Blame King and Murray board for approving Whyte, not SFA


There’s an industry of deliberate misunderstanding in Scottish football (and on the pages of CQN).  One of the last vestiges of this is the SFA’s fabled Fit and Proper Test.  There is no test, never has been a test and in all likelihood, never will be a test.  It was almost certainly a figment of some under-informed journalist, who provided the concept enough currency for it to endure in the imagination, despite many, many, people explaining reality.

To be a director of a football club you need to be Fit and Proper, you do not sit or pass a test.

It’s a bit like:

To do a job you need to speak English, you do not sit or pass an English language test.

If you accept the above job assuring your employer you can speak English, and you can’t, you are likely to be fired.

If you accept a job as a director of a football club, assuring the SFA you are Fit and Proper, and you aren’t, the SFA will ban you from football and discipline the club for failing to ensure a director was Fit and Proper before appointment.

This morning the incessant campaign continues to throw reputational damage on anyone who would be inclined to point out that Dave King contravenes the eligibility rules on becoming a football club director.  This is different from being Fit and Proper, which is a subjective assessment, Mr King is simply ineligible.

The reasons for his ineligibility (he was a director of a football club which was liquidated within the last 5 years), and other matters, most notably, his 41 convictions for breaking the tax law in South Africa, and the blame laid at his door by the SPL’s Lord Nimmo-Smith report, make up material reason why the SFA may consider him not Fit and Proper to run a football club.

After targeting Peter Lawwell yesterday, the campaign today turns direct to the SFA, who are accused of allowing Craig Whyte to “bluff his way through the Hampden [non-existent] ‘test’ by simply filling out an official SFA form”.

As should be patently obvious to anyone with a dozen or more brain cells, the SFA form is neither a ‘test’ nor a certification of appropriateness from the SFA.

The obligation to ensure a football club appoints Fit and Proper directors lies with that club’s board.  If the board fail in their duty to the game, the club is liable to sanction from the SFA.

So who was on the board which appointed Craig Whyte as a director of Rangers?

Our emerging heroes, the men who chased away the billionaire, Dave King and Paul Murray.  As non-executive directors of Rangers they had a responsibility to the club’s stakeholders that their interests were being protected.

The Institute of Directors factsheet on the role of non-execs quotes the Cadbury Report, saying they “should bring an independent judgement to bear on issues of strategy, performance and resources including key appointments and standards of conduct.”

It was the Rangers board’s responsibility to instruct the necessary checks on Craig Whyte’s appropriateness to be a director of the club.  They either failed to do this, or if they did, failed to act on the information, or withdraw their names from the club’s register of directors.

Sir David Murray may have controlled the majority of shares, but as recent boardroom events at newco demonstrate, there is a great deal non-execs, when in a majority on the board, can do to inhibit major shareholders if they believe the interests of other stakeholders are being jeopardised.

Non-execs are not there to wear the blazer and attend supporters’ events, they are the eyes and ears of the supporters, shareholders, employees and creditors who are not privy to the inner workings of the club.  In this respect, Mr King and Mr P. Murray failed Rangers on a cataclysmic level.

They are, in every respect possible, perfect for the job of running newco.  My prediction (no inside info) is the SFA will fold under sustained media pressure, set aside their ineligibility rules and allow Mr King and Mr P. Murray to work their magic one more time.

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  1. Shuggiebhoy67 on

    I have also watched the Ronny lecture in it`s entirety,and things slowly dawned on me as to why his staff includes guys like John Collins,(slagged off on this site for being a “fitness freak”,”show me yer six-pack and I`ll show ye mine”),yet here we have one of the first Scottish footballers to adopt the regimes so common in almost every other sport with regards to diet and physical fitness when he moved to France,an alien concept it seems in Scottish football when you think back to the start of the season and Kris Commons apparent indulgence in “fizzy drinks”and fast food,I remember the Monster Munch Mob over at Snake Mountain costing PLG his stint when he tried to instill a similar regime,don`t think Ronny will be a casualty to that mindset as he seems to have shown that the “Proof is in the Pudding” no pun intended!





  2. Prediction time.


    Guidetti will get a warning about future conduct but panel will shy away from saying anything definite about Huns, deid or otherwise.



    There will be no decision about King until the season is over. And possibly not until the marching season is over…….. Does it ever end ?



    Robbie Neilsen voted manager of the year because Rony only won 2 trophies out of the 5 that he could have won.



    Peter Lawell suspended from Sfa Professional Game Board when heard to use the term


    ” sporting integrity”.



    Auldheid will be charged under OBF for being methodical and resourceful in an extremely provocative manner.

  3. In this respect, Mr King and Mr P. Murray failed Rangers on a catachismic level.







    i blame non catholic schools

  4. I loved the Ronny video, highlight of the day so far.



    In an athletic setting (such as a football club) his methods concerning long-term player development are bound to bear fruit, and the key is that he is given the time for that to happen.



    A great example is the Irish Rugby Football Union. You can get on their website and check out the long-term player development (LTPD) concept that they follow – a lot of similarities with what Ronny is saying.



    The proof of success is clear. 10 – 12 years ago Ireland were plucky competitors with the odd big result, but those big results were the exception, not the norm.



    Fast-forward a decade and they are one of international rugby’s superpowers, established as a world top 5 side with their stronger regions competing regularly at the top of European competition. Their LTPD strategy is working. They could have chucked it in the early days, when there weren’t that many encouraging signs, but they stuck with it.



    But the key is, it took time. It might take Ronny some time as well. So far, to me at least, the signs are very encouraging.



    Can’t wait for Friday night!




    Thanks for the reply.



    Thought it might have been the ‘Marine.’



    Daughter has a week-end job there. You might have seen her. Tall, reddish-blond hair and named Erica.




  6. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Just had a letter from my bank informing me that if I earn £15000 or less I can have my interest paid gross on savings & current accounts.



    In case you didnae know.

  7. glendalystonsils on




    I’ll send my hun mates the ANFO recipe. They’re useless wi petrol as they proved.



    Their mistake was storing their incendiary devices in the luggage hold of that shiny new Sevco superbus.

  8. If the SFA weren’t stricked enough with whyte during his F+P test you would think the huns would welcome them being more on the ball when the next chancer came calling seeing how whyte turned out for them :-)


    Let him in he’s not the lying king for nothing HH

  9. glendalystonsils on

    Think I must be losing the plot. Was watching the Ronny lecture and went to turn up the volume because I couldn’t hear it properly!

  10. Bhoys



    In answer to your questions re Blair Spittal his auld man played with a few teams Partick , Stranraer , Clyde and a few of the better Junior teams . If anyone can remember the Clyde player that went blind in one eye in the shower after training one night that was his Dad. He stayed in Shawlands when I worked with him .




  11. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I think the Ronny YouTube should be removed immediately………before other clubs’ Boards see it !

  12. Just had Hospital on phone Mam in for 6wks.


    Ps No better two to be running Sevco.


    maybe they will bring sleekit ooooooot the garden as manager



  13. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on




    Sorry for being tardy but had to take a walk.



    Second Chamber



    But if we set aside the hereditary anachronism you believe that the governing political party appointing is the best route to achieving a good standard of non-party revisers of good ability for the most effective second chamber?




  14. Catman



    If ever we meet I will tell you a cracking story about when Ian was playing for Partick and Bertie was the manager , too many swearies for the blog .




  15. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I think Ronny has the right philosophy not only for football but for life it is not easy to follow but with practice you get an understanding.I think we have hired a fine young manager who can take Celtic far but we must remember he is learning on the job Celtic are huge compared to his last club so he needs time and our support.I feel we can look forward to good things over the next few seasons. H.H.

  16. Jungle Jim



    Agree and Disagree. I will be shocked if Dodgy Dave is knocked back. The media are basically saying Whyte got in so let our man in.


    I don;t really care about them. If we keep the distance in quality between us and the Zombies as it is now we will never have anything to worry about. Let them keep their tainted titles. I have moved on. It is about improving the game going forward, refereeing, administration, PR, sponsorship, fans task force (across all Scottish clubs) to provide feedback to SFA & SPFL and vote on certain improvements, TV deal(s), etc.


    Looking backwards is a waste of time. I am over it.


    Let’s move forward.


    Had a really positive slant on things after ‘reading’ Ronny’s presentation.








    13:30 on 28 April, 2015





    Can’t say I did, though the staff were all excellent, I thought.





    Poor excuse for not giving the lass a tip.

  18. West End of East End on

    LiviBhoy – Good post, agree on everything you say above but get your tin hat on….

  19. West End of East End





    Tin hat is on and secured.



    Sometimes you just think you know what let’s move on here and move forward. I was inspired by our gaffers words.


    Let’s look forward and improve and change. Leave the cretins to themselves. There are authorities and people in place to deal with them but it should not be our focus and discussion points daily.


    We have had an insight into our gaffer today and the focus is Rangers/Sevco/Zombies whatever your name for them is. Forget that and let’s concentrate on Celtic.



    Tin hat still on…..




  20. Great to see that many, if not most, certainly not all, of our support have accepted that the appointment of Ronny D was an inspired selection. (Dons tin hat)


    He is bringing a professional approach to man management and player development.


    I have never understood how professional footballers with a very short window of opportunity, couldn’t dedicate their time to be as fit as they could possibly be.


    The drinking culture of Scottish football needs to become a thing of the past.


    Players need to be educated to become professionals on and off the park. I know that John Cushley, God bless his memory, had implemented an educational program for the youngsters. Hopefully this has been extended to all levels to educate players on fitness, diet, social responsibilities and mangling their wealth and personal lives.

  21. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    the Non Dom Zom is probably sacrificing all manner of goat and wildebeest that he does get turned down by the SFA- that way he gets to hold onto his money a bit longer.



    The thought of actually having to use all the Kruger rand he squirelled away from the taxman on patchin’ the holes in the ole Death Star will be givin’ him mair nightmares than a thick wedge of the ole Stinkin’ Bishop.

  22. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC)



    13:43 on 28 April, 2015



    As I understand it the appointments system is a bit more involved than the PM of the day putting names forward.



    It seems to work as a revising chamber.



    If you ever watch proceedings the standard of debate and discussion is higher than in the Commons. And it makes Holyrood look like a chimpanzees tea party.

  23. Very impressed with the Ronny lecture, especially the part where he points out the players in the photo and gives a bit of background. Not going to question his signings.

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