Blinkered Views risky punt against St Mirren


In his Bookies Corner article for the current issue of CQN Magazine, columnist, Blinkered Views, suggested St Mirren offered good value for a punt on relegation.  I spoke to him when he submitted the article and suggested, “Surely Dunfermline?”  He agreed Dunfermline were most likely for the drop but they offered no value.  St Mirren, on the other hand, were 9/1 for the drop and he made a good case why this was worth a bet.

St Mirren promptly spoiled Christmas for thousands (not your or me) by coming from behind to beat Rangers but that has been their only win in 8 league games.  We also don’t need to be reminded that when visiting St Mirren Park, form is a poor guide.  Celtic exited the Scottish Cup there a week after beating Saints 7-0 at Celtic Park.  They are a team who can raise their game for the big occasion and the visit of Celtic, live on TV, is as big as it gets around Paisley.

Paddy McCourt has enjoyed his visits there and has been key to Celtic collecting the points a couple of times.  Don’t be surprised if he makes a match winning appearance from the bench.

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  1. The Token Tim says:


    21 January, 2012 at 00:32



    I think Rangers are in disarray and are fire fighting it constantly, they are getting wearied and will crumble relatively early in the title race.



    If we go out and perform with real style and panache and win before they kick off, their burden will be greater still.



    Neil Lennon is a master at reading games and he knows that playing before them he has the chance to totally dispirit them if his men make it look like there is no point trying to compete with Celtic. I expect Celtic and Jamesie et all to put on an incredible show today.

  2. TTT ,



    what other connotation is there ?



    LOL = Loopy Orange Loonies



    Just got your text – phone in jaiket.



    If you’d been before (!) you’d know that The Kano Foundation don’t do top tables – we have an Animal Farm mentality – everyone’s equal , some are just more equal than others !



    If you want a table , go for it.



    PS. to everyone else , we’re now up to about 25 tables so if you’re interested , please get your name in







  3. I was talking to an Aberdeen fan today and he said he had a gut feeling that it would be a 1-1 draw tomorrow.



    all i could say was “So you think they will miss the penalty”



    old ones are the best eh



    Aberdeen fans are saying its 21 years since win at ipox and its the 21st tomorrow. the time is now



    i cant see it but a loosing streak cant go on forever






    tictalker talking tic.

  4. Sanna,



    some of us are International businessmen and dont have time usually for social evenings……






    I’ll text ye tomoz re table plan.



    as to LOL……probably due to ma ML2 upbringing, I am all too aware that LOL equates to loyal orange lodge….hence ma reluctance!






  5. jtsTICks,



    all doing well thanks mate. Glad to hear you are well.


    You planning on going to TKF EOS do? be good to catch up over a beer.






  6. jtsTICks says:



    21 January, 2012 at 01:17



    Hopefully more entertaining than Coldplay………



    But will take 3 points now and every game ’til Lenny lifts the title!!! (even with Coldplay type performances : ) )

  7. TTT ,



    Ok. got a suggestion for ye and i think ye’ll like this .


    I’m gonna start using TAL .



    Not for the accepted meaning .



    How about ? Tims Are laughing ?




  8. TopCorner says:


    21 January, 2012 at 01:03



    Brilliant News m8.



    A Massive high 5 for Rangers/fans who have helped. Fantastic news.

  9. petec says:


    21 January, 2012 at 01:21


    Big Victor’s deserving of his own genre !!! : ) Good Shout.



    petec says:


    21 January, 2012 at 01:24


    TopCorner says:


    21 January, 2012 at 01:03



    Great to hear that such a good cause should cross any divide. God bless Vanessa

  10. Let me be the first to say it:



    Lenny’s Lions will win the CL in 2014.







  11. TTT,



    Glad to hear it. Yes it would be good to have that beer but for a few reasons I may not be able to be at the TKF night. I will explain in due course :O)



    GyEmerald – I too will take 3 points per game, but not sure what a Coldplay performance is? :o) So while I am thinking about that here is one for the exponents of Summer Football; Winter




  12. petec, Sannabhoy



    yes indeed lads – bit of heart shown by RFC never goes amiss



    they are indeed “the people” on occasions such as that






    wee request…



    this site gives an alphabetical list of plenty of celebs


    some of them have 1million followers etc





    i’ve started sending tweet to them about Vanessa asking them to re-tweet



    big Victor is only one done it so far but out to 24k followers



    i’ve done letter A and B so far



    any folk want to help pls let me know



    if even one of them RT’s, message could go to 1million folk






    just copy paste this and send it to the dood…






    @richardbranson hi Richard pls support appeal for Vanessa Riddle – a wee Scots girl fightin cancer – pls RT – THANKS !! http://www.justgiving.com/vanessa-appeal



    PS – unlikely they will do it but ye never know


    – also, probably best when they are online or if they tweet a lot


    – and unlikely if they dont tweet much


    – i even see today that some famous folk are chargin money for an RT


    (conmen thieving bartenders !)


    – the legend Victor was online when i sent it to him, plus he met her the other day



    up to 124k so far, i think,


    so a bit to go yet

  13. GyEmerald says:


    21 January, 2012 at 01:31



    I think Victor really gets Celtic and I am sure there are a lot more future Celtic stars out throughout the world because of the continuously growing charitable nature of Celtic as a whole exponentially.




    Tommy Joad says:


    21 January, 2012 at 01:36



    LoL, I doubt it will be that quick but you never know.

  14. All,



    To put you in the mood for gaining an important three points tomorrow, I bid you all good night with the famous day in Paisley when a young jtsTICks and JoboBaldie went to the game! What happened after the game is another story that goes down in musical and drinking folklore! :O)



    God bless





    My Carlsberg Day in Paisley – 1986!

  15. jtsTICks,



    I understand………..Sannabhoy is a bit of a pain in the derrriere