Blame it on the Celtic


It is great having big game players, those who can raise the tempo to match greater challenges, Moussa was a classic of this genre, but watching the first half on Friday, the flip side of that mentality appeared evident.  St Mirren were in a big game, and showed it, Celtic were going through the motions.  I expect normal service to resume for Rosenborg on Thursday, but we better resolve this symptom before travelling to Perth on League Cup duty.

Hearts boss, Ann Budge, must have taken the weekend off to celebrate her team being top of the league, as she has allowed video of sectarian chanting by Hearts fans leaving Fir Park on Saturday to pass without comment.  Never slow to shine a light elsewhere, if she would rather not address this festering feature when things are going so well, you can be sure it is there to stay.

On John McGinn choosing Aston Villa over Celtic………  When he made his decision I wrote that after speaking to both teams, he went to Villa because he wanted to play first team football.  Unlike reports elsewhere, he didn’t move south because Celtic would not meet his wage demands (thinking in particular of Scott McDonald flogging this on Radio Scotland).

The player gave newspaper interviews to several Scottish Sundays confirming, “Playing regularly was the biggest factor in choosing Aston Villa over Celtic, says John McGinn”, as The Herald put it.  But that doesn’t fit the narrative, so will soon be forgotten.

Don’t blame it on the football.
Don’t blame it on the career advice.
Don’t blame it on the reality.
Blame it on the Celtic.  Lots of others do.

What’s the point of Celtic?

Winter is approaching, the time when the Celtic FC Foundation does some of its most important work.  It is also the time of greatest need.  I know the challenge ahead for those who work through the Foundation.  There is enormous poverty in our own communities.

I signed up for the Great Scottish Run, which takes place in Glasgow on 30 September, in aid of the Foundation.  I have not run as far as a Half Marathon in over a year, I ran a few miles short on Saturday before giving up.  But I know what those who will be helped by the Foundation will be like in December. Some things are worth the work.

We need to do something, otherwise what’s the point of Celtic?  We both know it’s not just about football.  Work on the big winter projects is already underway, if you can help by sponsoring me, please do so here.

Thank you.


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  1. JJ






    It’s pretty simple mate. Fitba isn’t complex. Hence it’s universal appeal. Move the ball from our end to their end and put it in the pokey.



    As Jobo and any other ‘mature’ members of the standing section will attest, lateral movement is all well and good. But you shouldn’t do it for the full 90mins!



    Teams have every right to park the bus against us. Our greatest (?) European night at CP occurred when we did much the same against the best Barca side.



    We need to be able to play through, play over and play around packed ‘mid-fences’ (the 10 men behind the Ball we so often face)



    Right now we seem mainly to try to play through. And cos it’s not working we’re reverting to play across, back and Fore. Maybe we’re trying to hypnotise the opposition?



    HH jg

  2. HOT SMOKED on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2018 8:39 AM


    ” TIMHORTON on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2018 12:10 AM


    playing accross the park for 80% of the game will not help us scorring goals.


    have to be more direct,”


    Do you honestly think it is that simple?






    Since you have opened up the floor. As a first decision, absolutely.




  3. Saint Stivs – been catching up overnight, a great outcome to a remarkable episode for you, thank god.




  4. Is it cognitively dissonant to suggest cognitive dissonance?


    Maybe, players instructed their agents to seek a transfer, as opposed to a (the) club instructing agents to do so?



  5. Jamesgang and Greenpinata


    Why, then, do Celtic not change the approach?





    This confuses me ( not difficult, I know!) :



    `Right now we seem mainly to try to play through. And cos it’s not working we’re reverting to play across, back and Fore. ` Are you saying that when we do play direct but it does not work?



    Does winning a Double Treble not mean it IS working?



    Did the excellent manager that is BR decide to change a winning system for one which is less successful?


    Did it take other Professional Managers TWO years to notice how Celtic played ?


    I don`t think football is a simple game anymore. If it were, there would be no need for Sports Psychologists,Sports Science,Nutritionists and a variety of analyst.




  6. JJ



    There’s knowing what your superior opponent will try to do. And being able to prevent it. Two different things.



    Season 1 we played with pace and guile and tore teams apart.



    By season 2 we were already seeing a high press start to stifle our start point. Add to this we’ve lost some quality through injury then transfer (;Armstrong’s direct runs with and for the Ball really added a different threat. Season 1 SS was irresistible) and opponents improved (Hibs, Killie, Motherwell, Hearts st j and now even sevco)



    Much of season 2 was not scintillating. Season 3 has followed.



    All the background staff you cite are there to provide added value. An edge in what is still essentially a simple physical contest.



    If I’m faster than you, see ya!


    If I’m stronger, I’ll own you.


    If I want it more than you, I’ll probably win that 50:50


    If as a team we pass and move and run all day then our superior skills and fitness will tell.



    Look at the NZ All Blacks. Basic beautiful skills, delivered at pace, with accuracy. Unrelenting, no matter the score.



    HH jg

  7. James Gang



    ‘By season 2 we were already seeing a high press start to stifle our start point.”



    St. Mirren pretty much ignored a high press, hence the indulgent passing around the back 3 which was the reature of most of the first half.



    The below standard performance of Rogic and Mcgregor receiving the ball centrally with back to goals was more to do with the ease in which St. Mirren coped with our few wing threats.



    It’s guess work at heart, unless you take the celtic By Numbers approach, but I believe the St. Mirren dropped points were more due to our failings than their success.



    Aff oot now

  8. I don’t understand why Brendan is coming out with this stuff about playing down fan’s expectations of getting to the Europa League final.



    “The Parkhead boss told Celtic TV: “I see lots of stories and reports about us getting to the final. That’s a long, long, long way away.” (The Scotsman)



    I honestly cannot remember a single fan saying anything like that. To be fair I can’t recall reading it or hearing it in the media either.

  9. Lee McCulloch –



    He told SportTimes: “I was really disappointed and quite sad to hear George Peat’s version of events and what he said about the build-up to the UEFA Cup final.



    “That was an incredible season for me on a personal level and I know how much it meant to the manager, the staff and the players to get to Manchester. It was a huge event for the Rangers supporters and the fact that we couldn’t deliver the trophy will always be a regret from my career.



    “The effort that we put into that campaign, playing as many games as we did whilst competing for four medals, was unreal and I would be upset if there were people or clubs plotting against Rangers in the background at that time.



    “Whether it would have been any different or not had we had more help from the authorities at Hampden we will never know. Nobody can answer that.



    “But it is a real shame that we didn’t get the best preparation possible and as much time possible to help us achieve what would have been something so special for the whole of Scottish football.



    “It is quite sad in many ways if that was the case. I hope this chairman is named and we find out the truth.



    “But I fear we will never get to the bottom of it and get the whole story of what happened and why we were forced into that situation.



    “It just shows you what can go on behind the scenes in football. We can’t go back in time unfortunately but I can understand why the Rangers fans feel as strongly about what George Peat has said.”

  10. Very cute stuff from the stonefaced sleekit and his helpful brithers………..



    Facts are helpful but clearly not decisive in pitching a story at the korrect Level.




    Why now??



    What’s the story behind the story, been out of the Tic Lop these past few days.



    George Peat a DOB well blow me down wis a fevvar Guv’




  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I suspect he did not exit immediately for two reasons first because he has a contract that allows the Plc to sue if he walks out without notice and secondly the Plc would be aggressively against such action as it would demonstrate clearly to the whole Celtic support that he was not being supported by the Plc, however I expect some would still take the Plcs side and blame him for deserting the club in its hour of need whilst claiming it’s never been better. There is also the consideration that you’ll damage the club and your own reputation with the Celtic support if you walk away could have been used, it’s ehularly used on here as a stick to beat dissenters.



    So if he leaves at the end of the season I maintain this will have been the source of his ire.


    If he does not I expect we will see improved performance by the CEO in supporting him by getting his selected prospects in the door.

  13. What is the Stars on

    George Peat


    ‘I got a phone call from a prominent chairman of a club, requesting me not to help Rangers in any way’.



    Well thank god we can rule out Peter Lawwell as being responsible for that call…We all know Peter spends his days thinking up ways of helping them ( when he isnt off burning down orphanages and the like,what an utter cad and a bounder he is)

  14. 50 shades of green on

    Couldn’t be Peter that phoned Peat, they dont accept reverse charge calls.




  15. 50 shades of green on

    Looks like Donkey Mcculloch is looking for names to blame.



    Revisionist tosser.




    Me thinks there is a narrative going on here to deflect from a forth coming Tsunami.




  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Had the agents approached the CEO advising he had been speaking to other clubs without the CEO s permission then action could be taken agains that agent who could loose their licence, they need permission from the club who holds the contract.

  17. What is the Stars on

    Agents are very honourable people


    They never bend rules or take risks to increase their profit margins



    Unlike the big fat baddy mcbad …AKA El Bandito Liewell

  18. From what I read this morning Peat said he flat out refused the unknown chairman’s request so i dont see what they’re moaning about. What someone said about the Euros being played that summer has also been conveniently forgotten.


    Also wondering, why NOW?

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Good bad or indifferent they also have rules they need to comply with if they want to keep their licence.

  20. Starry….



    In any normal eco-system the amount of tipping-point, brown stuff swirling around thums would be more than enough to kill 10 teams………



    Do we need anything else???????






    The same strategy narrative must always be applied to the huns. If it happened, it never happened and rightful WATP indignation must be the order of the day – all media messaging will fall into line quickly or errant korrespondents will be identified and vilified. Mob rule.



    To keep in front of the story and to mobilise the lumpen hun base, the story will now reflect the new fake truth that thur Klub was impeded in winning a Cup by the unseen fenian fonecall………..





    WITS….of course, as the Chairman, is as yet, un-masked :) Celtic’s John Reid or inevitably Big Peter will no-doubt be lambasted by some for not proudly proclaimin’ that they acted correctly in the interests of the Club and Scottish fitba’…..

  21. What is the Stars on

    If only Dermot Desmond had the sense to employ an honourable honest and decent man from an honourable profession like say for example a football agent and put him in charge of Celtics transfer dealings at least we would get some transparency and the club would be run properly.



    Its amazing how these things never occur to people.

  22. Wasn’t that the Rangers who were paying most of their players using EBT’s along with undisclosed side letters that year anyway?


    They shouldn’t even have been in the competition anyway as they were ALL illegally registered with the SFA and UEFA.

  23. What I want to see in January,and the next Summer transfer window,is our manager and his scouting team finding a list of players suitable for us,naming them,and putting the list to PL.Then we will be able to see the performance of both sides.All the rumours,”We werein for this guy,or that guy”will be blown away.I will keep stating the truth,PL has given Brendan £30 million all told.This Summer we have taken in £27 million,from players wanting away,not forced out.Lets see a list of our targets.Its fine to jump on a bandwagon,but when our scouts come up with 3 CHs namely,Commper ,a project from Dundee,and Mc Kenna,then after Dembele leaves,we are told they had nobody targetted,questions must be asked.The money is there.If Brendan has targets in January,and PL does not deliver,then crucify him,but proof is required.Let the fans know.

  24. Has Panto season kicked….. aff………. early??????



    Haud oan, shirley the Halla’ee’en an’ pooppy routines need an’ airing first??/



    Perhaps all part of the (BBC) Big Bad Celtic……….story?

  25. Why is Peat not naming the “offending” chairman? Could that chairman’s recollection of events be slightly different to his? Could he be on the receiving end of a libel suit if he were to name the chairman, or will he do the typical hun thing and wait till he’s dead like they did with Jock Stein?


    The posters above are correct. There is a pile of shite coming down the pipe that even level 5 can’t deflect and so this 10 yr old squirrel is let out to grab some headlines. Poor Rangers; always the martyr.(See what I said there?)

  26. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    An agent can approach a club, saying that if his player became available, would they be interested,



    What a club can’t do is approach a player/his agent and make an offer, without the player’s club giving permission.

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