Billy and Davie on Caesar and the Assassin


Billy McNeill and Davie Hay met the press at Celtic Park yesterday, along with Alex Gordon, who authored their time as managers of Celtic.  It didn’t disappoint……

Billy was self-effacing as ever.  For all purposes, today he is an ordinary Celtic fan, so much so you need to remind yourself that there is nothing in the club game he hasn’t done.  Yesterday was about his days as Celtic manager but he made the point that Davie Hay was a profound influence on him as a team-mate.

The take-away thought I had on Davie Hay was about his range of knowledge and experience.  He has done so much in the game which still pulses in his veins.  Does Scotland still produce men of his calibre?  If so, why are we not giving them a platform to flourish?

There is tons of great stuff in the book from both men:

“We were already a goal down nine minutes into the second-half when Johnny Doyle was ordered off.  As he came off, I remember telling him he would be in serious trouble if we lost.

“I was furious, especially as we were in such a desperate situation at the time.

“Afterwards in the foyer, Jimmy Johnstone, Bobby Murdoch, Mike Jackson, Paul Wilson, Pat McCluskey, Benny Rooney and a whole host of former players were dancing around in amazement.

“Jinky was as happy as I’ve seen him. That win meant so much to anyone with an affiliation with Celtic.”

– Billy McNeill on winning the league against Rangers in 1979.

“I arranged for someone to cut out the stories and pin them to the walls of our dressing room at Love Street.

“I said nothing, but I could see the players reading the clippings. It was having the desired effect. It’s never clever to dismiss Celtic.

“It’s history now that we won 5-0 and Hearts lost 2-0.

“I think I still owe [Albert Kidd] a pint!”

-Davie Hay on winning the league at Love St in 1986.

The book’s great, reading the step-by-step accounts of what happened from the managers’ view, you’ll love it.  I know I’m biased but it’s the best thing CQN has done, a wee bit of our history set down on record.

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  1. Livibhoy:



    Regards those football debts, you should read the five-way-agreement.
















  2. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Marrakech Express



    Re Huns and European Cup



    They hold the record for having tried to win the cup on the most occasions without ever doing so

  3. Only been lost for words twice in the ole Vogue-Once when Voguepunter got a round in ,and when i was introduced to Bobby Murdoch.A truly humble Superstar.

  4. kitalba



    Na I haven’t.



    ….PFayr supports WeeOscar



    Linfield not beat that yet?




  5. Charlie Telfer transfer tribunal has broken up at Hampden ….. Dundee United still to discover what they’ll have to pay for the player.



    Are this SFA mob gonnae brick it ,everytime they have to make any decision re the Deid mob.?

  6. THE tribunal meeting over the Charlie Telfer case left today without reaching a decision.



    Dundee United have already handed over an initial £60,000 for the midfielder and raised their offer to £100,000 last month.



    But senior figures at Ibrox are thought to be seeking at least double that amount.



    While United feel they should pay just two years’ compensation – because that is how long they view the Ibrox club have been in existence – Rangers want the final figure to reflect at least six years’ development.



    Rangers were represented by chairman David Somers and fellow directors Derek Lambias and Sandy Easdale while United had Tannadice chief Stephen Thompson in attendance.



    The tribunal panel comprised SPFL chief exec Neil Doncaster, secretary Tony Higgins and FIFPRO vice president Tony Higgins.

  7. SFA can’t make a decision over a hun reserve player ffs,comedy outfit.



  8. Well, you see we are the only ones that complain about them that’s why nothing will change, blame the rest of the other clubs fans who sit on there hands and say SFA.

  9. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    The decision in the Telfer case is a some significance



    The SFA will need to disclose their hand re Newco/ Oldco ……if they say Oldco then Huns get cash



    However , should they go into administration the heavy penalty



    The notion of them being the same club is complete nonsense…of course

  10. ….PFayr supports WeeOscar



    You have to laugh at the way theses clowns have hamstrung themselves and indeed the whole game with this nonsense, I’ll be glad to see the back of them once and for all.



    If they say Oldco then the door is open for all the other unpaid creditors as well no???

  11. bournesouprecipe on

    Not surprised that the SFA have baulked at an instant decision on Charlie Telfer, as it’s not wholly about the player.



    Many phone calls and enquiries to be made to find out how precarious a state the Sevco finances are in, it’s just that they won’t know who to ask, or who can tell them.



    Another pointer per chance to the imminent threat of their inaugural administration.

  12. If they say Oldco then the door is open for all the other unpaid creditors as well no???




    They can’t the final gavel was slammed down on RFC this morning at 10am .


    They are officially DEED now.

  13. Just reading the qualifying criteria for Cup Semi tickets. Are Celtic really saying that is you put money into other clubs by attending away games you get a ticket before putting money into our club by buying tickets for Hearts & Thistle games?


    An interesting slant on customer service. They’d be as well making future home league cup ties behind closed doors if that’s the case.

  14. Jim Spence tweeting that D Utd are releasing a statement shortly and that they’re not happy. I see this heading to CAS.

  15. Without digging back to check and so leaving myself a hostage to CQN fortune, I think the problem with the Telfer decision will be football’s insistence that as a matter of principle debts to other clubs must come first to keep the money inside the game.



    From memory meeting debts to clubs was part of the 5 way agreement so you can see why TRFC would argue that as far as football goes and because they met football debt then they are due more on Telfer under the principles football applies in terms of money owed within the game.



    This is the fault line along which the old club/new club issue runs and as it’s a football issue I’m betting a football solution based on the football first principle will be arrived at.



    I’m aware that football first is part of the rules in England but not sure if it is in Scotland, however when did rules matter here when the only constant is TRFC always get the benefit of any doubt no matter it’s legitimacy.

  16. As was said earlier


    IFFFFFFFFFFF they are treated and awarded as OLDco i.e 6yr money


    I’m sure there will be a long line of folk wanting paid off NEWco


    cant have it both ways

  17. Gary67


    15:13 on


    9 December, 2014



    It’s an away game. This is not something new. I imagine that no season book holder that went to the Hearts and Thistle games but not the domestic away games will miss out.

  18. Auldheid


    15:16 on


    9 December, 2014



    Maybe and it shows why the 5 way agreement should never have arisen in the first place. Rules get bent, they ping back and slap you across the knuckles.

  19. Inside The SPFL@AgentScotland · 4m 4 minutes ago



    Unconfirmed but hearing Dundee Utd have been ordered to pay £160,000 for Charlie Telfer

  20. leftclicktic


    15:19 on


    9 December, 2014


    Inside The SPFL@AgentScotland · 4m 4 minutes ago


    Unconfirmed but hearing Dundee Utd have been ordered to pay £160,000 for Charlie Telfer



    If true it will be interesting to find out where this figure comes from. Seems like a meet in the middle fudge to avoid answering the question that they are afraid to answer.

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