Billy and Davie on Caesar and the Assassin


Billy McNeill and Davie Hay met the press at Celtic Park yesterday, along with Alex Gordon, who authored their time as managers of Celtic.  It didn’t disappoint……

Billy was self-effacing as ever.  For all purposes, today he is an ordinary Celtic fan, so much so you need to remind yourself that there is nothing in the club game he hasn’t done.  Yesterday was about his days as Celtic manager but he made the point that Davie Hay was a profound influence on him as a team-mate.

The take-away thought I had on Davie Hay was about his range of knowledge and experience.  He has done so much in the game which still pulses in his veins.  Does Scotland still produce men of his calibre?  If so, why are we not giving them a platform to flourish?

There is tons of great stuff in the book from both men:

“We were already a goal down nine minutes into the second-half when Johnny Doyle was ordered off.  As he came off, I remember telling him he would be in serious trouble if we lost.

“I was furious, especially as we were in such a desperate situation at the time.

“Afterwards in the foyer, Jimmy Johnstone, Bobby Murdoch, Mike Jackson, Paul Wilson, Pat McCluskey, Benny Rooney and a whole host of former players were dancing around in amazement.

“Jinky was as happy as I’ve seen him. That win meant so much to anyone with an affiliation with Celtic.”

– Billy McNeill on winning the league against Rangers in 1979.

“I arranged for someone to cut out the stories and pin them to the walls of our dressing room at Love Street.

“I said nothing, but I could see the players reading the clippings. It was having the desired effect. It’s never clever to dismiss Celtic.

“It’s history now that we won 5-0 and Hearts lost 2-0.

“I think I still owe [Albert Kidd] a pint!”

-Davie Hay on winning the league at Love St in 1986.

The book’s great, reading the step-by-step accounts of what happened from the managers’ view, you’ll love it.  I know I’m biased but it’s the best thing CQN has done, a wee bit of our history set down on record.

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  1. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Afternoon CQNers



    Not sure if already mentioned, but 5 years to this very day, Martin Kane (Kano) was allowed home from his hospital bed, thanks to the good work of so many CQNers. For me, this event kicked out the charitable side of CQN.



    HH Kano, hope you are well and still fighting strong? Anybody that knows Martin should really be dropping him an email wishing him well and asking if he needs anything?



    HH also to Pablo hope you are looking down with a smile and song for us all.







  2. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon ....The angels are with Wee Oscar in Heaven.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    12:20 on 9 December, 2014



    You’re surely NOT expecting anyone to disagree with you…..that’s a fate worse than death….



    You can take the Bhoy out of Castlemilk, but you can’t take Castlemilk out of the Bhoy

  3. West End of East End on

    BIG-CUP-WINNERS – From the previous thread,,,


    Maybe ponderous was the wrong word and I didn’t take his age into consideration either. I might just be raising the bar too high at the moment on him but as I said, hope to be proven to be wrong….

  4. 67heaven … i am neil lennon ….the angels are with wee oscar in heaven.. ibrox belongs to the creditors


    There Are some among us who may ;))


    Ask me if I care?





    I could see JD kicking McD from where I was in The Celtic End-I thought,ffs fae it properly!!



    Great night. It meant as much to me as it did to Jinky,I reckon…



    As for Davie Hay,what an eye for a player. Though I think he might have signed Jim Plumrose.

  6. Troo



    Just got txt from my mate, KB’s son in law,



    Saying, “guess what Billy is don’t right now”



    Sitting watch the 6-2 game on DVD



    Nice one

  7. for what it is worth, I agree that Guidetti Griffiths and a fully fit forest would create and score lot of goals between them. still thisnk EFE is not a centre back

  8. apologies for posting this from the mcmurdo blog – but it does give you an up to date view of how they see themselves….



    The Telegraph article was pathetic , I got sent if this morning and got half way through it and chucked it



    This rag hates Mike Ashley , therefore hates Newcastle Utd and now Rangers , guilty by association it would appear



    Which is nice , strike a notch on the belt , another media outlet that has it in their ethos that we are wrong uns



    You write of conspiracy Bill , and yes there’s no question that there’s been a campaign against us



    We all know it and we’ve all seen it for years , the blatant hatred of Rangers , Protestantism and Unionism , but why ?



    David Murray gave us success beyond compare , but with it brought jealousy , fear and loathing , which didn’t bother us at all , did it ?



    We milked it for all it was worth , and rightly so , we were the greatest club in the land and left our rivals trailing almost yearly



    We did nine in a row , something that Celtic fans detest , they still don’t like it being mentioned , do it often folks when you’re around them , it’s fun



    The thing is though , when Murray decided that he couldn’t give Rangers the financial backing he’d done before , he left us vulnerable



    Look back , think back to the time when the media was scared to say a word against us , think back to when the SFA knew we were bigger and stronger than them



    Not that long ago really is it ? So what changed ?



    Well Murray’s apathy for a start , this dignified silence bullshit that got us nowhere fast



    HMRC deciding they were going to make an example of us , the Labour government deciding on a no tolerance campaign against sectarianism



    Remember Jack McConnell ? His rambling nonsense , remember all these different organisations that all turned round and said we were the bigots ?



    Think to the BBC , every time they had an article on sectarianism or bigotry , where was it they went to film it ? Yip , The gates at Ibrox



    Remember the campaign to get us banned from Europe ? All these people hidden away and suggesting that if was Rangers with the bigot followers , no one else , just us



    My thinking would be that Murray sat and did very little to defend us , too busy trying to keep his business afloat , which is fair enough I suppose but what about the other board members at the time ?



    At that point in recent history , Dermot Desmond was and still is calling the shots at Celtic Park



    He put an ex Bank of England man in place , John Reid a cabinet minister just weeks before came in , another MP also , among other less high profile board members



    This all coincides with the plan for a referendum , it also coincides with the bid for the commonwealth games , and the regelation of the east end of Glasgow



    At the same point as Celtic were getting a helping hand from The Labour Party , we were being chased for a tax debt that inevitably we weren’t even due to pay , who was it again that was in power at the time ?



    Desmond has powerful allies , both politically and in the media , a media that he is massively involved in worldwide , I must add



    Who has the power to crucify an institution time and again , for years on things like we had to deal with ?



    Were or are we the only club that has a problem with social problems ie bigotry ? Not a chance , our city rivals take top prize on that score , always have done



    Targeted by government body’s , the media , the SFA , UEFA , the lust if haters is endless



    HMRC continue to this day to lose the big tax case , The SFA and SPFL are potless , UEFA have had to deal with CFC and it’s moron element numerous times now , yet UEFA toss Legia Warsaw out of the champions league for the smallest misdemeanour , it pays to have friends in high places



    Rangers have been targeted due to its peoples politics , it’s association with Unionism and it’s owner being a target for our government



    Celtic have an association with The Labour Party , a very very strong association , that affiliation stems from the links to both , we ignored it for a generation



    The links to Celtic , Glasgow City Council and The Labour Party at a higher level in the UK means that they’ve been allowed to have a free path to success



    Make sure the referendum is close by using divide and conquer tactics with those that will traditionally vote in favour of the UK



    Keep Rangers damaged and fragmented while Celtic get the regeneration of the area surrounding their ground effortlessly and silently



    Give them a free run at the Champions League , free run at TV revenue and the easiest league to win , just to make sure they thrive



    How were Celtics finances way back in 08 by the way ?



    This isn’t a Celtic conspiracy , it’s a Labour one , look at some of the people that have prospered due to their links with the Labour Party , “Celtic minded people” I hasten to add



    Dermot Desmond put these people in positions of power at Celtic , John Reid , Brian Quinn , Wilson , Macloed , that’s the conspiracy , The Labour Party and Celtic , or more pertinently The Labour Party and Dermot Desmond .. But WHO is the hidden hand in this conspiracy to kill Rangers ? Who is it that gains most and who is it that planned it all , and all the while people at Rangers either knew and did nothing , or sat on their arses and couldn’t see it when it was blatantly obvious to a fair few



    Mike Ashley will be driven away unless he chooses to fight against it , is he up off the fight ?



    No idea to be honest but whoever owns or runs Rangers is always going to be a target for the compliant media and the politicians that planned this

  9. The Battered Bunnet on

    My boy spent half an hour chatting to Davie Hay at a match last season, and big up to Davie for giving his time so generously.



    The boy asked Davie what the highlight of his career was.



    Davie replied to the effect that…



    “…the greatest thing I ever did was to pull on the Hoops and play for Celtic. It was a privilege every time.”

  10. No idea to be honest but whoever owns or runs Rangers is always going to be a target for the compliant media and the politicians that planned this




    He even admits they don’t know who is running this train wreck, lol, priceless.

  11. I was flying to Singapore while the 4-2 game was being played. Only found out the score from the Straits Times the following day in a wee footnote.



    But I was one of the soaked to the skin brigade at Love Street on that magical day when Albert Kidd scored for Dundee……………..

  12. rock tree bhoy



    12:39 on 9 December, 2014


    apologies for posting this from the mcmurdo blog – but it does give you an up to date view of how they see themselves….



    The Telegraph article was pathetic , I got sent if this morning and got half way through it and chucked it



    This rag hates Mike Ashley , therefore hates Newcastle Utd and now Rangers , guilty by association it would appear



    You’ve got to hand it to him, he shows our paranoia as being strictly amateur…

  13. my lasting memeory of the 4-2 game was at the end of the match.there was a guy in front of me with 2 crutches which were thrown high into the air at the final whistle oh that and the walk back to the4 central station as the busses were off

  14. TD



    Apologies Tony I did read your post wrongly.



    I thought you were having a cheap, pathetic dig at someone who works tirelessly for Celtic supporters and isn’t here to defend themselves because of their views on Ronny.



    You weren’t….



    You were having a cheap, pathetic dig because of their views on PL.



    My mistake.

  15. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Would you sell Stokes in January for 1.5 million ? my opinion if he is going to the EPL no less than 2.5 million would be my price. H.H.





    Aye. So were the highlights due to a strike.



    My Dad was livid as he couldnae make the game.



    Ironically he was at a union conference!

  17. joe filippis haircut



    12:51 on 9 December, 2014





    I cant see any epl teams taking a punt on stokes.


    Rock Tree Bhoy



    He is barking mad. I read it last night and the posts below. They actually frighten me………how can they come up with those ideas……………….frightening.

  19. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    proudbhoy. MSM saying Swansea are prepared to pay 1.5 million for him in January obviously it might be a load of nonsense I just wondered what others thought of that valuation ? H.H.





    Cardiff have staged a strong recovery after a bad start,but they ain’t EPL.



    Strange that our striker-see 16 ROADS over the weekend for a stout defence of Stokes’ scoring record-is linked with cut-price moves to the lower divisions,while a hun with no CV worth a damn is hailed as a world-beater.



    Couldnae even help his mob beat Alloa,ffs.



    And btw if Shane Long and Steven Fletcher are worth £15m,as examples,we can name our own price for Stokes. Then say naw!

  21. Afternoon All…tried to buy from the Bookstore there any idea what this means:



    “Payment has been made for this order but it has not successfully recorded onto our system. Stock levels will need to be adjusted manually and payment manually checked with Stripe.”

  22. Hamiltontim


    Same as her runners in here have the cheap pathetic digs at PL and the CFC Board,


    You have your enemy, I will defend that go back and educate the kids.;)

  23. I see it’s already just been mentioned, but also noticed that the official CFC website has not mentioned the new club at all in the whole article regarding LC SF tickets.


    When is the game – check


    Where is the game – check


    What areas are we getting – check


    Who are we playing – Nobody. Priceless.


    West End of East End



    The guy should improve, with age. Although based on the evidence of CQN I’m not too sure of that maxim !



    Guidetti has scored 11 in 13, some of those were exceptional too. I think he does tire towards the end of matches. Perhaps his fitness has been affected by his long lay off and his lack of matches.



    Personally, I like his attitude, his gallus if you like.

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