Belief the key for Celtic


I sat beside Stevie Chalmers and Bobby Lennox on Friday night at the excellent Irvine Celtic Supporters’ Club.  The conversation eventually got around to Inter Milan.  It’s hard to over-estimate the Inter team they faced in Lisbon.  Going for their third European Cup in four years, and their fourth Italian title in five, they were the most imperious team Europe had ever seen, and arguably remain so.  Real Madrid won five successive European Cups, but that consistency was not repeated domestically.

Despite this, Bobby and Stevie made it clear: Inter didn’t stand a chance.  They were going to win that game, no matter what, there was not a single shred of doubt in their minds.  It was a confidence which belied external reasoning and could only have existed within the team structure.

Talking about it 48 years later, the sense of purpose remains just as strong.  That team believed they could do anything. I’ve heard contrasts. Gordon Strachan’s Celtic never came close to winning the Champions League, but I once heard him break off from a press conference to ask the room, “Who seriously thinks we have a chance of winning this?” Gordon’s lack of confidence was well grounded, but it didn’t feel right hearing him declare in this way. I prefer Ronny’s “We can win everything’ approach.

The Inter of 2015 are not in the same class as the Inter of ’67 but they remain formidable.  Like Celtic, they are a team who appear to be progressing after a period of decline, but like La Grande Inter of Sarti, Facchetti and Mazzola, they don’t have a clue what to expect from Celtic.

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  1. Good evening friends from a dry (currently) East Kilbride.



    As for the temperature, went out a wee 3 mile run there to get an accurate idea and, with the wee wind blowing it felt around When Will I See You Again…..Reach Out (I’ll Be There) ;-)

  2. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked @ 12:52





    12:29 on


    19 February, 2015


    Confidence bourne from substance is laudable, however, confidence bourne of empty rhetoric is laughable.



    Tonight’s game should go a long way to prove which Ronny has.”






    Do you really need `proof` that Ronny is a confident man?


    Your post reads, to me, as though you have already made your mind up and need no more `proof`.


    To manage an amateur football club requires confidence; to reach the level Ronny Deila has reached requires a very substantial confidence.


    Besides the above, it is not certain whether good performance leads to confidence or confidence leads to good perfromance.







    Let me clarify, the point I was making was tonight’s game will go a long way to answering the question, is Ronny Deila is a man of substance or a man of empty rhetoric?



    Confidence in your ability is fine and necessary to attain your targets but I’m old school and would rather see a man of quiet confidence that breeds respect.



    You question whether I’ve made up my mind about Ronny – in honest I haven’t made up my mind but I would say I would rate his performance as Celtic manager so far as competent and I remain to be convinced.



    His early European matches were, I believe, too early for him and he was a hostage to fortune, tonight however, will be a better litmus test of how the man and his team are progressing.



    I truly hope he is indeed a progressive manager but, as I said earlier, I’ll only join the Ronny bandwagon when he’s proved himself.

  3. minx1888 praying to Wee Oscar on

    jimbo67 – safe flight thinking of you and your family. God bless



    Hail Hail

  4. 3 hours. Really buzzing now, wish I was there but not to be this time around. Result is not that vital tonight but performance is. Still want to get result but a good performance over the 2 legs and the domestic treble will do just fine. COYBIG.

  5. I know Collymore has previous.



    But he’s on a real mission with the Orcs on this petition, over their persistent sectarian chants.



    He’s been having a real ding dong with them on twitter over the last few weeks, but today seems to be the day, the straw broke the camels back.



    It has been brought to the fore with the majority of media outlets now running with the story, long may it continue to bring the Scum to task, even though the SMSM are happy to sweep it under the carpet, and try to constantly drag us into it.



    There is no more Old Firm, and they are sectarian to their very ignorant core.



    C’mon the Hoops!

  6. jimbo67


    16:30 on


    19 February, 2015


    Alfie @16.08



    No doubt we will be bickering again soon – but tonight is all about the ‘Tic. When I stop feeling the same way I did when I was 7 when these games are on it is time to have me put down.



    Away to meet the family before we head off to Paradise.



    Jimbo67 (mental age 7)





    It is a wonderful and indescribable feeling I have when approaching CP on nights such as these – knowing that we are all bound together in the same cause and hoping and praying for the same outcome.



    Perhaps we will not be ‘bickering’ again as you say – I respect those who say that we should predominantly discuss all things Celtic on the forum – I NEVER start a political thread, however I cannot stand aside when I see some people posting bitter inaccuracies.



    But, as you rightly say, this is Celtic’s night and Celtic supporters’ night.

  7. !!bada bing!!



    16:42 on 19 February, 2015


    can i have raspberry on that champions league ice cream



    16:31 on 19 February, 2015!!bada bing!!16:25 on 19 February, 2015If we keep a clean sheet tonight,i think we will go through…..If I keep a clean sheet at night it’s an achievement



    That reminds me i need to watch Trainspotting again soon……:)



    How you doing big man

  8. Captainmoonlight –



    would love to keep this up but still have the dishes to do here and meant to be leaving at 5.30!



    Lurkin’ time…

  9. 67 European Cup Winners on




    17:02 on 19 February, 2015



    I’m on the same page. But I will say I am growing more positive towards him due to the way we are winning SPL games (we should be winning them given our better players)


    Tonight another step in RD development But I am starting to be convinced



  10. Mike in Toronto – If you make the game at McV’s, say hello to the guy in black north face that looks like an overweight John Hartson – Just jumping on a GO train shortly.



    Get intea them Celtic!

  11. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    jobo baldie



    17:05 on 19 February, 2015


    No, I meant that it feels about 3 degrees, 4 tops ;-)






    I got it. Consolation for being a bit mature!!!

  12. Evening Timland from a cold hun free mountain valley.



    In 3 hours time, we should be one up, was hoping for two………..



    Inter won’t know what’s hit them tonight, the noise, the passion, and the pressing game will do for them.



    You can do it Celtic, just believe.






  13. Just turbopropped in from Dublin. No inflight service, so gasping for a pint.



    Was talking to Inter fan from Czech Rep. Wanted to know if the city is safe to walk around. Hope I eased any worries, told him to head to Merchant City; Blaine Valley may be too intimidating knowing who are in there ;-)

  14. On route to Paradise courtesy of Scots Rail.


    Just clocked the tickets for tonight.


    Area 111.


    Green Brigade.


    Is there an age limit ?


    Canny wait.

  15. a light insanity on

    I am not overly confident because of earlier European games. I hope we win but don’t want us to lose because of crap refereeing decision again or just to stand and admire the Inter stars. Get into them (Not you Broonie) and gie us a show. No matter what I will be there Sunday.

  16. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on




    good point mate pmsl



    In the words of the great Elvis Costello ” Pump it up” Celtic. First twenty vital tonight. Hope everyone has a great night, I cant wait