s Celtic never came close to winning the Champions League, but I once heard him break off from a press conference to ask the room, “Who seriously thinks we have a chance of winning this?” Gordon’s lack of confidence was well grounded, but it didn’t feel right hearing him declare in this way. I prefer Ronny’s “We can win everything’ approach.

The Inter of 2015 are not in the same class as the Inter of ’67 but they remain formidable.  Like Celtic, they are a team who appear to be progressing after a period of decline, but like La Grande Inter of Sarti, Facchetti and Mazzola, they don’t have a clue what to expect from Celtic.

Thanks for all the ticket requests for CQN11 St Pat’s Dinner over the last few days. It’s at the Kerrydale Suite on Friday 13 March, Cup Final weekend. Email me if you would like a ticket,

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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK


    10:31 on


    19 February, 2015





    Just received a text from Tully 57, who is Romania, in a town called Brasov.



    He is on a charity trip with friends.



    He asks if anyone knows of any bar who may be showing our game.



    Thanks in advance.






    Think it’s called Deen’s/Dean’s (spelling) it’s situated on the Strada Republici which is simple to find.

  2. Confidence bourne from substance is laudable, however, confidence bourne of empty rhetoric is laughable.



    Tonight’s game should go a long way to prove which Ronny has.

  3. Can’t manage the game to night


    Pulled a muscle ony leg.its a concession tkt for the front of the main stand.20 pounds I paid for it .take 15 I stay in Livingston .mob 07751250558

  4. What is the Stars on







    Clonmel 4:30 – Visible Light is expected to win


    Askmore Darsi in the 2.55 at Mussleburgh is one I like and Final Drive in the 8.10 at Chelmsford City ( New all weather track)



    5/2,9/2 and 3/1



    £5/€5 treble gets you almost 400 at current odds

  5. jimbob71 is praying with wee Oscar on

    A big Hail! Hail! to everyone going to Celtic Park tonight.



    Cheer the Bhoys to victory!!!

  6. Got up early this morning thinking this is the day. All was going well until I started reading comments about the game on here. Now walking around like a headless chicken not knowing what to do next. Phoned the bank, phoned the office, been drinking tea. Off drink for Lent, so I cannot go for a pint. Oh dear, I wish it were kicked off time and I was “Never walking alone.”

  7. MWD if HT doesn’t need it can i get next dibs on the ticket? Cheers



    Jamesgang it won’t be that when your pouring me out of your motor later on tonight ;-) HH

  8. Livibhoy from earlier ref GMS.



    I’m with you 100%.


    Take the kid aside and say to him, this is why you’ve done a million keepie ups aged 24.



    Track back when they have the ball.




    When you get it, hypnotise them.


    That’s why you came here.


    That’s why we wanted you.



    HH jamesgang

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Belief indeed, Paul, but also concentration! Mistakes which we would get away with at SPFL level will be punished at this level.


    Cmon the hoops!

  10. Just over an hour till I get away from work, pick up sky jnr and dash to Aviemore for the 1523 train. Tp cairry oot or no to cairry oot, that is the question. 1810 at Queen St, dump bags at hotel and then hopefully to the BV for a catch up, a pint or two and a steak pie.


    Then to paradise to watch the famous Celtic take on one of the giants of European fitba.



    Whits not to like?



    Not to confident to be honest, but a good, improved performance and the tie still being possible will satisfy me.




  11. thomthethim for Oscar OK



    There’s a Sports bar in Brasov also, called The Arena. No idea where it is though.

  12. hutchybhoy



    Easier than cramming a Deid horse in the boot after you’ve skwlped it for being a slow runner!



    Speaking of which, am I taking your brother down the road!!!!!



    HH jamesgang

  13. Well I am in the lounge at schipol waiting on the flight back to glasgow. First thing I see is a chap resplendent in the hoops with his wee bhoy. Makes the heart glad. Wife and kids coming to the game with me tonight.



    Cmon celtic!

  14. hutchybhoy



    Sure mate I’ll post on here if the ticket has been delivered.






    Not good for the old heart I can assure you!!

  15. Celtic shop in toon filling with inter fans.


    Crowding around the onesies



    Ees thees what see great bella bella ACGR wears, they ask……






    HH jamesgang

  16. Oot in the taxi, heids mince, calling it a day.


    By the way brother micks getting oot o hospital 6pm the night, hame in time for the match, what a man.



    Hail hail the celts are here! !!!!!!

  17. Afternoon bhoys and ghirls ,



    Nothing like a European night is there ?



    A Special shout out to Paul and John , who have donated their tickets (2 x parent and child) for the game tonight .



    As a result , 2 different dads and kids , who otherwise wouldn’t have been there , will be able to go along to see the club we all love .



    On behalf of @thekanofoundation , i’d like to say a massive thank you .



    Hail Hail







    Repost from last article.






    As we hadn’t had confirmation from Macanbheatha that his son definitely has the other ticket, I thought I’d take that opportunity of Jimbob’s spare



    However, if no one takes yours between now and when you leave for the match, I’ll be at CQN corner and take it anyway as you’ve been kind enough to offer me it.



    You won’t be left with it.



    Hope this is ok.



    Hail Hail.



    I’ve made arrangements to pick up Jimbob’s ticket now, and have read back that macanbeatha’s son is sorted.



    So I’ll still come along to the corner if you haven’t managed to get another taker, of course.

  19. I dont have high expectations for tonight and whilst i have read about how poor Inter milan are, i have seen this Celtic side too.



    yesterday P67 says Inter “will know they have been in a game”



    I reckon that’s as much as we can reasonably expect


    Any less than that would be very poor indeed

  20. The Battered Bunnet on

    To Sarti, Facchetti and Mazzola, you can add me and thousands of others.



    No one has clue what to expect from Celtic tonight.



    That’s why it’s such an intriguing match.

  21. A headline in todays tory graph



    Sloane Rangers are ‘heading for extinction’



    now would that be the Sloane rangers club or the company?

  22. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    If all the talk about where he would like to play next season that is attributed to big John Guidetti is true it is a real scunner.On a day when everyone connected to the hoops should be concentrating on tonights game for the big guy to be mouthing off about other clubs especially Italian ones is in my opinion disrespectful to Celtic.When we signed big John on loan I was one of his best supporters but as I say he is scunnering me and I will be happy to drive him back to Manchester where he will be lucky to get a game for there reserves. H.H.