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News that the Maribor game later this month is on the season book has setup a dramatic climax to what will be remembered for decades as a remarkable month in our history.  We didn’t ask for this situation.  As we drifted away from Murrayfield, our thoughts were only of Celtic’s abject display, but nine days and two Uefa Disciplinary hearings later, we’re through to the Champions League play-off round next week.

For Legia Warsaw, the pill is unbearably bitter.  So much so, they had to appeal to Uefa, and on to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, despite scant cause.  CAS who will eventually be asked to determine if Uefa’s rules were interpreted correctly.  Which they were.  The consequences for Legia are so abrupt their reactions are understandable.

Football affects us in ways which are not always beneficial.  There was nothing Legia fans could do to remove their distress this past week, but reading comments, by fans of another Scottish club on this subject, has given a glimpse into the human condition.

The emotional investment by some Scottish football fans in Legia’s forlorn cause has evidently resulted in untold misery.  Celtic fell into the Clyde and came out holding a winning Euromillions ticket.  It was unplanned for, random and undeserved, but it happened and, right now, Celtic are the luckiest team in the world.

At a time when their phoenix club is falling apart before their eyes, our unearned good fortune has caused volumes of hilarious, angry, ranting.  Efforts to explain it as a consequence of immoral plots (as well as running the Celtic, the SFA, the SPFL, Glasgow City Council and The Commonwealth, Peter Lawwell also manipulates Uefa’s Disciplinary Body) demonstrate classic evidence of our old friend, Cognitive Dissonance.

We were blind lucky, accept that, or continue to give the rest of the world new and innovative ways to enjoy their football.  It’s not worth the dissonance.

It’s been an interesting week in the media.  Neil McCann’s excitable misinterpretation of the rules on Wednesday was a highlight, but the paper which brought you ‘news’ that Celtic wanted Dan Pertrescu to be manager, who declined as he was warned the club have problems by Neil Lennon, subsequently got a second story when they ran a properly sourced article denying ‘reports’ Neil spoke to Pertrescu.

I’m also loving reading those who in the media were spinning anti-Celtic nonsense that Neil left because he wasn’t happy with the player budget, now suggesting he could take over Crystal Palace, after Tony Pulis left because he wasn’t happy with the player budget.

Nonsense like this is never random, it has a purpose………..

On a related subject, I’m gutted for Palace, their fans, and for Pulis. The economics of the entire English league structure doesn’t work. Well-run clubs with good managers will be weeded out and relegated, as crazy debt-junkies inflate the bubble a little longer. Scottish football may be poor, but there are only two of our 42 clubs in any sort of financial danger.

Flag Day tomorrow, get along early, give Fergus a warm welcome back, and bring some change for The Kano Foundation bucket collection on the way in. Remember to join Fergus, Jim Craig and others from the Celtic Graves Society for the Jimmy Quinn event at Kilsyth Cemetery.

Thank you to everyone who gave so generously to Mary’s Meals by entering our competition for tickets in the comfy seats tomorrow.  I’m proud of every one of you.  My thanks also to Magners for helping out.  The competition is now closed, winners will be informed by email shortly, so check your inbox!

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  1. Very interested on how Denayer shows today. If he is a standout, I’d like to see Lustig (If he is fit) & Charlie at right & left back with Virgil & Denayer central defenders against Maribor. I am reading that they pose a major aerial threat, so we need a few big lads at the back.

  2. the long wait is over on

    Won’t be at the game today – family trip out – and won’t probably get away with listening to it on the car radio as that turns a nice day out into an expletive filled stress- fest of near misses and furious gesticulating from other drivers.



    So those that are going have a great day and bring us back three points.




  3. Too much chopping and changing going on Ronny or I’m I being too negative.



    Looking forward to seeing the centre half partnership today

  4. Walking up argyle st


    I smile …ok a gentlr grin. A


    To generations before


    Who walked that walk


    Hail hail



  5. up over goal, A little more in depth analysis of the team selection and your opinion as to how it might be improved would be preferable and more appreciated than your effort @ 11.58.

  6. big wavy



    Too much chopping and changing going on Ronny or I’m I being too negative.



    Looking forward to seeing the centre half partnership today




    I think we are a bit of an injury prone team, if you say Lustig, Matthews, Forrest and Brown are first 11 players then that’s quite a few going to be missing week in week out.

  7. The huddle



    Fair enough. New broom might be killing a few but a further complication of new partnerships before our biggest game if the season worries me.



    Hope Lustig plays midweek. He’s too important to us now

  8. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    glendalystonsils. I have said all along even though I liked big Fraser I believe Craig Gordon is the better keeper if we can keep him fir. H.H.

  9. corkcelt



    up over goal, A little more in depth analysis of the team selection and your opinion as to how it might be improved would be preferable and more appreciated than your effort @ 11.58.



    I intend to do my next teamsheet …through the medium of interpretive dance.

  10. Mulgrew in centre mid ?



    I give up.. Centre half and nothing else.. Love the guy but he is no centre midfielder.



    Ronny seems uncertain about biton.. In and out of team

  11. It looks like Lustig must be injured hopefully it is precautionary with Wed. in mind. That being so, I would have gone for Biton ahead of Charlie & Wee James ahead of Kris. Apart from that I’m happy with selection. However its a squad game now and there will be changes, Ronny possibly sees only 40 mins or so in James and is probably holding him for 2nd half when a bit of the pace of the game is likely to have abated.

  12. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Big Wavy



    Maybe that’s what the manager does…..there haven’t been any stand out performances to date so nothing to lose trying different formations



    Forrest isn’t fit …



    Lustig is probably being rested



    Biton wasn’t great on Wednesday



    Mulgrew was ill as was Griffiths



    Ambrose is suspended for next week



    Others will always play …VVD, McGregor( for now) , Johansen , Gordon( it seems)

  13. Tony Donnelly


    Well done to you both. I’m glad you never quit earlier though – couldn’t picture you flying over Ibrox in a helicopter pulling a GIRFUY banner behind it……….then again

  14. CQN Saturday Naps Competition



    Lads, for those who are in the CQN Saturday Naps competition, please go back and post today’s selection at the end of the previous article :



    “Celtic growing into their skin, more on Maribor”



    All the best, fleagle1888

  15. Today my wife had all she could take of me ranting about the Daily Record.



    She got on the phone straight away and cancelled the thing.



    Today’s back page was the final straw, and as for the phone in, don’t get me started.



    I only bought it for the horsey page, but couldn’t take it any more.

  16. Any tims on holiday on the Cost Blanca…….



    Paddys Point showing the game tonight……….


    it’s on the Lazenia roundabout