Benkovic should get a run out before Rosenborg


This has the makings of a neutral weekend in the Premiership.  Celtic face struggling St Mirren, table-topping Hearts are at struggling Motherwell and struggling Newco are home to pointless Dundee.  Only our nearest challengers in recent seasons, Aberdeen, look to have a challenge on their hands, away to St Johnstone.

That’s how it works on paper, anyway, but it football was that predictable, bookies would be poor and punters rich.  The weekend might not go to form.

Celtic have struggled to breakdown teams who defend deeply this season and you can expect St Mirren to do exactly that tonight.  No three points are guaranteed, so we will need to earn the win.

Hearts bubble may burst at Fir Park.  Motherwell have only taken points off Dundee and Newco, losing to Hamilton and Hibs, but those defeats came in the first games of the season.  They have steadied the ship since.

Dundee are rank rotten, having lost all four league games and a 0-3 humiliation at home to Ayr United in the League Cup.  Their answer was to sign out of contract – and no longer manager – Kenny Miller (38).  They have the look of cannon fodder.  They will not get a sniff at Ibrox, surely?

It would be good to see some of the new faces tonight, Filip Benkovic, in particular, who may be useful against Rosenborg on Thursday.

Three points, please, Celtic!

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  1. Looking forward to a short hop across the Erskine Bridge to Feegie Park tonight.


    Fancy us to score a few goals this evening.


    Bring it on!



  2. Cosy Corner Bhoy



    Naw it couldn’t…that would have been what you would have said.



    I enjoy painting and opera too.



    I imagine you only like wan colour of pant or monotone drumming. :}



    Each to our own.



    Hail hail




  3. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    You’re right.


    All the CEO does is negotiate wages, bonuses, perhaps length of contract, images rights, etc.



    The manager does the rest.

  4. Hello,


    I am looking for some help.


    I am trying to catch the game today whilst in San Francisco.


    The Abbey Tavern at 4100 Geary appears to be the home of the Celtic Supporters Club – Brothers Across the Ocean in SF and looks like it has the game on at local time (11.45 am in SF).


    Has anyone been there to see a game?


    Thanks for any info you can provide.


    H! H!




  5. What is the Stars on

    Bada Bing



    Well done with Glasgow Warrior


    Only beaten a head and a short head third at 33/1 …not too shabby at all at all

  6. mcculloch is a celtic man i dont know what your problem is with him and wilson(other than the zaluska eposide) (sp). i listened to ssb the other night and did not have a problem might be me.


    the guys have to work may be should just go on the unemployment that would keep some happy


    god its bad enough being a tim in scotland never mind working in radio.

  7. MIT



    I don’t reckon its ever an executive decision when someone gets appointed into Celtic media.



    Gerry McLaughlin was a mildly surprising choice due to the liquidation amnesia script forced on him by Radio Snyde..



    Good presentable front man, reading from a script not involved in ‘the politics’ of Scottish Football when all you have to do is be a front man, interview and introduce Celtic players etc, etc.



    Anybody that had even a passing interest in the Lucasz Zaluska assault trial, never mind studied the court transcript, raised their Celtic eyebrows at the time about Mark Wilson ex Celtic.



    He excelled himself on BBC with his perverse viewpoint on every single Celtic subject, to let him into back Celtic Park was a mistake, and should be overseen with a belated ‘executive decision.’




  8. We can anticipate a lot of scoring to be done in LG’s four more years.



    He can make himself as legendary as Frank McAvennie in the eyes of his admirers. Even now after all this time it’s hard to imagine anybody telling Macca he couldn’t shoot straight.



    Go on Leigh make the four years count, the record book awaits.




  9. TIMHORTON on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2018 4:13 PM



    I cannot understand why we seem only too willing to trash any Celtic men / women working in the public eye or in high profile positions.






    PS : As for the dreadful, horrible and sad term ” soup taker”. Well I think it often says more about the accuser rather than the accused.



    I too am uncomfortable with the ‘soup taker’ reference – however I have no problem in calling out poor punditry from whoever is involved.

  11. It says so much about “modern: Scotland, that any Scottish ex-Celtic player wanting to make a career in the media has to be prepared to put the boot into Celtic on a regular basis. Mark Wilson joins the likes of Bonnar and Walker in trashing us. Yet, he is given a job in Celtic media. Very odd. I don’t listen to Clyde but I gather McCulloch did likewise on there.



    I am all for the likes of Michael Stewart calling it as he sees it, whether i agree or not. Too many ex-Celts don’t dare to do so, imo.








    What this Bhoy said ✔️✔️✔️✔️

  13. Why should ex-Celts have to wage Celtic’s cause with the establishment, when the best fan’s in the world are queueing up to buy £49 / £50 Old Firm same club lie tickets, that by their very concept, indicate, that there was no liquidation, that there is no new club ?


    Who are the”real” gullibilly’s ?


    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ?





  14. Central heating sorted by a good Bhoy named Kevin from Coatbridge



    It took a Tim to fix it…. Nough said



    D. :)

  15. Well done you ghuys who backed Goldie’s horse e/w , i was on the nose ! HH fae a sunny Pitlochry !!

  16. PCS


    100% agree.


    Prefer the musings of Michael Stewart and EBT Stephen Thompson to the drivel that Mark Wilson and Andy Walker spout for coin.



  17. Darren O’Dea was on BBC Sportsound regularly ,until he said he wanted titles stripped……..never been on since…..i wonder why that is…..?

  18. TERRYK on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2018 3:55 PM





    I am looking for some help.



    I am trying to catch the game today whilst in San Francisco.



    Fiddlers Green in Milbrae. It’s on Caltrain line. SFCSC No1

  19. Reb tunes on in build up to my trip over the water to Paisley tonight.


    Graffiti on the wall, it says We’re magic!






    “Gerry McLaughlin was a mildly surprising choice due to the liquidation amnesia script forced on him by Radio Snyde..”



    Came a huge surprise to me too:))))))



    Bettergetahaircut CSC

  21. STARRY PLOUGH on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2018 5:22 PM









    “Gerry McLaughlin was a mildly surprising choice due to the liquidation amnesia script forced on him by Radio Snyde..”







    Came a huge surprise to me too:))))))







    Bettergetahaircut CSC



    McLaughlin is his maiden name…

  22. What is the Stars on

    Speaking of Soup Taking


    Anyone seen the new movie Black 47.


    Went to see it last night. Worth seeing


    Has its faults (Think Rambo does the Irish Famine) but if you allow for a bit of dramatic licence its not bad at all.




    Alloa Athletic striker Greig Spence has revealed Craig Gordon “covered wages I lost” after a tackle by the Celtic goalkeeper left him “off work for three months”.



    Gordon received a yellow card after racing from his goal and fouling Spence with an high kick in a Scottish League Cup tie in September 2016.



    In a tweet on Thursday, Spence, 26, said he “forgave” Gordon.



    He was responding to a post in which the tackle was described as “shocking”.



    “I was off work for three months after this challenge but Craig Gordon covered my wages I lost so I forgive him,” Spence tweeted.

  24. Thanks EMU and Mahe – will get on my way soon.



    Last day in ‘Frisco – off to San Diego tomorrow.



    Thanks again guys!



    Hail! Hail!




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