Blinkered Views risky punt against St Mirren


In his Bookies Corner article for the current issue of CQN Magazine, columnist, Blinkered Views, suggested St Mirren offered good value for a punt on relegation.  I spoke to him when he submitted the article and suggested, “Surely Dunfermline?”  He agreed Dunfermline were most likely for the drop but they offered no value.  St Mirren, on the other hand, were 9/1 for the drop and he made a good case why this was worth a bet.

St Mirren promptly spoiled Christmas for thousands (not your or me) by coming from behind to beat Rangers but that has been their only win in 8 league games.  We also don’t need to be reminded that when visiting St Mirren Park, form is a poor guide.  Celtic exited the Scottish Cup there a week after beating Saints 7-0 at Celtic Park.  They are a team who can raise their game for the big occasion and the visit of Celtic, live on TV, is as big as it gets around Paisley.

Paddy McCourt has enjoyed his visits there and has been key to Celtic collecting the points a couple of times.  Don’t be surprised if he makes a match winning appearance from the bench.

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  1. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Life is a minestrone


    Served up with parmesan cheese


    Death is a cold lasagne


    Suspended in deep freeze

  2. The Kano Foundation



The Kano Foundation End of season fundraising dance will be held in the Kerrydale Suite at Celtic Park on sat 28th April. Tickets will be priced at £25 per head this will include a 3 course meal. Entertainment will be from Britiains no1 Michael Buble tribute act and a disco to finish off the night. We will be holding our usual raffle (prize donations welcome) and for the first time we have a fantastic auction prize. We hope to have a few special guests as well. look out for details of how you can purchase tickets on line. We hope you will join us for what will be a great evening.


    If you’re interested , please email


    Current list is (for those i know )



    Stephen Black +1




    CRC +1


    TTTT + 1











  3. The Token Tim - HAIL! HAIL! To Kano 1000 on

    Very rarely easy at St Mirren Park. We were lucky that St Mirren were so poor defensively early on in the last game.


    They were the better team after that and we were lucky to escape with a 2-0 victory.



    Hopefully a better performance tomorrow, but will happilty accept the same result!






  4. Sandman Is Neil Lennon on

    Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo says:


    20 January, 2012 at 08:50






    Beauty. LOL. Fell for it. Read it half asleep, spent ten minutes exclaiming loudly and incredulously to some startled faces around me, ‘Shakespearian sonnets?! WTF!? Shakespearian sonnets?…’

  5. Paul67



    We play the way we have the last few weeks, I don’t have any worries. Now the bares at ibrox against a determined Aberdeen…

  6. A win of any type tomorrow, move 5 points clear and see how they handle the pressure. Aberdeen approaching as close to decent form as they can get, unbeaten in 4, 1 defeat in 8, within 2 points of top 6. Jack & Victor to set up in their mind numbing defensive fashion and hold out for a 0-0.

  7. I wonder if he will be booed at every away ground because of his choice or does that just happen in this ‘One Nation…’



    After exploding onto the scene as a teenager, Barry Maguire was tipped as a rising star for the Dutch national team. Yet, the 22-year-old is keen to play for Ireland.



    Born in Tiel in the Netherlands, Maguire qualifies for Ireland through his father, a link he cherishes having visited Ireland as a child. “Every once in a while we went over to visit our family,” he told “The last time I was there was the Russian game in 2010.”



    Beginning his career at local club Theole, Maguire was quickly scouted by FC Den Bosch who snapped up the then 16-year-old. The Eerste Divisie side, starting club of Ruud van Nistelrooy, was where Maguire rose to prominence, featuring in 66 league games despite his young age. It was at this point media attention engulfed the youngster with offers from the top teams in Holland – Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord.



    Maguire began featuring for Irish schoolboy teams around that time and was called up to the under-16 squad. However, with both Holland and Ireland attempting to secure his allegiance, the next few years caused significant stress for someone so young.



    Maguire’s father, Martin, from Drumcondra, Dublin, said: “I think there were 15 players from Ireland, who were living in Ireland and who they could watch every week. They gave him 15 minutes and said ‘you’ll hear from us’, but we never heard anything else until he was called up for Holland.”



    Maguire infamously rejected a call-up to the Irish U21 team in 2009, choosing instead to play for the Dutch U20 team but re-affirmed his interest in playing for Ireland in 2010.



    “If Ireland rang me in the morning and asked me to play for them, I would say yes without a thought. I would like to play for the Irish team again but I have no contact at all from them,” Maguire said.



    “I have said all along that I have strong connections with Ireland, through my dad, and Holland, as I was born there, but the connection with Ireland was always strong for me and now I’d like to play for Ireland.”

  8. Paddy’s days appear to be numbered. Forrest, Samaras and Commons all ahead of him for the attacking wide berth, Ibrahim signed and youngsters like McGeoch coming through.

  9. from earlier



    ….PFayr says:


    20 January, 2012 at 12:34





    got to keep them out and working .. there well done ..Mrs PF works for me ..well that`s the idea at any rate :¬))



    as for Ras …he is fatter than GL2 , but nowhere near as handsome



    the bhoy (Ras not GL2) looks a player but i think he`s a banger …fat,unfit and prev had a massive gambling ploblem



    the fact that all the coaches who have taken him on loan have chased him is no coincidence

  10. I have Rabiu Ibrahim ‘sized up’ at 1.735873453m, approx.



    This is 5’7″ in ole money, so average sized, rather than diminutive.



    Anyways, to more important matters:-



    ‘Musk oxen are massive animals that weigh around 900 pounds. They are 6 to 8 feet long and can be up to 6 feet tall. These are social animals that tend to move in groups. They can survive even if the temperature falls to 100 degrees Celsius below zero. No wonder they can live comfortably in the hostile Arctic Tundra. The horns are their primary weapon. When these large horns are used with tremendous force, the victim will surely land in heaven’

  11. 2-0 to the Hoops?



    6/1 at Corals or Hills.



    And 11/1 (from Laddies) for a 1-1 draw at Poundland, sounds interesting, too.



    Barny Rubble for me …

  12. Ref St Mirren visit,agree with Paul we need to be vigilant.



    For info from the Association and Trust,the proposed blanket search is now a ” random ” search the main purpose to avoid flares getting into the ground,so any old mods going to the game beware.


    P.S.Security should be SIA approved,with badge evident and wearing protective gloves.



    Regarding previous comments regarding Rasmusson,now that we go back to Inverness it occurred to me that against that team and those of a similar style,he is the sort of guy we need in the Box,to rough them up as a combination of park and compliant officials prevents our preferred game and does not protect Hooper et al.

  13. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul67 –



    We always seem to struggle in Paisley for some reason.



    I’m fairly confident we’ll take the points tomorrow – and as long as we do I don’t care if it’s a struggle or not. Just keep the winning run going.

  14. Who are the Enemies of Musk Oxen?



    ‘The enemies of these mammals are polar bears, arctic wolves and arctic fox. Surprisingly, they do not run away from their foes. In order to defend themselves from attackers, they form a circle with their outward horns facing the enemy. This fortress of musk oxen is impossible to break into. A powerful charge by a musk ox is enough to throw the enemy into the air. Although they are huge, even a mosquito bite can cause severe skin infection. As these animals have thick fur all over their body, the only area where mosquitoes can bite, is their nose.’



    DBBIA, pleased as punch to consider himself a Friend of the Musk Oxen.

  15. I was chatting with a fellow tim today about the size of the current squad. We estimated that the squad size must be around 40.



    I think that this may be Paddy Le Tissier’s last season at Celtic. We may see a clear out of him, McGinn and other excess flotsam and jetsam like O’Dea and Thompson.

  16. Celtic have scored Seven goals against St Mirren so far this season without reply. Four of those goals came in the opening 12 minutes of the match.



    Lets not forget St Mirren were beaten 5-2 by a 10 man hearts team last week. If we score early, it will be a comfortable afternoon.




  17. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Kayal33: 20 January, 2012 at 12:38



    “Paddy’s days appear to be numbered.”



    Disagree. It’s a squad game. And we’ve had to dig deep this season. Paddy will play his part in the remainder of the campaign.

  18. PF,



    she’s had the good life for the last few years, bout time she started doing her fair share.


    I mean after all, all she’s done these past few years is look after the kids full time… hard is that???






    Perhaps just as well that



    a. she is working today; and


    b. she NEVER reads CQN…..thankfully!








    Ps – as for Ras, agreed.

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