Benfica arrive after 3 competitive games


Benfica will arrive in Glasgow tomorrow without having played a competitive game since 2 September, when they thumped Nacional 3-0 in Lisbon.  They arranged a friendly against Real Betis on Wednesday in an attempt to prepare them for this week’s Champions League challenge but the lack of meaningful football is less than ideal, especially at a time when clubs are looking to build sharpness.

Celtic were idle for two weeks before Saturday but have played nine competitive games this season compared to Benfica’s three.  They also have the benefit of not having to sacrifice a day’s preparation to travel.

Fitness late in the game, perhaps accentuated by the use of substitutes, could be crucial.  Celtic’s best chance of winning this one will come in the second half. Run the lungs out of them, Celtic.

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  1. Philvis..always good to hear an opposite reasoned argument to what perhaps might be regarded as the norm ..more power to your thumbs !..


    ( thumbs up)



    And Tonks are still the maddest cats in the world ..but the best

  2. TSD



    Sorry to burst your bubble but the accusation that the white man introduced disease on purpose to gain lands is not new. The accusation pre-dates both Stalinism and Al Qaeda. Most indigenous peoples in the US do make reference to it.



    Are they all Commies with their casinos? Or mad extremists?

  3. Kilbowie Kelt


    22:45 on 17 September, 2012






    I am not surprised at your negative reaction to being associated with either the Mynah Bird or his besotted Apprentice.





    Often meant to ask you: what’s your fixation with them and their posts?



    Great minds discuss ideas.



    Average minds discuss events.



    Small minds discuss people!

  4. Eldiegobhoy @ 22:07



    Any chance there has been a new release of Championship Manager or were there divorces getting mentioned

  5. Philvis.yes Heisenberg ..mrs m and I making our way through series 4 at the moment..simply wonderful tv ..Hh

  6. johann murdoch – Thank you my friend in Celtic, I had never heard of Tonks before earlier today but Mrs Philvis and I are now thinking of adopting one. (thumbsup)

  7. With Kilbowie Klutz….



    It’s Just Bitterness….



    He Fondly Remembers The ‘Glorious Early Days’ Of CQN….



    When He Effortless Gained Podia…



    Posting From A ZX-Spectrum…..



    And He Is Insanely Jealous Of Kojo’s Lissom Honey-Tanned SnowBunnies…



    With Their ‘Big Hair’…And Full Workin’ Pairts…..



    Ain’t That The Truth…..Virginia..! ;-)



    C’Mon The Hoops….

  8. Philvis..re Tonks ..are you serious ? ..if you are let me know …best with two for company .. Very very vocal …regards my friend in Celtic hh

  9. johann murdoch


    23:15 on


    17 September, 2012


    Heisenberg is more of a creative type ..plays high … up tempo kinda game hh



    cheers johann murdoch



    so he is a creative midfielder type of player, yes?

  10. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Remember what it does,


    I have absolutely no doubt it has perjured itself under oath to improve its results.


    Colluded and conspired to imprison innocents


    Assaulted innocents in its charge


    It’s their way.

  11. True Story…



    Wan fine morn.. in the Greenin’ o’ Ma lifeforce.



    Ah accompanied my , wise Uncle Moises…who happened tae be visiting us.



    And that said accompaniment.. led baith o’ us… unhesitatingly, tae Adventure true.






    Suddenly, we wur accosted by a Grim and Armed Man, who had appeared like the Sandeman… frum oota


    the shadowed Forrest.



    “Here you two.. Ye are Trespassing. So beat it back tae whereof ye came.”


    he ordered.



    My uncle, who is a well set up , fellow.



    Six Foot Five.. and that’s No Jive~






    “Trespassing.. you claim…And how do you come to that conclusion, my good fellow?”



    “Aye, Trespassing. This Land Belongs tae Lord Overcoat o’ Crombie”


    was the reply.



    ” May Ah enquire as to How. the Said Lord Crombie, had come intae Possession of this


    piece of Real estate?”



    “Why he inherited it.. from his Father.. who had Interited the same.. from his Father..


    This Land has been the Private reserve of the Crombie’s for Four Hundred Years.”



    “Four Hundred years? A long time.


    Now.. Tell Me My good Man..


    How did the Prime Progenitor of this Auspicious family.. First . make the Acquirement of this Particular Plot?”



    ” Why, he took possession of all of the lands of .. Baron Surcoat o’ Raglen…after


    his victory over the said Baron, in the Barrowland Parking loat.



    “Well,” said My Uncle.” I suggest my fine fellow , that you send for the Present Lord Overcoat..and.. do I need to say more?”… taking off his Overcoat.. and proceeding tae roll up his Shirt-Sleeves..



    To be continued….





    Who believes in Whit is Guid fur wan Gander ..is Good fur anither… Gander.



    Still , Laughin.



    This Is a TRUE STORY.

  12. Bada Bing



    Sounds like Heisenberg is a free agent


    Also sounds like he is a creative midfield


    play-maker as well

  13. What a shower of hypocrits, protesting loudly about a mythical link between Daleks and the Ibrox disaster. The same people who were so offended by AT’s posting of the animation of John Greig walking away.



    Can anyone explain to me how they can take such umbrage at anyone supposedly slurring the memory of those who died at the Ibrox disaster (which is wholly in their own minds) whilst they loudly, by the thousands, glorify the slaughtering of fenians and the death of thousands in the famine?

  14. Gotta Go



    Good Night Scotland


    Good Night Ireland


    Good Night Wales


    Good Night England


    Good Night Canada


    Good Night New Zealand


    Good Night Australia






    Good Night.. “Beaver” Swift, wherever You Are..





    Still Laughin’

  15. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    When a read it, the hero told the landowner to get down off his horse and he’d fight him for it.


    True story dontchknow


    Unless your uncle is Phil Drabble

  16. Mexican the plot thickens, hopefully he is better than


    Swarez and is not another Mexican who is not suited


    to the hammer throwers league in this country or it


    will be a case of the human league tune with the


    additional words ‘sorry but no thanks, to don’t you


    want me babies’

  17. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    mea culpa,


    Especially when they refuse to blame those responsible.

  18. Sweet dreams Kojo I meant to say.





    23:30 on


    17 September, 2012


    The new trialist was the Turk Keyser Söze.



    Are you sure TonyG?

  19. Mea culpa



    Well said but your figures are a bit on the conservative side.



    It’s estimated that one million died in the famine and 1.5 million were dispersed.

  20. You can tell the Lineman tonight at the Everton game Wasn’t from the SFA….Anything close to the line from a team in a Blue shirt and it would have been a Goal straight away….