Biton and the holding position


I was discussing Beram Kayal during the week, specifically how he was keeping Victor Wanyama out of the Celtic team before that ‘tackle’ from Rangers’ McCulloch put him out of action for months.  The player has never recovered his form but has never had a sustained run in the team either.

Nir Biton has made the holding position his own in recent weeks and, as a consequence, we’ve watched his form improve.  News that he picked up an injury when playing for Israel against Slovakia last week, which is likely to disrupt his appearances for weeks, has come at the worst possible time.  If he is to make this position his own, he needs performances between now and the end of the season.

Young players especially need games to reinforce their craft and build confidence, as well as to ensure fitness.

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Seville, The Celtic Movement, launches tomorrow (rumours suggest I might get my hands on mine today).

“”Claire, where is my passport?” I was frantic now as I pleaded with my wife. She must know I thought. Claire, my wife of twelve years, suffers my trips away to support Celtic without a single moan. Not this time though as Claire would not give me her blessing to go on this trip telling me that our bakery was now at critical point, busy and with too many European away days this year they had taken their toll.”

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  1. williebhoy supporting Wee Oscar on




    I fully agree young Darnell Fisher could easily play midfield as he has when first arriving at youth levels. However he was also sent off on Tuesday for the U20s v Hibs so might be facing a wee suspension ?



    I’m not sure if it naturally follows that you miss the next game, I’m sure Mr Ogilvie or Bryson will enlighten everyone. Either way I’d be making sure the lad is offered a new contract soon.

  2. Kojo


    I can understand that but I think, if you lived in Scotland, you would maybe like to see all trace of them disappear . Also. if they ” come back” , will they really provide us with more competition than Aberdeen, Dundee Utd etc? I believe all they will provide is an increase in hatred,anguish and domestic violence.




  3. Livibhoy



    Pal… Ye ur Being Picky..






    Kojo, jist Hates…”Picky”




    It’s so…well… “Picky”





    Still, Laughin’

  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    Jack Irvine punted at Ayebrokes



    KevJ skies the park from CQN



    Life is full of little coincidences.

  5. jamesgang @13.46



    That post was like Kojo on a bad day!! <:0)



    Ps Thats why o dint posr on bery ofteb

  6. MickTT



    You will ALWAYS..



    hivtae,,,” Live amongst Them”



    Life,is jis no Fair… Did Ye’re Mammy No Tell ye That?



    Mine Did.



    Bottum Line..



    Celtic,need the Competition..



    We should Not FEAR them.



    Do You?



    Ah suppose ye don’t..






    We must be able tae Face Facts..



    Sevco will be Back.. Soon.. n we should be Ready Fur them.







  7. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    think that quite a few of us miss smashing deedco but the price we would have to pay to enjoy that again – seriously think about that – is not worth paying. Deed then, deed now, deed forever – hope so amyway.

  8. Philbhoy


    14:10 on


    13 March, 2014


    Did McGeady get a fee for his article and do players usually get paid for theirs?






    Haven’t read the paper (obviously!) but not sure it was actually an interview – he gave a press conference yesterday to talk about the Ireland-Scotland game and was probably just answering some loaded questions.

  9. WillieBhoy



    Hiya,Pally.. Great tae greet ye~



    You hiv made a Very Strong Point..



    Ah Furgoat..that Fisher, wiz ordered aff ,agin the Wee Hibees..






    He most likely,then wull be ineligible fur the Killie Game, anyway.. so



    Ah’ll gie Neil a Pass Oan that.



    In any case, Ma Pal..Nutsy, is probably right..



    Neil, wull Play it safe( As usual!)..n .. go will Kayal.. again if Kayal is available, which Ah don’t honestly know,whether he is .




    Nice Chatting ,Pal..







  10. Ole KevJungle’s parting advice to Celtic fans was in alignment with the Lying King’s to Sevconians. That is…….don’t renew your season tickets!

  11. Has KevinJ done a Capt Oates ” I,m going out I may be some time” and that,s the last Scott saw of him.Haste ye back KevJ. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  12. When I read KevJungles ” Last Post” , I hadn`t noticed the tone of finality so I have just gone back and read it again. Ol` Kev doesn`t say anything new but I will give him credit for managing to put his obviously genuine feelings in a fashion much more likely to affect his audience. ie , a strong but not abrasive manner. Well done, Kev and, who knows, it might turn out that you have been right all along.




  13. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Scott ate Oates, he made porridge, that why they’re called scots porridge oates

  14. johann murdoch on



    14:15 on


    13 March, 2014





    Agree, still a shame.



    Interestingly, KevJ has jacked it in and we huvny heard fae TD67.



    Have you ever seen them in the same room?




    Come to think of it Phil-Ive never seen Batman and KevJ in the same room! :) HH

  15. johann murdoch on









    go or move in an exaggeratedly impatient or angry manner.


    “he stood up in a fury and flounced out”


    synonyms: storm, stride angrily, sweep, stomp, stamp, march, strut, stalk More


    antonyms: slink




    noun: flounce; plural noun: flounces




    an exaggerated action intended to express annoyance or impatience.


    “she left the room with a flounce”




    Dont worry folks KevJ has previous with flouncing..or did he mince away?

  16. Jungle Jim



    Nice tae Talk ,again,pally…



    Yes.. Ah suppose it does mak a Difference.. that Ah do not hivtae Face..


    The Sevco FANS..oan a day tae Day basis,as Ah am sure You Wull.



    But, that is Jist the way it is..



    Anyway.. Try tae Furget aboot hivin tae Face..those Hateful Guys..



    An know it wull tak some doin’…but..



    Ah am talkin aboot.. Celtic, Facing ..Sevco.. the FITBATEAM..



    Let’s concentrate oan that Aspect…



    Which,should be the Prime wan..



    No team in Scotland.. Mebbe..in the WHOHOE WID WORLD..



    Gies US… Such … Heart Stoapping Competition as.. the Sevco.



    Every time we play ’em.



    Ma Hert is Inma Mooth… It is Pure White HOAT Excitement~ fur Ninety .. MInutes



    There is Nae Ither Team in the World,whom Celtic Play..



    That Give Me Such Palpitations!



    Sure, Ah Hate Them.. wi a Passion…like You Dae..






    There is No a Better Feeling,, well..Oan second thoughts..Mebbe thur Is!…



    Than Beating The Horrid Mob..






    Ah MISS those games.. n at the Same time..






    Ah guess.. if that feeling which a jist Described… Fulfills the Definition o … Ambivalence..



    Then Ah jist found oot that …



    Feeling Ambivalent aboot Something..



    Kin be quite a Trip!



    Nice Chattin,pal.






  17. oldtim –



    What pub is it you are meeting TimsInOhio tomorrow?



    Gorgotten already!!







  18. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES on



    Maybe on this anniversary of the Clydebank Blitz you would like to retract your post about ‘bigger & better bombs’ being the answer to the world’s over population.



    Then again…………….

  19. Marrakesh Express on

    Young Sevcodger in work..’great night last night’






    Me…’How, what happened?’


    Sev..’we won the league’


    Me..’Oh right, who’d you beat?’


    Sev..’Albion Rovers 3-0!’


    Me…’thought that was the cup’


    Sev…’No no, I got mixed them up wi that other team fae Coatbridge, Airdrie’


    Me…’So who yous playing on Saturday?’


    Sev (now red faced and sweating)..’Erm, ehh..dunno’


    Me..’better check the paper’



    Sums em up.

  20. mighty tim supporting wee Oscar on



    Pretty sure it’s the Blaney Valley they are meeting in.

  21. Tonight’s Libertadores Match Review



    Final five games of Round 3 tonight.



    Arsenal (Arg) v Penarol (Urg)


    Arsenal (El Arse as they are known locally) have never made beyond the group stages (so far) in the Libertadores and fancy their chances this year.



    Five times winners, Penarol have been bowff this tournament, so far, and really need to get their act together to ensure qualification. Their squad for tis one includes Fabian Estoyanoff and Jonathan Sandoval, two players who have just been released on appeal (by Penarol) after a court order banned them from any public performance after a massed brawl by Penarol players on 20 Jan this year. However, man to watch here is 20 yr old midfielder, Jonathan Rodriguez, who has been far their best player so far.


    DRAW (too close to call)



    O’Higgins (Chi) v C.Porteno (Par )


    This is O’Higgins second (of three) home games in the Group stages and with the return of Albert Acevedo at centre half, they are without injury worries, knowing that three points will virtually confirm a place in the last sixteen. Midfielder “Tucu” Hernandez saying that O’Higgins need to respect the pace and strength of Porteño.



    C.Porteno manager Chiqui Arce, has said he mixed things up a bit at the weekend to see which of his team really “want it”. Porteño are without both regular forwards – Spanish targetman, Daniel Guiza (who will be replaced by Guillermo Beltrán) and Angel Romero (replaced by the nippy Rodofo Gamarra) and will look to supporting midfielder Julio dos Santos to supply the bullets for them tonight.


    DRAW (another close match)



    Gremio (Bra) v Newells Old Boys (Arg)


    Probably the game of the week.



    One of the most pleasing things about Gremio in the Libertadores so far, has been the performance of LB, Wendell, MF Ramiro and wide man Luan, all under 20. Wendell just having agreed a 5yr pre-Contract deal with Bayern Leverkeusen.



    Gremio manager Enderson has shown he’s no slouch when it comes to getting the right set up on the night (so far). Therefore, it’s interesting that Gremio played 4-3-2-1 with Edinho , Riveros and Ramiro / Ze Roberto and Luan / Barcos in last Sunday’s game.



    NOB rested regular starters, Víctor Figueroa, Lucas Bernardi, Milton Casco and Hernán Villalba at the weekend. Only injury worry being defender Guillhermo Ortiz (suspect) knee strain). However, Argentinian media is claiming this is probably about as strong a line-up as NOB have.



    In a press conference today, NOB’s Maxi Rodriguez went on at great length about how they have never won this trophy but desperately want it. He also promised they will “The idea is to attack and try and keep the ball”


    HOME WIN (60% certain)



    Dep Cali (Col) v Lanus (Arg)


    Cali fielded a very understrength side at the weekend, which is a mark of how seriously they’re taking this. Tonight, veterans Faryd Mondragon, Mauricio Casierra and John Viáfara along with talented youths Higuita and Lizarazo all return to the side.



    With only one point gained (from their goal-less opener at home to O´Higgins) Lanus are another team struggling for survival in this competition. They face Cali without veteran striker, Santiago Silva (suspended), the injured Alejandro Silva, RB and young striker, Lucas Melano.



    However, both teams want three points from this one, so an open game could be expected.


    HOME WIN (60% certain)



    U Deportes (Per) v Atletico Parana (Bra)


    (the Peruvian) “La U” with no points and no goals scorted, so far are staring down the barrel of a gun if they lose this one. Interim manager Carlos Silvestri summing it up by saying, this morning “We live in difficult times , not alien to our history, but I know I ‘ll get through this bad time”



    Parana are without Adriano (back strain) and manager Miguel Angelo Portugal has been at the mind games all week on this one saying “…..that we know they are a team with problems and coming to terms with having just changed managers, but we will focus on our business and come here to play attacking football….”



    Have not really seen too much of “La U” to be certain, but Paranã are not nearly as good a team as they were last season and I think they’ll struggle (again) tonight.


    HOME WIN (60% certain)

  22. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    !!Bada Bing!!




    14:54 on 13 March, 2014




    If we keep winning can we win the League v Ross County on 29th March at CP?




    That will do just fine my Birthday and the Kano night out :)))

  23. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts/ support the dam 5/we are all neil lennon on



    12:46 on


    13 March, 2014





    well done two top spots this week.



    are you up the road Friday.



    Hail Hail








  24. Beebawbabbity on




    Their reemergence is something the west of Scotland can do without.Im sure you must know the kinda things they blight the city with.I believe people have wakened up since the days of Shanklys adage ‘ …it’s more important (life) than that ‘ Good riddance to the bile they serve up no matter where they go or what they.How they are labelled is much less important.


    Keep up the funnies.




  25. Canal alar so maybe somebody has eaten KevJ that,ll be them “aff oot” for eternity. I always suspected he was an agent provocateur but some posters claim to have met him. TBB,s theory about Jack Irvine also has merit.je ne sais quo -sp Hail Hail Hebcel

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