Blame King and Murray board for approving Whyte, not SFA


There’s an industry of deliberate misunderstanding in Scottish football (and on the pages of CQN).  One of the last vestiges of this is the SFA’s fabled Fit and Proper Test.  There is no test, never has been a test and in all likelihood, never will be a test.  It was almost certainly a figment of some under-informed journalist, who provided the concept enough currency for it to endure in the imagination, despite many, many, people explaining reality.

To be a director of a football club you need to be Fit and Proper, you do not sit or pass a test.

It’s a bit like:

To do a job you need to speak English, you do not sit or pass an English language test.

If you accept the above job assuring your employer you can speak English, and you can’t, you are likely to be fired.

If you accept a job as a director of a football club, assuring the SFA you are Fit and Proper, and you aren’t, the SFA will ban you from football and discipline the club for failing to ensure a director was Fit and Proper before appointment.

This morning the incessant campaign continues to throw reputational damage on anyone who would be inclined to point out that Dave King contravenes the eligibility rules on becoming a football club director.  This is different from being Fit and Proper, which is a subjective assessment, Mr King is simply ineligible.

The reasons for his ineligibility (he was a director of a football club which was liquidated within the last 5 years), and other matters, most notably, his 41 convictions for breaking the tax law in South Africa, and the blame laid at his door by the SPL’s Lord Nimmo-Smith report, make up material reason why the SFA may consider him not Fit and Proper to run a football club.

After targeting Peter Lawwell yesterday, the campaign today turns direct to the SFA, who are accused of allowing Craig Whyte to “bluff his way through the Hampden [non-existent] ‘test’ by simply filling out an official SFA form”.

As should be patently obvious to anyone with a dozen or more brain cells, the SFA form is neither a ‘test’ nor a certification of appropriateness from the SFA.

The obligation to ensure a football club appoints Fit and Proper directors lies with that club’s board.  If the board fail in their duty to the game, the club is liable to sanction from the SFA.

So who was on the board which appointed Craig Whyte as a director of Rangers?

Our emerging heroes, the men who chased away the billionaire, Dave King and Paul Murray.  As non-executive directors of Rangers they had a responsibility to the club’s stakeholders that their interests were being protected.

The Institute of Directors factsheet on the role of non-execs quotes the Cadbury Report, saying they “should bring an independent judgement to bear on issues of strategy, performance and resources including key appointments and standards of conduct.”

It was the Rangers board’s responsibility to instruct the necessary checks on Craig Whyte’s appropriateness to be a director of the club.  They either failed to do this, or if they did, failed to act on the information, or withdraw their names from the club’s register of directors.

Sir David Murray may have controlled the majority of shares, but as recent boardroom events at newco demonstrate, there is a great deal non-execs, when in a majority on the board, can do to inhibit major shareholders if they believe the interests of other stakeholders are being jeopardised.

Non-execs are not there to wear the blazer and attend supporters’ events, they are the eyes and ears of the supporters, shareholders, employees and creditors who are not privy to the inner workings of the club.  In this respect, Mr King and Mr P. Murray failed Rangers on a cataclysmic level.

They are, in every respect possible, perfect for the job of running newco.  My prediction (no inside info) is the SFA will fold under sustained media pressure, set aside their ineligibility rules and allow Mr King and Mr P. Murray to work their magic one more time.

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  1. HT



    Yes it seems that way, supect some tickets are getting kept back in case it is a league decider as well. No issues from me that those who have been to more away games get the tickets before I do, I was just surprised that I didn’t get an offer after being to Perth twice.



    I will be calling the ticket office first thing Thursday morning to see if any tickets left, altough will check the website as well to see if tickets are on general sale to season ticket holders.



    And good advice on calling after deadlines, I will start to do that next season, usually looking for 4 tickets as my brother and I both take our sons to the games but even if we only get 1 or 2 tickets it helps.



    I’ll be in touch if I don’t have any joy next Thursday but if you are not able to help it’s not an issue, I can watch on TV with a few beers which is not the worst way to spend a Friday night.



    Heading out to my 2006’s training, have a good one all :)

  2. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Bournesouprecipe- ah, Lakeland.



    The lustrous red headed temptress of shops!



    One flash of her glorious green eyes and you’ve bought a chapati fluffer and an avacado hugger.

  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    scottish leaf



    Even big Marty from ballymena is asking for tickets for sheep land



    He gets my dad all his tickets

  4. bournesouprecipe on




    This was long before ole Kirk Numbnuts had had an oeuf debacle.



    We live and learn CSC

  5. long haired yins man on

    Bournesouprecipe..you just reminded me Sky Sports News is about to start…

  6. bournesouprecipe on

    There’s going to be a show and



    Doohan; Ralston, Kerr, Higgins, Church; Miller, McKenna, Hill, Archibald; Hendry, Currie



    Will be there.



    Mon the hoops CSC

  7. Just watched Ronnie delivering his lecture. Loved it. A good guy it seems.



    I like what he’s done so far at Celtic. I believe he’ll deliver more. But whatever happens he will remain large in my estimation as a human being.



    I liked what he said about overcoming fear – I think as a support we could learn from that.


    During the 90’s I think we became tremendouslying fearful as a group. If it could happen ithe often did and I think it scarred us. It may be why we sometimes have no.patience for new guys in the Team or why we want to change everything if we’re not 3 up at half time.



    I generalise of course but you get my drift. If the fans,are fearful and that comes on to the pitch players can clam up.



    Go Ronnie go go go….

  8. So far this season I’ve called the following right:





    Craig Gordon






    Ronnie D!!!!



    Of course all completely negated by my ‘you heard it here first’ tip for our No10 position – berget!!!






    HH Jamesgang

  9. bournesouprecipe


    18:02 on


    28 April, 2015


    There’s going to be a show and



    Doohan; Ralston, Kerr, Higgins, Church; Miller, McKenna, Hill, Archibald; Hendry, Currie



    Will be there.



    + them Celtic Subs: McAdam, Bell, Murray, Quinn, Johnstone, Aitchison, Bowers.

  10. Jamesgang



    I assume your list of wrong calls is far too lengthy to post on here;-)




  11. geordie munro









    That was my full disclosure. Just the rest of my life I’m cr&p at!



    Must fly. Literally.



    HH jamesgang

  12. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Hilary ass on Ssb



    Zombies greeting about mash taking the money from shirt sales

  13. Tbj



    It’s time for this laughing to stop. theyve suffered enough.



    Scotland needs a strong Rankers back where they belong……

  14. If you vote for Kris’ goal in the league cup semi-final for goal of the season, do you have to say it was scored against Rangers, as per the official Celtic FC website?



    Didn’t they make the excuse before that they called them Rangers in promotional material for the game as they had no choice, as it was an SPFL competition?



    So, when it’s the Club’s own POTY awards, and they do have a choice, they refer to them as, er , Rangers!

  15. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Just read Video Celts twitter feed with updates from our developement team game at Rugby Park last night.



    ‘ Good honest pro’ (copyright SMSM) , Jamie Hammil, booked for a random kick at Aidan Nesbitt.



    That dumplin even kicks our eighteen year old players. I wish we had someone like Bertie or Davie Hay to sort out clowns like him, Lasley and Frazer Wright. ,.

  16. starry plough


    18:35 on


    28 April, 2015


    Burgas Hoops



    With all that dignity how could he fail:))






    Snyde’s a hoot the night starry -)))

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    dallas- I noticed Johansen rattled the rat Hammill a few times at Rugby Park recently, not before time.Here’s hoping it’s in the post for the other 2.

  18. Good evening all.



    DK will invest enough in The Rankers to ensure investments arrive and allows him to regain his £20m original investment. I distinctly remember he and SDM were at odds over his wasted investment. I do not know anyone who could afford to lose £60m including his fines,and be comfortable. These zombies are beyond belief. Brainless diznae describe them. Hahahahahahahahaha. All IMHO of course. 6 months aff the fags now. Chuffed. :-)))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  19. Captain Beefheart



    17:16 on 28 April, 2015



    ‘Scotland loves the huns? How come they were allowed to be liquidated then?’







    Because HMRC rejected the CVA.



    Having said that I don’t think Scotland loves the huns, though the Scottish football establishment regards them as being absolutely essential.

  20. ernie lynch



    18:51 on 28 April, 2015


    Captain Beefheart



    17:16 on 28 April, 2015



    ‘Scotland loves the huns? How come they were allowed to be liquidated then?’






    Because HMRC rejected the CVA.



    Having said that I don’t think Scotland loves the huns, though the Scottish football establishment regards them as being absolutely essential.









    Great point. Cannie believe we are agreeing again!!! :-))



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  21. Evening Timland from a warm hun free mountain valley.



    Just spent a magic day with ACGR on the golf course, top, top bloke he is.



    Dave King got his 20 mill and more back, washed if I am not mistaken, but it doesn’t fit the smsm’s agenda to tell the truth.




  22. WeefratheTim



    I think that whole 20mil story was a red herring,it always sounded to me that he threw his money in the Ibrox washing machine and got it all back nice and shiny and CLEAN:))



    Naughty boys those Sevconians…

  23. Just watched the vid – some excellent stuff (saw a lot of myself in there, ye know!??)



    Anyway just to reinforce he practises what he preaches, he said that you have to be aware of anything that a player might have on their mind that could distract them and to give him time off to deal with it. I was at Glasgow Airport this morning picking up a rellie from Oz and there was big Tom Rogic meeting someone off the plane too. A few hours off, mind at rest, back to the grind.



    Good stuff Ronnie (and at the end of December I was doubter as well!!)