Blame it on the Celtic


It is great having big game players, those who can raise the tempo to match greater challenges, Moussa was a classic of this genre, but watching the first half on Friday, the flip side of that mentality appeared evident.  St Mirren were in a big game, and showed it, Celtic were going through the motions.  I expect normal service to resume for Rosenborg on Thursday, but we better resolve this symptom before travelling to Perth on League Cup duty.

Hearts boss, Ann Budge, must have taken the weekend off to celebrate her team being top of the league, as she has allowed video of sectarian chanting by Hearts fans leaving Fir Park on Saturday to pass without comment.  Never slow to shine a light elsewhere, if she would rather not address this festering feature when things are going so well, you can be sure it is there to stay.

On John McGinn choosing Aston Villa over Celtic………  When he made his decision I wrote that after speaking to both teams, he went to Villa because he wanted to play first team football.  Unlike reports elsewhere, he didn’t move south because Celtic would not meet his wage demands (thinking in particular of Scott McDonald flogging this on Radio Scotland).

The player gave newspaper interviews to several Scottish Sundays confirming, “Playing regularly was the biggest factor in choosing Aston Villa over Celtic, says John McGinn”, as The Herald put it.  But that doesn’t fit the narrative, so will soon be forgotten.

Don’t blame it on the football.
Don’t blame it on the career advice.
Don’t blame it on the reality.
Blame it on the Celtic.  Lots of others do.

What’s the point of Celtic?

Winter is approaching, the time when the Celtic FC Foundation does some of its most important work.  It is also the time of greatest need.  I know the challenge ahead for those who work through the Foundation.  There is enormous poverty in our own communities.

I signed up for the Great Scottish Run, which takes place in Glasgow on 30 September, in aid of the Foundation.  I have not run as far as a Half Marathon in over a year, I ran a few miles short on Saturday before giving up.  But I know what those who will be helped by the Foundation will be like in December. Some things are worth the work.

We need to do something, otherwise what’s the point of Celtic?  We both know it’s not just about football.  Work on the big winter projects is already underway, if you can help by sponsoring me, please do so here.

Thank you.


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  1. MIT


    what we need is a series of Glasgow CSI to cast a forensic eye over all the issues – first episode did R*ng*rs really die

  2. Imagine if there existed a Culture AND marketplace of 1.3 billion fans all eager to wear but broadly unaware, of the Hoops – Glasgow Celtic style.



    Well there is!



    4th January 2015 and 26th January 2015 I took a wee stroll first in Bangalore and then Chennai/Madras.



    The 26th January in particular is notable for being Republic day and streets are flooded by the fashionistas adorned in their Hoops.



    Here’s a tiny flavour of the pics I took….






    Go on PL and Club….you know it makes sense….(I’ll be happy to go out as ambassador for the venture and discuss further with my many contacts there. Economy class would be fine. Drop me an email and we’ll expedite the matter.?? )



    Hail Hail




  3. DD



    Too bad …. it would have been brilliant if it had been him.Though it would have made me reconsider any cheeky posts to him.

  4. MIT



    Hahaha. The bould ould bhoy deserves a treat for that. We should bring him to Glasgow and give him a ticket for Ibrox on 29 December;)



  5. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    who tried to hld the club to ransom?


    where do you get that information?


    Wouldn’t be the same source that told us we’d get McGinn for nothing would it?


    Same source that told us the asking price was £4M?



    You might be as gullible as a hun but don’t expect everyone to be that gullible, some of us are a bit more discerning about what is information and what is propagandised claptrap that tries to justify failure to back the manager.

  6. Just read George Peat’s comments on the BBC app….is this guy for real.This is the same “impartial”moron that was jumping up and down in the Ibrox director box when the old “rangers” scored against us in the Broody Scottish cup tie..

  7. My friends in Celtic,



    Indeed , what is a big story? What is most important?



    For many parents it will be the review into crushing, to ensure that this cannot happen again.



    Totally understandable imo.




  8. DD… give him a ticket? forget that … hand him a jersey, stick him beside Scott Brown, and tell him ‘no one gets past, got it?’..

  9. Good evening, friends.


    I assume that the Disco Lights will be making their debut this Thursday evening? Must remember to bring sunglasses.

  10. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Very happy for Ryan Mullen and the back four today. A tough ninety minutes seen out, having suffered two sore dunts against Annan and Hamilton already this season.



    Celtic forever.

  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Can there be only one big story?


    Your saying the Plc cannot deal with more than one issue at a time.


    Does not support the narrative that the Plc are as good as many on here believe.



    The crush is a big problem and the Plc are responsible for crowd control, they failed to protect the health and well being of the support on that occasions in the same way they have failed to protect the interests of Celtic shareholders.

  12. What is the Stars on



    Just in case anyone took me seriously. That was not Cork Celt chasing the gun man out of the bookies.


    Just my joke.


    Ok there are some similarities, a man from cork of advanced years who just finished a game of golf and wouldnt back down to a young pup pointing a gun at him…..but thats where the similarities end.

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Oh dear. As if by magic Peat appears out of the blue with a ten year old non-story. (Remember, the season always ends on a Thursday!).


    I guess there must be something rumbling on in the background…..

  14. Canamalar,



    Are the PLC responsible for crowd control outside the ground ? It was not the club’s decision to totally cordon off London Rd. I have also seen decisions to cancel games for crowd safety reasoning that did not come from the club.



    In all honesty I do not know, but the club are paying for an independent review that will hopefully establish the facts with a view to ensure that this cannot happen again.



    Cheers and HH.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    San Luis – “Dropping 5 points in 5 league games, does not a league title win”.



    Erm … actually it does (based on SPFL final standings over the last five seasons).



    It is early into the season with less than ideal preparation.



    Once we get into a rhythm we’ll deliver 2.3 points per game – enough to win the league.



    BTW – we dropped points in 14 matches last season.



    Now, if we match that record this season, by my reckoning, we will only have a further 12 iterations of the ‘We should’ve signed McGinn debate’ to withstand.



    Hail hail

  16. MIT



    You understood the question given your excellent answer.



    What truth have we not been told?



    Why do we need Celtic to tell us Rangers are dead , or still dead, we play against re named Sevco 2012, with their stolen stadium, with some of their stolen supporters.?



    The Scottish Football supporter is completely unanimous and most sing it at every opportunity to the Sevco’s supporters, who ‘let your club die ‘



    Scotland’s authorities pre- empted what would happen © Alex Salmond and his ‘institution’ comment



    What can one member of a League of members do?



    What can one set of supporters do?



    Finally, whats wrong with the plan that has so far outsmarted Sevco for xix years?



    a great Celtic supporting friend of mine when he was nine years old and asked by his father ‘ What do you want to do today son Celtic are away from home, but the reserves are playing ?



    I want to go and watch Celtic reserves.



    No use blaming Celtic CSC




  17. Paul67 et al



    John McGinn will be playing regularly for the next few years….


    In the Championship!

  18. What is the Stars on

    Who would win a fight between the Celtic reserves and the Reserves of cash in Peter Lawwells bank account

  19. Bhoys


    My young fella now at Stirling Uni and is looking for a lift down and back from the game on Thursday anyone help?






  20. Paul67 et al



    What strategy gives you more chance of taking money off the Bookies?


    Putting money on one of WITS’ tips or……


    Trying an armed robbery in a Cork betting shop?

  21. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    MacIntyre with his “just finally” question. As if that wasn’t what the whole interview was all about!


    And Peat just happens to have an answer to hand! To a question that came completely out of the blue!


    Doesn’t even need a few seconds to think about it!




    Thanks for that!



    I didn’t realise “tiresome” auld Peat was still alive.



    Mibbe he’s got a tax bill to pay?

  23. Re Call for fans being on the board.



    How many , who chooses them, would they be any good anyway?

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