Blame it on the Celtic


It is great having big game players, those who can raise the tempo to match greater challenges, Moussa was a classic of this genre, but watching the first half on Friday, the flip side of that mentality appeared evident.  St Mirren were in a big game, and showed it, Celtic were going through the motions.  I expect normal service to resume for Rosenborg on Thursday, but we better resolve this symptom before travelling to Perth on League Cup duty.

Hearts boss, Ann Budge, must have taken the weekend off to celebrate her team being top of the league, as she has allowed video of sectarian chanting by Hearts fans leaving Fir Park on Saturday to pass without comment.  Never slow to shine a light elsewhere, if she would rather not address this festering feature when things are going so well, you can be sure it is there to stay.

On John McGinn choosing Aston Villa over Celtic………  When he made his decision I wrote that after speaking to both teams, he went to Villa because he wanted to play first team football.  Unlike reports elsewhere, he didn’t move south because Celtic would not meet his wage demands (thinking in particular of Scott McDonald flogging this on Radio Scotland).

The player gave newspaper interviews to several Scottish Sundays confirming, “Playing regularly was the biggest factor in choosing Aston Villa over Celtic, says John McGinn”, as The Herald put it.  But that doesn’t fit the narrative, so will soon be forgotten.

Don’t blame it on the football.
Don’t blame it on the career advice.
Don’t blame it on the reality.
Blame it on the Celtic.  Lots of others do.

What’s the point of Celtic?

Winter is approaching, the time when the Celtic FC Foundation does some of its most important work.  It is also the time of greatest need.  I know the challenge ahead for those who work through the Foundation.  There is enormous poverty in our own communities.

I signed up for the Great Scottish Run, which takes place in Glasgow on 30 September, in aid of the Foundation.  I have not run as far as a Half Marathon in over a year, I ran a few miles short on Saturday before giving up.  But I know what those who will be helped by the Foundation will be like in December. Some things are worth the work.

We need to do something, otherwise what’s the point of Celtic?  We both know it’s not just about football.  Work on the big winter projects is already underway, if you can help by sponsoring me, please do so here.

Thank you.


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  1. AngelGabriel


    Canny wait to see Gerry Cinnamon in Melk Weg Amsterdam 18th January. Gonnae be a belter! ;)

  2. Fairhill bhoy …i didnae follow the whole sanskrit ….but the Jakey Baws retort smacked my good self 50 years in reverse ….



    as to Philosophy …that is what catches braw folk unawares …hahahaha



    ps Canamalar is a braw braw laddie




  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    yer right its late and I’ve got to get up at the crack of noon

  4. Delanys …I hope yer luggie is aye foo …and nae bugger nicks yer big bucket!


    hope your doing brawily ..






    ps …nae peeing in yer bucket at the weigh in …



    smiley Strathmore valley thing ..




  5. GreenP



    my attitude is the argument is what is important… not who makes it ….. so, on here, this whole ‘he must be a hun’ thing …. doesn’t mean anything to me … if someone’s point is right, it is right … and being a zombie fan, doesn’t necessarily make it wrong, anymore than being a Celtic fan necessarily makes an opinion right …

  6. Canamalar@9:26



    Deontological ethics?



    We might need to rename you Kantamalar




  7. Fairhill bhoy @9:38 …



    as the next poster, I resent that!



    I know I have put on a bit of weight, but that was just uncalled for!




  8. Can my Man …before we lose our audience of two wee Greeks …



    A common complaint about Jock Stein.s attempt to defend his conception of Celtic is that his argument is too general to show that it is in one’s interest to possess any of the particular virtues as they are traditionally conceived.


    Suppose we grant, at least for the sake of argument, that doing anything well, including living well, consists in exercising certain skills; and let us call these skills, whatever they turn out to be, virtues. wee Jimmy and Bobby


    Even so, that point does not by itself allow us to infer that such qualities as temperance, justice, courage, as they are normally understood, are virtues. They should be counted as virtues only if it can be shown that actualizing precisely these skills is what happiness consists in.


    What Jock Stein owes us, then, is an account of these traditional qualities that explains why they must play a central role in any well-lived life.



    smiley keep on keeping on my friend thing




  9. There are lots of negative comments after friday’s result.


    I believe we can still win this league.


    The people who run our club have decided that they would rather have money in the bank than spend it on the team.


    So the die is cast. We go with what we have.


    There are some of our supporters who accept this approach. The “why spend for the sake of spending” brigade.


    The warning signs were there last season. We failed to score in 8 league games and scored 1 goal in a further 8 games.


    We are 5 games into the new season and things look tight. We have won our home games and so have sevco.


    We have 1 point and no goals from our 2 away games and sevco have 2 draws and 1 defeat from their 3 away games.


    So it looks like this will be close.


    The games against sevco will be crucial.


    The referees and the cheating authorities will of course do everything they can to help sevco .


    The league title this season and 10 in a row should have been a foregone conclusion. But things have changed.


    Be positive.


    We can still win this league.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I wonder if any “prominent clubs” asked the authorities FOR an extension to the season. Or did they just decide by themselves?

  11. well roonded puggy …and the lum has a steady supply of ither (bad) folks coal…



    smiley take care thing




  12. Canamalar @ 8.56



    Sorry, more assumptions than fact, its all made up stuff from the internet and I’d bet you were blaming a CEO ( who ever he is ) before your superior intellect has even had time to reach its conclusion.



    Staying with John McGinn only , the rest of the window makes life too short. for ‘gullibles’ like me, Brendan Rodgers version of events, is ‘factual’, and he has been briefed by Christopher McKay and darling Peter in relation to affordable Celtic fee, and Celtic salary.



    Of course Brendan Rodgers public interviews suggested he would have paid more but in the end like all mere mortals, it wasn’t up to him, or us how much the only factual ‘hun’ in this sad story, would get.



    Lets hope for our sake that Brendan hasn’t fallen out with Peter as much as you already had before Peter’s latest ‘screw up’




  13. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    While I agree with your conclusion I do not consider happiness an important factor, happiness can be derived from other people misery. We should also consider that virtues are not necessary components of happiness, satisfaction maybe but not happiness. Therefore I suggest if we replace happiness with satisfaction then your argument is better supported.



    The sad thing in my opinion is that the culture in which Jock Stein lived and the current culture are a million miles from apart, it would be interesting to have his opinion on today’s Celtic operating as a Plc compared to what he worked with, I suspect he would have mixed feelings such that he would be impressed with the professionalism surrounding the club but disappointed with the relegation of the team as secondary to the balance book and the long gone and over used platitude of his immortal words, football would be nothing without the fans.



    time for baw baws


    hail hail

  14. If only I had the intellect, I too could become as full of rage and venom at my club and it’s stupid supporters obvious lack of intelligence, I could feel morally superior to those beneath me and seethe till my eyes and ears bleed as they refuse to listen, fortunately I’m not and I don’t, I get my kicks watching the team, difficult to understand for some but not for the vast majority of fans. Some of you really need to get out more.

  15. MIT


    My son Ryan was asking after you last week. He likes your attitude having met you. His inquiry about you was,”Are you still in touch wi that mad lawyer fae Canada who came to Glasgow, went to Celtic Park and refused a free ticket to watch the match? Nice big gentleman though.”



  16. Watched Paddy McCourt interview with Si Ferry. Very interesting. Mostly for the revaluation about how he was signed. Dermot Desmond was told about him by a pal, just as Paddy was about to sign for West Brom.



    DD got him signed up and Paddy said Gordon Stachan knew nothing about him when he turned up for pre season.



    No mention of Pistol Pete. Kind of makes me wonder if all the stories about PL being de facto director of football are a bit off the mark.



    Worth a look. It’s on YouTube. Some good stories about the dressing room, Mowbray and a lot more honest and open than I’m sure some of those referenced would be happy with! Not least the ex Jambo player and manager who managed Derry city and was nicknamed ‘sh1te the bus’!

  17. Kamalar….



    smiley state of non satisfaction thing



    may your volvo protect you …



    big smiley thing ..





  18. Father Jack @ 8:36 pm



    “I know most of you don’t agree with anything Neg or Canamalar says, but they are making you think, if not on a conscious level, sub conscious for sure.




    If it’s affecting us at a sub-conscious level, how can anyone be sure?



    Are we moving beyond reading body language now and we are interpreting thought waves?

  19. DD



    I remember Ryan well….. thought he was a really nice kid. That was a fun night ….although I still have nightmares about auldtim (have I got the blog name right?) and his stories about the gay disco bar across the road.



    Pass along my regards.




  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    whats made up?


    I asked three questions and I gave you my thought process when addressing those questions.



    As yet you have not addressed any of those question just offered glib statements about opinions and babbling on about McGinn a player BR stated he wanted at the end of last season. The CEO had months to secure him but was not prepared to negotiate played hardball, then became complacent and the manager lost his number one target. A bit more persistence in negotiation as opposed to the stupid we’ll get him for free, its unlikely your “factual” nonsense about fee and salary were an issue as there was no issue matching AV’s offer.


    The one you keep avoiding though is that BR was raging that two of his best players both of which he had discussed in public as fundamental to his plans were given permission to find other clubs. And this is where the cognitive dissonance shines bright like a diamond :)

  21. MIT


    He remembers you because his uncle Michael died prematurely in Toronto about the time of your visit. His beard is catching up with VFR’s in the ZZ Top look. Ryan Red Beard his work nickname. Great kid.



  22. celticrollercoaster on

    ****Last Man Standing 11 update****



    Good evening folks



    Thank you for the 60 entrants that have registered for our fantastic Last Man Standing competition which starts Saturday 29th September 2018. You should each have received 2 emails detailing the rules and payment details.



    The fixtures will be issued later in the week.



    If you have not received any emails, then you are not currently registered, so please send us an email to cqnpredictor@ gmail.com-Right email addy this time, Thanks to all 60 entrants for pointing this out to us :-).



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    We are still open for nominations for our Seville benefactor, so please let us know your thoughts









    ps 67 entrants and someone will benefit for a free go!

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bit of noise earlier re Peat’s 2008 comments today.



    Before I turn in I thought it might be useful to post a few FACTS. (BTW – showing my age but I remember clearly posting similar more than 10 years ago)



    1. The league season WAS extended



    2. The CEO of the SFA was willing to unilaterally move the date of the Scottish Cup Final without consulting the other finalists – Queen of the South



    3. Rangers arranged for their December SPL fixture against Gretna to be postponed to allow more time to prepare for a home CL game against Lyon. ( They needn’t have bothered, the match finished 0-3).



    4. The above is the key fact – at this point, Rangers calendar was already under pressure as a result of an earlier SPL fixture against St Mirren being postponed



    5. Rangers schedule was further compounded by the need for replays in both the fifth round and the quarter final of the Scottish Cup



    6. On 19 May, a clearly tired Rangers played their second match in three days – the previously postponed fixture against St Mirren (Chairman S. Gilmour). Stewart’s team fought hard, keeping Rangers at bay for three minutes before Boyd scored.

  24. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    its really a waste of sleep time, use some toilet paper and wipe yer mouth, its the same old same old, mind reading and gullible adherence to a party line that has less evidence to support, than you accuse the dissidents of.


    So I’ll bid the blog good night and god bless


    hail hail

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