Benfica arrive after 3 competitive games


Benfica will arrive in Glasgow tomorrow without having played a competitive game since 2 September, when they thumped Nacional 3-0 in Lisbon.  They arranged a friendly against Real Betis on Wednesday in an attempt to prepare them for this week’s Champions League challenge but the lack of meaningful football is less than ideal, especially at a time when clubs are looking to build sharpness.

Celtic were idle for two weeks before Saturday but have played nine competitive games this season compared to Benfica’s three.  They also have the benefit of not having to sacrifice a day’s preparation to travel.

Fitness late in the game, perhaps accentuated by the use of substitutes, could be crucial.  Celtic’s best chance of winning this one will come in the second half. Run the lungs out of them, Celtic.

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  1. Going into the cesspit of RM, FF or Leggoland ‘blind’ as the naked child of innocence, is not good. Your mind will be poisoned. You have to expose yourself to the toxidity gradually, only then do you build up a tolerance…small doses of poison over time make you immune to the venom in the vipers nest.

  2. They might not have won but sevco now hold the world record attendance for a match played at Annan’s Galabank ground.




  3. LondonCalling


    21:37 on


    17 September, 2012


    Just read Traynor’s article today in the Record.


    Possibly the most pathetic,turgid,inept piece of writing since Mark Hateley’s first letter to Santa..


    Does anybody look at this p*sh and nod their heads?Aye Jim,spot on..the suffering must stop???


    Jim,if you are lurking,and that is quite possible-what with you having a fascination with us internet looneys-i can tell you one thing.


    I have a few friends who are Rangers fans.We all do.You and your kind did your bit to add to my friends pain.



    And they know it..



    What suffering have they suffered, all I notice is slaps on the wrist


    and it’s everyone else’s fault except our own accusations being


    quoted there problem reminds me of that old famous


    Carpenters tune entitled ‘It’s Only Just Begun’

  4. Big Georges Fan Club on

    Tallybhoy – surely as it is Annan’s ground, it is Annan’s record?



    Sevco wouldn’t want to take someone else’s history now, would they?




  5. MWD



    Aww sorry diddums I forgot the sacred protocol of putting wee daft smiley faces after the comments to indicate they were in jest

  6. ASonOfDan


    21:41 on 17 September, 2012



    Everton score goal a foot over line. Telly shows linesman looking right at it and does not give it.





    Listening to talkSPORT interviewing a pundit live from Spain (about RM v MC game) – he interrupts his piece to say he is watching it on his ipad and it’s a goal.



    Around the world technology and they can’t get it correct on the spot!

  7. Takethemickoutofthebhoys1888



    So you believe you have the right to recant a story on a blog that you are not willing to backup with factual evidence or credible proof.



    Tell me. Just how do you iddntify a Green Brigader? I’d be interested to know.






    Someone who has no right on this earth to be afforded the right to support such a great club as Celtic FC. IMHO.



    Roll on the day I win the Euro Millions so I can invest in Celtic to an extent that I will be able to tell you and your like to shove your £1400 where the sun dont shine.




  8. BGFC



    Green has assured everyone that the record attendance at Galabank belongs to Sevco – it was, allegedly, legally purchased.




  9. Big Georges Fan Club


    21:45 on


    17 September, 2012


    Tallybhoy – surely as it is Annan’s ground, it is Annan’s record?



    Sevco wouldn’t want to take someone else’s history now, would they?






    Big Georges Fan Club



    No just the old history from a non defunct Club that went under in


    July 2012

  10. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    With regards “buying history” – if Celtic had bought the assets and goodwill of deidco, would it have been acceptable for us to claim 97 league titles?

  11. Big Georges Fan Club on

    Tim Malone Will Tell – LOL :-)))



    And all for the price of Raphael Scheide too – ironical or whit?




  12. A quick note for any Stirling bhoys – Waterstones still has 2 copies of “Downfall” left, after I bought 1 tonight just after 4, rack facing you at top of stairs .Of to Tenerife tomorrow for daughters 21st, so will miss Benfica game (tickets already gifted to another worthy cause) – so if anyone in the “Fiddler” Wednesday night, we will be the group having a party.


    Good luck to the “Oscar, volunteers” on Saturday.


    On another note from a discussion last week on crushing – who was at Burnley for the old Anglo Cup ? about 10k of us in a space for 2k,can’t remember year, think I was still at school



    Hail Hail

  13. I was walking in the Campsies today and I went for a refreshment I the droolkit dug in Lennoxtown afterwards and I am positive a guy came in that was the spitting image of Rudi Skacel

  14. Tim Malone Will Tell


    21:53 on


    17 September, 2012


    With regards “buying history” – if Celtic had bought the assets and goodwill of deidco, would it have been acceptable for us to claim 97 league titles?



    No the SFA not accept that because they would be barred out of all


    their local you know where Establishments

  15. Hedgehogs are conditioned to flight. They will run- a sort of pathetic scamper- and run if confronted by a threat. They may roll up into a prickly ball of defensiveness. But normally they will just keep running and may even throw themselves off a cliff (in a ball shape) rather than face up to a threatening reality.

  16. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    I tell you what – as a shareholder I demand to know why Celtic did not buy those titles when they were on sale for buttons.


    I feel an EGM coming on…

  17. So A Lot Of Americans Died After Contact With The Europeans…



    It May Have Escaped Your Attention…..



    But I Asked YOU To Back Up Your Ludicrous Claim That White Men ‘Killed’ 59 Million Americans….



    Obviously Not The Oirish….Of Course…Butter Wouldn’t Melt Etc..



    So….Since You Have REFUSED To Answer….And Instead,Obfuscated,And Gone Off At Tangents…..



    Ah Suppose Ah’ll Have Tae Tell You…. It Is Estimated That Up To Eight In Ten Native Inhabitants Succumbed To Such Diseases As Measles And Smallpox….Against Which They Had Little Resistance…..



    In Return…..They Gave Us Tobacco And Syphilvis





    Of Course,An Ongoing Problem Archaeologists


    Have Faced In The U.S. Over The Past 30 Years Has Been The ‘Sensitivity’ Of The Native American Peoples Over The Origin Of ‘The First Americans’.



    Some Thirty Years Ago,The Oldest Skeletons Ever Found In The Americas….On The Eastern Seaboard….Were Found To Have Morphological Features…Particularly With Regard To The Skull…..That Indicated The Individuals Were. Of ‘Western European ‘ Orign…Rather Than ‘Asiatic’…..


    Alarmed By The Ramifications That Such A Revelation Could Have On Their ‘Tribal Rights’,And The Tax-Free Status Of Their Casinos……


    The Native Americans Mounted A Legal Challenge In Congress To ‘Take Possession” Of The ‘Native Remains’….And ANY OTHERS Subsequently Discovered By Archaeologists….On The Ground That The. Bodies Were THEIR Ancestors…



    Without Delay,…And With No Scientific Analysis Or DNA Sampling….The Remains Had To be Transferred Into The Safekeeping Of The US Military



    !efore Being Transferred Into The Possession Of The Native Indians…


    To Be Re-Buried Or Disposed Of,In Secret….





    Clearly….This Is A Disgraceful Situation….



    ‘Cultural Vandalism’ Justified On The Grounds Of “Pollitical Correctness”….



    The Ancient History of MY ANCESTORS Is Being Denied…..!!!!




    It Is As If Some ‘Mindless Idiot’..Has Been Allowed To Tear Out Some Of The Early Chapters Of “Our History Of Mankind”…..



    Who Knows….Elvis Costello May Yet Come To Be Recognised As “King Of America”….



    As Portrayed On The Cover Of His ’80s Album…


    Of The Same Name….







    Knockout In The Second Round…..




  18. Cracking game Everton v Newcastle. Refreshing to see two teams trying to win a game. Could have been 5 all at the end, plenty of chances for both teams.




  19. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    The Singing Detective Demands The Resignation Of Campbell Ogilvie



    21:09 on 17 September, 2012






    It has been established for at least twenty years that the First people who settled North America were the Solutreans…



    An Advanced Stone Age Tribe……



    Who. Settled the Eastern Seaboard around 26,000 years ago..



    More than 10,000 years BEFORE any migration across the Bering Straits from Siberia…



    The Solutreans are the ancestors of the Basques ,and of the Native Population of Our Own Sceptred Isles….



    Some of whom made their way across the Atlantic to America….m



    At a time when ‘Our Isles’ were still connected to the European Mainland…



    But Covered by a kilometre of ice….



    ‘Birthday Girl’ Maggie McGill (26,031) did not make the trip across with her Great Great Great Great Grandmother……As she was having her tonsils out that weekend…


    Sooo….As ye see….Saint Brendan was NOT the first Irishman to set foot on North American Soil..








    ‘Solutreans’??? Sorry, I don’t watch Star Trek.

  20. Excellent game tonight … Everton ..v..Newcastle …



    Some dreadful refereeing …but great game nonetheless

  21. TSD



    Aaaah, the Columbian exchange.



    I agree, most were wiped out through disease when coming into contact with the Europeans. Disaster in the extreme.



    At the same time though, how many were displaced, slaughtered and in some cases, the diseases that you mention, introduced ON PURPOSE?

  22. Evening bhoys from a hun free mountain.



    Decent game there, Everton can feel very unlucky.



    I though their 2 nd offside goal could have gone their way, the defenders feet were playing him on.



    The ball that was over the line, a joke, these things cost managers their jobs.



    The ref was incompitent, pity we didn’t just have incompitent refs in scotland.

  23. PFayr,



    Agree, really enjoyed the game and the fact both teams going for the win. Tough tackling, bad refereeing decisions, some bad defending, good attacking play as well.



    At times big Fellaini reminds me so much of big Chris Sutton, when he brings the ball down with ease and then passes it to one of his colleagues.