Belief the key for Celtic


I sat beside Stevie Chalmers and Bobby Lennox on Friday night at the excellent Irvine Celtic Supporters’ Club.  The conversation eventually got around to Inter Milan.  It’s hard to over-estimate the Inter team they faced in Lisbon.  Going for their third European Cup in four years, and their fourth Italian title in five, they were the most imperious team Europe had ever seen, and arguably remain so.  Real Madrid won five successive European Cups, but that consistency was not repeated domestically.

Despite this, Bobby and Stevie made it clear: Inter didn’t stand a chance.  They were going to win that game, no matter what, there was not a single shred of doubt in their minds.  It was a confidence which belied external reasoning and could only have existed within the team structure.

Talking about it 48 years later, the sense of purpose remains just as strong.  That team believed they could do anything. I’ve heard contrasts. Gordon Strachan’s Celtic never came close to winning the Champions League, but I once heard him break off from a press conference to ask the room, “Who seriously thinks we have a chance of winning this?” Gordon’s lack of confidence was well grounded, but it didn’t feel right hearing him declare in this way. I prefer Ronny’s “We can win everything’ approach.

The Inter of 2015 are not in the same class as the Inter of ’67 but they remain formidable.  Like Celtic, they are a team who appear to be progressing after a period of decline, but like La Grande Inter of Sarti, Facchetti and Mazzola, they don’t have a clue what to expect from Celtic.

Thanks for all the ticket requests for CQN11 St Pat’s Dinner over the last few days. It’s at the Kerrydale Suite on Friday 13 March, Cup Final weekend. Email me if you would like a ticket,

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  1. Gene




    14:13 on 19 February, 2015




    For you autograph hunters Barry Ferguson in the millenium hotel foyer






    Good yin! As if Bazza can write….



    Maybe a selfie.

  2. gene



    14:13 on 19 February, 2015


    For you autograph hunters Barry Ferguson in the millenium hotel foyer






    …….with his autograph book hoping that Oldtim might sign it!



    Little does he know that OT has a secter tunnel straight under george sq over to the Blane valley!



    HH jamesgang

  3. Game on Italian cooncil telly tonight.



    Off oot to purchase refreshments for the game.




  4. Quick email to my son’s school excusing him for the afternoon ‘as he has an appointment’.



    Immediate response from his guidance teacher – “No problem, actually that’s me away to Glasgow as well”.

  5. Thinking back to our last meeting with Inter…me n some others had a minibus ready to be painted green and white for our journey to the final…(RRC you were in on this if you recall)….then Dixie stepped up and put the mockers on what would have been a memorable few days..

  6. The Battered Bunnet.



    Reading Page 10 of today’ s Fitba Pink had me thinking -” I could have written that – he’s seen what I’ve seen “

  7. Cowiebhoy



    Just picked my ticket up, mate.



    Thanks for the original offer, glad you’ll be able to pass it to someone else, and that everyone’s sorted.



    If I don’t make the corner tonight, I hope the Hoops make it, as they say in Germany, “eine Reise wert” for your far-travelled family, and that we all have one of the great memorable European nights at Paradise.



    Hail! Hail!

  8. Cowiebhoy



    Macanbeatha definitely got one for his son, I meant to say. He posted earlier this morning.

  9. Keeping The Faith on

    My first Guinness of the day shall be raised to the memory of a good Celtic man Patrick Hammill from Leicester who very sadly passed away and was buried today with full Celtic colours requested at the service . He would have been with us tonight but has been taken to another Paradise,too early.


    God Bless you Pat



  10. livibhoy



    14:35 on 19 February, 2015



    Like the last comment.



    A classical game with history PSG & Chelsea can never buy.

  11. HT. I will try to behave and not have a repetition of the Maribor game. Stop laughing those who know me.



    I will have other thoughts tonight as I watch Celtic and Inter. We were five friends sitting together on that glorious evening in Lisbon. Four of the group have gone home to the Eternal Paradise. As I think of them tonight, I hope they will put in a word with the Boss for a successful night in our earthly Paradise.

  12. Jimbob71



    Thanks again for organising the ticket for me, and to your mate for passing it on.



    Can’t wait for it to start now!



    Hail! Hail!

  13. Any CQNers in the city centre?



    Many Inter fans about?



    About 2000 expected I believe.




  14. DD



    Thanks for letting me know



    Glad it all worked out for everyone.



    Just hope the game does too.



    If you get a chance, text him my thanks for keeping me informed about his son’s ticket, and for his concern that I get one, if you don’t mind.



    Hail! Hail!

  15. Some good long posts from BJMAC today!



    Keep potin’ Big Man, yer missed.



    (Well by me, anyway)



    Hope you and yours are well!

  16. I really hope we push the boat out tonight & really go for them from the off



    Nothing to lose really, majority don’t expect us to qualify, will be interesting to see if our pressing game works as well against better quality opposition who are confident on the ball, slicker at passing the ball on…so a helluva lot of chasing I think.



    Hoping for some sort of lead as our record in Milan is pathetic, we have rarely even bothered the opposition keepers – maybe something else we can put right in the return leg.

  17. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    …and as I posted, the ticket disappears. Sorry to build up any hopes :-)







  18. Feeling a real sense of nervous excitement. I know the atmosphere is going to be very special tonight. It would be great if it encouraged many to return to Celtic Park regularly.


    I don’t think any of us know what to expect on the park – too many imponderables.


    Will we maintain our improved form against the classiest opposition we’ve faced this season?


    Will the new bhoys play? I hope so.


    Who will play up front? I think Guidetti may start with Griffiths coming on after an hour.


    How much will we miss Mikel Lustig? Probably my biggest worry, although GMS and SA have provided improved cover for the wing backs.


    Will Inter show the improvement from their last 2 games? Who knows?


    Anyway, shortly heading off with the rest of the family. Should be at CQN corner for about 7.15.



    Special things happen when you support Celtic.