Belief the key for Celtic


I sat beside Stevie Chalmers and Bobby Lennox on Friday night at the excellent Irvine Celtic Supporters’ Club.  The conversation eventually got around to Inter Milan.  It’s hard to over-estimate the Inter team they faced in Lisbon.  Going for their third European Cup in four years, and their fourth Italian title in five, they were the most imperious team Europe had ever seen, and arguably remain so.  Real Madrid won five successive European Cups, but that consistency was not repeated domestically.

Despite this, Bobby and Stevie made it clear: Inter didn’t stand a chance.  They were going to win that game, no matter what, there was not a single shred of doubt in their minds.  It was a confidence which belied external reasoning and could only have existed within the team structure.

Talking about it 48 years later, the sense of purpose remains just as strong.  That team believed they could do anything. I’ve heard contrasts. Gordon Strachan’s Celtic never came close to winning the Champions League, but I once heard him break off from a press conference to ask the room, “Who seriously thinks we have a chance of winning this?” Gordon’s lack of confidence was well grounded, but it didn’t feel right hearing him declare in this way. I prefer Ronny’s “We can win everything’ approach.

The Inter of 2015 are not in the same class as the Inter of ’67 but they remain formidable.  Like Celtic, they are a team who appear to be progressing after a period of decline, but like La Grande Inter of Sarti, Facchetti and Mazzola, they don’t have a clue what to expect from Celtic.

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  1. Been training for this game by not smoking .Have not had a fag since Sunday night. Off oot to buy packet of 10.I fear I will smoke them all between 21 05 and 22 50.

  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Calmly excited, looking forward to the game.



    I suppose the calmness comes from knowing that we are making progress, by playing in a modern style, with young players who all appear to be enthusiastic in their work.



    The result is, of course important, but it is the two league games following the .inter games that are vital.


    This is where the squad comes in and perhaps Commons will be fit to do a turn in the SPL games.

  3. Saved me typing it, thanks, exactly as I see it.




    alfie noakes



    14:07 on 19 February, 2015


    Team and subs (assuming no injuries)





    Mathews (Ambrose)














    GMS (Stokes)




    Guidetti (Griffiths)



    Inter will score – Celtic MUST score.



    Unlike matches in Scotland, an early goal for us will have no effect on the Inter set up, or, indeed, how they play. An early goal for them probably will have an effect on how we play.



    We must not ‘chase the game’ – 0-0 at half-time may be the right platform for us – it looks so tight.



    Whatever the outcome of the tie, barring a ‘good hiding’, a game of this stature, with a full house at CP, is bound to help the development of this squad and help us to ‘kick-on’ for the treble this season – it will also be a ‘taster’ of what we may be having more of, if we really ‘gear-up’ and get through the CL qualifiers.



    I don’t really regret the losing out of CL games this season – we were not ready and a few bad defeats would have done great damage to confidence, and Ronny’s prospects.



    He has needed the time, however this could be a wonderful first season for him.

  4. King Kojo’s summing-up of KC should be paid more attention to…maybe, RD & JC do?…who knows?…but, King Kojo has a point when he asks…”…if KC dizny score…whit diz he dae?”…hmmm?



    Long will the flags of King Kojo and his ghreat Amigo…The Singing Detective…and the flags of any other smashers of hun-like-cliques…fly high and proud on the ole Jungle roof…above those who knew their Sellic-stuff best of all…the patrons of the Jungle.




  5. Huns pre EGM preparations begin in earnest as another bus mysteriously goes up in flames in Stirling.



    All the best to the Bhoys tonight.



    This is do-able.




  6. Key thing for Celtic, not to concede an early goal. Start cautiously, total concentration, don’t try any fancy stuff, our big danger is losing possession in dangerous areas. Close them down, deny them space and keep things tight as long as possible.


    I will be thrilled with a scoreless first half, longer the game stays like that, they will start eyeing the draw, then maybe with 20/25 mins to go, we can push forward more and try and nick the win.


    Having said I’ll be thrilled to have it scoreless at the interval, I should add, I’d be rather more pleased if we were 3 up at that stage.

  7. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar / Neil Lennon.. Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    1 hour ’til I leave for Paradise ………..ewwwwwwwwwwww…..yyyyeeeessss….!!!!

  8. Anybody listen to John Beattie on Radio Scotland at lunchtime?



    Started discussing the Chelsea racists abominations in Paris.



    They had Speirs and a member of the Tartan Army on.They then read out a text or email from someone picking up on the huns singing the famine song at the cup final.Speirs said huns songbook was shocking and embarassing and Celtic fans sang one song that could be said to be controversial.


    Fair play to him but they’ve all got to lump us together to get their point across.The bigotry spewed from their end all afternoon.



    Just say that Graham and don’t bring us into it unless it’s warranted.



    2-1 for the hoops tonight

  9. Yep DD, I’m back. Small few health issues stopped me from travelling, my buddy travelled alone, so I just have CQN and the telly to keep me sane for next few hours.

  10. Just reading the Inter forum and there is genuine excitement from them around this one.


    Looking forward to see how we compete tonight.


    It’s on nights like this I always remember fergus words after TB was appointed.


    Celtic should be a contender.



    “Celtic fans should look forward to my departure as we already have in place a top management team to take the Club forward. I have not dedicated five years of my life to hand the Club over to the wrong people. The Club is on an upward curve. Our target is to have a dominant position in Scottish football followed by being a recognised force on the European scene once again. The quality of people, a first class stadium, substantial finances and a faithful supporter base is the foundation on which future success will be built”.


    Fergus McCann 5/12/1997



    I think we are about there.




  11. Booker T



    Agreed. It’s nights like these though that you look at the Celtic Way and the teams arriving along with a sell out crowd and remind yourself that the work is still going on. We are still trying to improve on and off the pitch.





  12. Afternoon



    I will say this only once as Alfie and I have ‘had words’ but I pretty much agree with his calling of tonight’s match and its significance for our overall season.



    I would only add that if we are not almost certainly out come 10pm tonight then I think we will have a better chance of going through than pundits – professional or amateur- will give us unless we are about 4 up




  13. Love the big euro nights , full house , sense of excitement in the build up ,


    A feeling this group of young men can deliver






    Oh and a wee sneaky half day # beer time

  14. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    From every street in Glasgow, we proudly make our way


    to a place that we call Paradise and here is what we say.



    Oh Celtic, Celtic that’s the team for me.



    All the best tonight Bhoys. We’re with you every step of the way.

  15. Livibhoy



    Wee Fergus had foresight beyond his bunnet.



    A darkside supporting friend of mine always compares Fergus to the shambles that his clubs have become/became.



    Always enjoy your posts on here…reasoned and informative…don’t get involved much but always lookin in!

  16. Booker T,



    I heard the end of that conversation on Radio Scotland. Spiers said something to the effect that the SPFL were frightened to tackle rangers (not Celtic and them) and it was time they did. That was pretty unequivocal, certainly in Scotland.

  17. eddieinkirkmichael on

    jake the snake retweeted


    LukeyBhoy ‏@LukeyBhoy83 13m13 minutes ago



    1 spare for tonight if anyone’s looking? #celtic #CelticInter #EuropaLeague @celticservant @CelticSpares

  18. If we were looking for any welcoming words of support tonight from the SMSM we were wasting our time.You can actually feel their deep longing for Inter to win.Total scumbags.

  19. Italian media reporting that Feyenoord Ultras have ” devastated Piazza di Spagna ” this afternoon. Last night it was the area round the Flower Market that got the treatment.

  20. BigChipsUK – Honesty, integrity and fair play since 1887



    13:51 on 19 February, 2015



    Sandman, where is the away game being played?






    Ha, just reeling you in. gonna need a bigger boat. I actually went and googled it after your post, doh, lol.

  21. Update



    I Definately have 2 spare tickets for tonight


    1 for north stand 112 next to the famous Green Brigade


    1 for South West corner 123


    Both at face value £35,


    Will be at CQN corner for 7.15


    First come first served, will not be back on blog until around 6



    Co Mon You Boys in Green

  22. WE have now turned the corner after those darkest months of winter and to be still involved in European football is a wonderful start to Spring. That the Celtic name is being featured at this stage of the competition among many of the great sides in Europe keeps the club among the elite. Celtic V Inter Milan there’s just magic in that pairing.



    I think we can ignore Inter’s current form and no doubt they will be determined to finish their season with the Europa League trophy in the cabinet. Celtic are a team brimful of seasoned international players and will fancy their chances against the Italians, unfortunately our defenders are seldom exposed to real pressure in the SPFL and Milan playing in a more competitive League naturally have the advantage here.



    This game will be watched by millions and I hope Celtic as always put on a good show on front of many of the begrudgers and knockers that always seem only to ready to pounce if things go wrong. Ronny now has a settled team and I expect we will be going to the San Siro with the tie still in the balance. Come on ye Bhoys In Green.

  23. gene



    14:13 on 19 February, 2015


    For you autograph hunters Barry Ferguson in the millenium hotel foyer






    Reposted on

  24. Would those records that Police Scotland “lost” be similar to those that our Scottish Government “lost” with regard to Catholics being far more likely to be victims of sectarian attack, in other words records that cannot really be lost in this day and age.

  25. Various ailments have severely restricted my input recently.


    (Thank God says the peanut gallery)


    I just want everyone at CP and around the Celtic diaspora to ENJOY tonight.


    Don’t have worries or doubts about the outcome.


    Savour the experience as our resurgence continues.


    A full and noisy CP is a sight to jangle the nerves and inspire awe and hopefully in the Inter team trepidation.


    Time for the fans to step up and support.