Berlin to Lisbon


A game against Union Berlin, from the second tier of German football, four days before our Champions League qualification campaign gets underway sounds like perfect preparation.  Union will be better than any opposition we have or will play since defeat in Turin last month and they will be miles ahead of our Champions League second qualifying round opponents.

Having to play six instead of last season’s four games to qualify for the group stage has cost Celtic ‘lucrative’ preseason friendlies.  I am sure those charged with the task of balancing the books at Celtic Park (we always pay our bills) will be less than entertained by this, and for many supporters, if feels important that we face Real Madrid or Inter Milan preseason, but the summer time is all about qualifying for the Champions League.  There are five weeks between Celtic’s opening qualifying game and the first leg of the play-off round.  This extra preparation time should ensure we are fitter and ready.

Legend has it that competitive football in July inevitably leads to a drop in form late in the season but legends are not always reliable.  Last year Basel entered Champions League qualification at the same stage Celtic will next season, and next week they become the first Swiss team to play competitive European football in May ever.  Apoel Nicosia entered at the same stage in 2011 and became Cyprus’ first qualifier for the Champions League quarter final last year.

The Champions League final of 2014 will be held in Lisbon, the first time the city has hosted Europe’s top game since………. you know when.  There are 1730 miles between Berlin and Lisbon, or 10 months, if you prefer.  Preparations are already underway.

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  1. As regards boycotting the cup final, do you think the SFA would give a toss? Their brassness of neck would have embarrassed Joseph Gobbels. The best way to deal with them is win the cup and make them watch thousands of Tims celebrating another trophy win. Face it, they are already used to half empty stadiums and apart from that it is too late to organise any form of boycott as the tickets have been issued and they have their cash. They care not a jot about how or what the fans think. The way to change the SFA is from within either that or pay a private dick to come up with something dirty on them. Where is TSD when you need him? Only joking on the last bit BTW.

  2. jam67



    12:14 on 30 April, 2013


    a wee update for the boys in blue



    A POLICEWOMAN probing claims of abuse by nuns was caught wearing a ‘No Surrender’ badge at a Rangers game, a court heard yesterday.


    DC Lesley McAuley was spotted with the Loyalist sticker on her uniform, a jury heard.


    And she is also facing assault charges, including allegations of a racist attack.


    The cop worked on the probe into Anne Kenny, 79, and Agnes Reville, 77, known as Mother Rosaria and Mother Martin.


    At the nuns’ trial at Paisley Sheriff Court, the jury heard how the policewoman was removed from football duties after the picture emerged.


    DC McAuley was part of the team investigating claims that eight girls were abused at Dalbeth approved school in Bishopton, Renfrewshire, in the 1970s.


    Earlier, the trial heard from Kathleen Humphries, 56, who accused Mother Rosaria of hitting her with a carpet beater because she had tried to run away from the school.


    She said: “She battered me about the body with it every couple of days.


    “She threw me across the room and hit me with the carpet beater when I was on the floor. I was screaming.”


    Ms Humphries admitted having previous convictions for dishonesty but insisted she was telling the truth.


    Kenny and Reville deny the charges and the trial continues.





    the polis will get fast tracked to the focus unit


    the 2 nuns will get banged up


    and the thief with get compensation for being a liar



    only in scotland imho




  3. Duly drove into CP this morning to pick up the CF tickets and see what the craic is with the seat rearranging.


    Duly drove back out after I seen the queue.







  4. The reason Neil was called to the refs room may be the following. At the start of the second half the camera panned in on him and he was wearing a woollen Beanie hat that he didn’t have on during the first half. Ian Crockofshit made a comment about Neil feeling the cold. Unfortunately, as the camera was on him he turned his head to reveal an earpiece which would suggest possible communication with the bench. Did anybody else notice this? The hat was possibly construed as hiding this from the beaks.

  5. HT






    Re seat re-arranging, can anyone clarify what blocks this is affecting…or is it stadium-wide?






  6. 32k per week for Joe, Joe, super Joe? I doubt it.



    However, just maybe he gets something like 15-20k. And with bonuses it becomes 32k.



    If so, then I’m delighted that bonus money forms a large part of the players incentive.





    Dunno his wages,but they will include the ‘Bosman’ element.



    We got a great player without having to pay a transfer fee.



    But that still works out as bad business,according to some.

  8. starry plough


    12:22 on 30 April, 2013


    Anybody making the trip to Berlin??




    Highly likely. Let me know if you book it up. I might even treat Mrs PMTYH to a weekend in the capital. I am a doughnut, well I have a similar shape to a jam filled Berliner.

  9. HamiltonTim. Thanks for the reply on previous thread.



    I can’t make it to ticket office and have no desire to try and discuss over the phone. In reality I was looking for any excuse not to give money to the SFA tournament. I’m one of those who wants the money taken from my bank account, the tickets sent to me and I don’t have to do anything other than attend.



    I’m usually happy with whatever seat I get allocated. Even when they close the upper decks at Celtic Park and I get a seat in the freezing wind and rain for the early rounds of the LC and SC.

  10. 19LisbonBhoy67 on

    Very surprised at the number of fans that attended the U-17’s game last night. Even more surprised that the editor of the Alternative View was in attendance.

  11. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles



    I looked at flights last night and for a Wednesday flight returning on Saturday it worked out about 100 Swiss francs, I could be up for that, I got a mate in Berlin too so could be a goer…



    Would you buy tickets in Germany then, we did that for the Sion game..

  12. I believe that Celtic have quite a strict wages structure that was brought in during WGS’ reign and he helped to get the pay down. Very much doubt if anybody at CP is on £32K a week. Even doubt if Henrik was on that, Celtic played a glamour game to pay ole Henke the extra money he required to get him to resign for the club. He didn’t get it up front he got it when he left.

  13. TTT


    I’m in 445 north stand upper and its row w back that are all getting moved forward,don’t know where else. I managed to get seats a couple of rows down from wher I was.




  14. I’d love to know why Joe Ledley gets the abuse he does from some.



    He, to me, is a brilliant team player, does loads of work breaking down opponents attacks and starting up our own as well as popping up with a few welll-timed goals. Nothing fancy, but gets the job done. I feel we have better balance when he plays too.



    I admit i think he’s been quieter this season, but very few have not!






  15. swatson Neil Lennon's 6ft skinny twin! on

    the token tim



    12:22 on 30 April, 2013





    All seats in all upper tiers from row w backwards are being relocated, ticket office said to me it was basically to condense support to make for better atmosphere, also some being moved lower down to make way for a better disabled section!

  16. Cliff Credibility + The Leggos, a dubious tribute act, have an indefinite run at iPox.


    If required, they will play for pies. You have to hear their rendition of ‘Blue Bayou’.


    So painful, it would wring tears from the deceased.


    However, it is hard to convince a sevconian zombie that it is actually dead, and you can never be sure that the goo emanating from their ocular orbits is actually tears.


    Anyway, I imagine this will go on forever.


    Objects of derision is their indefinite lot. And if the reports of last night are anything to go by, I earnestly hope we never have to be anywhere near them ever again, no matter how hard the orange mob conspire to re-animate their cadavers.


    Eventually they will simply disintegrate under the weight of their own decay.


    It’s just taking a very long time.


    Oh well…..

  17. My boss is Peter Principle on

    From last article



    KevJungle – “Walk-On” in the Jungle = Bliss




    12:08 on 30 April, 2013







    11:43 on 30 April, 2013




    I share your concerns although, I’ve not been an active Celtic fan since MON left the club and, took with him – the last pair of balls that the club had. imo.



    From this article



    KevJungle – “Walk-On” in the Jungle = Bliss




    12:15 on 30 April, 2013




    Paul67 – Is it true that Celtic pay Joe Ledley – £32k of Celtic fans money every week ?






    Not your rmoney by the looks of it, thanks for you concern , but if he is on this wage then good luck to him

  18. 3mick3,



    Thanks for that. Began to wonder if there was a large scale re-organisation on the cards!






  19. the token tim



    12:22 on 30 April, 2013






    Re seat re-arranging, can anyone clarify what blocks this is affecting…or is it stadium-wide?








    TTT, depends if your talking about CP or Firhill, ;-))

  20. The interesting thing about the photograph of the mountain (3) of broken seats, was the nonchalent posture of the stewards, and the only police visible were at the orc end behind the goal.



    Can you buy a copy of SimpLee the Beast online? Perhaps it’s Simple the Beast!

  21. SuperSutton



    If you want a seat in a particular area of the ground then I’d recommend waiting a few days and keep checking the official site until seats become available in your preferred section.

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