Benkovic and Ajer


Since picking up an injury at Celtic in January 2019, Filip Benkovic has completed five full league games, all for Bristol City.  The Leicester City player has made cup appearances, been used as an occasional substitute and seen lots of reserve football; there was only a short-term injury to mitigate the lack of game time in the intervening period.  This week his loan period at Cardiff City was terminated after his first and last appearance came against Wycombe a week ago.

He arrived on loan at Celtic in the summer of 2018 and looked every inch the 21-year-old prodigy.  He is 9 months older than Kristoffer Ajer and at that point was clearly more accomplished than our current most valuable defensive asset.

Kris has kicked on significantly in the years since, at 22, he is without doubt the best central defender to play in Scotland since Virgil van Dijk.  Filip will have earned more money than Kris, but even money will be no consolation, as unless he stages an unlikely turnaround at Leicester, his expected career earnings will be less than Kris’s.

There is a morality tale here, although it will be impossible for anyone to learn from it.  Filip left Dinamo Zagreb for the kind on money only available in England, irresistible to club and player.  His subsequent lack of progress will inhibit no one from following.

Having watched him perform, you and I know more about the player than most, there is certainly potential, although clearly there is more to the picture than was evident from his season at Celtic.  We have to assume people in Bristol and Cardiff saw a less impressive picture; potential is not always fulfilled.  Would you take him?  Of course you would, don’t even try to deny it.

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  1. TT


    Celtic is a company , not a football club that is secondary,its all about profit and loss.


    We are going to see a club who if it gets Champions league qualification will spend it on first team ready players, I really hope they buy poorly.


    Think Lawwell came into the club around 2003 as Financial Officer, he had previously served under the Kelly’s Whytes.



    Two to pass the time:





    1) Which player scored Celtic’s first Premier Division hat trick (1975)?





    2)What was Sean Fallon’s only final as caretaker manager?





    Heard this from rte radio.Some caller nicknamed Trump the archaeologist.





    His career is in ruins!










    Over the last few years as I have become older ( obviously), whenever I am chatting up a Woman…I sometimes will say to them….


    ” Lets make Love right now Darlin…MY body is like a Temple” ?


    The Woman will usually reply…….” Aye Yer right,,,,its in Feckin Ruins” !




  3. As for that CHUMP….TRUMP…All I will say is…







    I look forward to seeing his belongings in Black Bin Bags and strewn over the White House Lawn as he gets Evicted, kicking and screaming and Greetin….LOL


    His Missus Divorcing him and taking ALL his Cash etc etc…



    IF/when he ends up in Jail…….He will be someones Bitch in no time…I hope ?



  4. If/when Trump the Chump is in Jail and is someones ” Bitch”…I sincerely hope that ” someone” is a MEXICAN DEMOCRAT ?







  5. SD — ever since he turned up at CP he had the look of a guy who was playing video games to 4 or 5 in the morning.



    He had all the traits of a man crying out for the love of a good woman or at the very least a heavy scolding from a bad one.



    I have no idea about his personal circumstances but he seemed to be flying solo in Glasgow.


    Consequently his time up here has not been built on strong foundations.

  6. A few weeks ago Leicester City were struggling for defenders due to injuries. Did they recall Benkovic, no they played a 19 year old centre half.


    Stephen Welsh was recently given a new 4 yr contract , where is he .



    Paddy Roberts and Benkovic.


    God help us

  7. FB — too many saw the transfer value and not the player behind it.


    He was never the stand out some pushed on here.



    Good player with a lot of potential.


    However he was as raw as sushi and so it has turned out.



    KA is a much more complete footballer / individual.


    He is however self taught with little or no support from the club.


    At the moment he is an enthusiastic amateur and not a seasoned professional.



    We cannot expect him to mature playing alongside a limited MF player busking it — we need to support him with a proper and considered signing policy and fully developed squad.



    We paid far too much for CJ — surely not another agent friendly buy from PL?


    SD — it has just never happened.



    SMcK — who is sorry now for letting him getaway.


    DG — no / no / no unless we make the Major Leagues.


    RP — we should be watching him in great detail.


    MMcK — Another to watch and wonder why ever not.



    Surely if we were serious about this season we would have had players in by now.


    Very lazy from PL and DD — have they given up?


    Are they counting their winnings at the bookies?

  8. P67 — All this FP talk …



    Are you flying a kite for PL?


    You have history on this but this is pretty blatant.

  9. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    ST TAMS on 7TH JANUARY 2021 2:43 PM



    Paddy Roberts and Benkovic.



    God help us






    Yeah and him as well if it would help us,



    we all saw what Paddy Roberts did for us first time around, and how it jump started James Forrest,



    but now he’s a dud , because….well just because,



    maybe, just maybe Celtic bring out the best in them

  10. Sorry but I would love Roberts and Benkovic back at Celtic. Yes Yes.



    I won’t comment on whom I’d like them to replace……but Paddy can trap a ball and Benko is mobile…….🍀

  11. Got to laugh at everyone congratulating the currant buns on their signings. Right enough though, Stewart Robertson doesn’t get enough praise for his eye for a footballer, por cierto.

  12. Madmitch.



    RP — we should be watching him in great detail.



    I take it you are referring to Porteous of Hibs?



    I think this kid is going places. Class act.

  13. It was BR that got James Forrest going not PR, who was very average.



    We could bring back Henrik, Celtic brought out the best in him

  14. garygillespieshamstring on




    1.George McCluskey


    2. 1975 league cup final b Aberdeen?




    Haven’t seen much of Porteus, but what I have seen I like. Still needs loads of work though,and, I don’t fancy our coaches to do that, do you? por cierto.

  16. The Benkovic and Roberts boats have already sailed. Let’s leave it at that. I’d rather play young Welsh and MJ. Actually I read Rodgers recently saying Bencovic really isn’t match fit as he’s not playing. Says it all. Contemplating taking either one in January just speaks of not only a total lack of imagination but of being out of touch with reality. Yes the two can coexist.

  17. I like Declan Gallagher though. Has a steelness about him at set-pieces and bhoy do we need that! We only have domestic football to play now this season and he’ll do for me at that. por cierto

  18. POR CIERTO on 7TH JANUARY 2021 3:11 PM


    I don’t fancy our coaches to do that, do you?



    Unfortunately no. I think Benkovic is another with potential that needs coached. Add to that players like Frimpong, Welsh, Johnstone etc.. Lennon is not a good coach. Never was, never will be. We have gone from a Porsche to a Lada in a coaching sense.

  19. Benkovic , yes . Talented player and we have a dearth of options at CB



    Roberts , no. We have young wingers coming through who deserve a chance

  20. So we’re looking for a centre-back as our main one is injured.



    We recently released a centre-back as he had injury issues.



    Now people on here want to sign a centre-back who has played less than a dozen games in the last couple of seasons due to form and injuries…….why, so he can replace Jozo on the treatment table?



    I’d like to think that our scouts are out there earning their crust. Roberts and Benkovic isn’t scouting.

  21. garygillespieshamstring on




    1.Kenny Dalglish


    2. V Huns when horrible wee McDonald scored?

  22. Melbourne Mick from earlier –



    Aye, more of a lurker these days, but even then only occasionally. Too busy with work at the moment, which is great in the lead up to retirement in 3 years time – roll on!



    How are tricks with you guys down under?




  23. Dessybhoy@ 2.26pm


    Peter Lawwell worked as Financial Controller under Terry Cassidy in 1990-1991. He left worked at Clydeport ( amongst other appointments )and subsequently returned in 2003 to the role of CEO( although I believe the title was changed to something like Executive Director).


    He is vastly overpaid , has been in role too long and it would be in everyone’s interest , his included, if he departed and opened the way to fresh thinking.


    I have written on this subject previously but I believe PL was spooked by the demise of Rangers and that led to insular and confused thinking about the future of Celtic. He took the wrong path so we reached where we are today.


    An eight year old club with a team of journeymen romping their way to the title and potentially Champions League riches. A consequence of that wrong decision means he has participated in the restoration of a fraudulent business , has largely remained silent on the wrongdoing and alienated a section of the Celtic support .



  24. We need a clear out top to bottom…..will it happen………..i doubt it.



    We sure need cover at the back rb,ch,and lb……….sorry don’t rate Frimpong or Laxalt as good defenders.



    Frimpong could be back up winger with a bit of coaching but i love the guy.

  25. PC @ 3.16



    DG — a big no from me.


    Too much baggage — the baseball bat dimension is a step too far.

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