Better Leipzig teams have lost twice in Glasgow recently


Leipzig dominated their Bundesliga meeting away to Mainz on Saturday but relied on a late equaliser from Nkunku to salvage a point.  The result saw both clubs move onto 12 points and earned Mainz only their second point in four games.

Not that the result will concern Leipzig.  They made seven changes from the team that faced Celtic on Wednesday, although one of them was keeper Gulacsi, who was injured in the Champions League clash.  It is probably clear to Marco Rose that his side will finish well short of the European spots this season and despite an awful start to the campaign, they are comfortably out of relegation danger.

This put an undue focus on prospects in cup football, which this week means there is nothing more important to Leipzig than their trip to Glasgow.

Competitive wins against German opposition have been rare: just 4 in 25 outings.  The most recent, a 2-1 over Leipzig in 2018 that was enough to see us finish above them in our Europa League group.  Both sides will know, a better Leipzig team than the one travelling today lost at Celtic Park, and elsewhere in Glasgow, recently.

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  1. Really came on to ask if anyone else is totally confused about what is or what is not a foul these days. I am not talking about the decisions made against us by MIBs, but in the game internationally. I watched many of the European games and yesterday’s Arsenal v Liverpool and I am totally confused about the rule these days. Are we all in the same boat?

  2. CONNAIRE12 on 10TH OCTOBER 2022 12:08 PM



    EPL referees have been directed to be more lenient this season, in order to let the games flow more. In European games the same standards don’t apply.

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  4. EPL use of VAR — open to far too much interpretation.


    L/pool should have had a penalty — volleyball on show bu play waved on.



    Not a good omen for SPL use.

  5. RBL are there for the taking.


    Not sure we have the desire / belief though to make it happen.



    The MF needs more work — Saturday’s shape did not work.


    MO’R is too young / callow / limited to play pivot / DM.



    OA needs time on the park to sharpen up his game.

  6. SH played well on Saturday.


    Unfortunately not sure what his position actually was.


    Worth more time on the park.



    AM @ 96 minutes — not so sure.


    Poor pass into the middle of the pitch was not what we needed after the 5 minutes we had just been through.

  7. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “It is probably clear to Marco Rose that his side will finish well short of the European spots this season”




    A whole two points off Europe with only 25 games remaining. Absolute mountain to climb!


    I’d also dispute that they are weaker than last season. Werner and Schlager in. Did they lose any of their big players?

  8. More economic mentalness.



    Will they never learn — muppets with maths degrees building ever more complex bookies lines / derivatives which they eventually not fully understand to try and chisel out a second income stream from holding bonds.



    I’m sure the usual suspects will be on very shortly to pin the blame on GB.


    Not good.

  9. JPNF — very poor over the past week / 10 days.


    Hopefully he gets some rest and comes back with more drive / belief / vigour.




    Huge talent that needs more work.

  10. When is Harry the Spider’s coming out party?


    Asking for a friend — hopefully very busy that day.

  11. ST STIVS@ 12-54 thats good news, because if he was going to west brom he would have left the M6 at junction 8 then went onto the M5 and came off at the first junction,thank feck for that🙏

  12. Tom



    Im sure Robert Plant is from there, but yes Sabbath would have been a better one.


    I was going to give Frank Skinner and Adrian Chiles a mention but thought that was going too far

  13. Thanks lhads for replies. To answer the question about what I mean specifically, I saw a shocking foul in the Arsenal game but that know all English ref waved play on. I know the powers that be wish the game to flow but if the opposition foul and get possession of the ball how is that fair and according to the laws of the game? Maybe I am getting too old for all this. Hope the ref. tomorrow evening is a just person.

  14. V A R


    Problem as I see it with this, is that it will still be officiated by the Lanarkshire ludge lot, so I don’t think it will favour us in any way



  15. Haksa can fill in for Jota.Would have said Abada on the right,but after Saturdays shocking exhibition of scoring,or non scoring,I should say,not so sure


    Big team selection for Ange.

  16. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from Shawlands. Awaiting the arrival of BelmontBrian, The Drummer and Brian McLaughlin. Hope they have plenty cash cos I’m skint. 😉

  17. There’s always a chance Paul. If the players can give on Tuesday what Frank McGarvey always gave in a Celtic top then there can be no complaints. Gutted to hear Frank is having to fight cancer, may he find strength in these challenging times.

  18. Absolutely no reason a VAR official in Paris,London,Munich cant do Scottish games ,and viice versa with the Lanarkshire Klan,takes the bias and cheating out of every league.

  19. bournesouprecipe on

    I’m Callum, – so thought Reo,



    Two keepers, two rights backs, two left backs, four centre backs, nine or ten midfielders, and at least six forwards. Never seen that at Celtic especially when they all pass the Bertie Auld “ But can they play? “ – litmus test,



    The locus is on Leipzig and the Celtic extra man is home from the Ormond Stand. Willie the man that failed to play ‘the greatest Celt ever’ endorsed by Henrik the other greatest Celt ever was mibbees turning in his grave when Celtic’s second coming, a Giorgios Giakoumakis caused Celtic ecstasy in Perth.



    We been outclassed in better places, by better teams than Leipzig the Celtic support have seen it all, Milan, Barcelona, Real Madrid outclassed for fun, but all suffered at miracle club FC. All the young dudes, will see a Celtic nearly all born outside the Parkhead 30, 50 or 100 mile radius. We could be in for a night of it, with at least sixty of our thousands singing the news.

  20. Garngad to Croy on

    From my perspective, Var in Scotland just means we pay 2 or 3 more referees to cheat Celtic.

  21. Liepzig were the team to get out of pot two. We should be aiming for a win tomorrow, the last time we got a group like this was ten years ago and we made the last 16.

  22. Bournesouprecipe



    The Ormond Stand is also in the shade for the full 96 minutes.



    I hope you are right re the 60,000 knowing how to get behind our team and make it tough for them from the start.



    We can all see the team needs the lift through this wee turbulent time. No turning up in expectation. Turning up to play a part. Turning up with hope I’m our heart.



    Hopefully their experience at Parkhead can be as uncomfortable as that which they enjoyed at Ibrox a few months ago.

  23. GARNGAD TO CROY was always interested in your blog name, my father was from croy ,the prefabs then barbegs crecsent

  24. BP1 @ 3.30



    Interested spectator from the free North ..



    The Holy City had / has prefabs — where were they situated?


    Coronation Row was about my limit regarding property.

  25. Bournesouprecipe



    There are many great ormond stories.



    Not the brightest but did a job for the bowling club committee running our game back then.



    One which always makes me laugh was his final words before playing Czech Republic when he told the team to ‘go out there and run like pigs’ ???

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