Beware snooping TV mics


Offensive, insulting and abusive language is not condoned on CQN nor anywhere else but if you’re mumbling to this effect while typing more prosaic comments we don’t have a problem. If, by some clever use of technology, I discretely caught you on mic while recording a feature for CQN and broadcast your words it would be my fault, not yours.

If Neil Lennon addressed insulting or abusive language at an official or opponent then he should be correctly disciplined, but if, as reported, television microphones picked up randomly comments there is no case to answer.

We’re getting back to the days when directional radio mics were used to pick up sound from Celtic fans getting off buses outside Falkirk Stadium in 2009. This one feels opportunistic and is not balanced by audio from other technical areas under scrutiny. If this is how the SFA want to control technical areas, they should issue advice to this effect and introduce appropriate measures, not attempt to discipline Neil Lennon without precedent.
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  1. leftclicktic on

    Ten Men Won The League 15:01


    You would never get that gig if you were a”good guy”.


    You have to wait your turn on the goat for jobs like that.

  2. Cholleagues



    Whilst the SFA charge is over the top political correcteness, does anyone agree that our Manager shouldn’t be routinely effin and blinding like a trouper on the touchline? Should not a top manager be able to engender respect from his players via his own gravitas and expertise?? Just sayin…

  3. Anyone managing the team would be using the type of language used by Neil on saturday watching that game.


    I think the players need to hear it more often. We need a leader on the pitch to give them a boot up the erse!


    Pity the microphone right at our manager wasn’t there the night Swally whispered something in his ear!




  4. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Dexter 15:10 on 3 April, 2013



    It has nothing to do with ‘polital correctness’.



    Do you really think Neil Lennon is the only manager who swears during a football match?



    This is the SFA being petty – nothing more than that.

  5. Would the FA be brave enough to put a microphone on Swalex Ferguson?


    No chance. The language used by him would be way too industrial for their liking. They are afraid of Swalex though.


    The SFA are attacking Celtic from every angle and we are not even intelligent enough to have a go back at them.


    Menwhile Ra peepul do what they want and get away with anything they fancy. No wonder people are losing interest.


    Celtic – Please stand up and fight for yourself! This is what the Celtic supporters expect when we are being victimised by the SFA.




  6. The reason for the charge is bogus. They cannot charge him with what they want to charge him with, his comments about the referees appalling display and the general poor standard or refereeing in this country, because they would look incredibly foolish trying to defend the indefensible.

  7. Copied from twitter



    @ScottishFA .. You allow a sponsor to use the word”fanny” in an advertisement. But Lenny can’t use the same word???




  8. Paul67



    Without being pedantic it was in fact only one bus which, clearly running late, dropped the occupants right beside the turnstiles.






    I have a problem with DMs on Twitter hence everything was joined with no spaces so I’m sorry about the incoherent babble ;-)

  9. Neil will be punished for uttering a few swear words.



    Meanwhile, at the SFA, we have officials who condoned and concealed the misdeeds of RFC and took advantage of EBTs. They then ripped up the rule book to preserve their favourite team and pretended that they are the same club even after liquidation.


    These people still sit in their offices as if nothing happened.



    Then we have the people who deliberately withheld tax and told creditors to go take a run and jump. Who was ever punished for any of this?



    Now, if only they had sworn a little!

  10. kayal33



    That’s what I was alluding to earlier, they can’t charge him with being honest and truthful, so “let’s get him for something else”.



    “Hey Vinnie, Ah heard that Lennon wan swearing during the gemme, can we no’ do him for that, cos let’s face it, we’re gonny look stupid trying to do him when he’s right!”




  11. Quite simply they want to charge Neil with the crime of being an uppity Tim.One who does not know his place.So a trumped up charge is concocted on the basis of mics being strategically placed.


    Did Danny Lennon not swear Sunday , does FPLG not swear or no other manager in the league?


    I look forward to all managers being secretly recorded and then charged.



    Simply, they are all hurting Huns , just doing what the Hun does!

  12. ntassoolla



    15:13 on


    3 April, 2013


    The SFA have the same right to monitor people in their workplace as anyone else.


    Expert legal opinion says none.




    Managers are not employed by the SFA, nor the technical areas owned by the SFA. Its an SPL game, So its not an SFA workplace except for the SFA officials.

  13. obonfanti1888 on

    This latest SFA farce sums up the utter stupidity of those running the game up here. Clueless.





    If someone told me I couldnae use industrial-and universally widespread-language at a football match,guess what my reply would be?



    Were the St Mirren bench offended?



    Swallex is the most respected manager in the game-guess what his repertoire consists of?



    Regularly as bad as this one……..




  15. Vincent Lunny could be one very busy man if this is the way forward, the apparent change (and it is a change as over the years weve all seen heard and laughed at most managers losing the plot verbally and physically) cannot stop at the touch line but must also be introduced onto the actual field of play. I find it interesting that NFL has been cited for the alleged touch line comments yet no one from the SFA has challenged (yet) his comments as regards Mr Maddens performance. Maybe I’m just being cynical tho.

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  17. MooooonTheHoops on

    I think it would be different if he was shouting at his own players, however, I clearly heard him shouting at the St Mirren captain, Jim Goodwin on the TV coverage, “Hey f*%@in’ Goodwin, think yer a big f*%@in’ hard man” at the edge of his technical area after Goodwin had clouted some else (again) during the second half.


    That’s probably what it’s about.

  18. Sorry but I’ve been keeping myself busy for a while. I take it Lenny has been called up for his language towards a St Mirren player on Sunday?

  19. HT


    Apparently so,


    Jim Goodwin was so offended all his hair fell out on the spot.


    After he p***** himself laughing.


    Load of nonsense.

  20. As one of our more prominent posters is known to say.



    “You can’t beat city hall.”



    The last few months have been a constant reminder that we are here to play second fiddle to Sevco.



    Lenny and Celtic will be taken to task at every opportunity.



    Revenge will be doled out for Dallas,etc,



    We won some small battles , but they are our to control and win the longer war.



    We must get out of Scotland.




  21. On the TV – a Northern Irish accent was heard to say, quite distinctly – Well done Jim, think you’re a hard man uh? Yir a fanny. A XXXXin’ fanny.



    In the space of this quick sentence the camera focussed on Jim Goodwin.



    People have since filled in their own blanks…




  22. Paul67etal.



    St Mirren must have condoned the use of microphones inside their Stadium,so they must be complicit in catching our manager using profane language.



    Where did they get the recording of the profane language,from the T/V company that was filming the coverage of the game,so they must also be complicit.



    Stop using their Media.

  23. Bhoys, looking for a bit of legal advice. Can the CID force someone into making a witness statement?


    My mother in laws neighbour got a serious doin the other night ( not really a disaster to society) and another neighbour got the mother in law to phone the police. But because she phoned them they are adamant that she has to make a statement. They said they could force her to make one. I don’t see how.

  24. Have Rangers paid LNS’s £250k fine yet?


    What about the £500k court costs?


    What about Craig Whyte’s £200K fine?




    Aw, it doesn’t matter…Lenny’s swearing fine will come in handy.

  25. hendrix67 @15:27.



    My point is that no-one, has the right to use (electronic) surveillance anywhere (except with court permission).


    Information gathered in such a way is inadmissible as evidence. Releasing such information is a breach of privacy.



    If such surveillance were legal and admissible CQN would be a much quieter place during office hours.



    Celtic have to come out fighting.

  26. No hendrix67. She does not have to say anything.



    The police are just trying to secure a witness. A very credible one by the sounds of it. They would then use this to pressure the accused. Why they are being so heavy handed I do not know.



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