Bernabei and the Magic Window


What a great start to the weekend, seeing photos of Argentinian left back Alexandro Bernabei (21) in Glasgow.  The player has made 60 starts in Argentine football.  He made an additional 20 in the Copa Sudamericana (equivalent of the Europa League), a tournament where his current club Lanus appear to give youth their chance.

That’s 80 games in total, 16 more than Virgil van Dijk played before arriving here at the same age.  You and I have long discussed the Magic Window, when a player has produced enough evidence for Celtic to have heard of him, do a proper scouting job and make their move, but before he piques the interest of more monied suitors.

If Alexandro is indeed a player, 80 games in Europe would almost certainly be too many for Celtic to be a potential destination.  The South American Magic Window may be slightly wider.

If you are a scout, how many performances would you want to see before you put your name to a multi-million-pound purchase and contract?  Albian Ajeti scored in five of his first six league games for Celtic, surely enough for you to endorse him as a nailed-on target at any level?

The risks involved in transfer work is significant.  Results vary widely, even from the very best practitioners.  This is doubly so when no one at the acquiring club has worked with the player before, more so if they have never worked in the country/continent.

What happens at the club after a transfer is also important; players need an environment that permits them to grow and succeed, so I don’t think outcomes are entirely random.  Alexandro succeeding in Glasgow will have a lot to do with how well his induction into life in Scotland goes.

I double checked that bizarre Ajeti stat, it’s true.


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  1. DESSYBHOY at 11:58


    I like Noel….. a lot, but he’s no front man. Daughter bought me his last album and really enjoyed it and not just the Oasis sounding tracks. Also think there’s more to come from him and his high flying birdies.

  2. Scaniel


    I prefer the bands music to speak for them rather than a dominant front man, he does what is needed, swears unnecessarily though.



    Congratulations on your first year wedding anniversary…… bet it feels more like 50, or even 55! Either way, that’s some going. Felicitations!

  4. Tontine Tim – Congratulations to you and your good lady.🥂🍾🥂



    55 years or 1 in hun years is no mean feat. WOW.



    D :)

  5. Tom McLaughlin on



    I like your confidence in getting our summer targets over the line. Is this based on good ( inside?) info or your innate optimism?


    I’m not sure what you’re basing this on. My last comment about transfers was early yesterday when I said I was hoping for “a Jota & Bernabei Saturday”. Previously I have talked about Jota & Bernabei signings being imminent, but that’s by no means an exclusive on my part.



    I did mention the young Man City CB having loan offers from Celtic and Burnley. Not inside information as such. I received a text from a friend who has a decent record with this sort of thing. He told me Harwood-Bellis had been to Glasgow and was given the tour. He isn’t a Burnley player this morning so who knows?



    Re McCartney, I was cringeing for him, so bad were his vocals. Yes he was brave and if the audience were ecstatic I suspect it was more about his presence than his performance which is fair enough. He has earned that position.



    I was a WHO fanatic from my teens and saw them live 26 times in 3 continents. Last time I saw them was in Brisbane circa 2010/11. They were awful. Daltrey’s vocals were very strained and a hard listen. Townshend was going through the motions. It was a sluggish, tired performance from my Rock n Roll heroes.



    Again, it’s an age thing. They’re only human, but I’m left lamenting the loss of the old band of the 70s & 80s and asking myself why they continue to put themselves through it. The answer? They still fill stadia and make a lot of money, not just for themseves but for the moguls who push them into endless tours. Sad to see.

  6. Tontine Tim Congratulations.



    Hun logic is illogical.



    Too right noone likes them.



    Looking forward to this Season under Ange. It’s gonnae be mega I reckon.

  7. Not normally one to comment on politics but a couple of things caught my eye this week.



    Firstly how utterly odious some of the new breed of conservative mps are. Thick and bereft of any moral standards :



    I listened to one from Morley named Andrea Jenkyns. Deplorable individual. Boris Johnston without the intellect. The ‘not Andrea Jenkyns’ twitter parody gets it nailed !



    Then I watched ‘red card, red card’ himself walking around the Royal Highland Show… individual devoid of presence and leadership capability IMO. He was grubbily sniffing around looking for anyone of substance and credibility to get his selfie taken with for his twitter feed. Rather sad to see.



    It did remind me of Gove and his colleague at the same venue the day after the Brexit vote a few years ago at the same venue. Opportunist prick with nothing of substance to offer.



    WE pay these types to run our country. They wonder why we have a few pretty significant, UK wide, economic headwinds and yet suddenly Brexit, (which these clowns voted for) does not even get mentioned.



    Ask anyone involved in business (import / export / manufacturing) with any real accountability and they will highlight what an utter shitshow, with zero accountability for those who delivered it, this has been.



    That these clowns get to make any decisions about anything important affecting our population and their wellbeing is a worry. That they are paid to and make careers of it is even more of a concern.



    I know there were some bad ones when I was younger but it seemed there were so many more politicians who had a genuine desire to do the right thing for public good back then too……….



    I know and policeman seem to get younger and younger too. Lol.

  8. Tom McLaughlin



    Roger D doesn’t need the money. That is for sure. I don’t really get why he would bother with it. He always seems comfortable in his skin down on his estate. Likes his fishing and chilling.



    After twisting my back watching the Eagles in an uncomfy seat at Murrayfield on Wednesday I am not sure why I bother going either lol.



    Cricket shaping up nicely for sure. 223 lead for 5 down at lunch. Mitchell over 500 runs for 4 times out in the series. Incredible for a guy who may end up on wrong side of a 3-0 defeat.

  9. Majestic Hartson on




    I thought his voice was ok, considering his age. Still hit a few notes that I was surprised he got to – Helter Skelter (which is one of my favourites too).



    Yes, his voice is frailer but overall I didn’t think it detracted too much from the show.



    Also I don’t think I’d ever get bored of listening to the medley in Abbey Road 👍🏼

  10. itscalledthemalvinas on

    As we are on a musical theme I would like to lavish praise on Martin Fry of ABC. Went to see them last night at the concert hall in Glasgow. Thought the tickets were expensive when I bought them last year. I now know why,he had a forty piece band with him.


    That’s the look !

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on 26th June 2022 1:47 pm



    Atletico Madrid want Juranovic- SSN






    They can want him but I highly doubt they will get him.



    Josip wants the CL nights @ Celtic Park, IMHO.



    Its gonnae be Mental wae oor Humble Manager on the touchline.



    My preferred selections frae the ones there just now.










    Bring it on.

  12. Asking for a friend has the season ticket waiting list members had an offer yet ?

  13. Celtic Chant Named Best In The World As Celtic Park Ranked Number One Atmosphere In Football


    Jack Kenmare






    Published 12:28, 26 June 2022 BST


    | Last updated 12:36, 26 June 2022 BST



    Celtic Chant Named Best In The World As Celtic Park Ranked Number One Atmosphere In Football


    The famous Celtic chant ‘I Just Can’t Get Enough’ has been named the best in world football – and it’s hard to argue with that statement when you see the below footage from an Old Firm derby at Parkhead. Goosebumps.




    In a detailed list compiling the top 12 chants from around the world, the guys over at 90min en Español placed ‘I Just Can’t Get Enough’ – a song that was started by the Green Brigade back in 2010 – in first place.

  14. Matthew O looks likely to be a brammer!!!!



    Tom was awesome for the Celtic, we have a Bhoy who is close to the Legends skill set already. Both tall 6ft+ & left footers. All that is needed is that firey red hair and we have Perfection in a Celtic Shirt. :))

  15. Petec 2.17pm



    I think we are a cert to get Liverpool …



    Would love Eintract as our top seed :-)






    55years (one in Sevco land) is some shift, hope you and your good lady have many more anniversaries to celebrate 👍

  16. Tom at 12:46


    I too was a huge Who fan and to see them at Celtic Park was just brilliant….. although that day wee Alex Harvey was, well, just sensational.


    Janefield Street’s finest!




    SS at 2:30


    That’ll be a no from me☹️

  17. bigrailroadblues on

    St Stivs 2.30. Said they would be in touch over 3 weeks ago, haven’t received any communication. Probably because I asked them to open the Kerrydale Suite at 8am.

  18. Petec 3.21pm



    Likewise … bring whoever on, I think Ange done well in the Europa last season, two great efforts away in Germany & Spain … Bodo Glimt was a bit of a downer but I thought they were excellent at Celtic Park although they might we had 20 shots on target scored 1 … they had 4 shots on target and scored 3 .. fine margins in European fitba



    I think we could sneak 2nd place in any group (with a bit of luck) but would take 3rd and let Ange see what he can do going from there

  19. BRRB 3.38pm



    If big Pedro was still in charge (he hasn’t went that far away :-) …



    you should be on the guest list never mind a waiting list …

  20. Tom McLaughlin on




    I remember the Celtic Park gig. I had a girlfriend of 6 months at the time. She knew I was a massive WHO fan and that I was Celtic daft. I invited her to the gig but she didn’t fancy it, so I was going with my brother and 3 mates.



    Night before the concert she asked me not to go. I told her she knew how much it meant to me but she wasn’t happy. Next morning she phoned and told me if I went to the gig I was in big trouble. Red rag to a bull as far as I was concerned. She said she was coming to my house. I told her not to bother as I was heading off soon.



    So off we went. A couple of pints in pub then a cargo of beer into Celtic Park. You’re right. SAHB were superb and stole the show. THE WHO were not at their best. But what a day it was.



    When I got home my mother told me my gf had called at the house an hour after I had left and said she was livid that I had “disobeyed her”. I got a bus to her house on Sunday and after a short discussion I told her we were finished. Lots of tears and pleading for forgiveness. I took possession of a few LPs I had loaned her and walked away and never saw her again. Dodged a massive bullet, thanks to Pete, Roger, John & Keith.



    Happy days.

  21. Tom McLaughlin on

    New Zealand all out for 326.



    England require 296 to win.



    Game on.

  22. Jackiemac 3.57pm



    Ange was appointed during Covid … came here himself (family followed a few months) later … maybe Harry Kewell appointment is just bulking up his back room staff… he seems happy with what he inherited maybe now just adding to the coaching staff with CL and retaining the title on his mind …

  23. Tom McLaughlin on

    Walking up to Celtic Park for the first home game of season 1976/77 my brother said, “Tam. Have they fixed the stand since Keith Moon was there?”