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News that the Maribor game later this month is on the season book has setup a dramatic climax to what will be remembered for decades as a remarkable month in our history.  We didn’t ask for this situation.  As we drifted away from Murrayfield, our thoughts were only of Celtic’s abject display, but nine days and two Uefa Disciplinary hearings later, we’re through to the Champions League play-off round next week.

For Legia Warsaw, the pill is unbearably bitter.  So much so, they had to appeal to Uefa, and on to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, despite scant cause.  CAS who will eventually be asked to determine if Uefa’s rules were interpreted correctly.  Which they were.  The consequences for Legia are so abrupt their reactions are understandable.

Football affects us in ways which are not always beneficial.  There was nothing Legia fans could do to remove their distress this past week, but reading comments, by fans of another Scottish club on this subject, has given a glimpse into the human condition.

The emotional investment by some Scottish football fans in Legia’s forlorn cause has evidently resulted in untold misery.  Celtic fell into the Clyde and came out holding a winning Euromillions ticket.  It was unplanned for, random and undeserved, but it happened and, right now, Celtic are the luckiest team in the world.

At a time when their phoenix club is falling apart before their eyes, our unearned good fortune has caused volumes of hilarious, angry, ranting.  Efforts to explain it as a consequence of immoral plots (as well as running the Celtic, the SFA, the SPFL, Glasgow City Council and The Commonwealth, Peter Lawwell also manipulates Uefa’s Disciplinary Body) demonstrate classic evidence of our old friend, Cognitive Dissonance.

We were blind lucky, accept that, or continue to give the rest of the world new and innovative ways to enjoy their football.  It’s not worth the dissonance.

It’s been an interesting week in the media.  Neil McCann’s excitable misinterpretation of the rules on Wednesday was a highlight, but the paper which brought you ‘news’ that Celtic wanted Dan Pertrescu to be manager, who declined as he was warned the club have problems by Neil Lennon, subsequently got a second story when they ran a properly sourced article denying ‘reports’ Neil spoke to Pertrescu.

I’m also loving reading those who in the media were spinning anti-Celtic nonsense that Neil left because he wasn’t happy with the player budget, now suggesting he could take over Crystal Palace, after Tony Pulis left because he wasn’t happy with the player budget.

Nonsense like this is never random, it has a purpose………..

On a related subject, I’m gutted for Palace, their fans, and for Pulis. The economics of the entire English league structure doesn’t work. Well-run clubs with good managers will be weeded out and relegated, as crazy debt-junkies inflate the bubble a little longer. Scottish football may be poor, but there are only two of our 42 clubs in any sort of financial danger.

Flag Day tomorrow, get along early, give Fergus a warm welcome back, and bring some change for The Kano Foundation bucket collection on the way in. Remember to join Fergus, Jim Craig and others from the Celtic Graves Society for the Jimmy Quinn event at Kilsyth Cemetery.

Thank you to everyone who gave so generously to Mary’s Meals by entering our competition for tickets in the comfy seats tomorrow.  I’m proud of every one of you.  My thanks also to Magners for helping out.  The competition is now closed, winners will be informed by email shortly, so check your inbox!

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  1. LennyBhoy, I’m in so it must be happy!:-)



    No happy at Derks ban though.


    I hope he appeals, it happened right in front of me, he was clipped and pushed over.


    Straight forward pen and red.


    If he wasn’t fouled he was favourite to score.

  2. Lennybhoy



    Where’s our wild card / marquee / striker / loanee (delete as appropriate)




  3. BFDJ in Celtic bashing mode …



    – desperately hoping that the flag ceremony will distract Celtic players tomorrow and


    – condemning Ronnie D for having said that he didn’t see the Derk penalty incident

  4. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    A lot of football stars will be at Parkhead tomorrow but the biggest star by far will be the bunnet oor Fergus. H.H.

  5. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    I hope Fergus makes a pointed statement about the avoidance of liquidation and the shame and humiliation it would have brought

  6. Also , i need to listen to the ssb rewind tonight . I’m almost certain that i heard Hugh Keevins say to a caller ( who longed for the Gascoign days) that those times and that club were gone .

  7. And for the Penny Arcadians tonight is a must win game.



    In the second tier of Scoddish fitba.



    Their second league fixture.



    With the worst old young manager in the history of duff managers at the helm.




  8. MCCANN’S SKY behaviour is now having an impact. When Chris Sutton back in 2003 used the cheats comments towards a team he was given a suspension for unsporting behaviour so will the Dunfermline coach be called to account given the precedent already in place.

  9. Joe Filippi’s Haircut



    Pal.. Ah couldna agree Mair!



    Fergus, Saved the Celtic… although, that Builder guy fae Edinburgh..(Ashamed tae admit that Ah am no sure whit his Name is… Is it Mr.Keane??.)…. Surely Deserves a Coupla Hundred Thankyous, tae… Right?



    NIce chatting, evah






  10. Cheers Joe / Lennybhoy



    I am a victim of today’s society and I want instant gratification….



    Ah well.

  11. Paul67 et al



    Some ghuys have all the luck


    Some bhoys get all the breaks


    Some huns get all the pain


    Some huns do nothing but complain…

  12. glendalystonsils



    17:15 on 15 August, 2014



    Good point.



    The answer is the same as the number of goalkeepers (other than Arthur Boruc) that have been subject to being given a free kick against them when kicking out from the 18 yard box.

  13. As I lay my head down last night when thinking of Celtics good fortune in the CL and other high points of the last few seasons,the perma rage of McCann and most other huns over the last 3 yrs broadened my smile.



    We will have wee moments when they have a wee slight nip at us but by God all in all thier pain is a joy to behold.



    One day soon the rosemarys babies will be it our studium spewing bile supporting their 2nd or I firmly believe 3rd new incarnation, but till then enjoy every minute of the hoot they are presenting us with and believe me the panto that is sevco is far from finished yet.


    Soooooo fear not at their futile attempts to harm us we are Celtic we are in total command of the football scene and that is killing them slowly.



    See yous at the bucket collection for the weans in the morning.



    We have collections to better the opportunities of kids who may not otherwise get the chance to see the famous Glasgow Celtic,



    They have collections for FIGHTING FUNDS


    I rest my case csc



    Till later all meeting time

  14. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    I have had a unbelievable day with the horse’s,Mrs Nye


    and the young Miss are away for some retail therapy as


    a result.



    I’ve opened the Grey Goose and won’t retire until I’ve seen


    the erse of the bottle…….the hun will be on soon, so let me


    apologize in advance for the pish I post.



    God bless the bunnet, the right man at the right time.


    God bless Tommy Burns the right man at the wrong time.

  15. fred colon



    18:33 on 15 August, 2014




    No he didn’t



    It was probably me you heard as I shouted at the wireless.



    He set it up for the coup de grace, but failed to finish.



    I did it for him. That’s what you heard.

  16. You know all this crap about Legia’s punishment being “excessive”? They are only saying it is excessive because of the 6-1 aggregate. If Legia had won 7-1 or 6-0 they would have gone through, even after forfeiting the game 0-3. In which case, I am sure they would have accepted their punishment.



    So on the one hand, forfeiture under the rules is acceptable, but not when it results in elimination. How does that work? They cannot have it both ways.



    So the 0-3 forfeiture is the set rule, but only if it allows the offending club to progress. If it eliminates the offender, it is too severe.



    Utter rubbish.

  17. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on

    Theres absolutely no consistency. Had DB been adjudged to have dived he gets a yellow, retrospectively theyve decided he dived and he gets a two match ban ! As for the outrage from the press here about our reinstatement, just the same old story. Feel more let down by the likes of Walker and McGarvey myself. They should really be ashamed


    Martim1980 .



    ok a few years ago aiden was booked for protesting that he was being kicked a hibs player is heading for aiden at speed.if he hits him it’s the back row of stand for aiden dives out of his path.not diving in box to claim penalty.ref books aiden again and sends him off. QUISLING from now on I will say FA. not in fat ass but it indicates sitting on his fat ass and does nothing.ok FA 1



    celtic player think HOOPS scores late on versus ST MIRREN. goes to wave to crowd and does not leave field of play. yellow card.”please don’t say you can’t appeal a yellow card .you can kick off about


    getting one for nothing every week”FA2



    hoops again goes through on own In penalty are and slips on his bum.he gets up with a red face and guess what .naw wrang he gets booked for slipping on his bum.FA 3.



    huns goalie McGregor gets beaten up by his burd.found in day journalist prints story about bad CELTIC supporters being guilty .truth comes out .journalist banned ?? don’t be silly .come at start of season for free meal and drinks.FA4.



    look here MARTIN I could go on like this all night .so I will leave you with my all time fav.a few years ago all the religious leaders in Scotland were invited to ibrox to watch the huns v CELTIC.the assistant chief constable for STRATH. says he can’t guarantee their safety.the greatest ever opportunity to stick it to tell me MARTIN what did FA do and what should he have done.



    POSTCARD CSC. and no swearie words.



    ps never see you on when posters say OMG. or for chr. sake but then again whits a swearie word.

  19. The problem with Neil McCann is he’s had a few slaps from some of his family in the past couple of years. He’s raging. They see him as a tax cheat and scrounger and tell him how it is.



    He needs to vent his anger.



    He should really just pay the tax and NI due, apologise, and call it quits.

  20. What is the Stars on

    Lads, I have been given a tip for viking warrior in the 8.15 at Catterick, going to back it in honour of our wonderful new manager whom I have always loved deeply

  21. Kojo, Derk will know whether he dived or not. If he dived take the ban and move on, if he didn’t fight it. Its about principles without principles we are nothing. If Derk didn’t dive why should he allow himself to be branded a cheat. We can of course do without him for 2 games but that is hardly the issue.

  22. nye bevans’ rebel soldier



    18:03 on 15 August, 2014


    2 cqners kiss and make up,tear’s in my eye’s,


    Tim’s, whit ur we like.






    V funny mhate. Like you, I enjoy a happy ending!



    Aff oot. Bike time.



    1 more wee sleep till CP time!



    HH jamesgang

  23. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    When Adam broke his collar bone last season,Hamill the Motherwell left back, pushed Adam in the back before that git, Lasley, did his normal. The push on Adam affected his balance and did not help when Lasley clattered him. The people about me could see Adam was pushed and how the linesman missed the push, well.



    McKay did push Bo but his delayed fall didn’t help him.



    St Johnstone may be a well run club but having ‘good honest pros’ like Fazer Wright playing for them does them no favours.



    He was one of their four players who did not applaud us onto the park on the last day of the 2012/2013 season as well as malkying Mikael during the game. He then kicked up a fuss in the media of his elbow landing on Mikeal’s coupon being an accident and was innocent.



    A few years earlier when Rasmussen elbowed Wright, he was all over the press saying the Dane should get a a long suspension. Very good of this good honest pro the media promote. .



    Sky sevco news just saying Legia beat us 7 1 on aggregate and about the ineligible player. They also said the CAS hearing was on Monday but did not add it was a provisional one. Dear oh dear.

  24. MWD and others



    Why would Derk dive in the circumstances we saw?



    Just asking – because for me it defies logic & common sense in the position he was in.



    He still had the shot on, was about to pull the trigger with his favoured left foot – and then his left leg faltered in mid air and he fell.



    I don’t think he was pushed at all or that he responded to any alleged push.



    His left ankle/heel was tapped (probably inadvertently by MacKay as they were running close together) but it was enough to prevent him getting a shot in and he lost his balance. His fall didn’t even remotely resemble any fall from any push that I have ever seen or experienced. He did not fall forward – he fell almost on the spot, which supports my contention.



    From the angle I had on Celtic TV the tap on the ankle could not be seen, but the ref saw something and Derk reacted as if his ankle/heel had been tapped. We saw such ankle taps a lot in the WC and have seen them in many other games. All the defender has to do is run up close behind the attacker, let their feet touch “by accident” and claim innocence when the forward goes down.



    Derk’s fall was comedic but not simulation.



    On a different but related issue in the same game & applying the same logic yardstick.



    Look at MacKay’s alleged trip over VVD and tell me what you think?



    I think he was looking for it, very conscious of the fact that he had just crossed into the 18 yard box and aware that VVD had left a leg there. MacKay deliberately made sure his foot made contact with that leg when it was actually easier to step over it. He then took half a step before he decided to go down flat on his face. Guys don’t fall that way the slow speed he was running at – you fall onto your knee(s). He was at it. He simulated and the ref chose to give him the benefit of the doubt and waved play on.



    I suspect that the SFA have had little choice in summoning Derk, because the complaint from St Johnstone is that the red card for MacKay was wrong. That card can only be wrong if no foul was committed, since it was a clear goal scoring opportunity, ergo how come Derk went down? If there was no foul and Derk went down, then St Johnstone’s case has to be that Derk dived/simulated.



    The hearing will be very interesting, but since Derk was branded a cheat by the media before the game was over, I’m certain that justice will not be seen to be done.



    One of the key players is the referee, so I wonder what of anything his report has revealed that has led to this action by the SFA.



    BTW no answers needed as I am just venting with this.. ;o)




  25. tallybhoy



    18:16 on 15 August, 2014


    As soon as Derk hit the deck Beaton blew his whistle, pointed to the penalty spot and ran towards Mackay brandishing a red card.



    Mackay’s reaction was not one you would expect from a player who thought that his opponent was ‘at it’.



    He left the field without too much fuss.






    My thoughts exactly, sir.



    And Izzy got fouled just before the other “penalty”



    The bitterness has gone up a notch or two recently.



    The Huns must be in trouble right enough.

  26. It’s on nights like this that Noel90 and Pablophanque, unknowns to relatively new CQNers, would have lifted us out of this dreary state the blog has become.



    Hail Hail Fergus tomorrow and I truly hope he is given the Celtic welcoming reception he always did deserve.

  27. Rollin Rollin Rollin Rawhide lol !


    Hugh Keevins gettin it large from Stephen ! ;)


    Caught out on his previous opinion that Fergus was a cowboy !!!


    Like big Hoss Carwright the man with the bunnet is a superstar ;)

  28. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on

    What is the Stars



    Actual tip or a sentimental name based one.? I’ll be on it anyway, just a matter of how much

  29. Both incident were similar. In one a penalty was awarded , in the other not. Referees split second decision and it could easily have went the other way as minimal contact in both cases ( altho Dirk was moving at speed ).



    So either charge both players or neither.



    SFA charging only Dirk is not a surprise.

  30. eddieinkirkmichael on







    Jesus wept. Where do you start with such mad ramblings???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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