Blackett, Christie and our biggest spend in 14 years


Tyler Blackett’s arrival, announced moments before halftime on Saturday, was welcome. He’ll immediately push Izzie, who has had no real competition for the left back berth since arriving at Celtic five years ago – an incredible situation.

The Ryan Christie situation surprised me. Ryan performed well against a Celtic defence in a state of flux earlier this month, as he has done previously against us, but it will certainly a curious signing (this morning Inverness Caledonian Thistle announced they have accepted a bid from Celtic).  More on these two later.

As for rumours that we’re about to spend more money on a player than we have since John Hartson arrived 14 years ago……. Well, that is a change of pace. On top of this business, I’m sure there will be more comings and goings in defence, and elsewhere.  Stay tuned……..

Thanks to everyone who entered the raffle for the Golf Day for four at Aberdour.  Taggsy informed the winner (Gerry) by email this morning.

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  1. Proudbhoy, Will do. I hope you enjoy. He did his best, wonder what he would have thought of zero hour contracts !



    Nobody is 100% right.



    Neil Lennon and McCartney,



    Thanks, enjoyed the chat.











    To successfully parody someone thought beyond parody is a considerable achievement.



    I salute you,for we are not worthy!




  3. Delantey dosesnae care. Nor probably does Delaney.



    Those wanting Johanson oot are barking at the moon.

  4. What a strange experience reading back.


    The Pastries are definitely flakey.


    More puff than choux.


    What I didn’t find was firm news of incoming recruits.


    Bukra insh’Allah





    Early yesterday,it was impossible to get onto the site using an iPhone. It just rifled through ad-sites before latching onto the App Store.



    It seemed to have been sorted by lunchtime,but same is happening again now. Fine on iPad and desktop,btw.



    Just thought I’d mention it.

  6. Paul67 -winning captains



    also having iPhone problems, I used to stay logged in if I always had CQN open in one of my internet windows.



    Now if I go to use other parts of iPhone then click into CQN window it makes me login in all over again.



    Refresh sometimes puts me back to top of page instead of where I left off.



    Cheers bhoys

  7. Up before the birds. Mon the Celtic. Totally over CL disappointment and looking forward to rest of season

  8. Looks like Mr Pastry is gathering a fan club, well they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery



    I must admit to enjoying Mr Pastry’s input, although I do not always concur with all he writes.



    So much critique of our business dealings on here, but just look at the shambles at Man Utd; and on a multi-million pound level.



    Apart from the current goings-on, they must have lost around £20 million on the Di Maria deal, including wages – English football now residing in the Twilight Zone.



    Surely the real fans down there will get sickened by this bloated excuse for sport.



    It seems to me that agents are running the show and leading managers ‘by the nose’

  9. Wonder what the day holds, transfer wise, for us.



    Will Simonovic sign, will Derk take his medical certificate elsewhere, and will Kris and Anthony depart to join Lenny?….watch this space!

  10. Andrew Kerins Green and White Army on

    Looks like the lassie from legias paperwork department has a gig in Manchester



    Delanetys donkey and loads of other old punks’ll hate this. Doesn’t make it not brilliant. I would marry the fragrant Judie. Mmmmmm





    Had the pleasure of playing on the same bill as Judie a few times. She is a great lady and surrounds herself with top class players. Stay With Me Till Dawn is a haunting, rhapsodic and beautiful, I am playing it now as I type.



    So Delaney the Donkey was a punk, explains a lot. Methinks he still is, just keeps spitting and still hasn’t a clue on how to tune his instrument.

  12. Often wondered why there wasn’t a definitive or even an accessible biography of James Connolly. Plenty material on Collins, DeValera, Pearse and later figures such as Tom Barry and Dan Breen etc. I have a couple of slim volumes on Connolly at home (I’m away at the moment so cannot check the authors). Perhaps a publication is planned for next year? That would be appropriate.



    I read A Star Called Henry when it came out and I thought it was intended to be the first of a trilogy but I don’t recall subsequent books.



    Unless, of course, someone else knows better!

  13. Morning timdom



    A lovely bright but autumnal morning.



    Wee nip in the air.



    HH jamesgang

  14. Jamesgang,



    U cannae say Nip in the air – (that’s racist) – an will hav sum jumping for cover ;-))




  15. Lurkin..


    Got to agree, with all the outrage at midget throwing, some seem to have taken lobbing Japanese and thinking this won’t cause offence, what has CQN come to :)

  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Did you get the job assisting the devil with his universal credit?


    If so good luck

  17. Lets hope its a good one but i still believe big Ciftci will come good for us once his suspension is over.

  18. BT,



    that’s a neg….everything has been through the DWP beta site…..kept/keep gettin the message “there are no interview slots currently available”…..c’est la vie






    god forbid there’s some fighting in Beijing…..an some1 says there’s a chink in the armour ;-))




  19. I heard he was dead on

    Gerry Braiden ‏@BraidenHT 2m2 minutes ago


    Islam Feruz to Hibs? I take it that’s a different Islam Feruz to the world-beating superstar who went to Chelsea?

  20. I heard he was dead on

    Sky Sports News HQ ‏@SkySportsNewsHQ 1m1 minute ago


    BREAKING: Sky Sources: Celtic defender Virgil Van Dijk expected to join Southampton for fee in region of £11.5m #SkyDeadlineDay #SSNHQ

  21. Morning Bhoys



    I still think that instead of loaning Fletcher….we should buy a big fridge, put it in the centre-forward position and get GMS and Wee Jamesey to skite crosses aff it…be just as good as Fletcher.


    Failing that, we should sign Kingsley from Thistle.







    Sky Sports News HQ ‏@SkySportsNewsHQ 1m1 minute ago





    BREAKING: Sky Sources: Celtic defender Virgil Van Dijk expected to join Southampton for fee in region of £11.5m #SkyDeadlineDay #SSNHQ






    Cheers chief. So he has until 6pm tonight…………………………

  23. I heard he was dead on




    Just a matter of time really.



    Not unexpected but that fee seems a good return.

  24. Big VVD will be on the phone with his mate John Guidetti right now…singing to each other, while fixing their hair and make -up.


    Good Luck Virgil….you’ll need it.






  25. TGM,



    I think our bored would be reluctant to shell out fur a working fridge…..now a burn’t out car might b on the radar ;-))







    Id rather see Fletcher’s big flash motor up front for Celtic, than him.


    Be easier banging your head off the nearest wall for 90 minutes in preparation:)