Benfica arrive after 3 competitive games


Benfica will arrive in Glasgow tomorrow without having played a competitive game since 2 September, when they thumped Nacional 3-0 in Lisbon.  They arranged a friendly against Real Betis on Wednesday in an attempt to prepare them for this week’s Champions League challenge but the lack of meaningful football is less than ideal, especially at a time when clubs are looking to build sharpness.

Celtic were idle for two weeks before Saturday but have played nine competitive games this season compared to Benfica’s three.  They also have the benefit of not having to sacrifice a day’s preparation to travel.

Fitness late in the game, perhaps accentuated by the use of substitutes, could be crucial.  Celtic’s best chance of winning this one will come in the second half. Run the lungs out of them, Celtic.

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  1. Marrakesh Express on

    London Calling


    No doubt about it mate. We’ve got a lot to thank Traynor and co for. The LL have played a major role in burying Oldco, by burying the truth, probably on the orders of SDM. Therefore it was always going to be too late for discerning oldco fans to prevent the catastrophe from happening, when they finally realised they were being told fairy stories by Murray’s poodles. Keep up the good work Jabba.




  2. SFTB



    in the words of a wise man


    only a fool would predict the result of such a game..







    I’ll go 3.1 Celtic…. O))




    Incompitent i could live with.


    Our selected few are sickening.


    Ps did you see Dallas Rewarded Collum today for selling his soul.





  4. Christopher Columbus thought he was the first person to discover America


    but the Astic people where already there

  5. TSD



    The early 19th century official US expression of policy towards the inconvenient “Native” Americans:-



    “The United States, while intending never to acquire lands from the Indians otherwise than peaceably, and with their free consent, are fully determined, in that manner, progressively, and in proportion as their growing population may require, to reclaim from the state of nature, and to bring into cultivation every portion of the territory contained within their acknowledged boundaries. In thus providing for the support of millions of civilized beings, they will not violate any dictate of justice or of humanity; for they will not only give to the few thousand savages scattered over that territory an ample equivalent for any right they may surrender, but will always leave them the possession of lands more than they can cultivate, and more than adequate to their subsistence, comfort, and enjoyment, by cultivation. If this be a spirit of aggrandizement, the undersigned are prepared to admit, in that sense, its existence; but they must deny that it affords the slightest proof of an intention not to respect the boundaries between them and European nations, or of a desire to encroach upon the territories of Great Britain. . . . They will not suppose that that Government will avow, as the basis of their policy towards the United States a system of arresting their natural growth within their own territories, for the sake of preserving a perpetual desert for savages”



    I can perform a quick precis on the above so as it reads.




    “By hook or by crook, we’re coming, and you better not get in the way cos you don’t have God on your side”

  6. theweegreenman – TSD/Kojo/ Philvis



    I thought the OIC dropped their interest in trying to get all countries to criminalise anti-Islamic Insults using the UN?



    My friend in Celtic, I am flattered that you seem to think I am also Kojo and TSD. Unfortunately I have neither the time nor the creativity that would be required to re-engineer my style of writing, in order to pose as three different people on CQN.



    Furthermore, while to my simple mind TSD and Kojo can be difficult to parse due to their seemingly CM Grieve inspired style of prose, from what I gather there are significant areas of disagreement between us.



    I’m more of an old fashioned liberal Tory whose main political concern is not having the government tell me how to live my life. While I value my privacy there are a few people on CQN who know my real name and address, and the only other identity I’ve ever assumed on this great blog was philvisreturns1 when I had trouble logging in under my main account. (thumbsup)

  7. weegreenman….



    You’re In A Coma….



    But Still Fighting Back…



    Time To Switch-Off Your Ventilator….



    ‘Brain-Stem’ Tests Confirm That You Are ‘Clinically Brain-Dead’…..



    * The More Numerous ‘Natives’ Of Siberian Origin Are Believed To Have Largely Wiped Out The Earlier European Settlers….



    * “They Were Deliberately Given Diseases”….



    This Is A Myth That Is Pedalled By The Usual Suspects….The Cultural Marxists And Their ‘Useful Idiots’….



    Serving Stalin & The Odious Communist State…..




    If You Don’t Already Work For Al Qaeda..


    You Should Consider Joining Up Now…




    As You Are Spouting Their Agenda…






    Off Oot…

  8. That big Jabba & His LL friends are only fooling themselves if they


    think every-ones going to believe the BS

  9. Thought i would a have read of mc murdo and leggats sites.


    It’s penman poison.sadly the responses are worse.


    so glad to have been lucky enough to be brought up in the celtic way.hail hail.

  10. Marrakesh Express & London Calling


    Even though jabba et al helped bury oldco, in reality if they still had a chance to survive it would fail as so many of them are still in denial that there is a prob




    This time good night all.


    Ps if you suspect someone of being a troll join me in the


    dontcastyourpearlsbeforeswinecsc. :)))



  11. weegreenman….



    I’m not trying to dictate what’s going down on cqn


    every-ones entitled to their own opinion that’s


    what makes this a unique blog


    what I was pointing out is that JG a past poster


    was looking for updated hoops info so cqn is


    also a footy blog as well as a past history blog


    too which is also a matter of dates and records


    that history word has got a lot to answer for


    although the cliche about history states that we


    are doomed to make the same mistakes if we


    don’t learn from history or history tends to


    repeat itself in some cases

  12. cowiebhoy



    21:57 on


    17 September, 2012



    Enjoy your holiday, you were never still at school for the burnley game;-)


    Downfall ordered online, looking forward to it.


    If you haven’t had a chance to read Phils last book on Dougie Gate, I have a copy.


    Let me know when you get back.

  13. theweegreenman – I did not mean to offend or imply that you are all the same. Similar politics maybe :-)



    Thank you, and I’m possibly more in the dark than you are about whether we do indeed have similar politics.



    I get the feeling The Singing Detective is more interested in provoking a reaction than in having a conversation. Maybe he’s hoping to make a point that way, maybe he’s having fun, maybe it’s a combination of both, but I do get the uncomfortable feeling when speaking to him that someone is pulling on my pecker.



    That stuff about Red Indians, for example… reminds me of this:





    Similarly, Kojo comes across as an interesting chap and a true original but I struggle to discern any political philosophy in his writings. (thumbsup)

  14. leftclicktic


    22:34 on


    17 September, 2012


    Marrakesh Express & London Calling


    Even though jabba et al helped bury oldco, in reality if they still had a chance to survive it would fail as so many of them are still in denial that there is a prob




    This time good night all.


    Ps if you suspect someone of being a troll join me in the


    dontcastyourpearlsbeforeswinecsc. :)))





    Very true leftclicktic


    Good night and God Bless You.


    H-H LeftClickTic

  15. Philvis,


    I am not surprised at your negative reaction to being associated with either the Mynah Bird or his besotted Apprentice.



    It is bad enough being a practising Thatcherite.

  16. BT s unexpected rise in the old Superbru predictor was down to a rapid partaking in mucho Porto blanco ( chilled) …:) ..allegedly

  17. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on




    The trialist was Del Piero, Hitzelberger,Skacel or McFadden. All just conjecture of course. Then again it might have been Zheng Zhi.

  18. Philvis ain’t no practising Thatcherite !! He is a fully fledged graduate of the iron lady ,


    Thumbs up !

  19. Kilbowie Kelt – It is bad enough being a practising Thatcherite.



    Everything is gravy and free Kinder Surprise toys when you’re a Thatcherite, which is to say, somebody who recognises the economic facts of life.



    Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. (thumbsup)

  20. johann murdoch – Philvis ain’t no practising Thatcherite !! He is a fully fledged graduate of the iron lady ,



    Thank you Johann.



    Like most people from Scotland, I was brought up to hate Mrs Thatcher.



    I was as surprised as anybody when I took the time to study what she actually believed and actually did, as opposed to the black legends about her, to find that I agreed with most of it. (thumbsup)