Benfica arrive after 3 competitive games


Benfica will arrive in Glasgow tomorrow without having played a competitive game since 2 September, when they thumped Nacional 3-0 in Lisbon.  They arranged a friendly against Real Betis on Wednesday in an attempt to prepare them for this week’s Champions League challenge but the lack of meaningful football is less than ideal, especially at a time when clubs are looking to build sharpness.

Celtic were idle for two weeks before Saturday but have played nine competitive games this season compared to Benfica’s three.  They also have the benefit of not having to sacrifice a day’s preparation to travel.

Fitness late in the game, perhaps accentuated by the use of substitutes, could be crucial.  Celtic’s best chance of winning this one will come in the second half. Run the lungs out of them, Celtic.

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  1. PMSL!



    Fat Sally having ANOTHER team meeting. Greeting his ‘New’ team who are full-time, need time to be up and running against the joiners, students and fishmongers of the Third Division.




    SALLY McCOIST insists his completely re-built team will come good on their travels after three disappointing draws in the opening five matches of SFL 3.



    The manager revealed there was a team meeting to discuss the situation after the latest blow came in Saturday’s goal-less draw at Annan.



    However he remains confident that his new side will overcome the current difficulties in the weeks ahead.



    He said: “We had a meeting were views were aired and that’s a good thing but there were no raised voices.



    “Everyone knows we have to turn our away draws into victories but there has to be a realisation that we are in a transitional period as a team and as a club.



    “There is no doubt about the places we are going to the opposition are having the time of their lives and rightly so.



    “These players are saying it’s the biggest game of their lives when they play Rangers so that in itself is a compliment to us.



    “We have to accept that and what we have to do is do better when we have the ball.



    “We all know the pressures of getting results at this football club no matter which competition we are in.



    “The flip side of the coin is that we have had three draws away from home so it’s not a disaster but I do accept we should be playing better with the ball away from home.



    “I’m fully focused and certain that the results away from home will come but it’s not going to be an overnight fix.



    “You look at the team that played Celtic last season, none of them started at the weekend. We don’t have Jelavic, Naismith, Davis, Edu or any of these guys – they have moved on.



    “So we are going to need a bit of time. Having said that I do know that managers don’t get time. At the same time everyone has to have an appreciation of where the club is at the moment, but we’ll get there.”

  2. Ticketus is expected to begin court proceedings in the coming weeks against former Rangers owner Craig Whyte over a £26.7m deal he used to fund his takeover.



    The ticketing firm is pursuing Mr Whyte after he used future season ticket sales to wipe out the Ibrox club’s £18m debt to Lloyds Banking Group last May.



    Ticketus, which is a subsidiary of Octopus Investments, is taking legal action against Mr Whyte after administrators Duff and Phelps failed to agree a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) with creditors in June.



    It is unclear whether Ticketus will launch the action in Scottish or English courts, while most of Mr Whyte’s business interests are linked to the British Virgin Islands-registered firm, Liberty Capital Ltd, including Rangers FC Group, the company he used to buy Sir David Murray’s 85% stake for £1.



    The civil action raised by the investment company is not likely to be heard until next year.



    A spokesman for the firm said on Monday: “Ticketus is continuing to pursue, through the courts, the terms of the corporate and personal guarantees agreed with Craig Whyte at the time of the original contract between Ticketus and Rangers FC in May 2011.”



    After being appointed in February, Duff and Phelps sought guidance from the Court of Session over the contract Mr Whyte had agreed with Ticketus to effectively fund his takeover of the Ibrox club.



    Lord Hodge found that Ticketus did not, under Scots law, own future season ticket sales at Rangers as it had claimed. He established that the company owned “personal contractual rights” to around 100,000 season ticket sales in a deal that could be breached by administrators if it was deemed to be in the interests of the creditors overall.



    In May, Duff and Phelps gave Ticketus formal notification that the deal was being terminated, which was not opposed by the London firm. As a result, the company was listed as a creditor worth £26.7m in the failed CVA, which consigned the ‘oldco’ Rangers to liquidation under the control of neutral insolvency firm BDO. Following the failure to strike a deal with creditors, the administrators sold the Charles Green-led Sevco consortium the club’s assets in a £5.5.m deal that saw them transferred to a newco.



    On Monday BDO, which will be put in place on the insistence of Rangers’ largest creditor, HM Revenue and Customs, said it did not have a date for its appointment confirmed yet.

  3. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Bournes- maybe he’s just found a new place to dwell.



    I’d take a walk down Lonely Street.

  4. From



    If there is a team in the Champions League you can afford in the League reserve to fight a stop in Europe is undoubtedly the Celtic, the Scottish club living days of huge placidity: its historic rival, the Rangers, lives badly in the catacombs of the fourth division, convicted for his debt, and his fall into hell become the Scottish Premier League on a ride to their neighbors. The Celtic and won the last championship with 20 points ahead of the Rangers (ten of them, the result of a penalty), but nevertheless has had to overcome two previous rounds (front and Helsingborg Helsinki) to get into the Champions elite.



    With few changes from last season, Celtic aims to overcome the group stage supported by the freshness of their younger players. Among them, especially the emergence of Kenyan Victor Wanyama, an SUV in the midfield, able to play at center with arrival at goal. It is compared with Touré, although it has a speed point that the former Barca. A few meters ahead, another young, Gary Hooper, moves like a fish in water. The England striker, Under-21 and that was about to sneak into the British Olympic team, is the kind that keeps moving around the game, a toothache to the opposing defense, reminiscent of the best years of Javier Saviola.



    On the bench sits a peculiar type as passionate, Neil Lennon, ex-captain of the team and the same fifth of Pep Guardiola (1971). Eccentric and great persuasiveness, the Northern Irishman Lennon has made public his battle with depression to try to help those affected and has faced irrational hatred of Rangers fans because he has never hidden his passion for Celtic. Bullets came to receive mail and even a parcel bomb for it, but still leads the team in Glasgow

  5. A quick note about today’s bounce game: a few people have asked but I am afraid we can’t divulge the name of the trialist

  6. canamalar – the FDA have endosed Aspartame


    So I dont put much faith that the energy authorities carrying out their duties to protect the population any better.



    I don’t know anything about Aspartame, but that argument’s a bit like saying you believe the FDA have gotten it wrong on Apartame, so you don’t believe the FCC when they certify the new iPhone 5 as safe to be sold to the public. They’re completely different issues that involve different areas of law, administration, science, and public policy.



    I am not against fracking and agree with you cheap fule will help everyone but there is a massive difference between financial cost and environmental cost, not tree hugging just concern for safety of local populations.



    Re: financial and ecological costs. It’s always a question of trade offs.



    The environmental cost of extracting natural gas via fracking is likely to be a tiny fraction of the ecological costs of concreting over huge swathes of the countryside to build wind turbines, which is the main alternative championed by anti-fracking activists.




  7. ASonOfDan



    The only man I know who scored regularly in bounce games was ol Mo “Bounce” Bangura.



    He’s back but just for these games.



    Either that or it was James McFadden.




  8. ibleedgreenandwhite1


    15:28 on


    17 September, 2012


    this may seem strange,,,but does any of you know anyone who is selling female kittens in the Glasgow area???



    Our wee cat got killed on the main road about 5 months ago,,my 2 wee lassies are lost without her!!



    Would appreciate any help in trying to find a wee female kitten for sale or looking for a new home?










    Hi you could try any of the SPCA animal rescue centres near you who often get kittens both pedigree and non pedigree..I can also give you the name of a good breeder who has siamese and tonkinese kittens.We have a tonk very loveable and mad as a bunch of frogs and very vocal…in fact if philvis was a cat he would be a tonk!


    [thumbs up!]

  9. ‘lives badly in the catacombs of the fourth division, convicted for his debt, and his fall into hell’



    I love that!

  10. ASonOfDan



    was there ever a more literal translation , pmsl –



    its historic rival, the Rangers, lives badly in the catacombs of the fourth division, convicted for his debt, and his fall into hell become the Scottish Premier League on a ride to their neighbors.

  11. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Ally Mccoist has insisted that ‘natural justice demands’ he has the right to know the name of the trialist who scored in today’s bounce game.

  12. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I have just spoken to a lovely lass at Tannadice Park and she rest assures me that Dundee Utd have not been paid a penny by Charles Green yet.



    So even the paid all Scottish clubs is spin



    Hail Hail

  13. Saint Stivs



    If ever there was something crying out to be on a Green Brigade banner, then that is it.

  14. Awe Naw



    Charles Green claims his newco don’t owe Dundee United anything as he claims the SPL agreed to pay this out of money owed to the oldco.



    The SPL have disagreed with this so not sure where this leaves Dundee United but we will find out sooner rather than later.



    If Traynor or his ilk spent as long investigating cases like this than they do making up stories about EBTs then things would be clearer.




  15. You can burn my mouse,


    Steal my car,


    Drink my liquor


    From an old fruitjar.



    Do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh,


    Honey, lay off of my shoes


    Don’t you step on my blue suede shoes.


    You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes.

  16. ” Oh -now Elvis was a narc ,


    in rhinestones after dark


    He did his best to keep Memphis free


    He knew that every pill he’d eat


    Would be one less on the street


    Elvis took them all for you and me “

  17. proudbhoy



    Not changed yet as far as I know and if not then it will be Celtic’s first 3pm Saturday away fixture since 2005 (I think).




  18. ‘Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil’ (John Berendt) : brilliant book and movie (Kevin Spacey )set in the antebellum splendour of Savannah. A true tale,too.


    Directed by Clint Eastwood, who I admired until his crazy rant at Romney’s Rep. Convention crowning.


    It was as bad as when Neil Young endorsed Ronnie Raygun’s domestic policies.


    Oh well….we all make mistakes and say things which we later regret.


    BigFeetBigMouth CSC

  19. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    johann murdoch


    16:29 on


    17 September, 2012



    Hi you could try any of the SPCA animal rescue centres near you who often get kittens both pedigree and non pedigree..I can also give you the name of a good breeder who has siamese and tonkinese kittens.We have a tonk very loveable and mad as a bunch of frogs and very vocal…in fact if philvis was a cat he would be a tonk!


    [thumbs up!]




    Cant really afford to pay too much,,,just looking for a Female Kitten,not too bothered if its from an Animal Rescue Centre???




  20. Philvis….



    You’re Making An Exceedingly Poor Fist Of Defending Our Iron Lady’s Honour Today….




    Surely You Are Aware That Maggie Led The Design Team Which Came Up With The Revolutionary “Milky Way”….




    “The Sweet One CAN Eat Between Meals,Without Losing One’s Appetite..”




    Clearly A Case Of Spiteful Envy, On Your Part….



    Being The Public Face Of Its Main Rival..


    “The Milky Bar” ?




  21. All this talk of mice and traps reminds me –



    Could /would somebody put this up ——- please -please please



    Mouse and The Traps ——— A Public Execution —-



    A fab wee choon from 1966

  22. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Celtic have announced there will be a minute’s applause before Wednesday’s game for ole Bournemouserecipe.



    THe flags above the gazebo will fly at half-mast.

  23. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    what I’m actually saying is, the energy authorities are more corrupt than the FDA.





    were the ECA no supposed to deliver a verdict on the status of the rotten mob during that meeting, I’m sure you told us something about that recently

  24. ASonOfDan



    oops, of course. Getting ahead of myself.



    Yes, we are home to Dundee next saturday and also scheduled to play away to Motherwell at 3pm on Saturday 29th September, almost 7 years to the day since our last away Saturday 3pm game (away to Livingston on 30 Sept 2005).




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