Bernabei and the Magic Window


What a great start to the weekend, seeing photos of Argentinian left back Alexandro Bernabei (21) in Glasgow.  The player has made 60 starts in Argentine football.  He made an additional 20 in the Copa Sudamericana (equivalent of the Europa League), a tournament where his current club Lanus appear to give youth their chance.

That’s 80 games in total, 16 more than Virgil van Dijk played before arriving here at the same age.  You and I have long discussed the Magic Window, when a player has produced enough evidence for Celtic to have heard of him, do a proper scouting job and make their move, but before he piques the interest of more monied suitors.

If Alexandro is indeed a player, 80 games in Europe would almost certainly be too many for Celtic to be a potential destination.  The South American Magic Window may be slightly wider.

If you are a scout, how many performances would you want to see before you put your name to a multi-million-pound purchase and contract?  Albian Ajeti scored in five of his first six league games for Celtic, surely enough for you to endorse him as a nailed-on target at any level?

The risks involved in transfer work is significant.  Results vary widely, even from the very best practitioners.  This is doubly so when no one at the acquiring club has worked with the player before, more so if they have never worked in the country/continent.

What happens at the club after a transfer is also important; players need an environment that permits them to grow and succeed, so I don’t think outcomes are entirely random.  Alexandro succeeding in Glasgow will have a lot to do with how well his induction into life in Scotland goes.

I double checked that bizarre Ajeti stat, it’s true.


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  1. Welcome back Celtic Quick News…



    Hope the eff, for those that care, can continue Conservative Quick News on the last thread…



    Any truth in the rumours we are installing a wooden medieval rack to make him 6′ 2in tall….?




  2. Hope he can speak some English if not a crash course is required and a competent translator, I always thought Laxalt hadnt a clue of what was getting said on the park which effected his performances, the group of players we have at the club now will look after him fine, led by Captain McGregor.

  3. glendalystonsils on

    Nice to see a photo taken by a Celtic fan at the airport of Bernebei with the fan’s 9 year old son .



    Not so reassuring to see that they were both the same height –:)))

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  5. Susie Dent








    Word of the day (again) is ‘stiffrump’ (18th century): a highly obstinate individual who refuses to budge.

  6. Tom McLaughlin on




    Football has a language all of its own.



    In the early 70s at Brockville, Falkirk v Celtic, I was at the front of covered enclosure opposite the stand. Tommy Callaghan picked up the ball inside his own half on the left. John Hugbes ran along the touchline in space calling for the pass. Callaghan dithered and was dispossessed. As he got up from the turf, Big Yogi approched him right in front of me and shouted , “When I say pass it you f@@@in pass it.”




  7. P67



    I think that you have fallen into the over analysis swamp.


    80 games is too many — most talent will have shown up in half that window.



    AA is a talent but the drive has gone / possibly only a trace in the first place.


    He came / he saw the holiday camp atmosphere — behaved accordingly.


    AP came and he was too far gone for any sort of meaningful redemption.


    Shame as he has something — just a terrible buy for us at the time.


    PL in desperado mode — what could possibly go wrong?


    Huge waste of resources.



    Regarding the new season:



    Two loans = One down / one to go.



    Spare GK = sorted.


    Starting LB = sorted / now we have two to chose from.


    New starting CB = Very quiet on this one / might be the right position for a loan.


    Young CB = Is DM or BL good enough? If not then we need to buy.


    Starting DM = Plenty of names in the frame / worth a £10mill buy?


    Spare DM = Gravy if we have some spare cash?


    Young CF = the new OE would be perfect.



    Two new loans = Again very quiet / the squad is getting better but we should still be looking.



    B Team improvement = hopefully AP can find the time.


    Youths transitioning into the 1st team = the cupboard looks very bare.


    Jan 2023 / J League reinforcements = hopefully AP is still working it to the max.

  8. Grauniad political output = excuse making for BoJo at every level.


    I thought that they had hit rock bottom with their 2010 Clegg love but this is well beyond that.



    No matter what catastrophe BoJo inflicts on us — AS and his team of teenage scribblers will always come up with an excuse to soften the blow plus a few cheery photos to raise the mood.

  9. I know I will most likely regret this comment but are you saying the Guardian is a pro Boris Johnson publication MADMITCH?

  10. Ai @ 2.15



    Grauniad vs BoJo — they cut him too much slack / any excuse will do.



    The Grauniad political blog run by AS has a history / tendency to offer excuses for all the political catastrophes that BoJo inflicts on us — at every turn there are little comments / explanations to try and soften the blow and explain how things are more complex that they might look at the moment.



    Then you have the small media pond where the same journalists flit between the DM / Grauniad / DT / NI / Speccy without too many scruples or principles being invoked as they cash their wages.



    These same journalists have political partners / bidey ins where initial political leanings obviously have come second to the more physical aspects of their relationship.



    And now that the fire has gone the conversations are now much more gentile middle class where BoJo might be a cad but he once attended a Pride rally when he was mayor of London so he can’t be all that bad..



    Plus a lot of the more mature Grauniad journalists / columnists might have started out as left wing political firebrands but 20 years of a good middle class lifestyle has stunted their progressive politics somewhat and they now feel that BoJo will look after their tax affairs better than any socialist who wants to make things better for the many and not just the few..



    Grauniad — most sales are within the M25 / readership is heavily affluent female compared to other papers.


    Consequently they are more radical feminist than progressive in outlook and BoJo has a bit of a reputation for being a good might in for girls / ladies of a certain social background — they can but dream..

  11. Tom McLaughlin on




    Accusing the Guardian of being a Tory newspaper.



    Oh my aching sides.







    I was right, I do regret asking the question. Back to staying out of these conversations.



    Pulled up the front page of Guardian, first headline that pops says “cruel and useless government that is running out of road.”

  13. TMcL @ 3.11



    I am not claiming that the Grauniad is a Tory newspaper just a case that too many on its payroll cut too much slack for BoJo.



    Starting with AS and his political blog — excuses to the fore plus lots of happy snaps.



    Plus too may happy reminisces when BoJo was a whacky mayor.



    Plus columns for Speccy never wizzers.



    Never bought it / trusted it after the 2010 Cleggy luv and all the Orange Book nonsense.

  14. The Guardian did more to undermine Corbyn than any other newspaper.



    They preferred a Tory government and certain Brexit to a Corbyn government.

  15. Ai @ 3.18



    Look beyond the headlines.


    The veneer is as you would expect but some of the depth is BoJo central.

  16. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Vogue. I’ve posted this before from the Glasgow Observer, 1st November 1924. It’s still the most hilarious and accurate descriptions of the hun.




    On the terracing at the Dalmarnock end on Saturday there was congregated a gang, thousands strong, including the dregs and scourings of filthy slumdom, unwashed yahoos, jailbirds, night hawks, won’t works, ‘buroo’ barnacles and pavement pirates, all, or nearly all, in the scarecrow stage of verminous trampdom. This ragged army of insanitary pests was lavishly provided with orange and blue remnants, and these were flaunted in challenge as the football tide flowed this way and that. Practically without cessation for ninety minutes or more, the vagabond rabble kept up a strident howl of the ‘Boyne Water’ chrorus. Nothing so designedly provoking, so maliciously insulting, or so bestially ignorant has ever been witnessed even in the wildest exhibitions of Glasgow Orange bigotry…



    … Blatantly filthy language of the lowest criminal type assailed the shocked ears of decent onlookers. There was no getting away from it, chanted as it was by thousands of voices in bedlamite yells. The stentorian use of filthy language is a crime against the law of the land. Policemen lined the track and listened to the hooligan uproar, yet nothing was done to stop it. The scandal was renewed with increased violence in London road after the match. Is it possible the Blue mob can do just anything and get away with it? Prompt official steps were taken to supress and prosecute the green brake-club lads who dared sing ‘The Dear Little Shamrock’ in Paisley Road. Yet thousands of foulmouthed and blasphemous orange ruffians are free to run amok over the East End of Glasgow. How do you account for it?”



    (1 November 1924

  17. If my memory serves me well The Guardian told its’ reader to vote for the LIberals in the 2010 General Election, the editorial written I suspect, but do not know, by Polly Toynbee, after which the Lib – Dems promptly jumped into bed with the Eton Tories.

  18. glendalystonsils on

    CELTIC MAC on 24TH JUNE 2022 3:38 PM



    Eton tories?



    I far prefer the Eton rifles . In fact the Eton rifles might be the perfect way to deal with the Eton tories .

  19. Got to that stage in the day I now hope the celtic hold off signing the argie leftback until Monday or perhaps Thursday. His club play 2 games in that time and so it ends the possibility of 2 games being carried over into next season for us. He can participate in training as a guest like wee kyogo done the other day. Friday announcement would be nice but counter productive in the wee argie’s case.




  20. Glendalystonsils



    i love this quote from Weller



    In 2008, after then-Conservative Party leader and former Eton pupil David Cameron chose the Jam’s “The Eton Rifles” as one of his Desert Island Discs, Weller expressed disgust, saying, “which bit didn’t [Cameron] get?”

  21. wolfetonebhoy on

    Is this not Celtic Quick News? Come on here to read all thing relevant about celtic – not stupid politics


    Start a new forum and leave this to CELTIC

  22. WOLFETONEBHOY on 24TH JUNE 2022 4:35 PM


    Is this not Celtic Quick News?










    This is a site for people to moan about what other people post, but not to actually post about what they’re moaning about other posters not posting.



    Welcome aboard. You’re going to fit right in, I can tell.

  23. Fiona Bruce is married to Nigel Sharrocks.


    Nigel Sharrocks is the CEO of advertising company Carat Global Management Ltd.


    Carat Global Management Ltd received £3.9m from the Treasury to advertise Government policies.



    Follow the money.

  24. Fiona Bruce is married to Nigel Sharrocks.


    Both the other statements are untrue.


    Sharrocks left Carat 9 years ago.


    Carat won the Government contract after he had left.


    Carat lost the Government contract about 4 years ago to an Omnicom media agency.

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