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News that the Maribor game later this month is on the season book has setup a dramatic climax to what will be remembered for decades as a remarkable month in our history.  We didn’t ask for this situation.  As we drifted away from Murrayfield, our thoughts were only of Celtic’s abject display, but nine days and two Uefa Disciplinary hearings later, we’re through to the Champions League play-off round next week.

For Legia Warsaw, the pill is unbearably bitter.  So much so, they had to appeal to Uefa, and on to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, despite scant cause.  CAS who will eventually be asked to determine if Uefa’s rules were interpreted correctly.  Which they were.  The consequences for Legia are so abrupt their reactions are understandable.

Football affects us in ways which are not always beneficial.  There was nothing Legia fans could do to remove their distress this past week, but reading comments, by fans of another Scottish club on this subject, has given a glimpse into the human condition.

The emotional investment by some Scottish football fans in Legia’s forlorn cause has evidently resulted in untold misery.  Celtic fell into the Clyde and came out holding a winning Euromillions ticket.  It was unplanned for, random and undeserved, but it happened and, right now, Celtic are the luckiest team in the world.

At a time when their phoenix club is falling apart before their eyes, our unearned good fortune has caused volumes of hilarious, angry, ranting.  Efforts to explain it as a consequence of immoral plots (as well as running the Celtic, the SFA, the SPFL, Glasgow City Council and The Commonwealth, Peter Lawwell also manipulates Uefa’s Disciplinary Body) demonstrate classic evidence of our old friend, Cognitive Dissonance.

We were blind lucky, accept that, or continue to give the rest of the world new and innovative ways to enjoy their football.  It’s not worth the dissonance.

It’s been an interesting week in the media.  Neil McCann’s excitable misinterpretation of the rules on Wednesday was a highlight, but the paper which brought you ‘news’ that Celtic wanted Dan Pertrescu to be manager, who declined as he was warned the club have problems by Neil Lennon, subsequently got a second story when they ran a properly sourced article denying ‘reports’ Neil spoke to Pertrescu.

I’m also loving reading those who in the media were spinning anti-Celtic nonsense that Neil left because he wasn’t happy with the player budget, now suggesting he could take over Crystal Palace, after Tony Pulis left because he wasn’t happy with the player budget.

Nonsense like this is never random, it has a purpose………..

On a related subject, I’m gutted for Palace, their fans, and for Pulis. The economics of the entire English league structure doesn’t work. Well-run clubs with good managers will be weeded out and relegated, as crazy debt-junkies inflate the bubble a little longer. Scottish football may be poor, but there are only two of our 42 clubs in any sort of financial danger.

Flag Day tomorrow, get along early, give Fergus a warm welcome back, and bring some change for The Kano Foundation bucket collection on the way in. Remember to join Fergus, Jim Craig and others from the Celtic Graves Society for the Jimmy Quinn event at Kilsyth Cemetery.

Thank you to everyone who gave so generously to Mary’s Meals by entering our competition for tickets in the comfy seats tomorrow.  I’m proud of every one of you.  My thanks also to Magners for helping out.  The competition is now closed, winners will be informed by email shortly, so check your inbox!

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  1. scullybhoy



    Where have you been hiding? Did you not know that the legendary Declan Sanchez has been credited with all 3 goals?






    End Lomdon rule. YES

  2. Just Another Tim on

    Today is the last chance to register your team in time to take part in week 1 of the league.



    Want to show Ronny Deila how it should be done? Think your better than Stein? Do you have the luck of Celtic or the administration talents of Legia? Then here is the invite code to the CQN Championship Fantasy Football League, we are now approaching 150 teams entered.






    You have 24 hours left to register your team & join the league.





    As an added incentive I’ve decided to offer some prizes for the top 3 come the end of the season. The winners will each receive items of their choosing from the Official Celtic Webstore to the tune of



    1st £100


    2nd £75


    3rd £50



    Or alternatively, winners can choose to donate any winnings to a Celtic charity of their choice.



    Also if by some miracle I end up in the top 3, the winnings will be passed onto the next placed team.




  3. The White Paper was easy – Scotland’s Future! White. Nae bother I can read that. Bored the life out of me in parts but backed with further investigation I jumped from No to Yes. Mainly due to attending a couple of meetings at time attended by both sides, reading online info and emailing MP’s MSP’s etc.



    Then someone hits me with ‘The Wee Blue Book’! WTF I think to myself. With tinted green specs I struggle to comprehend reading such a document entitled thus. But hey I took the leap of faith again. And I’m only further convinced.



    So if you are undecided give it a read. If you are entrenched in your view don’t bother.



    This link will appear on my every post from now until the 19th of September. Unless I’m drunk and forget or raging at PL. :-)





    MWD says AYE

  4. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Tricoloured Ribbon. We were discussing it earlier I think most of us were a bit surprised another midfielder not a striker. H.H..

  5. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Ah, I see Joe.Sorry.I didn’t know it was posted earlier.


    Yes.A striker.Most definitely the priority.

  6. Previously..on CQN…….



    12:16 on 15 August, 2014


    joe filippis haircut



    11:51 on 15 August, 2014


    Rumour Southampton about to put a bid in for Virgil maybe that is why we have brought on loan the young lad from Man.City.Celtic become Southampton feeder club. H.H.






    And Man City’s nursery?



    Maybe that’s the way of the new CFC world. Other SPL managers work on this basis all the time. Maybe RD had been in to do it at a more rarefied level?



    HH jamesgang

  7. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    jamesgang. It must make nearly impossible to build a team for Europe then you remember Porto have been doing it for years. H.H.

  8. tonydonnelly67



    12:19 on 15 August, 2014


    geordie munro



    Actually when you look at Peter Houstens interview on tonight’s game against thems, and Humphy arses interview, you have to wonder how that rat got the Clyde job? Then again, cough cough.

  9. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    tonydonnelly. Aye I think page three is colour mind you I havnt bought the daily Ranger for a few years. H.H. :- )

  10. Any Tims on Holiday on the Costa Blanca…………..



    Paddys Point on the La Zenia roundabout……………………..



    For the last 15 years…………………. showing EVERY game, home and away





  11. joe filippis haircut



    I guess for me it’s a big old spectrum thingie.


    There will never be another Henke who stays on a contract for years unless we end up in some fancy euro/US mega league with associated monies. Not holding my breath for us being at the real top table….



    At the other end there’s the subsistence existence of crumbs of loans from the EPL table.



    The halfway house that wee saw with big FF is something I can handle. So too could a manager.



    HH jamesgang

  12. Paul 67.



    Couldn’t it be that the huns are just a wee bit perturbed, that they won’t benefit and never have if we qualify for the CL, unlike Scottish premier clubs have lately?



    Just sour grapes if you ask me :)

  13. Moonbeams WD.



    Is there not a website that needs a tub thumping nationalist somewhere?……….anywhere?………a village that’s missing somone maybe?

  14. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    jamesgang. I suppose big Fraser stayed with us for a reasonable time and as you say and I agree we can live with that. H.H.

  15. Tony D



    If they mention ‘candid’ don’t go there okay!



    It’s got a horrid new meaning nowadays that has nothing to do with your forceful but reasoned thoughts on matters of football!






    HH jamesgang

  16. CQN Saturday Naps



    Lads, for all the mug-punters out there… the CQN Naps competition resumes again this Saturday, and hopefully PF ayr will be around to defend his crown.



    In order to confirm your entry, please send me an e-mail stating your CQN username to : fleagle29 at



    After that, the RULES are relatively simple :



    a) each Saturday log onto the last page of the previous CQN article.



    b) post only ONE ‘nap’ selection from any major Saturday horserace meeting (e.g. UK, Ireland, Dubai)



    c) if your selection is a Non-Runner, you may select an alternative – as long as it also runs on the Saturday.



    d) if your nap wins, you will “win” the hypothetical profit from a £1 stake @ Starting Prices (S.P.)


    e.g. selection wins at 9/4, your hypothetical profit is +£2.25


    e.g. selection wins at 5/1, your hypothetical profit is +£5.00



    e) if your nap loses or if you fail to post a selection, you will “lose” your £1 hypothetical stake (-£1)



    f) if you want to join the competition late (e.g. in Week 3) you will be allocated 2 losers, and will start the competition from (-£2)



    g) Our winner and CQN Naps Champion Tipster will be the CQN punter who shows the greatest overall profit during the season.



    Last season the competition lasted for 40 weeks, and PF Ayr was the champion tipster, with +£12.60 profit



    Happy punting everyone…





    Cheers, fleagle1888

  17. Just logged back on to so if Tom McLaughlin is still around? Seems not.



    Don’t worry Tom I can wait for your reply.



    looking forward to it!

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