Best of luck Brendan and thanks for the trebles


If I’m being magnanimous, Brendan made no secret of the fact that he wanted to return to the English Premier League.  When he was here, he won everything available to him domestically and proved that you can please all of the people all of the time.  We want managers to be ambitious, honest and successful and that’s what we got.

It rankles that his timing was so poor, a day before we visit Tynecastle on league duty and five days before we visit Easter Road in the Cup.  Brendan saw little compensation in Moussa Dembele’s success here, or ambition, when he engineered his exit at a bad time for the manager, the same is true now.  Celtic knew nothing of this before yesterday and have a major job on their hands to ensure the quest for the treble treble remains on course.

Neil Lennon is likely to be announced as interim manager.  We are fortunate to have as an experienced hand available.  If anyone knows how to take a Celtic team to Edinburgh, it’s Neil.  Plans for next season will continue in the background, but Neil will be asked to deliver the treble and nothing will be allowed to distract him or the players from that objective.

I have heard from a few CQN’ers who are surprised today, but we should know better.  This is football, managers and players are highly paid professionals, all the badge thumping in the world does not change that.  Exceptions are rare.

Best of luck to you, Brendan, and thanks for the trebles.  You could have held out for better than Leicester, but there’s every chance you’ll keep them in the division for many years.

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  1. TLWIO @ 11.55



    You brought up KPIs.


    My comments are that — if they exist — they are not worth the paper they are written on.



    Clydeport FP — Former pupils — plays a part in this wage bonus charade.


    FP No.1 — Convenor of the wages committee at CP.





    FP No.2 — CEO who benefits from the largess.

  2. It hurts like hell, disliking the manager that gave so much



    I saw a press conference with Chris Davies from a few weeks ago, that came back to me this morning after logging on to the internet.



    His demeanour had changed, he wasn’t clear or concise he was totally disinterested in the questions or answers he gave, don’t know if any of the body language experts saw it.



    Always the working class man that suffers when millionaires fall out, especially at Celtic, where there are now too many, like most, active Celtic fans I’m astonished that Brendan Rodgers has the timing of Judas, the damage he could have done,and might do in the future, is this morning incalculable.



    Its always about money and smaller clubs with more, test better Celtic men than Rodgers was when he signed up in 2016, out of nowhere, we learned how he had been a Celtic supporter ever since he was an amoeba.



    His remoteness from ‘the debate’ in Scotland was a mask he wore well, aloof and above was his mantra, not down into the getting dirty beside the fans who put up with decades of cheating, contrast Steve Clarke and his Kilmarnock rant on abuse.



    Rodgers was great, but a mere Glesga fly man in the end, a Politician with double speak, his signings even with the money he had were less than so so, there are no Celtic managers that are truly ‘Celtic men’ like the supporters, money is the root of all evil. Good riddance Brendan never really liked you anyway, that property developing, that healthy eating, those stupid jackets, and suits, whiter than white teeth, gold fillings, and pointy shoes were a dead give away.



    Neil Francis Lennon CSC

  3. P67 — you need to know your history.



    This has been on the agenda for 8 or 9 months.


    When PL started to get ers’y regarding agreed transfer targets the game was up.



    The second rate property bean counter has won — we as a support have lost.

  4. Broony’s next team talk needs to be NO-ONE’s bigger than the crest and the club. Ex-managers included.


    What’s in it for interim Lenny (except a better chunka cash than before)?


    If he wins, he’s still temporary.


    If he loses, he’ll carry the can.


    So, so unimpressed with Mr Rodgers timing in leaving, and gutting our coach staff, leaving only JKennedy.



  5. BSR — Your comments are a disgrace.


    Ignorant, partial and forced.



    You target the symptom and not the disease.

  6. Paul, I cannot agree with the good luck sentiment. The bottom line is that Brendan Rodgers has shown loyalty to no-one but himself. His platitudes of being a supporter living the dream have been shown as a masquerade and a sham, nothing more. If I ever had the honour to manage the Club I love only death or wild horses could have dragged me away – not the offer of spending large to continue mediocrity in the EPL. Nor do I buy the “blame the SFA plan to stop 10 in a row”. As I have written many times before, this cheating of Celtic has ALWAYS been the case and it’s not new so as “a true Celtic fan” he would have known this. It boils down to personal ambition and money, nothing else. It’s like walking out on your real true love because some tart flashes her knickers at you. That usually ends in tears for everyone ….



    I’m sure the “blame Pedro” bandwagon is gathering momentum; however, while I’m no great fan of Pedro as a CEO, I have met him on a few occasions and he truly is a dyed in the wool Celtic man. He runs the Club for Desmond the way Desmond wants it to be run and for the longevity of the Club in the future.



    To me the John McGinn saga (which is where much of to come from) comes down to one question: how much did Celtic (not the fans or the manager) think John McGinn was worth? If Hibs’ valuation was more than Celtic’s then that’s why a deal isn’t done. Personally, I think John McGinn was a £2M player and I said so at the time; I still think that. McGregor, Ntcham, Rogic, Bitton, Christie: all better players IMHO.



    Same with many other players who were priced over the odds. Me, I agree with that approach, otherwise we get ripped of time and again. By paying £9m for French Eddie and £4.5M for Ntcham Celtic have clearly shown they will spend money on players they feel are worth it.



    It’s the way to run a business and there is a fiduciary duty towards shareholders to do so. Fans may not like it, but it is the harsh reality.




  7. I hope he isn’t too far embroiled with the dodgy agents around leicester that he can get out when he needs to. Before it’s too late. I also hope he always travels by public transport.

  8. Celtic knew nothing of this before yesterday and have a major job on their hands to ensure the quest for the treble treble remains on course.



    PAUL are you for real????????????????????

  9. “They’re there and they’re always there. And God bless every one of them.” And God bless every one of them.”

  10. Pail



    If your comments about the Board not knowing about this till yesterday are correct – and that claim would be up for much debate – that’s almost as damning as the more Machiavellian explanation of today’s events.



    Cos even the dugs in the street around parkhead had heard plenty of mutterings in recent days…..indeed weeks.



    HH jg

  11. Regarding the future — we need to get another coach / manager of BR’s calibre.


    NL is OK to get us to the summer but not for any longer.



    Another RD type shambles will shut more than the LL Upper.


    Regarding the business acumen of the Irish Raj and the second rate property bean counter.



    They will reward themselves well with our money — if we let them.

  12. So let me get this right, good managers can go, chief execs can stay as long as they want,well done a shambles orchestrated by the board, I also think it is disgraceful for Celtic to use Neil Lennon if he is caretaker with no chance of a permanent position.


    I do not know what has possessed br to go now of all times.I feel horrible about this and I’m not a child

  13. Paul seems to be confirming Brendan’s departure though I live in hope that he wouldnt walk out on us at the sharp end of the historical treble treble. if he does go now it would sour my memory of his time with us to an extent. The conjecture just feeds the angry mob mentality and everyone is getting it in the neck with blame flying everywhere. We are lucky in having a very good manager on standby who may take up the challenge, and who proved against us recently that he can shape a team to win. As for the end of season panic already running- can we concentrate on winning the league before we shift our focus to next season?

  14. Exiled Tim . Totally agree pal . Something serious has gone wrong behind the scenes .



    Must say this is not a surprise to me , BR has clearly been put in his place by our absent landlord , and his henchman . Had big jock not demanded total control of football matters , the big gold star



    Would not be shining bright above celtic park . When BR said he didn’t,t know about a player we were reported to have signed , then that was that . Sorry to see him go , he will no doubt take his backroom staff with him ,and in the summer . He will have the pick of our out of contract and loan players . So sad .

  15. Long time since I posted on this site, some may remember my e-mail relating to John McGinn back in August, it was widely discussed after appearing briefly on the Celtic Star. The rot set in after that debacle and the trust between Brendan and Lawwell has never recovered, in my opinion, the wrong party has left. It is time for major changes at Celtic before this megalomaniac destroys all the good that has been put in place.




  16. M/C @ 12.12



    You are having a laugh.


    And your analysis just shows how much of board groupie you are.



    We need a better manager and coach than NL.


    We need a better MF than CMcG and a 30 plus SB.



    BR owes us nothing.


    He came, he enthused, he filled the LL Upper.


    He won the local game and gave us some great memories.



    If he is being played for a fool by the suits and the CEO then he is quite right to leave.

  17. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Just received this line from Miss H #1…


    … Snakes don’t hiss, they say, “We’re here for 10 in a row.”


    She could always sum up in a sentence, what would take me ten pages.



  18. Timjim


    Gutted that it’s come to the parting of the ways like this, as for blame, what’s the point, the Pedro groupies won’t see past him and blame Brendan and the Brendan groupies will blame Pedro, when the truth will no doubt be somewhere in the middle.



  19. I know the supporters will all be split if Brendan leaves (which looks imminent).


    Brendan and Peter L will both be criticized. I am just in shock at how quickly everything has happened.



    If Brendan leaves today then I am afraid I will be disappointed with his decision to leave before the season’s end. He has given us supporters great times which we will always be remember but if leaves now then it leaves a sickening taste in the mouth.



    Brendan is a Celtic supporter. Even if obviously there are problems with BR/PL’s relationship surely they could have left to the end of the season.



    I am not thinking about a treble treble or 9 , 10 in a row.



    I am now worried about getting the league finished this season.



    As someone commented previously Brendan had a choice of treble treble potentially this season or going down to a second-rate EPL Club with a small chance of getting relegated this season.



    We are all Celtic supporters and not one of us would do what Brendan is/has done.



    I just hope the team can perform to their abilities over the next few weeks.



    Brendan could have done the right thing by the team/supporters but it appears he is just focused on what is good for him.



    Hail Hail !

  20. VFR;


    If I ever had the honour to manage the Club I love only death or wild horses could have dragged me away – not the offer of spending large to continue mediocrity in the EPL.


    Hear, hear!



    Baffling sense of betrayal inside now.

  21. Of course the timing is terrible.



    Players come and go, as do managers. I stopped being upset since my hero at the time, Kenny, left.



    As others have said, it’s time for Scott Brown and others to earn their corn this week (and beyond).



    If it’s Neil for the rest of the season, then he’s probably going to hit the ground running, better than anyone else we could bring in considering the timing.



    Longer term, I’d prefer a new face.

  22. Go tell the Spartim on

    BR leaving at this juncture leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, thats all i can bring myself to say. Good luck and we move on.



    We have many prevailing issues that wont be addressed anytime soon, gravy train keeps rolling on.



    Next managerial appointment will highlight the Boards ambition (which is nowhere near our own) or lack of.



    NFL is an easy choice, but i dont think its the right one, but if it is then we go with that and hopefully review it in the summer.



    If anyone can balls things up its Celtic, happens so many times it beggars belief that the same people still get to make the same decisions, but people can make their own minds up. Noone comes out of this smelling of roses thats the reality, sadly.

  23. Paul 67 says:



    ‘Celtic knew nothing of this before yesterday’.



    Paul you are either a liar, ill informed or are being lied to. Which is it I wonder?



    Predictable coverage

  24. VALE BHOY on 26TH FEBRUARY 2019 12:20 PM



    True but you seem to forget the cheating that went on with the refereeing fraternity. Dougie, Dougie etc.



    Ronny Deila should have won a treble but we were cheated by McLean, Muir et al at Hampden when Lee Griffiths header was slapped away without any penalty.



    It has been always thus. Huns then, Huns now, Huns forever.

  25. VFR



    ” I’m sure the “blame Pedro” bandwagon is gathering momentum; however, while I’m no great fan of Pedro as a CEO, I have met him on a few occasions and he truly is a dyed in the wool Celtic man.”



    Celtic supporter since he was a glint in his mothers eye, or just an amoeba like Brendan?

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