Blatter Ad hominem, Hampden, Thompson


Rumours circulated last week that is was Sepp Blatter who leaked the million or so emails to The Sunday Times, allowing them to uncover previously hidden payments between Fifa delegates at the time of the Qatar 2022 vote.  That looks fanciful in the face of Blatters tub-thumping, that criticism of the voting process is motivated by racism.

The motivation behind The Sunday Times is irrelevant, Fifa is either corrupt or not.  Blatter is indulging in the ancient art of Ad hominem, rejecting a claim not on its own merits, but on an irrelevant facet of the person making the claim.  Sony, Adidas and others have led the way is asking for proper oversight of Fifa to protect their brands being damaged by association.  This is all very well but by postponing any disclosure until after the forthcoming World Cup, Fifa have years to allow sponsor angst to dissipate.  Expect nothing to change.

What a fascinating wee story that the SFA are considering leaving Hampden to Queens Park to maintain and ‘fill’ with a few hundred spectators each game.  If this is a bargaining position to force Queens into cutting a generous deal, fair enough.

In the event the SFA decide to move away from Hampden, it’s worth keeping an eye on the stadium.  Those who appear intent on driving Newco Rangers into liquidation could do with a spare stadium in Glasgow, just in case the current owners of Ibrox do not succumb to manipulation.

On the subject of that lot, Dundee United’s Stephen Thompson’s playing a blinder. Not only is he cherry-picking their youth talent but he’s also raised the inconvenient fact – Newco Rangers is a two year old football club. Follow the money on this one.

Well done to BBC Alba and Alex O’Henley for the outstanding Jock Stein documentary last night.  It’s difficult to add much to the Stein story after all these years but they managed to do so. The level of detail contained therein was remarkable, and it was nothing short of astonishing that we heard first-hand testimony on Jock playing for Blantyre Vics.

If you’re short of a Father’s Day gift, Tommy Gemmell, Bertie Auld and John Hughes will be signing copies of their books at the Celtic Store in Argyle St from 1pm until 4pm on Saturday.  Three Lions, one venue, bring your camera.

It’s also an enormous privilege to announce that after we hosted a live chat session with Willie Wallace last year and Tommy Gemmell last month, Bertie Auld will be live on CQN from 1pm this Friday.  Bertie is the strong silent type, so you’ll need to prepare a few questions to bring him out of his shell.

Visit the CQN Bookstore to get Tommy Gemmell to sign your personal copy of his tome, All the Best, freshly signed by the man himself this morning.

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  1. From Video Celts



    UEFA are poised to investigate the Serbian FA after they wrongly licensed Red Star Belgrade for next season’s Champions League.



    Red Star have been thrown out of the draw for the competition with the ruling shows that UEFA are prepared to investigate and punish compliant associations, it is often said that Serbian football needs a strong Red Star.



    A complaint was made directly to UEFA about delays over player wages which effectively meant that Red Star were using players that they couldn’t afford.



    Rather than deal with the issue internally the Serbian FA took the view that reaching the group stages of the Champions League would go a long way towards solving the cash crisis at Red Star who are in debt of around €50m.



    The website sportbusiness quotes a Serbian football official saying: “Red Star’s position was barely acceptable, but we also assessed that playing in Europe’s top-tier competition was the fast track to the club’s recovery.



    “We are surprised by Uefa’s course of action against the FSS and we maintain that kicking Red Star out of Europe is a bitter blow to Serbian football as a whole.



    The case has a number of parallels with Rangers 2011/12 licence when the SFA granted a European licence to the club despite an unpaid tax bill of £6m, known as the wee tax case. Had the SFA insisted that that bill was settled then Walter Smith is unlikely to have gone on the spending spree that brought James Beattie and Nikica Jelavic to Ibrox.



    A group of concerned Celtic shareholders have raised the issue with the club in a bid to discover why the SFA licensed Rangers despite a £6m unpaid tax bill.



    Announcing the sanctions the UEFA website said: “The CFCB ( Adjudicatory Chamber of the UEFA Club Financial Control Body) determined that the club were in breach of a number of provisions of the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations. Accordingly, Crvena zvezda (Red StarBelgrade) are excluded from participating in the 2014/15 UEFA Champions League for which they had qualified on sporting merit.



    “The club have ten days to appeal this decision before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).



    “An investigation against the Football Association of Serbia (FSS) might be opened within the coming days by the chief investigator for alleged breaches of the club licensing regulations in relation to the granting of the licence to the same club.”



    Partizan Belgrade will replace Red Star Belgrade in the second round draw of the Champions League. Campbell Ogilvie is the president of the SFA, Gordon Smith was the chief executive of the SFA when Rangers were given their 2011/12 license.

  2. My oldest brother was serving in the army in Hereford in 1985 and was at the game in Cardiff when the legend passed from us. Believe it or not, it was Rod Stewart who told him that Jock had lost his life and my brother swears that Rod Stewart was deeply saddened by the news (as we all were).. I still have the ticket stub for the match he gave me nearly 30 years ago.. Just something I don’t think I want to part with.



    It was refreshing to see the human side of Souness last night and apt that Strachan’s last contribution was to complain about JS’s last decision was to hook him off.. little did Strachan know then that one day he would follow the big man into the celtic and Scotland roles.

  3. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on




    12:47 on 10 June, 2014





    12:39 on 10 June, 2014,



    Yip, that’ll be my wee sister.



    Sharp as a tack :)






    She certainly is. A true professional and one of the most capable people I’ve ever met.

  4. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    You home from ole us of a?


    Oldtim in bv this coming Friday

  5. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Might call on your daughter for mini…


    Well done mate. You should be proud for both of you..

  6. Whipping post… my “Fillmore Concerts” version clock in at 22.44. It was given to me by a friend nicknamed “Kenny Long-Version”, due to his liking for extended play stuff.

  7. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    Have to agree about the great documentary on the greatest manager we will ever see,brought a tear to an ageing guy who lived through then great times he brought to our club,have to say Souness came across very well,shame he managed those cheats that blighted our game for so long

  8. Paul67



    Hearing strong rumours Celtic are interested in an almost completely unknown European manager by the name of Deila.



    This goes against everything (EVERYTHING) I’m picking up from all streams of the media…



    Have you any insight?




  9. Blatter Ad Hominem – legendary exponents of Karutrock.



    Any CQNers see them at the ole Burns Howff – back in the day…?

  10. Richie #TeamOscarForever on




    Came back on Sunday. T’was a Hoot(enany) !!


    I’ll be there!

  11. Paul67


    Call me cynical but is it possible the SFA are going the other way on this, ie creating an opportunity to make ibrox the national stadium, taking over the costly maintenance and much needed renovations?

  12. I was at THAT game in Cardiff. We found out JS had died from welsh cops surrounding our coach, all laughing as they taunted us. Wa**ers.

  13. Eurochamps67 on




    I don’t think WGS complained. He pointed out that he was subbed for being “rotten” and the sub scored the equaliser. Souness did come across well.



    Ole Sevco at Hampden??


    It’s the only way they’ll get there.


    “Oh the Sevco are……….




  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    The police had just attached and beaten their own countrymen during the miners strike. Showing any sympathy went with their pay inceeases and honour.

  15. ulysses mcghee is praying for Oscar




    13:02 on 10 June, 2014




    First name Ronny? He’s famous all over Europe (now)!

  16. It was a dreich February Monday morning as I made my way to Balloch Station with my da; this was unusual as our relationship at the time was a bit strained. If the truth be told I was acting like an eejit at the time, growing my hair long, drinking cheap wine and running with the wrong crowd.



    He normally got a lift from an acquaintance but that morning he opted to take the train as he wanted a word with me out with the maternal protection I would have got at home.



    He stopped into the Tourist House and picked up the Express, his main passion being horse racing he pulled the supplement out as we were passing St Kessogs.



    Just as we were crossing Balloch Bridge he held the front page open and said “look at this”, the headlines were of the return of Big Jock to Celtic, unfortunately the sub title commented on him being Celtic’s first protestant manager, “I hate that stuff son” he said, “I don’t care if he’s a heathen Chinese as long as he brings us a winning team”.



    I at that time was working with the nation’s top house builder on a site called Wester Duntiglennan up in the holy village of Duntocher. The majority of apprentices were Jungle Jims and we were bouncing with the news that morning. At last a light at the end of the tunnel.



    Jock arrived for business on Monday’ March 8 two days after we had eliminated Killie 3-2 in the Scottish Cup ¼ Finals (the last time we would wear the Shamrock strip) while he managed Hibs to a 2-1 victory over the now deid team.



    Now let’s be perfectly honest here after the first blush of a 5-0 victory against Airdrie other than the Cup results his record was pretty dismal including heavy defeats at Brockville and East End Park as he tinkered with the side. But we didn’t care as we knew this was going to be the start of something big.



    Out went fan favourites like Jim Kennedy and Johnny Divers, a young red heided temperamental winger was also left out on occasion and was replaced by Charlie Gallagher for the Final.



    That glorious April day I saw grown mhen greetin including my da who I met outside the stadium after the game, still no happy with me but the joy of a Celtic win allowed us the opportunity to hug each other.



    That summer we revelled in the green hills of Duntocher as we looked forward to the coming season with Joe McBride added to the side.



    There was a crusty oul hun working there who couldn’t hide his hatred of us, “Ah don’t care what you all say, this is the same team that’s done nothing for years and a fluky cup win isnae going tae change that” he said. Oh how I wish I had been there 2 years later.



    Season 65/66 didnae get off to a good start as we lost 2 of the first 3 League Cup games to both Dundee sides, the 2nd one a home loss.



    However, in between the Cup games the League opener always occurred and back up to Tannadice we went this time winning 4-0 with the recalled John Divers scoring the 1st goal in our 9-in-a-row run.



    Except for a 1-2 loss at ayebroke where Jock for some unexplainable reason left Joe McBride out of the side we never looked back.



    Some Celtic supporters claim the Scottish Cup win in 1965 was the catalyst for the Big Cup and NIAR, not this wee mhan; I believe the 2-1 League Cup win over the zombies to be that. This was our first cup final win over them since October 19th 1957 and our 1st cup win since February 28th 1959.



    Jock set our stall early when Ian Young dumped arch hun willie Johnson on the running track early doors to show we were no longer going to be intimidated by the likes of greig, mckinnon and provan, the latter 2 conceding the penalties that would win us the cup. A recalled Jinky tore big provan a proverbial new one that afternoon.



    This was also the day the huns rioted at the end, we didnae care as “the Bhoys were back in town”.



    The Big Mhan gave us our pride back and left us with countless memories.



    Now this may upset the PC brigade but a ditty at that time based on the Heinz baked bean commercial went like this:



    “A million Catholics every day


    Pick up their rosary beads and say


    Stein, Stein, Stein”.

  17. I noticed that the NARSA convention dinner dance this year where Wallace was heckled and ridiculed and a punch up almost ensued (some lemon crud called Teresa was involved) was held at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel in Toronto.



    This is an excellent venue as I’ve been to dinner dances there before but as usual they show themselves up no matter where they go….nae class.



    The convention itself was being run by the Bramalea Deid Team Supporters Club.



    For my sins I went on their website to see what other activities they had, I still have family in Bramalea so I wanted to avoid a trip down there this week.



    Their secretary is called noel fitzgerald FFS and the MC at their 2004 convention was that well kent Buddie chic dung.

  18. P67



    I hadn’t contemplated the huns taking over Hampden. But now you mention it………..


    ……………. I can’t however see the klan ever allowing The Big Hoose to be let go. The rampaging berserkers could not be contained.Water cannon and dog-handlers everywhere.


    I could see Two Surnames making a case for a Scoddish Akademy / HQ at Auchenhowie tho’…….




  19. Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom on

    Hi Fellow Celtic Fans!



    Interesting that the SFA are holding Queens Park to Ransom. I wonder if there is any merit, business and/or GIRUY wise, in Celtic coming to a shared-ground agreement with Queen’s? This would allow Celtic to play youth matches, Women’s matches, closed-door and bounce matches, rent it out to our CL opponents, rent it out for Concerts, and generally deny the SFA and the current version of the Zombies. Hell, if we really needed to make a Business Case perhaps we could rent it out to a future version of the Zombies? Alternatively, we could come to a wider shared Arrangement with Celtic Nation? 2 Celtic-minded Teams in Glasgow or the Zombies having to pay rent to Celtic; how good would that be? :-) I can’t help but feel there is an opportunity here for Celtic… My personal preference would be for Celtic to bury both the SFA and Rangers, but if we can’t/won’t kill them off then perhaps finding a way to keep them in financial chains is the next best thing? Go on Celtic, you know you want to! :-)



    The future’s Green & White, the future’s Celtic!



    Yours in Celtic,




  20. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    I noted earlier during the BBC(who does sevcos new PR man work for) report on on the SFA considering moving from Hampden to other premises shots of the Govan “Hate factory” front ,side & gate Hmmmmmmmmmmm



    The reason for some people not renewing STs for many clubs is (IMHO) they have come to the conclusion Ogilvie Regan & co have bent our game so out of shape to suit one new club that there is no point in putting their good money into it.



    Ps heard yesterday ye olde Albion Rovers will play celtic nation in Carlise on the 12th july.

  21. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on




    I could see Two Surnames making a case for a Scoddish Akademy / HQ at Auchenhowie tho’…….





    I will be shocked if they dont try to help the carcass in some shape or for AGAIN



    WE’LL SEE :)))




    Tontine Tim




    13:11 on 10 June, 2014




    Brammer :)))



    Till later all

  22. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Paul – just for clarity, the ‘Jockumentary’ was directed/produced by a talented lady called Margot McCuaig, who used to work for Celtic TV back in the Setanta days.




  23. Monaghan1900 on

    Seemingly Brian Stockbridge is “founder and chief executive” of International Financial Strategic Associates and says of himself that he, “was also instrumental in rescuing Rangers Football Club from certain collapse at a time of unprecedented crisis. Working as finance director of the Club – under intense media scrutiny and without the support of a full board for months – Brian restructured the club’s finances, oversaw the flotation on AIM, which generated funds of £22m and secured Rangers’ future”.




  24. Id like to thank Ernie on my little history lesson on Ian Paisleys favourite Briton. So Cromwell was politally progressive.


    For all these years I was under the impression that he was a genocidal scumbag.


    Isnt every day a schoolday on ol’ CQN

  25. September 10 1985 and I’m coming to the end of a wee trip hame. Was dawn sarf for a week prior to this but on the Sunday opted tae head back up the road.



    Now I’m of an age that I couldnae really give a donald duck about the national side and could have watched the upcoming game at Annfield down there but something inside made me take the long trip back hame on a Sunday schedule.



    Furthermore September 10 is Mrs. TT’s birthday and her wee sister and weans wanted tae celebrate it with her. Still a young thing in her thirties tae.



    We took the coastal route from Brighton to London as repairs were being made on the main track. It was a lovely Autumn or Fall as they call it here morning and the sight of fisherman on the way was so serene.



    When we got to Euston for the trip north I picked up the Sunday Mail and it was only then I discovered we had gubbed the Hibbees at Easter Road 5-0 the day before, this after a heartbreaking penalty shoot out at the same venue the previous Wednesday. BTW Scotland disnae exist in the home counties so nae chance of getting the result on the Saturday night.



    That Monday night I decided to wander up tae the Doghouse Pub in Balloch, like most pubs and hotels in the area this was non-sectarian.



    My da who had Irish parents was also not really interested in the national side and if the truth be told as his da was a culchie fae South Fermanagh had a soft spot for the Black North side citing Wee Bertie P, Charles Patrick the 2 Blanchflowers and Peter Docherty as his personal favourites, the latter he claimed to be the finest player he ever saw.



    Anyway he volunteered tae come with me although the prospect of a few kitchen sinks may have influenced his decision, it’s 20 year later from the trip across Balloch Bridge and now married with 3 weans and a respectable career his previous disdain with me has now dissipated.



    The game itself is a bit of a blur and the only real memory I have is when the Big Mhan substituted tommy cooper for WGS the pub went ballistic aye even the bluenoses and the now selective memory legend was seen as a waste of space.



    As soon as the Big Mhan collapsed and was being carried up the tunnel I said to my da that it didnae look good. The crowd in the pub was hushed as was the commentary team at the game and when they went of for the news the headlines appeared telling us our latter day Christ was no longer with us.



    Sad day for us all.

  26. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    macjay1 for neil lennon



    12:47 on 10 June, 2014


    Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar


    10:29 on


    10 June, 2014



    Nearly missed your question.


    That particular aspect was simply a minor part of my concerns about what I consider to be


    an unarguably divisive Celtic supporters organisation who have an agenda which promotes their own particular political preference without regard to the best interests of Celtic or as to how other Celtic supporters who do not share their politics feel about their




    Anyone who sees the ridiculous notion of a “living wage” as anything other than a political dog whistle with which to rally the naive against the evil Celtic Board really has my sympathy.


    Living wage for whom?


    One size fits all.


    Whether you are a single mum of 5 or a youth of 18 with no dependants.


    Ludicrous concept dreamed up by professional agitators.


    Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong in that assumption.




    Incidentally,the 42,000 quid which the G.B.cost us might well have been better spent than as a donation to our “friends” at EUFA.No?


    I`ll catch your reply ramorra.






    You describe the Trust as “an unarguably divisive Celtic supporters organisation”



    Do you evidence to support this?



    You describe their attempts to persuade the Celtic board to implement a living wage as “a political dog whistle”



    Your follow up points highlighting mothers and youths bares no relevance to the issue and to be honest I have difficulty following the thrust of your argument.



    You are right though in saying “one size fits all”



    The Living Wage is something that should be available to all regardless of circumstances. The fact that Celtic Football Club, an organisation founded to feed the starving is not offering it, is an absolute blight on our history.



    Your agenda seems to be to cloud the issue by making it a Celtic Trust issue as opposed to a humanitarian one.



    Remember the ethos of our club macjay. This is not about decrying the board without due cause, it’s about equality and fairness.



    Time to remove your blinkers.

  27. Clink\o/



    13:58 on 10 June, 2014



    ‘Id like to thank Ernie on my little history lesson on Ian Paisleys favourite Briton. So Cromwell was politally progressive.’







    In general terms I would say that anyone who is opposed to the concept of absolute monarchy, is in that respect, politically progressive.



    Clearly those who are in favour of the idea of absolute monarchy may disagree.

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