Better for both parties that Lustig moved on


Modest understatement: we got our money’s worth for the wages paid to Mikael Lustig, who confirmed last night he had left Celtic.  He joined from Rosenborg in January 2012 on a free transfer and leaves on a free, winning all eight league titles, four Scottish Cups and four League Cups in the intervening period, becoming one of our most decorated players in the process.

In 2013, Mikael had surgery to shave bone from both hips.  It is remarkable that his career at the top lasted this long, but, perhaps as a consequence of changes to his physical mechanics, he has suffered regular injuries since.  At 32, so the story is not over, there will be a place in the game for him, just not at the level Celtic aspire to.

Football clubs have a tendency to keep favourite players beyond their peak years, when they are running as much on reputation as ability.  Had Mikael stayed, it would be either for this reason, or because we were not going to recruit a replacement.  It is better for both parties that they moved on.

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  1. Maybe Turnbull will sign for us, maybe not. We’ll see. Not bothered one way or the other. Young players are so up and down and we already have quite a few, I would be amazed if he had an ongoing impact for at least a couple of years. It would be good to sign a couple of players we can believe will have an impact immediately, though, as we know with the likes of Marvin, that not without its risks.

  2. Good morning, friends from a dry, bright, broken clouded East KIlbride. Of course the more important weather report this morning would be from the vicinity of Aberdour so I’m sure there’s a lurker out there who could oblige…;-)

  3. PICINISCO on 21ST JUNE 2019 7:08 AM



    Having just said that about youn players above, I had a look at Brian McClair’s stats and age when he signed for us from Motherwell: 40 games, 15 goals, aged 19/20. Not so different, I suppose, though, 20 year olds seemed to be much maturer in those days!

  4. On the back of Turnbull about turn I hear:


    Lennon away to talk with Harper at West Brom. They’ve also offered Burke for £8million.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  5. Looking like a fair sunny day in Aberdour for the Golf, good luck to all., enjoy your day.


    As for the 19th Holers aka Lennybhoy, Old Tim, B.Tim and Friesdorfer I know you guys will enjoy your day/night




  6. pintaguinness on

    I live in Dunfermline



    Clear blue sky and sun is beaming down



    The Kingdom awaits




  7. Harper may be a good prospect but with Turnbull seemingly back on, not sure our priority is another midfielder.


    Calmac, Christie, Rogic, Broony, Biton, Kouassi & Henderson, must be assuming Ntcham is off.



    Any 3 from 9!



    I hope we can politely decline WBA’s kind offer re Burke.

  8. I do agree that our midfield is not priority in terms of numbers but in terms of reality it does need changes.


    For me it was only functioning quickly ,sharply and balanced around November when Ryan Christie and Cal Mac played together.


    If this young lad is now signing from Motherwell then I see it as positive news.


    Scott Brown is not the problem as he is a fantastic player still.However I really would like to see him play around half of the games he has been playing .


    If this new short term head of transfers bloke comes in for the summer and brings in some good players I really don’t care if he is on a long term contract or not.


    Finnally I would for sure take Oliver Burke at around £8 million.I certainly see him as a useful outlet but not worth £12-15 .

  9. Lazydynamite



    I agree our midfield needs freshened up



    And would also probably take burke for 8mill, but no more.




  10. traditionalist88 on

    Great to get Turnbull in, his agent may be a client down pretty soon!



    Wouldnt be signing Burke though, technically very average. Would prefer a bit more of a creative, skilfull type or an actual target man that is going to rattle a few headers in. Burke is neither, and most certainly is not a winger. Really not sure what we’d be paying for.







    I agree with the best part of your post. If we are going to move forward and evolve as a football team, there needs to be much more scope this season for a midfield without S.Brown in it.



    However, got to disagree with you on Burke. 8 million is a substantial amount of money by our standards. He’s not for me. Maybe if available for 2.5 mil, his speed might come in useful. But his overall game and general play is severely lacking.

  12. Go tell the Spartim on

    Trad 88



    I’m with you with passing on Burke, didn’t look like Lenny fancied him much anyway



    Hopefully the start of something good, transfer wise

  13. Hearing that Norwich were going to put DT out on loan…..allegedly.


    Good to see the bhoy seeing sense.

  14. No to Burke. After a bright start, he did nothing to impress – woeful at taking chances.


    8 million gets a forward that can score goals – not another winger to warm the bench.

  15. I wonder what Jock would be thinking these days” The Celtic jersey doesn’t shrink etc etc ”



    I hope David Turnbull is very, very good and hits the park running, because his agent and the boy himself has created sooooooo much unnecessary pressure.




  16. Garngad to Croy on

    This Turnball debacle is turning into a bit of a Soap !



    Will Turnball sign for Celtic ? Will Turnball sign for Norwich ? Will Turnball stay at Motherwell ? Will anybody care ? These questions – and many others- will be answered in the next episode of……Celtic ! ♬ Dit didit ♬ didit didit ♬

  17. traditionalist88 on

    GO TELL THE SPARTIM on 21ST JUNE 2019 8:58 AM



    Yeah hopefully the start of a good window – I know Lenny and Kennedy were talking about how much work is going on behind the scenes and not to panic but we have competitve football in a couple of weeks, so there is understandable concern around a couple of positions in particular.



    Getting a guy like Turnbull in is a very good start, can never have too many goal threats around,




  18. Of course like many of you I too have doubts about Burke.


    I just think that there is enough there to warrant an £8million fee.He is likely to improve big style after spending a couple of years with us and getting regular caps for his country.Might even feature for Scotland at the next major championship….there is a chance .


    Celtic would only pay big money for him if they thought they could make him better and have an increased asset.


    So if Celtic buy him I will support that.If they don’t I will support that too.


    The coaching staff at Celtic will know what they have on their hands with the lad after seeing him for 6 months.

  19. I think BR was right to move Olly Burke up front. Suits his game better. Gives him more opportunities to get in behind as striker.



    I’ll believe the Turnbull deal when I see him in the horrible new Celtic jersey!



    Stories that Lustig was asking for a 3 year deal… I can only assume this was a negotiation tactic to settle on 2 years. Either way I wouldn’t have offered more than a year. It’s for the best.

  20. I thought Burke (duh) played best under BR, seemed to have lost confidence once he left

  21. quadrophenian on

    The Celtic squirrel season seems entertaining, confusing, predictable and, alas, not quite inspirational.



    But how many fellow bhoys/ghirls would have approved if we’d appointed a two-handed management team of an ex-Juve, Chelski and Italian national coach twinned with fellow Tally and ex-Celt Massimo Donati? I would.



    And a seasonal triallist for a Director of Footbal role – we appear so far behind the eight-in-a-row ball it’s painful. Are we leasing his contacts book or diplomatic skills? HH

  22. Burke wouldn’t get into our starting 11, would be crazy to pay anything over a couple of mill for him.

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