Betis, late nights and game time


Granada drew their first two league games of the season (away to 10 man Villarreal, home to Valencia) before losing by four to Rayo Vallecano, so I did not hold out much hope they would tax Real Betis last night.  Betis battered them, but it took 89 minutes of effort to score the winner.

The game finished around midnight local time, so even if Betis delayed their homeward journey until today, it would have been a late and exhausting night.  69 hours after full time, they kick off against Celtic.  I don’t expect to see hands on hips after 20 minutes, but any port in a storm……….

Betis have now played four competitive games this season, not a lot of game time.  Our fourth competitive game was Jablonec away on 5 August, we have played eight subsequently and have five rest days since what was a straightforward win over Ross County.

Celtic have never won a competitive fixture on Spanish soil (even if you include Gibraltar!), we should be in no doubt the odds we face, but if there is a good time to go to Spain, it is in the first group game.

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  1. The First Event had Easygroove & Grooverider absolutely owning the Place.



    Dave Angel was the very best on this occasion, IMHO.



    What do I know about Bangin’ Dance music?

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    The Huns will go tonto about three players being in red listed countries but 😂👍👏:



    A trio of Lyon stars have been granted a quarantine exemption by the Scottish Government and are free to face Rangers on Thursday.

  3. This site was and to an extent, still is, interesting and entertaining. But one thing it is not, is a microcosm of Celtic supporters’ views. Those contributors who imagine they posture on behalf of the masses are seriously deluded. Only when results are abysmal – like last season’s – does the support as a whole turn a jaundiced eye towards the ‘custodians’.


    One type of post makes me despair. It’s the ‘If and then’ essay. For example, ‘If Desmond did coerce Dom into drug trafficking then Dom was absolutely entitled to walk.’ A few will know the unvarnished truth about this episode. But not for one moment will that stop many on here presenting conjecture as fact..

  4. 4 minutes into stoppage time at 1-1 Linguard passes ball straight to Young Boys striker in box. United stuffed 1-2. Disastrous defending.

  5. excellent explanation from moravcik67, next years qualification routes.















    3. What does 11th get us for next season? Here’s where our 5 teams would start



    – SPFL winner – CL Playoff


    – 2nd – CL QR2 (non-league route)


    – Cup Winner – EL Playoff


    – 3rd – ECL QR3


    – 4th – ECL QR2



    But that might change, depending on who wins the CL/EL this season.



  6. Paul67



    “ a straight forward win over Ross County”



    Whit ?



    Despite having a budget multiple which is incalculable to the ordinary fan .



    We required a fluke to put us in front .


    A world class save to maintain our lead , 68 minutes into the match .



    Being cut wide open on the 3 occasions that RC actually attacked .



    We are in for a tough night in Seville.




  7. MM,



    your wrong again about Barrowfield development.



    2 seperate planning consent submissions for the dressing rooms, and the indoor pitch.


    first one approved, second one still pending.

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    And on FF calling the Scottish Government a bunch of nazi’s, yip you read that correctly😵



    Having a look at the English game before the main event. Wondered what Ryan Christie would turn up, after 10 minutes the headless chicken one!

  9. TinyTim,



    I think we will get a result over there.



    It’s a funny old game.



    Ange talks sense Always,



    Ta for showing me the mega Pool Table. Aidan turned 21 last Wednesday. He has the best Pool/Dining table possible due in a good few weeks.

  10. GINGERNUT on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2021 5:55 PM



    Ahh I get you.



    My problem is I like proof and if it was not for the person whose probity you question Res12 would have died in 2014 and 2016, or at least my part in it would because avenues to pursue it seemed to have come to an end.



    Why keep it going and indeed why even cast doubt in the first instance on responses from Celtic saying there was no locus to justify pursuit?



    However following the 2019 AGM there was no input until before the 2020 AGM, the result of which got Celtic to undertake to engage with SFA on the abandonment of their own judicial rules under Res11.



    You would be surprised at where the resistance or lack of support came from and I’ve often wondered why. I thought getting professional football governance from SFA is what every Celtic supporter would want and that was indicated to me by PL himself in May 2013. We need a Dougie Dougie moment. He was given it in Res12 of 2013 but Celtic said it was unnecessary at which point my probity meter started to ping.



    By 2018 it was playing a concerto as CSA, CST, CQN, Celtic Underground all fell by the way side just when evidence emerged that the basis on which the licence was awarded amounted to false pretence.



    The person whose probity you question delivered that evidence in shape of a lawyers letter by hand to the SFA in 2018 before their Judicial Panel Disciplinary Panel sat. Evidence that has never been admitted and coincidentally resulted in the SFA JPDT ceasing to investigate due to a clause in the 5WA, the one Celtic accepted in 2012 but never mentioned to the requistioners at any time.



    I’d be more concerned about our host here when it comes to probity.



    My involvement in Res12 preceded the creation of it by Canalamar who identified the role of the UEFA Club Financial Control Body but it began during the drafting stage to include the UEFA Licence 2011 issue as a point of locus which Celtic could not ignore.



    I can understand the conclusions some reach, but they are not fully informed because they were not involved and just like attributing meaning to Mckay’s departure , folk fill in the gaps with meanings of their own.



    In practical terms when a suspicion of probity arises the old saying give them enough rope etc justifies staying with it.



    PS The CST are now fully supportive having become more fully informed.

  11. ROCK TREE BHOY @ 7:07 PM,



    It was a while back, the movers and shakers in the Celtic support who were pushing for justice in the Old Rangers Case had to deal with a lot of prying, mud slinging and threats.



    Don’t think is was repeated here as a rule but there were a few shareholders who signed up to support the resolutioners that were unhappy with the direction of travel.



    They voiced their dissatisfaction.



    It seems to me someone wants to slur Auldheid by association… Pretty thin gruel dontcha think…



    Auldheid – don’t need to say but…






    Hail Hail

  12. tinytim



    Wouldn’t say “budget multiple incalculable to the ordinary fan”


    Take the Celtic turnover and divide it by the County turnover


    There’s your multiple. Of course if you are dealing with anything less than an ordinary fan…..


    That’s a whole different level of calculation

  13. Its dark and demented…. those followers of the dark side have no leg to stand on.



    West Side keeps Chanting “There is only 1 King Billy and thats McNeill.”



    There truly is.



    The Truth is the Truth.

  14. JACKIEMAC @ 8:19 PM,



    Interesting stuff, thanks for posting.



    Some progressive clubs in Scotland after all.



    Hail Hail



    Auldheid @ 4:16 pm




    Glad to see you hitting back at that slur, Auldheid.



    You can take pacifism too far, you know🤒




    My boss was based in London and I in Scotland. He asked me to be his man in Scotland having worked with me on an IT project.



    His reasons were.



    1. I made things happen.


    2. I had a way of letting people know I wasnt happy, but I think most of that must be visual. :)



    I’ve a good idea now where Ginger Nuts is coming from but on Res12 there was no evidence of lack of probity in pursuing that issue as I’ve just stated and if the intent was to kill Res12 it could have been murdered at birth.

  16. SAINT STIVS on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:28 PM


    so who is the probity in question ? come on guys, is it an open secret ?




    I think the question relates to matters outside Res12 and it would not be right or fair to go there.

  17. AULDHEID on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:32 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:28 PM





    so who is the probity in question ? come on guys, is it an open secret ?










    I think the question relates to matters outside Res12 and it would not be right or fair to go there.






    ok, will stop asking.

  18. Stx2 @ 7.45



    You are not very good at this / are you?



    It takes you 30 hours to come up with a set of excuses for PL’s serial failure.


    And your efforts open the can of worms of board laziness / mismanagement.



    The facilities block and the indoor pitch were announced in June 2019.


    They were announced together as a first phase of a Barrowfield development plan.



    Currently we now have the cheap and easy bit — changing rooms — approved.


    The more involved and expensive bit is now some way behind in the planning process.


    One question has to be why did we split Phase 1 up?


    Is the focus now on changing rooms with the indoor pitch secondary?



    And what about Phase 2 — what has happened to that.



    So thanks for firing up the link to Project Scotland …



    Where the monument to PL’s total lack of delivery — the hotel and museum — wastes away in cyberspace / from our active memory as the CP estate declines into antique status and the world passes us by as DD refuses to improve / upgrade the stadium.



    27 months on — half of half a job done on paper / not in build.


    And yet still they clap — you must be easily pleased?

  19. JACKIEMAC on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:19 PM





    ya fuggin woh?




    Interesting, welcome and understandable. The SPFL could start cleaning up the product they want to sell by removing the moral hazard debt and CL income dependency policy pursued by Rangers.

  20. you dont know what your talking about, again.



    leave the planning consents and approvals to the professionals.



    Rydens planners are good, projects will be spilt on timelines , ie what is needed first, a sequence of planning, so the thing that takes the longest to deliver wont hold up overall consent for the first easiest thing.



    what any of that has got to do with PL, DD, his sons, or Donald Trump is beyond me.

  21. Where the monument to PL’s total lack of delivery — the hotel and museum — wastes away in cyberspace / from our active memory as the CP estate declines into antique status and the world passes us by as DD refuses to improve / upgrade the stadium.






    you missed the pandemic didnt you ?



    there is nothing pending on celtic plc side.

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