Betis, late nights and game time


Granada drew their first two league games of the season (away to 10 man Villarreal, home to Valencia) before losing by four to Rayo Vallecano, so I did not hold out much hope they would tax Real Betis last night.  Betis battered them, but it took 89 minutes of effort to score the winner.

The game finished around midnight local time, so even if Betis delayed their homeward journey until today, it would have been a late and exhausting night.  69 hours after full time, they kick off against Celtic.  I don’t expect to see hands on hips after 20 minutes, but any port in a storm……….

Betis have now played four competitive games this season, not a lot of game time.  Our fourth competitive game was Jablonec away on 5 August, we have played eight subsequently and have five rest days since what was a straightforward win over Ross County.

Celtic have never won a competitive fixture on Spanish soil (even if you include Gibraltar!), we should be in no doubt the odds we face, but if there is a good time to go to Spain, it is in the first group game.

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  1. the FACT it is Rydens going for planning consent on Celtic PLC behalf says there are project plans, design and build , architects , allready in place. working on the programme to be delivered.

  2. LUCKY CODY on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2021 3:02 PM






    Paul 67 I am disappointed in the personal smear of Dom McKay without any details or substance. Of course he can’t defend himself.



    I get you are loyal to Lawwell and the incompetent board —- however no need for the character assassination. I suppose it shows how desperate they are when they put you up to this dirty game.





    How many people post on this blog?



    How many people read this blog?



    Do you know or do you have an idea?



    How much influence do you think PAUL has on the Celtic public at large?

  3. Stx2 @ 8.43



    All hail the go go world of property — no / not / never.


    A bunch of oversized egos in wellies trying to act out the captain of industry sketch.


    Not really cutting edge is it — where the outdoorsy / thick end of the middle class go for a job with a pension.



    Phase 1 / Easy bit — one storey modular building …


    At best a posh portacabin / at worst a series of static caravans stitched together.



    Phase 1 / Harder bit — the planning angle is still a work in progress 27 months after it was announced.


    We have seen PL do transfers / now we see PL do planning applications.


    Billy Smart could knock up one of these over the weekend.


    Surprised they are going with Spatial — Rudd too pricey?



    Phase 2 / Anything — all gone very quiet.



    Hotel / museum complex — 4 years after the announcement we are still waiting for some / any sign of progress.



    In contrast the SRU has revamped the M/Field hospitality spaces and built a secondary stadium next to the main one.



    That is what we need at CP — a guy with drive / determination / record of delivery.


    Not a second rate property bean counter like PL — a real go getter who plays / tells it straight …



    Ohhh — what do you mean we had him and let him go when he refused to wax DD’s moustache?


    One bullet — both feet and then a ricochet up his left nostril.


    DD should never have been left alone with the gun.

  4. Stx2 @ 8.46



    Museum / Hotel — you seem to have missed the Aug 2020 update.


    Haggling over the size and shape of the retail element — but still no physical progress.


    Four years and counting — not good.



    No matter your lack of engagement — the design is still an absolute shocker.


    The masterplan is poor but the hotel / museum design is crap on a stick.

  5. Quite pleased that Barca took a sore one at the dilapidated Nou Camp tonight. Allowed one player, even in his 30’s, to be bigger than the club itself.


    Will Pedro or Desmondo, at Real Madrid, save their old rival ?

  6. I think we’ll beat Betis and I think we’ll dominate and overwhelm them.


    Ajeti won’t play for the simple reason that a goalscorer who contributes nothing else away from home in Europe is a waste of a jersey.


    No more going to Paris and embarassing ourselves by playing out from the back please… Brendan was a complete failure in Europe ( don’t get me started with his shi#e signings) and hopefully we can rebuild the reputation that Rodgers trashed.


    As for DMcK’s largish mistake, it looks to me like it might be Odsonne and Leicester…Maybe cost us £5m and caused Ange a lot of angst.





    I have 3 football agent’s numbers in my phone and all agree that PL was the best transfer negotiater in Europe and was recognised as such. They also agree that with him gone, the SFA, refs, press and other clubs will try it on in any way possible.



    ” I work for billionaires when I can be bothered”



    The huns on here are running riot.

  7. Lax @ 10.19



    You are taking the Michael with your little piece of scuttlebutt …



    Mickey Mouse has a PL watch for crying out loud.


    Only 3 agents — sounds about right — they are the only ones PL could handle.

  8. 4411 play on the break on

    Not a hun before some of you start. HH 😁 💚


    Although given the evidence that real huns have compiled against Daily Record staff it kind of looks like the real huns are about to drain the DR swamp, or at least get it suspended from production whilst any pending investigation takes its course.


    Or maybe these real huns might carve themselves a tidy sum in compensation.


    Stranger than fiction I know but, one of the theories doing the rounds is that real huns have had the hump with the DR for a while or at least since DR declared itself on the side of those who want Scottish Independence.


    I didn’t know that as I don’t read the press anymore, or at least not since the disgraceful treatment of Neil Lennon about a decade ago after the face off with McCoist.


    A political row it seems is the main driver of this stand off, and folk close to the scene seem to think the real huns have enough ammunition to either demand a King’s ransom, or put DR out of business.




    I’ve tried to read as much of this site as possible as this one seemed to have its ear to the ground on a range of things, but I haven’t seen any mention of this item on here.


    We’ll see how it goes. Chill. 💚



    Just to clarify


    I am not bored by the Dom McKay story


    I am bored by what people are presenting as the Dom McKay story, without any evidence at all bu their prior convictions and beliefs to shore it up.






    Surely this applies to almost every ‘story’, rumour or tidbit that appears on here, cos this is how blogs go:



    Blogger flies an editorial kite with a sprinkling of facts and supposition.


    The fors and againsts dissect it with their preferred mixture of bias, conspiracies and spirited, baseless defences.


    The Lurkers (not the punk band necessarily) chip in the odd bits of textual hauners or trip-ups.


    Somebody posts an interesting pic or toon they love.


    Onlookers simply watch and make mental notes of those publishers who are good ghuys or w@nkas.


    Blogger flies a new one when the embers are dying.



    Me? I find it all gently enjoyable (except the political and personal attacks!) HH

  10. MM… Please tell us the billionaires you’ve chosen to work for?



    Big Peter, watch or not, was a dagger through the RFC heart. He laughed at them, he left them in his wake.


    Did he make mistakes? Yip.


    Did he take criticism for things that guys like you don’t really or quite understand? Yip.



    Mate, you’re blowing out your arse on here lately and the silent majority are laughing at you.


    Guys like DD and the typical small businessman ( like maybe me n P67 ) that you made an erse of trying to ridicule, don’t pay much attention to guys who say things like ‘dodery uncle’ and ‘twirly moustache’ when discussing genuine billionaires.



    Mad guy…. Ernie Lynch on here is a pain in the arse but he’s good at it and he’s Celtic daft.. You are shi#e at it and aren’t.

  11. prestonpans bhoys on

    4411 PLAY ON THE BREAK on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2021 11:04 PM


    Not a hun before some of you start. HH



    Thought you were a new poster, welcome but it has to be asked…….are you a Hun😂😂😂

  12. 4411 play on the break on

    LAXALT on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2021 10:19 PM



    The huns on here are running riot.




    Who are the huns on here so that I can make sure I’m careful and don’t get called one of them?




  13. 4411 play on the break on





    Hi there, no I’m not a hun. Thanks. 👍 😁

  14. 4411 PLAY ON THE BREAK on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2021 11:04 PM.



    Stranger than fiction I know but, one of the theories doing the rounds is that real huns have had the hump with the DR for a while or at least since DR declared itself on the side of those who want Scottish Independence.






    I have no wish to start a political chat as it bores others rigid, but I presume by the rest of your comment ‘DR’ is the Daily Record.



    Could you post links to anything from within that publication to confirm your position that it supports Scottish independence???

  15. I love Ernie Lynch being showered with praise,


    “Ernie Lynch is a pain in the are,but at least he is good at it”

  16. I think the worst thing about all the McKay sacking and subsequent stories about the fundamentals being fine are how wide of the mark those stories are. Before I start, those of you who don’t see my name and scroll past know that I’ve talked before about wanting us to modernise and improve in a number of areas.


    But while I want us to be the best we can be, and look to achieve even a little of what Ajax, Porto, Benfica, Salzburg, etc do, right now I’d be happy to simply punch our weight.


    Let’s look at it the way the Board (and some fans) seem to – we can’t compete with teams richer than us, so being just a bit better than “Them” is success right? So let’s compare over the past three seasons – I chose three seasons as it’s when Gerrard started for them and the season Rodgers left. Before then they weren’t a threat to us in the slightest as (1) they had their “journey” and (2) Rodgers had us flying (invincibles, back to back Champions League appearances, £100m income). How we compare:



    1) the league – 2-1 to us. Though over the three years they have been on the upward spiral and we’ve been on the way down. Ultimately, they’re champions off an unbeaten season (in the league anyway) having stopped the ten and currently top of the league. They’re also on a 6 game unbeaten run against us.


    2) Europe – this is where they trounce us. In the last three seasons we’ve failed in CL qualifiers against AEK, Cluj and Ferncvaros. Dropping to Europa League, we got back to back round of 32 defeats (Zenit and Valencia) before a rock bottom group stage last season (including two 4-1 hammerings by Sparta Prague). They finished third in their EL group before achieving consecutive last 16 spots over the last two years. We’ve dropped from 46th in the UEFA club coefficient table to 50th. They’ve gone from 94th to 43rd in the same period, overhauling us in the process.


    3) Spending – in the three years in question (excluding summer just gone – I’ll get to that in a second) they’ve built a team for c£30m. We, on the other hand, spent £35m and ended up needing to do a complete (and unfinished) rebuild this summer.



    We haven’t just fallen behind progressive clubs in Europe, we’ve fallen behind our main domestic rivals who, for all their faults, at least had a plan – bring in a manager (or at least a management team) with a defined system and support network (they apparently use much of the same sports science “stuff” as Liverpool – though some of it may be a bit dodgy – and have a full-time club doctor), and bought players to fit the system and win games (rather than because they are represented by a mate who is an agent or may be an unpolished gem). They only made £5m in sales in that time (we made around £50m) but equally they haven’t had to do a massive rebuild this summer.



    So they’ve spent less than us but still overhauled us domestically and in Europe while we had a rebuild to do. Alongside defeats to Cluj, Ferencvaros, AEK Athens, Copenhagen, Sparta Prague, and Midtylland it’s clear that not only can we not compete with clubs richer than us but we struggle against those poorer than we are too! We’re massively underachieving and have work to do to simply “punch our weight”.

  17. quadrophenian @ 11:05 pm



    I have little problem with people presenting opinions and speculations but not so much when they draw conclusions from kites they are flying. In any information system, GIGO applies. If you put garbage info in you’ll get garbage conclusions.



    I don’t know those characters at the heart of Celtic commercial operations but I know that some on here have had dealings with them and that increases the reliability of their information but still begs the question of whether their like or dislike, arising from their interactions, colours the views that they propound for or against those characters.



    There are stories that you can tell staright away are BS, like the one about Ibrox stealing water supply from an RC church but they got traction on some sites and that diminishes us all when we lose our scepticism for an obvious fairy story.



    Today, for example, JHB was peddling the view that Dom was responsible for the Eddie Howe fiasco, when any informed Celtic fan knows that the timeline could never support that.



    Our newest arrival is trying to sell us the line that the Daily Record supports Independence for Scotland and that’s why the Ibrox Bears are against it.



    It is patent trolling BS and whilst harmless tittle tattle might amuse, once your site gets the reputation for being gullible and having no filters, it loses whaatever little credibility it has earned over time.



    This site came very close to imploding during the Independence referendum. It fractured into factions and seperate sites because the Celtic Board reps obviously lied over their knowledge of and attitudes towards Res 12 and the Continuity Myth.



    The site came into being because of lazy thinking within the support about some mythical kick on that we should have achieved post-Seville. I don’t want it to become a haven for petty feuds, insults and feculations (sic).



    I don’t mind a bit of harmless stupid banter but, compared to the scenarios some are presenting as fact, my totally made up psih about Dom dissing golf to Dermot’s face, is beginning to look like Research based hard science.

  18. prestonpans bhoys on

    LAXALT on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2021 11:35 PM


    Prestonpanbhoy… OK… Cheers for that.



    My comment was on the general posting today, chill 😵

  19. I’d also love to know what the largish mistake was. Must be a whopper to warrant sacking when in just the last 9 months we’ve seen a fruitless pursuit of Eddie Howe for far longer than it should have gone on leading to a scramble to bring in Ange (the fact we seem to have stumbled onto a good outcome shouldn’t detract from the shambles this was).


    And I can’t think of anything that would top signing off on a jolly to Dubai at the height of a pandemic, allowing the manager and captain to be pictured having pints, flying a crocked player there to go to a nightclub where he contracts COVID and leads to the guts of the team having to isolate, and then having our CEO apologise for poor judgement followed by the manager a few days later rescinding that apology!


    McKay’s mistake must be good to top that!

  20. SFTB


    Wait! Are you saying that Dom did NOT tell Desmond that the gowf was only played by fuds?


    I am shocked, shocked I tell you! As this was from your good self, I naturally assumed it was the gospel truth. Your street cred just took a wee hit.😊

  21. SFTB – hear ya.


    The challenge for any ‘free’ media forum that allows contributors to mask their name and agenda is that there’s little onus or responsibility on patrons to play fair and square, and it would entail too much work for Paul’s moderators to do in vetting all content (it would change the user-driven character of the gaff anyway).



    The ship has sailed on me putting faith in the crapola I read on fitba blogs far less on mainstream sports meeja supposedly staffed by ethical publishers and capable journos. Taken for what it is, it’s a virtual version of the chat in pubs and the walk up to the ground on a game day (which I can’t get given my geographic disadvantage)


    That’s not to say there’s not a few nuggets of poss gold among the acres of keech, and those are the bits I look for (like SPIDEY101’s take/conclusions at 11.59). I think I have a decent antenna for the huns, provocateurs, sad sacks and trolls on here and, as Dionne Warwick and The Stranglers reminded me, I just ‘Walk On By”.


    That there’s a developing pernicious presence across many Celtic/fitba blogs cannot be denied and when it gets too much, I stay away for a few days – but generally my interest in the banter brings me back round.



    Mibby CQN was an antidote to ‘lazy journalism’ back in the day. I don’t think it universally holds up that ethos anymore and likely for a multitude of reasons.



    Take what you like and leave what you don’t is a useful motto for me when visiting this virtual green place.



  22. Settled into our Hotel in a rain soaked Seville.



    Just about to nod off , only to be disturbed by raucous , drunken Tims .



    Mrs TT laughing her head off .



    Following the Celtic all over the world.

  23. Good morning cqn from a dark but mild Garngad



    Spidey 101 – 2 Great posts sir.



    Whar a shambles of a board we have, every single 1 should be sacked.



    As long as they are all in that board room we will stumble along.



    D :)

  24. Just dropped the offspring at Edinburgh airport on his way to Sevilla. He’s sitting next to BBJ who’d chosen Edinburgh to avoid the punters, the plane’s picking up at Glasgow now so nae respite for BBJ 😀 ☘️

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