Bernabei and the Magic Window


What a great start to the weekend, seeing photos of Argentinian left back Alexandro Bernabei (21) in Glasgow.  The player has made 60 starts in Argentine football.  He made an additional 20 in the Copa Sudamericana (equivalent of the Europa League), a tournament where his current club Lanus appear to give youth their chance.

That’s 80 games in total, 16 more than Virgil van Dijk played before arriving here at the same age.  You and I have long discussed the Magic Window, when a player has produced enough evidence for Celtic to have heard of him, do a proper scouting job and make their move, but before he piques the interest of more monied suitors.

If Alexandro is indeed a player, 80 games in Europe would almost certainly be too many for Celtic to be a potential destination.  The South American Magic Window may be slightly wider.

If you are a scout, how many performances would you want to see before you put your name to a multi-million-pound purchase and contract?  Albian Ajeti scored in five of his first six league games for Celtic, surely enough for you to endorse him as a nailed-on target at any level?

The risks involved in transfer work is significant.  Results vary widely, even from the very best practitioners.  This is doubly so when no one at the acquiring club has worked with the player before, more so if they have never worked in the country/continent.

What happens at the club after a transfer is also important; players need an environment that permits them to grow and succeed, so I don’t think outcomes are entirely random.  Alexandro succeeding in Glasgow will have a lot to do with how well his induction into life in Scotland goes.

I double checked that bizarre Ajeti stat, it’s true.


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  1. garygillespieshamstring on




    I think the first time I read that passage was in “The Glory and the Dream”.


    If my memory serves me correctly, it was attributed to “Man in the Know”, a reporter in the Glasgow Observer.



    There was a suggestion in the book that he had some connection to the Celtic board and so his articles reflected the mood inside Celtic Park.



    The last wee section seems particularly apposite as it appears that almost 100 years on from the original print of the article, their behaviour is still the same and the police and authorities still do the square root of bugger all about it.




    I believe the advise to the Celtic support back in the 1920s was to “ not respond to the ribald doggerel of the opposition “ …




  3. God bless this lovely land of mine


    God bless the mountains , the hills and the valleys

  4. ERNIE LYNCH on 24TH JUNE 2022 3:26 PM



    That cannot be Jeremy Corbyn. The JC the MSM presented to us was much less articulate, much less sincere and much less interesting.



    I have only listened from your recommended 32 mins and the next ten minutes or so so but Corbyn comes over superbly well.

  5. Jackie actually,



    Being reported that the Magnificent Kate,is taking in $1 million per week in royalties since Stranger Times featured the song in most episodes.


    Amazing series.Kate thinks so too.

  6. On an interesting ( maybe ) point, I bought a CD player in 1985 and asked them if they had any CD’s


    The bloke looked a bit shifty and said “Here just take this ” and handed me The Hounds Of Love by Kate Bush.


    Just to throw a grenade into the Friday night room I claim it to be the finest album ever made. I mean as far as a sonic landscape goes. The ninth wave is still unbelievable. Another interesting fact ( maybe ) is that Running Up That Hill was originally called A Deal With God but EMI asked her to change it. If you look at later releases it is called Running Up That Hill ( A deal With God). Kate always got her way.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BRRB – brilliant.



    I first came across that article c. 30 years ago.



    I laughed then and every time I read it.



    Buroo Barnacles and Pavement Pirates are my personal highlights.

  8. Tom McLaughlin on

    Unbelievable that news stories report Celtic interest in a player, then in the same article, declare that Celtic have made no contact with said player or his club.



    Unfortunately, all it takes is for just one newspaper or broadcaster to do that, and that’s the player LINKED TO CELTIC.



    If and when the player moves elsewhere, it’s ‘ABC snubs Celtic for XYZ.”

  9. bigrailroadblues on

    BTB 6.34. I still laugh out loud every time I see it. I read it out to my Mum years ago and she was in tears laughing at them. 😂

  10. Tom



    Save yourself ,why the need to take serious anything they write !😊




  11. Carter vickers 6.5 million . Bernabei 3.7 million . jota 6.5 million 16.7 million . canny see us covering a new centre half or the much needed quality midfielder . Which equates to us having the same team for Europe plus the new wee left back . Can we afford to splash more cash .

  12. Majestic Hartson on

    I was reading about Bernabei’s upbringing. Jeez that sounds a real tough one. Dirt poor and forced to go hunting for pigeons and iguanas to help feed the family.



    Grim in this day and age.

  13. MAJESTIC HARTSON on 24TH JUNE 2022 8:02 PM


    I was reading about Bernabei’s upbringing. Jeez that sounds a real tough one. Dirt poor and forced to go hunting for pigeons and iguanas to help feed the family.



    Grim in this day and age.




    Doo’z n rabbits in easterhoos MH 🤣




  14. glendalystonsils on

    MAJESTIC HARTSON on 24TH JUNE 2022 8:02 PM



    He’ll be huntin’ huns now . Much more fun .

  15. Tom McLaughlin on

    Just back from watching my son perform in a pub in Edinburgh city centre. Singer/guitarist.



    A few of the Leith boys were present. Great evening’s entertainment.



    Proud. Very proud.

  16. HRVATSKI JIM on 24TH JUNE 2022 11:50 PM






    The world ended at 9.46. Did nobody tell you?



    HRVATSKI – I feel fine….

  17. Tom McLaughlin on

    Watching Glastonbury. BBC complaining about the lack of trains to and from Glastonbury due to the RMT strike.



    Glastonbury station closed in 1966.