Biggest test since Crawford Allan re-refereeing games regime


Sunday’s League Cup final comes just one day shy of a year since Celtic last won a trophy, the Scottish Cup, season 2019-20.  That day we celebrated the Quadruple Treble, in the knowledge that the run would end there, as we were eliminated from a domestic cup competition for the first time since 2016 earlier that month.

We celebrated that penalty kick decider against Hearts at home, with the Hampden stands empty.  It is two years and two weeks since you and I have seen Celtic win a trophy in the flesh: that memorable League Cup win over Newco in season 2019-20.  Celtic were poor that day but we had the fortitude to go the extra distance and get the job done.

Celtic eliminated our main rivals in recent seasons, St Johnstone, in the semi-final.  This leaves the field open for Hibernian to become the third most successful Scottish club over the last decade, behind Celtic and St Johnstone – if they win on Sunday.  We should not take that motivation lightly.

Hibs sacked manager Jack Ross after the club dropped into the bottom half of the table.  A home win last time out over Dundee sees them remain in 7th spot, a point behind Aberdeen and 2 off both Motherwell and Dundee United.  The latter sit fourth, in a European spot, giving Ross scope to believe he was hard done by.

Celtic pummelled Hibs 1-3 at Easter Road in October but that was the last time the Edinburgh side have lost more than one goal –they have played 8 games since.  They are nothing if not strong at the back.  During that run the humbled Newco in their semi-final at Hampden and only lost to the same team due to a late penalty.  Most concerning of all, this is the biggest test since Referee Head Crawford Allan’s post-re-refereeing Celtic games regime started.  It demeans our game that we have to hope referee Don Robertson is not influenced by his boss.

There is a truism: if you are good enough to get to a cup final, you are good enough to win it.  Despite all the positivity around Celtic right now, we face a team who have genuine credentials to win the cup.  But with Tom Rogic on the field, what chance do they really have?

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  1. What do you think,Kev?




    “ROME (Reuters) – Italy registered more deaths in 2020 than in any other year since World War Two, according to data that suggest COVID-19 caused thousands more fatalities than were officially attributed to it.



    Total deaths in Italy last year amounted to 746,146, statistics bureau ISTAT said, an increase of 100,525, or 15.6%, compared with the average of the 2015-2019 period.



    Looking at the period from when Italy’s COVID-19 outbreak came to light on Feb. 21 to the end of the year, the “excess deaths” were even higher at 108,178, an increase of 21% over the same period of the last five years.”

  2. THE EXILED TIM 9:49 pm,



    Defo agree with that by MT.



    Celtic will need to be at their best on Sunday. I’m confident, despite the SFA’s Refs (who I reckon will play it straight as its a Cup Final and not the League at stake) to bring home the League Cup.



    Hibs are a dangerous team and they will have a go.

  3. HOT SMOKED @ 10:11




    Very interesting figures. Naill Ferguson, from Imperial College & member of Sage, says in his book ‘Doom’ that true death figures across the world will not be known till some years after the virus subsides.



    All countries have their own way of accounting – I have always been sceptical of our 28 day method – i.e. you are a Covid victim if you been positive within 28 of your death…..regardless of how you died. It’s a catch-all method which will I think, like Italy’s, will be revised – but in our case downwards.



    I think the ‘excess death’ count that you mention in your post is the key to accurate numbers.



    The 1918 Spanish Flu officially lists worldwide deaths as 50m – with hindsight many historians now say 100m is nearer the mark.



    Hindsight might also be the way to determine the effect of the vaccines – let’s hope that their are not too many unnecessary deaths in the interim.

  4. Saint Stivs



    Thanks for sharing the Ange and Warney clip.



    My all time sporting hero and one who is heading that way.



    Warne is a pal of Ross Dermott and a heck of a poker player too !



    I like loads of your posts but can’t agree with your thought re censoring alternative ( to MSM ) views on Covid. There is enough of that out there already IMO. Personally I don’t waste my energy trying to persuade anyone as fear has entrenched views.

  5. First they came for the Blootirs,


    But I said nothing,because I was not a Blooterir.



    Then they came for Martin O Sevillers,


    I said nothing,I was not at Seville (Wis banging away own ma Laptop,for goat the time,missed ma flight )



    Then they came for the Sceptical Citizens,who didnae believe they wur coming


    I said nothing,but got a shock,cause I was sceptical masel



    Then they came fur me


    4 men in white coats


    The neighbours said nothing cause they his phoned thum.

  6. HOT SMOKED on 17TH DECEMBER 2021 8:11 PM



    Certainly that’s how exponential growth works (rice and chessboard thing) but it’s not quite as straightforward because you will reach herd immunity before everyone is infected.





    But nonetheless it looks like there’s going to be huge numbers of people infected, and while only a small proportion of them will be hospitalized, and a smaller number still will need ICU treatment, a small percentage of a huge number is still a very large number and could well be enough to overload the NHS.



    The trick is probably to slow down the rate of infection so that the demand for ICU beds is spread over a long enough timescale to allow the NHS to cope.



    That requires enough people to modify their behaviour to a sufficient extent. And that probably won’t happen voluntarily.

  7. frae Landan Town…….












    Celtic will go for it Big Time Ragga Muffin stylee Sunday, Hibs too Scooby Scooby Doo. A Classic, as Ange says, the Tales of the Unexpected.



    Hopefully Callum is lifting that Silverware – his Dream was to Captain Celtic to Win things.

  8. sceptical citizen on

    George Galloway (@georgegalloway) Tweeted:


    I have no confidence in the government or the opposition. In Westminster or Holyrood. In the courts or the civil service. In our newspapers or our broadcasters. It’s a cold spell.




    👍 🎯


    Still not a single name of any politician, or any journalist, who would go face to face with this guy.


    Not a single name of anyone on the isle of Britain who’d put their career on the line just by simply engaging in professional capacity with, George Galloway. No not one and there never shall be one :)


    100% of Celtic fc’s enemies are terrified of George Galloway. Remarkable.


    Today’s Celtic support are happy to pay Brian Wilson’s wages because he wrote a book in Celtic’s centenary year, very laudable. So BW is on the board because he wrote a book? Really?


    But, GG wrote a book to accurately convey the living conditions afforded to an Irish Catholic Celtic manager from the six counties, Neil Lennon, in 2011, NL was the main victim of a bombs and bullets campaign, because NL refused to bow to the west of Scotland Irish hating swamp, neither did GG, who was targeted more often than not. Why do you think he wears a hat? My question is simple enough, if BW wrote a book and got onto Celtic’s board, why not GG, who also wrote a book? Where Celtic PLC bowing / kneeling to the west of Scotland swamp, by not bringing GG onto Celtic’s board? Can you imagine the ScotGov dumping the OBAF act onto a Celtic PLC that contained George Galloway? Is it simply that, if your a person who is capable of looking after yourself in any surroundings, then that presence would pose a threat to a {keep your head down and don’t get involved} Celtic PLC?


    If so, what sort of template is that from which to lead Celtic fc, a club who’s resources if utilised properly could see Celtic being a permanent fixture at Europe’s later stages of competition, with a {its not all about money, its about making what money you have work for Celtic} all of that extra money, if Mr Stein was still here he’d still be able to make a team from the old Glasgow poor areas, oh aye he could. The class folk are a dying breed.



    Petec is a classy guy. 👍

  9. sceptical citizen on

    Aaron Bastani (@AaronBastani) Tweeted:


    Chinese companies will build 1000 schools in Iraq. The same country where the US used depleted uranium on civilian populations – causing new born children, even now, to have profound health issues.



    It’s impossible to say which ‘imperialism’ is worse.




    Thought China were the bad guys?

  10. sceptical citizen on

    We are in the midst of the longest, saddest, most excruciating and unsatisfying I TOLD YOU SO in the history of the world.

  11. sceptical citizen on

    Being a “conspiracy theorist” is spending endless hours for years & years gathering as much information as possible from as many resources as possible and critically thinking about what that information means then having people who do nothing but watch TV tell you you’re crazy.

  12. sceptical citizen on

    “The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth” ~ Orwell 1984.

  13. Michael Stewart’s opinion is that Ange is Celtic’s “best signing of the season” – now I wonder who’s to blame for that? Probably the usual suspects, Dermot, Peter, Ian & Michael again. St Dom never got his hands ‘dirty’ and left with his reputation completely intact…. by doing nothing. People who do nothing can’t make mistakes.

  14. Why does what Michael Stewart say about Ange matter ?


    Pretend its one of his replies to his massive unionist following!


    He is not a manager.


    Is it due to his meeja career.


    Promising career as a pundit I believe



    Good to note the flip in attitude towards Dom from your step away from the keyboard. ‘existential’ crisis shoite posted by you in recent past.




    Refugees are welcome. Racism has no place at Celtic

  15. Good morning all Tim’s around the globe from a very Foggy Garngad



    Getintaethem Manana Celtic.



    The 1st trophy of the season would because major coup and a GIRFUY to the SMSM.



    Another wee win against the Buddys midweek would really throw the cat among the pigeons then get Kyogo a run out in the couple of games before the Huns game.



    Santa are you listening



    D :)