Blinkered Views risky punt against St Mirren


In his Bookies Corner article for the current issue of CQN Magazine, columnist, Blinkered Views, suggested St Mirren offered good value for a punt on relegation.  I spoke to him when he submitted the article and suggested, “Surely Dunfermline?”  He agreed Dunfermline were most likely for the drop but they offered no value.  St Mirren, on the other hand, were 9/1 for the drop and he made a good case why this was worth a bet.

St Mirren promptly spoiled Christmas for thousands (not your or me) by coming from behind to beat Rangers but that has been their only win in 8 league games.  We also don’t need to be reminded that when visiting St Mirren Park, form is a poor guide.  Celtic exited the Scottish Cup there a week after beating Saints 7-0 at Celtic Park.  They are a team who can raise their game for the big occasion and the visit of Celtic, live on TV, is as big as it gets around Paisley.

Paddy McCourt has enjoyed his visits there and has been key to Celtic collecting the points a couple of times.  Don’t be surprised if he makes a match winning appearance from the bench.

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  1. Oh god Samaras has become so indispensible with some decent displays in left wing, we are going to have to persevere with him up front again.



    Baffling one

  2. Saint Stivs says:


    21 January, 2012 at 11:34


    no Paddy McCourt ?





    as i said yesterday, his days appear to be numbered

  3. tommytwiststommyturns Kano 1000 on

    What’s that selection all about? If Matthews and Izzy are fit enough to be on the bench, then they should start.


    Too much tinkering?!




  4. Uncomfortable with Cha coming in rather than Matthews. Hope it is just for a niggly injury. Cha did ok when in the team for an extended run, but really is prone to lapses in concentration, and seems to dilly-dally a lot defensively.






  5. Saint Stivs –



    These thing are usually very personal, by which I don’t mean it’s a secret. I mean they emanate from a personal life experience and the name ‘polishturnstile’ will most probably mean something to Tony, but to nobody else.



    However, I am sure he won’t mind if you tweet him and ask, and he will be happy to give you an explanation.

  6. Strange looking team but the manager has earned my trust recently. I hope Sammy and Hooper are not a partnership, one will have to provide width or play deep. DDBIA’s scoreline please.

  7. Matthews played last week despite having a virus, perhaps he still felt the affects this week. Izzy needs to be nursed back slowly, not thrown in game after game after such a serious injury.

  8. Team



    Forster; Cha, Rogne, Mulgrew, Ledley; Brown, Wanyama, Ki, Forrest; Samaras, Hooper


    Subs: Zaluska, K. Wilson, Matthews, Izaguirre, McGeouch, Commons, Stokes

  9. is it just me or does that team has a wee look of the ‘shop windae’ about it…



    don’t get me wrong I feel team is strong enough to get the 3 points



    focus Celts







  10. So Bobby Petta thinks everyone should forget about rangers financial doping.



    What can you say? Except F’Off back to Holland Bobby and mind your own business…




  11. Good day Bhoys, enjoy the game 3-0 to the good ghuys.



    Some say the he restricts Alex Salmond to £4.00 a day lunch money


    and that Google check with him before issuing search results



    All we know is he’s Victor Wanyama.

  12. .






    No the Old Drum was Demolished in the Late 70s its a Car Park now..My Granny was the Barmaid and My Dads Mate Managed it (2 big Celtic People)..in the Times you talk about..They all Moved down the Road to The Swan when the Old Drum closed..(3 buses left from there when Souness came)..




  13. Neil said Mathews was suffering from a virus after game last week.



    Izzy looking a yard short of pace in the two games I have seen but would have thought getting games was


    best way to get back up to speed.



    Anthony ???



    All are on a very strong bench.

  14. I believe he tweets as polishturnstile because when he first started to work for celtic his father used to comment something like:



    what does he do there all day polish the turnstiles?



    Hail Hail




  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    thomthethim says:


    21 January, 2012 at 11:21



    Enjoyed your reminiscences.


    Mid `60s , we used to leave school and have our lunch at Green`s Playhouse,principally so we could have a fly smoke. A hanging offence in those days.


    Jimmy Mc Grory was a regular attender for the afternoon cinema sessions.Instantly recognisable with his


    gaberdine coat and homburg hat.


    A real gentleman.

  16. I’ve always reckoned Dougie Imrie as a footballer and admire very much how Danny Lennon is having his team play. With him and Paul Mc Gowan it takes me back many years to the days of Tommy Bryceland for anyone old enough to remember.Along with the new St Mirren style of play however comes the sort of up and down results they’re getting. Hopefully today is one of the down days.

  17. I like the side NL anticipating a difficult game, don’t think Matthews or Izzy are 100% fit and we can’t play every difficult game with twinned strikers, when we need more in the middle.



    Narrow win with plenty of scorers other than Gary Hooper selected.

  18. In fact, had a think there, and believe the team has been shifted about to accommodate Scott Brown. I know I’ll be very hypocritical in celebrating our win, but feel this is something Neil really needs to stop doing. I’m not going to go on a Scott Brown-bashing rant, as it achieves nothing, but we accommodate him FAR too much when there are better options.






  19. ASonofdan 11.40.


    Is Bobby Petta not trying to get into the coaching scene in Scotland.He may think it will help his case to be nice about the skint mob.Slan.

  20. Vmham



    Thanks mate. you huvnae seen a bedragled Bada bing cutting about Blackpool have yeh, he is on route to Preston but will get lost.

  21. midfield maestro on

    Usual mince from Hately on ESPN



    “Celtic need to hold on to their big players like Hooper & Scholes”



    When did we sign Scholes?

  22. Ten Men Won The League on

    A surprising line up but we have a strong bench if its not working



    A hard earned 2-0 win for the Hoops



    Ki 1st goal