Blame King and Murray board for approving Whyte, not SFA


There’s an industry of deliberate misunderstanding in Scottish football (and on the pages of CQN).  One of the last vestiges of this is the SFA’s fabled Fit and Proper Test.  There is no test, never has been a test and in all likelihood, never will be a test.  It was almost certainly a figment of some under-informed journalist, who provided the concept enough currency for it to endure in the imagination, despite many, many, people explaining reality.

To be a director of a football club you need to be Fit and Proper, you do not sit or pass a test.

It’s a bit like:

To do a job you need to speak English, you do not sit or pass an English language test.

If you accept the above job assuring your employer you can speak English, and you can’t, you are likely to be fired.

If you accept a job as a director of a football club, assuring the SFA you are Fit and Proper, and you aren’t, the SFA will ban you from football and discipline the club for failing to ensure a director was Fit and Proper before appointment.

This morning the incessant campaign continues to throw reputational damage on anyone who would be inclined to point out that Dave King contravenes the eligibility rules on becoming a football club director.  This is different from being Fit and Proper, which is a subjective assessment, Mr King is simply ineligible.

The reasons for his ineligibility (he was a director of a football club which was liquidated within the last 5 years), and other matters, most notably, his 41 convictions for breaking the tax law in South Africa, and the blame laid at his door by the SPL’s Lord Nimmo-Smith report, make up material reason why the SFA may consider him not Fit and Proper to run a football club.

After targeting Peter Lawwell yesterday, the campaign today turns direct to the SFA, who are accused of allowing Craig Whyte to “bluff his way through the Hampden [non-existent] ‘test’ by simply filling out an official SFA form”.

As should be patently obvious to anyone with a dozen or more brain cells, the SFA form is neither a ‘test’ nor a certification of appropriateness from the SFA.

The obligation to ensure a football club appoints Fit and Proper directors lies with that club’s board.  If the board fail in their duty to the game, the club is liable to sanction from the SFA.

So who was on the board which appointed Craig Whyte as a director of Rangers?

Our emerging heroes, the men who chased away the billionaire, Dave King and Paul Murray.  As non-executive directors of Rangers they had a responsibility to the club’s stakeholders that their interests were being protected.

The Institute of Directors factsheet on the role of non-execs quotes the Cadbury Report, saying they “should bring an independent judgement to bear on issues of strategy, performance and resources including key appointments and standards of conduct.”

It was the Rangers board’s responsibility to instruct the necessary checks on Craig Whyte’s appropriateness to be a director of the club.  They either failed to do this, or if they did, failed to act on the information, or withdraw their names from the club’s register of directors.

Sir David Murray may have controlled the majority of shares, but as recent boardroom events at newco demonstrate, there is a great deal non-execs, when in a majority on the board, can do to inhibit major shareholders if they believe the interests of other stakeholders are being jeopardised.

Non-execs are not there to wear the blazer and attend supporters’ events, they are the eyes and ears of the supporters, shareholders, employees and creditors who are not privy to the inner workings of the club.  In this respect, Mr King and Mr P. Murray failed Rangers on a cataclysmic level.

They are, in every respect possible, perfect for the job of running newco.  My prediction (no inside info) is the SFA will fold under sustained media pressure, set aside their ineligibility rules and allow Mr King and Mr P. Murray to work their magic one more time.

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  1. JJ



    Cheers Jim. The problem comes with the likes of the impending game against Aberdeen at Pittodrie. It’s now evident that this could be the title decider and my phone has been rid hoat with requests for tickets.



    I have two but can’t use them because I have another commitment that day. However, I’ll be giving the two tickets to the guy who helps me to help others so often when they’re looking for tickets.



    That seems fair to me.





    Nae bother,mate. I understand that.



    Personally I despise them and would happily throw them an anchor if they were drowning. I am quite sure you have no love for them either.




  3. HT



    I also agree that the fairest way is the current one, just annoyed that 11 games wasn’t enough for a ST Johnstone ticket :)



    Before my son was born I went home and away to all games I could. I had to give up my season ticket as my wife worked weekends and I was going to be looking after my son so wouldn’t have got to the games. Not going to all the games was a nightmare, I’m not a good watcher of games on TV or internet streams!



    Once he was old enough I started to take him to games and then bought us both half season tickets, over time I started to take him to away games and now we try and go to every away game that we can buy tickets for. Our offers are increasing and as we go to more games I know eventually we’ll start to get offers for some of the grounds where we don’t get a large allocation like the Sheep etc.



    We didn’t get tickets for Dens for the 1st game of the season but did get an offer for the Scottish Cup which we took and we also got an offer for last Wednesday which we took.





    In those circumstances,two tickets for a potential biggie,you won’t please everyone.



    Especially my two sisters!



    A First Communion is more important than a 46th title.

  5. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox 08:24 on 28 April, 2015



    For anybody that missed the night shift link, I will bump this again



    Ronny Deila sub-titled lecture



    Wonder if RD ever tries to explain Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to Leigh Griffiths and where Tunnock’s teacakes exist in this hierarchy





    Now SFTB, I don’t think you paid attention to Ronny’s lecture – because he covered that. :o)))))



    Not teacakes specifically, but he did say that when you come from a culture (African is the one he used) where basic needs are not taken for granted, then you cannot develop that player until you address that basic need.



    I think Leigh sees the teacakes as his basic need :o)



    Did you see the POTY vid on Celtic TV – funny stuff.



    The camera kept returning to Leigh Griffiths who said nothing, but was holding a Tunnocks teacake four/six pack. He eventually just ripped it open and munched one.



    MaslowwasaTim CSC

  6. Geordie Munro on




    Kevin Bridges at the hydro please. Preferably a Friday or Saturday night. Cheers in advance x

  7. Hamiltontim


    15:46 on


    28 April, 2015



    Attendance record works fine just now because there’s not much demand at the start of the season, so most people that want a ticket can get one and build up a record.



    In seasons where demand has been higher there’s a random ballot for the first few games and some but not many miss out. If an attendance element is then taken into account, they miss out but through chance rather than any lack of enthusiasm.



    Personally I never thought it fair that CSC’s had a far better chance of getting tickets than normal punters but that’s they way it worked.



    TBH though I was talking more in pure terms than practical ones. That’s why I also stated that keeping everybody happy is impossible. I’ve been in the firing line from guys demanding tickets having been to every away game only for them to reveal after 5 minutes shouting at you that not one of the tickets was got via the official route. They still feel entitled though.

  8. West end of East end. As ever with this saga we are told how complicated everything is when I’m fact it is simple. In any nor,Al world neither would even attempt to get on the board. But in Scotland the are lionised and encouraged and rules are not for the hun.



    Yet so many of you remain in denial of a conspiracy or of Scotlands shame (it’s no longer even secret).



    It’s a strange ole world.

  9. Livibhoy



    Aye I may well do that if need be :) but hopefully I can get 2 for me and the wee man in the Celtic end



    May well be that if the league is won that there will be lots of spares anyway.

  10. themaestro72



    15:55 on 28 April, 2015





    Them 2 have impressed me more than i thought they would.



    Sadly GMS looks twice the player young forrest is so thats why i would let forrest go.



    Dunno if theres anymore spl players i would bring in.. maybe rooney as a cheap option to beef up attack as their is good chance stokes..guidetti..pukki.. scepovic will all be gone. Leaving only griffiths.



    Anyway bed time down under



    Up the tic

  11. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Ah, the problems of the ticket tout!!





    If Primark are doing two for one, you have a buyer for the spare!!


    Cheerio for now,




  12. glendalystonsils on

    Geordie Munro


    15:34 on


    28 April, 2015





    I hate that duck.



    Cuddles csc



    Give that duck his due……………he is a very good ventriloquist.

  13. Hamiltontim



    Totally agree. Must give tickets to the faithful.


    Scottishleaf looks to have got a raw deal here.




  14. !!Bada Bing!!



    I have in the last hour been asked to fly to Essex for work on Thursday returning on Friday at around 5pm so I won;t be able to make Friday.


    I was hoping to make it. I want to take the wee man one more time before the season ends.




  15. BMCUWP



    I used to hate them. I don;t now. They are irrelevant.


    Their fans are a horrible bunch but I blame the schools! ;-)




  16. West End of East End on

    Neganon2- Yet so many of you remain in denial of a conspiracy or of Scotlands shame (it’s no longer even secret).



    No ones in denial, I was only pointing out to you that the rules are not black and white (as you stated ) and that there’s room for discretion, but as per usual you are right and know what the rest of us are thinking….

  17. foghorn leghorn on

    the club put less tickets into the season ticket holders ballot for perth than they usually do.



    they have kept more back in case it can be a league winning game so the players, ticket office staff, fat cats and general hangers-on can get more tickets






    (Note:- use of the word FACT does not add any authenticity to my statement, even though it is capitalized, but i bet im right)

  18. Hi Paul67,



    “If you accept a job as a director of a football club, assuring the SFA you are Fit and Proper, and you aren’t, the SFA will ban you from football and discipline the club for failing to ensure a director was Fit and Proper before appointment.



    Salient point there.



    Why would you have to ask someone else if you’re fit and proper to take a position?



    Especially if that is a senior position in the Company. If you don’t know what the criteria is, how can you be responsible for employing someone who fits it?



    Any way to the point, some think he’ll make it, some think he won’t.



    Here’s what I think, if he can convince the SFA he has the money and he can convince them he’s going to invest the money in “The Rangers” he will pass.



    If he comes up short on that front he’ll fail.



    Follow Follow the money!



    Hail Hail

  19. interesting insight From Ronny Deila,hope youz dont mind the repost :-)



    setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox


    08:24 on


    28 April, 2015


    For anybody that missed the night shift link, I will bump this again



    Ronny Deila sub-titled lecture



    Wonder if RD ever tries to explain Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to Leigh Griffiths and where Tunnock’s teacakes exist in this hierarchy.




  20. glendalystonsils on

    The SFA want a strong Rangers back at the top, preferably somewhere ahead of us.


    As long as the applicant has the readies to achieve this, they won’t care if it’s the GSL,


    Adolf Hitler or Auld Nick himself , IMO.

  21. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Aftrenoon All.



    The Ronny Video.



    Did anyone notice that in the pyramid of goals and startegies that was on the screen behind Ronny one of the words that made up that pyramid was “Humour”.



    He makes it plain in his speech that he, as a manager, has to be concerned about what is happening at home with his players, are they worried, under stress and so on.



    He clearly feels that he has to make his charges feel important, secure and wanted.



    He also stresses that he really works on how he addresses people, the words he uses, the way he phrases a question with the intention of provoking a positive answer and response.



    However, unspoken but clearly in his pyramid is the word “humour” and I think that is brilliant.



    I will openly admit that I was really sceptical when he arrived and could not for the life of me believe the performances against Legia and said so on here.



    Now, we are a far better team and have a far better tempo, shape and confidence about us.



    We are far from perfect and can certainly be better but if Ronny D can deliver like he did in Norway on the basis of that management style and ethos then we really could be on to something with him.



    Notice how he said he was prepared to work with young untested players or players who had failed elsewhere and how some of the former clubs of those players regretted letting them go?



    It will be interesting to see who comes and goes in the summer. The video also seems to suggest that he will have a big big say on that.






    You highlighted the transformation of the Irish Rugby team a few pages back.



    An Irish pal of mine who closely follows such things pointed out to me that the Rugby people in Ireland had something in common with the British Rowing and Cycling teams in terms of management.



    Apparently all three have been into the schools at an early age and sought out the kids that are athletes irrespective of which sport they favour.



    They take the athletic kids that are willing to come and then teach them the rudiments of the sport, improve their playing skills, tactical decision making, and engage them fully in the sport.



    But they get the kids early doors.

  22. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    If the SFA didn’t want King coming in, why did they prevent Ashley from increasing his stake…..???

  23. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I don’t think that James Forrest will leave at the end of the season….and I hope he doesn’t.



    I reckon Ronny sees him as a project. inasmuch as he has previously stated that it is not his fitness he is working on, but rather to maintain that fitness in consecutive games.



    The arrival of GMS should benefit both players.


    They are both explosive, creative and instinctive players and are more liable to have form dips.



    To have two lads that can bring that component to the team is invaluable and means that injury to one does not leave us exposed(no joke intended).



    Furthermore, I see Kris Commons taking on more of a mentor role to the younger players and his first team appearances will be more from the bench. He will probably start on his coaching badges and be involved with the development squad.



    I asked yesterday why did it matter to us which conman was running the Ibrox outfit.



    The only concern is with the SFA, who must be brought to heel.



    I think we should boycott this year’s Cup Final. That’ll show ’em!

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