Biton and the holding position


I was discussing Beram Kayal during the week, specifically how he was keeping Victor Wanyama out of the Celtic team before that ‘tackle’ from Rangers’ McCulloch put him out of action for months.  The player has never recovered his form but has never had a sustained run in the team either.

Nir Biton has made the holding position his own in recent weeks and, as a consequence, we’ve watched his form improve.  News that he picked up an injury when playing for Israel against Slovakia last week, which is likely to disrupt his appearances for weeks, has come at the worst possible time.  If he is to make this position his own, he needs performances between now and the end of the season.

Young players especially need games to reinforce their craft and build confidence, as well as to ensure fitness.

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Seville, The Celtic Movement, launches tomorrow (rumours suggest I might get my hands on mine today).

“”Claire, where is my passport?” I was frantic now as I pleaded with my wife. She must know I thought. Claire, my wife of twelve years, suffers my trips away to support Celtic without a single moan. Not this time though as Claire would not give me her blessing to go on this trip telling me that our bakery was now at critical point, busy and with too many European away days this year they had taken their toll.”

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  1. Bognorbhoy,



    Going back to the first page and first comment, I must thank you for posting the Lord of the Wing, it’s the first time I have seen it and today I had a spare couple of hours and it is the best couple of hours I have spent in a long time.


    A few glasses of wine and more than a tear was shed for the memory that will ever be Jinky.



    God bless



  2. Announcement for National Self-Awareness Week:



    “Vanguard [Bedlamites] would like to offer congratulations to [Sevco] on winning Scottish Football League.



    We also expect that the club will continue its progression up through the lower divisions, returning to its rightful place at the summit of Scottish Football as well as returning to the European stage.



    We also note Tuesday’s press release announcing the termination of the Club’s contract with Mediahouse International Ltd, who list Jack Irvine as an employee. [They do?!!]



    Vanguard Bears welcome this decision and would like to add that our membership felt it was long overdue.



    We look forward to the appointment of a Media/PR spokesperson who will defend the club’s position, as well as that of our fans, in the face of the many enemies that we undoubtedly have.”

  3. bognorbhoy oscar in my thoughts/ support the dam 5/we are all neil lennon on




    it’s a great 90 mins worth




  4. SSB an education into the hun psyche. The campaign of misinformation, lies and denial fed to them by the MSM seems to have worked a treat. Hook line and sinker.



    The general opinion amongst these bams is that the huns are heroically slogging their way BACK up the leagues, will skoosh the Championship and will be challenging Celtic in a couple of years.



    Apparently the investment in players this summer should have us all quaking in our boots! The dopes on the panel didn’t challenge this nonsense. Open question to Delahunt (who reads this blog)…. Why not ask space cadet hun…”what investment? Where from?”. They needed a crisis loan to pay the wages 3 weeks ago!!



    I think reality and the hun parted company a long time ago.



    To all lurking huns and pathetic quislings of the press…. The asteroid is still coming Ipox’s way.



    Deepimpact CSC

  5. Vomit inducing stuff on bbc with lamont and richard wilson there.



    Always keep in my head their never ending devotion was what caused their demise.



    Long may the SMSM reign.

  6. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on



    18:01 on


    13 March, 2014





    Ha – “It’s a serious business” the ole state aid.



    Secret tunnel to the City Chambers and an Express Rail link under there to


    the Vatican.



    Glasgow’s Green N White CSC





    Someone was asking about a link to the graphic for that the other day. I’ve put it up here…




  7. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Could I appeal to all fair minded Scottish football fans not to abuse players and managers who have decided to ignore their country of birth and pledge their allegiance elsewhere !



    Paul Paton-Dundee United-born in Paisley


    James McPake-Hibernian-born in Bellshill


    Danny Lennon-St Mirren-born in Whitburn



    After all its Northern Ireland they have played for. . . . . . totally acceptable !

  8. What mischief making high profile tim would go on record as saying



    “”We wish the new Rangers Football Club every good fortune.”

  9. thebhoyfromoz on




    19:17 on 13 March, 2014


    What mischief making high profile tim would go on record as saying



    “”We wish the new Rangers Football Club every good fortune.”



    Was it Sir Walturd of Cardigan who said that?

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    13:42 on


    13 March, 2014


    Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma


    13:04 on


    13 March, 2014



    Re my earlier post on Clydebank and the related bombing of Dresden — The raids on Dresden on 13th and 14th February 1945 is and was one of the most barbaric acts I have ever heard of.






    For me the dropping of nucleur bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki trumps even that!






    Blatant W.W.11 Allies bashing.


    History viewed through the prism of ideology.


    Did they miss the bit about the Holocaust or the Rape of Nanking?


    Perhaps an attempt to deflect from that most inconvenient of facts.


    Ireland was neutral.


    To her eternal shame.

  11. thebhoyfromoz



    Well done



    Rangers crisis: Walter Smith’s consortium bid to buy club is rejected




    Walter Smith said “He added: “We are therefore withdrawing completely from the process to enable Charles Green and his consortium to move forward.We very much hope the verbal assurances they provided to us – and the public statements made – are adhered to and that the club will therefore be financed and managed with appropriate governance and can go forward in a sustainable manner. We wish the new Rangers Football Club every good fortune.”

  12. the unthank road on

    John;- radio clyde at 7.25


    A lunatic who wants thems back ” rangers can’t get them back quick enough”. Where do they find these guys. Has Hartwood re-opened? Oh , and Virgil off asap. The world according to the DR?????

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    can i have raspberry on that champions league ice cream



    17:52 on 13 March, 2014bournesouprecipe17:50 on 13 March, 2014Jobo/ Can I haveThe Gazebo and Kerrydale St are the new Grassy Knoll?There’s a massive big mound of top soil to the right, which will cover the gold seamsand diamond mine, till when we need cash later.It was the other mounds I was hoping for ;-)


    That would put 10,000 on the gate anaw…:))

  14. Cowiebhoy supporting the Celtic to 3 in a row on

    Table 6 for the Cowiebhoy Brigade, in less than 24hrs :-)



    Hail Hail

  15. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES on

    Ireland was neutral,… to her ETERNAL CREDIT.



    Ireland rightly took no side in a clash between two EVIL regimes.



    She owed neither of these sides any alliegance,… & owed ONE of them retribution for centuries of horrendous abuse.

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon



    19:24 on 13 March, 2014



    I think the point those who criticise eg the bombing of Dresden are making is that the actions were intended primarily to kill civilians rather than to achieve any particular military objective.



    As I recall the intention was to break the will of the German people, but it didn’t work, and if anything was counter productive.





    Had Ireland entered the war against Germany,it is unlikely they would have been able to repel an invasion force.



    Had that happened,the war may well have run a different course.



    All hypothetical,of course. But IMO Ireland did the right thing both for itself and for the UK.

  18. embramike supporting wee Oscar and Res 12 on

    Champions League Qualifying 2014 – 15



    Second qualifying round : 15–16 July 2014 and 22–23 July 2014



    Third qualifying round : 29–30 July 2014 and 5–6 August 2014



    Play-off round : 19–20 August 2014 and 26–27 August 2014



    Celtic enter at second qualifying round as last year. Second and third round home legs to take place at Murrayfield.



    Should be back at CP for Play-off round (remember Karagandy?)

  19. For everyone attending CQTEN tomorrow evening – can I remind you that the doors are open from 6.30pm and you will get a free pint on entry. The action begins at 7pm with a lovely young lady singing a very famous Celtic song – without any music – for our enjoyment. It isn’t to be missed. This will be followed by the first of several visits to to stage by BRTH when he will outline the various activities taking place and remind us all why we are in the Kerrydale Suite.



    It is going to be a very special evening. Please be there as soon as possible.

  20. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    Europa league



    Sevilla. V Real Betis



    Coming up shortly



    Virgin 529




  21. macjay 1,



    My auld Dad for many years never criticised the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagsaki, because he, like thousands of others, mustered in Singapore for the invasion of Japan, fully expected to be killed as the Japanese fought to the last man.

  22. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES on




    Quite apart from the logistical arguments about Ireland remaining neutral….




    Was Hitler worse than Cromwell ?



    Were the Nazis worse than the Black & Tans ?



    Were the SS more brutal than the state murderers of Bloody Sunday ?



    No German ever invaded the land of my forebears or sold my people into slavery.



    Ireland owes Britain absolutely NOTHING.

  23. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    !!bada bing!!



    Ma game trumps your game cos it’s in Seville




  24. Bognorbhoy,


    That is what I love about this site, yes we will argue, debate even fall out, castigate each other in not very nice terms but every now and again someone will post a little gem of encouragement that will remind us that we are a unique people with a golden thread of attachment that runs through our DNA that binds us together.


    The world is a greater place for having Celtic in it.




  25. martybhoy59



    23:16 on



    12 March, 2014



    hrvatski jim



    Just seen your earlier message happy to share a taxi from briggs





    Hi Martybhoy59 – that would be great.



    I will order a cab and pick you up at Kenmure Avenue (where the Celtic bus leaves from) at 6.20



    Please confirm that you have got this message.






    Hrvatski jim



    Wee change in plan if your agreeable mate I have arranged a lift one of the guys goin with me is tea total, he will pick us up outside the Crow at 1815 let me know if this is ok