Bigger questions loom than reconstruction


We now know that Craig Whyte met Neil Doncaster and Ralph Topping, directors of the SPL, in London in October 2011 and informed them of the likelihood that Rangers would go into liquidation.  Whyte’s plan, to start a Newco and have it parachuted into top flight football was only taken seriously as a result of these three having a head start on everyone else and doing some preparatory work.

Charles Green has no such plans.  If he loses Ibrox, becomes embroiled in IPO-related troubles or fails to bridge the gap between money-in and money-out, an unplanned liquidation could follow with a potentially protracted period where physical assets are moribund and playing assets and other staff are released.

The SPL and SFL would do well to consider ‘what next?’ when they hold separate meetings next week.  The century-old ways are gone, things will never be the same again.

I’m really pleased the aforementioned Charlie issued an apology for his offending comments, even if he did so under duress from the SFA.  This kind of rhetoric has taken control within football in some European countries.  Once the door is open it is hard to close it again.
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  1. charles kickham on

    excuse my ignorance – but if people are selling shares in that mob – who is buying them – someone has to be ?

  2. I’m Neil Lennon (tamrabam)


    13:58 on


    11 April, 2013



    I’m not sure what you mean. The brokers buy them in order to facilitate the market, otherwise they’d be unsaleable. The last time I did a check there was about 9 shares being sold for every 1 that was bought.



    If it wasn’t for the market makers keeping the price artificially high, the SP would have gone through the floor weeks ago.

  3. James Forrest is Neil Lennon! We are ALL Neil Lennon! on




    Just a repost from yesterday for the guys who missed it. I popped it on quite late.



    On the bigger goings on …



    It seems clear to me, based on the article above on the Charities investigation, as well as on Paul McConville’s blog of today, that serious criminal behaviour has gone on all the way through this series of events.



    I can’t see how this ends without, at best (or worst), administration, with liquidation a very distinct and grave possibility. That will be the least of some people’s worries, as I can’t see how it ends without people going to jail too.



    These are serious, serious matters, and merely the ones we know about.



    What the Hell has happened behind the scenes which has yet to come to light?



    This ain’t even started yet.

  4. Tasteless as Green’s ‘Paki’ remarks may be, they should not be allowed to be a smokescreen for the main issues.



    Not least of these being the conducting of oldco’s administration by Duff and Phelps which preference to the survival of the of the company over the interests of the creditors.

  5. Googybhoy @ 13:13



    How do I get cappuccino stains out of my denims after ..



    English FA have ratified use of goal line technology. Hawk eye to be used.



    SFA are to use their own system. Och Aye .



    Just cleaned them after Che’s comment yesterday about “Pep McCoist” !

  6. Wonder if anyone at D&P slept well last night especially Mr Grier is it


    Graigys pal

  7. jhj – that’s a fantastic article by Angela Haggerty.



    Long overdue it must be said but kudos to her for finally stating facts as opposed to most of her colleagues who deal in moonbeams!

  8. Have you noticed that sevco’s head of communications has been very quiet recently (very unlike him)?



    I would guess in this scenario for a guy like him saying nothing seems to say a lot

  9. Given that moonbeams sold the huns to craigy for the princely sum of one pound would it have been better for mr whyte if he had invested in a pair of sports socks, sports socks, two furra poun, two furra poun ! ;)) ooooffffftttttt ! ps How easy is it to spot a servconian these days lol! !!!

  10. ToffeeTim



    Would the sports socks have given Craigy bhoy anything like the (love him, hate him, love him, hate him) roller-coaster ride that he bought for the pound he handed over to Murray?



    Would the sports socks have won him a place on the Four Horsemen banner?



    Would the socks have inspired the ‘Pass the Craigy’?



    No they would not.

  11. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on



    13:50 on


    11 April, 2013


    Rangers are DEAD!! – 3rd Division is the first won by SEVCO in their history. Get used to it- UEFA state Rangers last game was played on 13 May 2012. All their decent supporters should be grateful to give up a past which is the only Scottish club to have a sectarian employment policy.



    Sadly, for every “decent” Rangers supporter ,there are hundreds who are proud of their sectarian employment and would have it back if they could.

  12. Hultlybhoy86



    She wrote it months ago, I only found it last night.



    Google her name as I cannot acces the webpage at work to pass on the link. She helped Phil write his book.

  13. embramike



    14:11 on


    11 April, 2013


    Googybhoy @ 13:13



    How do I get cappuccino stains out of my denims after ..



    English FA have ratified use of goal line technology. Hawk eye to be used.



    SFA are to use their own system. Och Aye .



    Just cleaned them after Che’s comment yesterday about “Pep McCoist” !






    Special one for any disputed Celtic goals called “Nae Goal”

  14. Uefa announce 10 match ban for any player guilty of racist offences.


    Does that include chairmen?

  15. Dead and Loving it on

    Was wondering if anybody could tell me if the £800m redevelopment of ibrox park and the surrounding area is ready to go ahead?

  16. West Wales Celt on

    Quono, 14:09;


    Couldn’t agree more.


    The dereliction of their primary duty as liquidators was appalling.


    The way they were able to focus entirely on the objective of saving the club so brazenly with endorsement from the footballing establishment and the MSM was scandalous…

  17. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    SHAME on the SFA for allowing this disgusting tribute act into Scottish football. They both deserve everything that is (hopefully) coming.

  18. When Stuart Cosgrove said “the Charlotte 18 account may be at the root of a very major scandal in Scottish Football, if not Scottish society.” live on BBC radio many people wondered what he was on about.



    The Charlotte 18 account is apparently a directorless company in the British Virgin Islands in which eighteen prominent members of the Scottish business establishment have money lodged to avoid scrutiny. The Charlotte is thought to refer to Charlotte Square in Edinburgh, home to many big hitters on the business/banking/investment scene.



    Let us see if we can guess who the eighteen are.



    I will start the ball rolling with a safe guess, you can add your speculative choices till we reach 18.



    1/ Gavin George Masterton.

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    googybhoy ♥ celtic



    13:15 on 11 April, 2013English FA have ratified use of goal line technology. Hawk eye to be used.SFA are to use their own system.Och Aye .The All Seeing Eye.

  20. From UEFA web site. 11th April 2013



    Info regarding Rangers FC. Kindly refer to date Rangers FC played their last game of football. – Almost 1 year ago.





    Rangers FC Scotland .ProfileDomesticUEFA Champions LeagueUEFA Europa League.» Last match13/05/2012 (Scottish Premier League)v St Johnstone (A) 0-4

  21. Big Nan



    Why do you think everybody and their dug is try to sweep the Rangers Fiasco under the carpet and “move on” or “draw a line under it”



    When this sucker comes down a lot of people are going get their collars felt..



    So if Davy knew then Wally knew and if Wally knew then Souey knew etc etc..

  22. Any news when work on the retractable roof on Ibrox due to start along with the Casino. I reckon thats what the 3pm bulletin is all about.

  23. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    Spoke to a few people this afternoon, the h*ns are well aware of the rumours regarding big news today. Lets hope all is true.

  24. the gers fans will be in a pickle, when admin hits do they


    1) claim they are a new club therefore 10 point deduction or


    2) maintain the myth of same club and take the punishment of the new rules introduced last year which is a 1/3 of their previous seasons poins total which equals to excess of 20 points – finish 2nd in div 3, no promotion, ha ha.

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