Blame it on the Celtic


It is great having big game players, those who can raise the tempo to match greater challenges, Moussa was a classic of this genre, but watching the first half on Friday, the flip side of that mentality appeared evident.  St Mirren were in a big game, and showed it, Celtic were going through the motions.  I expect normal service to resume for Rosenborg on Thursday, but we better resolve this symptom before travelling to Perth on League Cup duty.

Hearts boss, Ann Budge, must have taken the weekend off to celebrate her team being top of the league, as she has allowed video of sectarian chanting by Hearts fans leaving Fir Park on Saturday to pass without comment.  Never slow to shine a light elsewhere, if she would rather not address this festering feature when things are going so well, you can be sure it is there to stay.

On John McGinn choosing Aston Villa over Celtic………  When he made his decision I wrote that after speaking to both teams, he went to Villa because he wanted to play first team football.  Unlike reports elsewhere, he didn’t move south because Celtic would not meet his wage demands (thinking in particular of Scott McDonald flogging this on Radio Scotland).

The player gave newspaper interviews to several Scottish Sundays confirming, “Playing regularly was the biggest factor in choosing Aston Villa over Celtic, says John McGinn”, as The Herald put it.  But that doesn’t fit the narrative, so will soon be forgotten.

Don’t blame it on the football.
Don’t blame it on the career advice.
Don’t blame it on the reality.
Blame it on the Celtic.  Lots of others do.

What’s the point of Celtic?

Winter is approaching, the time when the Celtic FC Foundation does some of its most important work.  It is also the time of greatest need.  I know the challenge ahead for those who work through the Foundation.  There is enormous poverty in our own communities.

I signed up for the Great Scottish Run, which takes place in Glasgow on 30 September, in aid of the Foundation.  I have not run as far as a Half Marathon in over a year, I ran a few miles short on Saturday before giving up.  But I know what those who will be helped by the Foundation will be like in December. Some things are worth the work.

We need to do something, otherwise what’s the point of Celtic?  We both know it’s not just about football.  Work on the big winter projects is already underway, if you can help by sponsoring me, please do so here.

Thank you.


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  1. I see a lot on here are still debating the McGinn saga,for Pete’s sake give a rest,Were we should all be complaining is the Celtic Board,who to me get a easy ride on here,I think it’s time we asked for big Changes,ie firstly think about all Celtic Supporters not just Shareholders,whom I think along with Lawell and company are the the culprits,and what questions do they actually ask at the AGM,and I know why the ordinary fans are not invited ,they would probably ask serious questions ,were the shareholders would be to scared to ask,and BADA BING,I should have choose my words carefully before posting, accept my apologies.




    Please come along, it’s a HOOT!



    You won’t be disappointed although you may think we are all young and good looking!



    Well, some of us are!




    I’m glad I at least I started off promisely.



    What is your source of information or is it anything other than your ‘superior discerning intellect’ that makes your information less rubbisher than mine.



    You don’t have a source ,just like me, its your opinion of events and you’ll stick to it, no matter what Paul67 or any other Celtic supporter with or without the knowledge posts.



    Unless you can enlighten us all?

  4. We are denied the democracy of decent journalism in scoddland, subjected to state-funded, conniving insidious guff……… and sleekit hunned-up trolls are allowed to repeatedly assert that it is the victim – Celtic….. who must bear the sole responsibility for addressing it.

  5. Given his experience of the whole Res 12 scenario, is it any wonder why Canamalar questions the suits ?


    Not to mention the transfer window . Or the disfunctional football association that we play in ?


    Or the fact that we’ve been the victims off fraud , made public in a high court but then ignored by the authorities and the media.


    If persistence doesn’t beat resistance , we are fecked .


    We won’t keep winning the league forever.

  6. PHILBHOY on 17TH SEPTEMBER 2018 8:35 PM




    There is a lot about the board I am not comfortable with too.



    The only way I can make my feelings known to the board is to boycott games and stores.



    Should I do that?





    IF YOU WANT THINGS TO CHANGE, THEN YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!










  7. Phil


    I was at the match on Friday in Paisley, will be in Paradise on Thursday and Rugby Park on Sunday. Just spent a fortune in Celtic shop Clydebank for my grandson’s birthday. I am not a boycotter of anything Celtic apart fae FTSFA cup and Hampden.



  8. The latest I have heard from Lennoxtown is that we will not be seeing Arzani,Morgan,or Okoflex,for around 3 months.They reckon thats the minimum it will take to knock the attacking ideas out of their heads.


    Karamoko,we wont see until 2025.Seems he just does not get it.


    “FFS,Sideways we said,sideways.How many times do you have to be told”.

  9. Philbhoy … no, but if there was, I would bhoycottt them. Hard to boycott the bloody internet though (no matter how much some on here might wish that i would!)






    Sadly, the average age at the CSC here is about CQN age … and less and less hoops on the street all the time. more and more englsih and italian jerseys as well as lots of Barca and Real …



    West end of the city is the old portugese area…so there is a Sporting Lisbon club and stadium here … so, sadly, most of the hoops are Sporting ones.

  10. Soupy …hands doon Jakey Baws wis the best reportorial post for a good while..



    Fairhill laddie will take it as a badge of Campells



    smiley i will stick to we are all stardust thing




  11. Tony Rome,


    Many thanks.





    Wit a wummin.The secretary we would all love to have.Oohh Matron.

  12. Have to be honest here if my dad didn’t want to go to games with me, I honestly think I would go back to watching on TV.We know its a sham but we keep hoping!

  13. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    avoiding the simple questions again,


    who gives permission for agents to find other clubs?


    who is responsible to close the deals for the managers three (we know of) selected prospects?



    These are simple but fundamental questions that allow the less gullible to reach logical conclusions.



    Only cognitive dissonance can account for denial of the conclusions when these questions are considered.


    So yes my superior discerning intellect allows me to ask myself these questions and consider them to a conclusion, however I believe most on here have that capacity but are unwilling as you have demonstrated throughout this discussion to even consider them through fear that you will probably reach the same conclusion.

  14. MIT,



    If my memory serves me correctly; did you not state a while back that you were more of an anti Sevco fan rather than a Celtic fan.?



    Apologies if I am incorrect, but even if I am correct big deal, it’s your prerogative and no hard feelings.



    HH to you.

  15. Timbhoy2- no apology necessary mate,there is some stuff on here, that rips ma knitting, i just scroll on by.HH

  16. oooooooooooo Can that Man…



    Aristotle conceives of ethical theory as a field distinct from the theoretical sciences. Its methodology must match its subject matter—good action—and must respect the fact that in this field many generalizations hold only for the most part. We study ethics in order to improve our lives, and therefore its principal concern is the nature of human well-being. Aristotle follows Socrates and Plato in taking the virtues to be central to a well-lived life. Like Plato, he regards the ethical virtues (justice, courage, temperance and so on) as complex rational, emotional and social skills. But he rejects Plato’s idea that to be completely virtuous one must acquire, through a training in the sciences, mathematics, and philosophy, an understanding of what goodness is. What we need, in order to live well, is a proper appreciation of the way in which such goods as friendship, pleasure, virtue, honor and wealth fit together as a whole. In order to apply that general understanding to particular cases, we must acquire, through proper upbringing and habits, the ability to see, on each occasion, which course of action is best supported by reasons. Therefore practical wisdom, as he conceives it, cannot be acquired solely by learning general rules. We must also acquire, through practice, those deliberative, emotional, and social skills that enable us to put our general understanding of well-being into practice in ways that are suitable to each occasion



    smiley come on the hoops thing ..




  17. You should have ended that post with,you cant handle the truth. And then went to bed it must be lateeeeee last nigggght where you are.

  18. DD



    How else do we make our voices heard?



    Don’t answer that now as I am logging off for the night.



    Will definitely have a chat at the HOOT!



    Take care and God bless all on this site and those in need wherever they are.

  19. Fair old ding dong on here tonight, or should that be ding ding.??


    Pistols drawn at dawn.


    Ffs, we drew a game, let’s see what thursday brings.


    NEGANON…. It would be good to meet you again, the last time was CQN10.

  20. Posted by @SimonC0yle



    See this George Peat sh**e put out by Rangers via @bbckennymac… it’s a Traynor squirrel… Kenny’s su**ing off Jabba to hide summit they don’t want anyone to see. Eyes open troops and boycott that tripe @BBCSportsound ?

  21. Green Pinata



    I cant remember the exact words, but something along those lines… I thought I said that I got more enjoyment out of sevco losing than Celtic winning now … something like that.



    and I think I would have said something like the fans were (including most of those on CQN) are what makes Celtic special… and why I continue to haunt CQN …



    If at some point, Celtc stands up for something, then I would reconsider my position on Celtic…



    and if the Celtic fans continue with the ‘go along to get along’ position, then I would similarly reconsider my position on Celtic fans … I think the fans are in danger of losing that ineffable quality that made them special….



    not as if anyone really cares what I think….



    and before the mods get involved… that was INEFFABLE … not an f’able … quality

  22. Fairhill bhoy …



    come on now you were in Sinatra land and …well ye ken ,,,you and soupy were posting …and soupy retorted …



    smiley have you forgotten?



    smiley my uncles that were picking berries in Blairgowrie thing



    Jakie Baws wis a compliment efter 3 weeks pooing rasps and nicking Salmon fae the esk ..




  23. Isn’t it funny though when @TheClumpany asked @bbckennymac to discuss @theoffshoregame report a while back and he said it wasn’t worthy of discussion yet something so trivial like this he’s all over it ?

  24. NB-I remember calling him a smart arse!Not really that bone crushing was it?But your pal jumped in???

  25. NB


    It is mainly my mob fae Polska that are Blairgowrie berry pickers noo. Post brexit, will the berries pick themselves? ?



  26. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I think a more fundamental issue with ethics is the distinction between the teleological and deontological perspectives which address a persons ethical outlook rather than the educational aspects while improving the potential for understanding of the ethical dilemmas does not necessarily lead to good ethical behaviour, so on this I agree with Socrates. Where I disagree with Socrates is his inclusion of wealth as opposed to lack of poverty. However I must also agree with him on the skills that should be put into practice but the fundamental difference between teleologiclal and deontological can be influence by a variety of influences such as culture, environment and up bringing. This discussion has considerable baring on the current dilemmas faced by the Plc since on the one hand Res12 supports the deontological perspective that there are rules that support honour and integrity while the Plc appear to support the teleological perspective that the end justifies the means and that rules can be manipulated as long as the right outcome is achieved. The problem for me is we do not know what the Plc consider to be the right outcome.

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