Bigger questions loom than reconstruction


We now know that Craig Whyte met Neil Doncaster and Ralph Topping, directors of the SPL, in London in October 2011 and informed them of the likelihood that Rangers would go into liquidation.  Whyte’s plan, to start a Newco and have it parachuted into top flight football was only taken seriously as a result of these three having a head start on everyone else and doing some preparatory work.

Charles Green has no such plans.  If he loses Ibrox, becomes embroiled in IPO-related troubles or fails to bridge the gap between money-in and money-out, an unplanned liquidation could follow with a potentially protracted period where physical assets are moribund and playing assets and other staff are released.

The SPL and SFL would do well to consider ‘what next?’ when they hold separate meetings next week.  The century-old ways are gone, things will never be the same again.

I’m really pleased the aforementioned Charlie issued an apology for his offending comments, even if he did so under duress from the SFA.  This kind of rhetoric has taken control within football in some European countries.  Once the door is open it is hard to close it again.
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  1. First reply from 1 of the msp’s received I don’t think he should have bothered to be honest !



    RE: Policing of Celtic fan protest on Gallowgate, Saturday 16th March 2013‏





    Stewart.Ma​xwell.msp@s​cottish.par​liament.uk (Stewart.Maxwell.msp@scottish.parliament.uk)


    To: Stewart.Maxwell.msp@scottish.parliament.uk



    Thank you for your email concerning calls for an inquiry into the policing of a Celtic supporters protest in Glasgow on 16 March 2013.





    This issue was raised in parliament on 19 March 2013 when Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill MSP confirmed that decisions on operational policing are a matter for the Chief Constable of Police Scotland.





    The Cabinet Secretary went on to say that if a member of the public wants to raise concerns regarding the police response to the march they should contact Chief Constable Stephen House at Police Scotland headquarters. If they are not satisfied with the response received, the matter can be referred to the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC) who has responsibility to oversee complaints handling procedures in the Scottish police.





    The Police, Public Order and Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2006 – introduced by the previous Labour-Liberal administration – sets out the rules regarding the need to obtain permission to march through the street. It is a requirement that an application for permission to march be submitted to the local authority no later than 28 days before any event. This is intended to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to protect the interests both of those who wish to march and of members of the public who might be caught up in an unplanned event.





    It is my understanding that the fan protest on Saturday 16th March did not have an application to march and permission had not been sought from Glasgow City Council, which is responsible for the regulation of marches and parades in the Glasgow area.





    I fully support the right to peaceful demonstration and I note that a further protest rally was arranged by Celtic fan groups on Saturday 6 April in George Square in Glasgow. I am pleased to see that the event passed off peacefully with no arrests being made amongst an estimated attendance of over 3,000 supporters.





    Thank you for taking the time to write to me on this matter.





    Yours sincerely,





    Stewart Maxwell







    Stewart Maxwell MSP







  2. can i have a raspberry



    Keep up the good work, it keeps us poultry farmers in business. :))



    Weefra HH

  3. Marrakesh Express on

    As far as Im concerned the two ‘Rangers greats’, McCoist and Smith have come out worse than anyone in what is now surely the biggest scandal in British sporting history.


    When the movie is made it’ll be all about Murray, Green and Whyte, but these are businessmen come spivs of varying degrees, who were allowed to dynamite a Scottish institution, unbelievably with little or no resistance from adoring fans and fawning media. In fact the biggest irony is the fact that their No.1 enemy flagged up the danger signs early on, but a mixture of inbred superiority complex, crass arrogance and downright stupidity had pre-programmed them to laugh it off.



    In their moment of horror and anguish, Walt and Ally were the only two faces the huns could look to for guidance and leadership, well after John Greig jumped into the first dingy. So what did they get? They got a half-scooped Bomber on the steps of the big hoose, and although he put on an embarrassing show (even by hun standards), Brown has been the only ‘bear’ to call it correct so far. The guy even admitted he got a death threat in Glasgow for ‘telling the truth’ and warning the fans about Green,and was sent on fishing leave to Alaska.



    Meantime all Ally could offer was making sure more threats were issued to a club chairman and his family and showing himself to be no better than the 17 year old bigot ned in the Copeland road, and proving himself to be a rotten manager. Smith, the big hardman hero of Ibrox, ‘steeped in Rangers’, only shows up every full moon, unlike his puppy McCoist who at least put himself on the front line. The past few days have seen rumours escalate about admin 2 and even worse, as the dead club’s lovechild fights for life. But Walt can only offer his traumatised worshippers a cowardly quote absolving the club’s latest assassin of any racism. In other words, he bottled it again.



    Rangers, Oldco or Newco, ‘A Scottish institution. Second only to the Church of Scotland!’. ‘World record holders!’, ‘Scotland’s biggest club!’, ‘Proud history’, Aye Ready’.



    Not a single true leader anywhere to be seen. In their hour of need they died alone and helpless.




  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    If Vic is signing new contract,tomorrow would be a good day to announce it with semi final on Sunday.

  5. MurdochauldandHay @16:45 decisions on whether the police have overstepped the mark to the point where they have broken the law, or are applying the law in an arbitrary fashion can be addressed to the Lord Advocate.


    He has to give his opinion.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    IMO it’s significant a fire is lit under Challs before he has a chance to pocket next year’s ST money.

  7. !!Bada Bing!! if I was a sevconian I’d phone my bank right now and cancel all Direct Debits to sevco, oldco, newco and the clown – CoCo.

  8. There were about 5 Sales of Sevco Shares today all at 69p but curiously their official price is still quoted as 70.5p.


    Real good news re Vic, we will need him this Sunday. United are not losing games and will be stubborn opposition. If we fail to progress then that will be the end of our competitive season.

  9. starry plough


    15:34 on 11 April, 2013




    Wouldn’t it be really weird if there were some judges in that posh wee club!!!




    Starry, not as far-fetched as one would think at first glance. There is a petition with the Scottish Parliament calling for Judges and Sheriffs to declare commercial interests and the top judge, the Lord President has been called to give evidence to the Committee but he has refused.



    They have asked him again but my information is that he has again refused.



    Scottish Law Reporter site deals with the matter here: http://scottishlaw.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/let-her-eat-cake-scotlands-top-judge.html



    Apparently the Public Petitions Committee are not amused.



    Its as if the judges have something to hide!

  10. Re suggestions for the 17 remaining places to make up Charlotte 18, please keep them sensible. Fergus McCann indeed!



    I will select the best ones and publish with a prize of a week in the BVI for the best suggestions.

  11. Bada Bing!!


    16:52 on


    11 April, 2013


    IMO it’s significant a fire is lit under Challs before he has a chance to pocket next year’s ST money





    16:56 on


    11 April, 2013


    !!Bada Bing!! if I was a sevconian I’d phone my bank right now and cancel all Direct Debits to sevco, oldco, newco and the clown – CoCo.



    I hope Chuckles is still there at least long enough to collect the ST money so he can pocket it and then then p”ss off.

  12. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Fat sleekit McCoist pleading to chuckles to give him cash to buy experienced players what has happened to the 10 Million war chest? The cardihun says he will question Chuckles I bet he will” would you like tea or coffee Charles sir” would be the most likely question. H.H.

  13. BVI WIKI leaks


    The leak far exceeds the 2GB of data that WikiLeaks exposed in its famous 2010 campaign, when US diplomatic cables from the period 1966 to 2010 were made public. A leak of this scale provides evidence of the nature of offshore business. It reveals how some of the world’s most powerful evade tax and facilitate illegal transfers of capital.

  14. Valentine's Day on

    Until ibrokes is flattened our work is not


    done……they are thieve’s and crook’s


    the whole lot of them…….CORRUPT.