Blinkered Views risky punt against St Mirren


In his Bookies Corner article for the current issue of CQN Magazine, columnist, Blinkered Views, suggested St Mirren offered good value for a punt on relegation.  I spoke to him when he submitted the article and suggested, “Surely Dunfermline?”  He agreed Dunfermline were most likely for the drop but they offered no value.  St Mirren, on the other hand, were 9/1 for the drop and he made a good case why this was worth a bet.

St Mirren promptly spoiled Christmas for thousands (not your or me) by coming from behind to beat Rangers but that has been their only win in 8 league games.  We also don’t need to be reminded that when visiting St Mirren Park, form is a poor guide.  Celtic exited the Scottish Cup there a week after beating Saints 7-0 at Celtic Park.  They are a team who can raise their game for the big occasion and the visit of Celtic, live on TV, is as big as it gets around Paisley.

Paddy McCourt has enjoyed his visits there and has been key to Celtic collecting the points a couple of times.  Don’t be surprised if he makes a match winning appearance from the bench.

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  1. BBC played the radio edit of Fight the power.they are utter cowards on all anti-establishment topics, even musically…

  2. Paul67/Celtic_First:



    I’ve phoned the guys I know ,who might know, when the kids from Thailand are coming over, unfortunately I got no date. I’ve got a sneaky that it may be around easter time, a great time of the year, my particular favourite if the truth be known.



    These kids that are coming are special needs kids; they need a wee bit more support in life, no big deal; this trip/adventure/prilgrimage, may well be the one and only time these kids ever cross an international border in their whole lifetimes, is it only rumour I hear that some on CQN are determined that these kids go home with more chocolate than luggage?



    Who is organising all this chocolate and can I chip in.?



    Thailand’s green and white.

  3. Awe Naw,



    Firstly let me just say that my original post to you was not meant to offend but simply to point out what I believe to be an error of judgement on your part. Not for the first time on this blog you have treated criticism as a personal affront.



    Secondly, I have not questioned the legitimacy of your points made on the RTC blog. I was simply saying that you had helped two trolls to achieve their objective. As RTC has now had to put over 200 posts into moderation, I still believe this to be the case.



    As for your views on my accent etc, insult me all you want. The moronic element, as you put it, will love it, more intelligent readers will see it for what it is.



    For now I have no wish for further discourse with you until you stop behaving like a slapped wean.

  4. 31003 says:


    20 January, 2012 at 15:32



    I like all Celtic Supporters who like Celtic Supporters who support Celtic Supporters to support Celtic. No agendas, no egos.

  5. Steinreignedsupreme says:


    20 January, 2012 at 15:37,



    It was simply an attempt to challenge the views of the panel on a public platform where I couldn’t be accused of hiding behind a keyboard.

  6. Green tide:



    sorry, it should have read…



    I like all Celtic Supporters who like Celtic Supporters that support Celtic Supporters who support Celtic. No agendas, no prejudices, no egos.

  7. Barron has just gave the game away as to how St Mirren will play it tomorrow.




    ST MIRREN star David Barron insists no-one in the Paisley dressing room will be surprised if they pull off a shock result against SPL leaders Celtic.



    “You have to be clued-1up from the start though because, if they get an early goal, it’ll give them confidence.



    “The longer we can keep them from scoring, the more we will settle and start knocking it about.



    “My role in that is really important, so I just need to keep myself aware of any breaks by their midfield players.”

  8. Rieperman says:


    20 January, 2012 at 15:45



    What did I tell you about that misplaced and more than likely unqualified psychological analysis. With being so confident to speak out about it PAL demonstrates clearly that you dont need any of your own suggested therapy.



    If you pick up the glove PAL you have to go with it. Stop behaving like a hun by insulting me by trying to belittle me and then pretending not to



    I dont believe it was an error of judgement on my part. I think the points raised by Captain Bob were pertinent and still believe them to be. The fact that they have ALL been removed because some huns didn´t like them I cant be held responsible for. That you and others including the RTC guy just trashed all the huns input is a smear on you guys rather than the imposter Captain Bob. I suspect done to appease the two resident gimps on RTC.



    As for your accent yes I agree they will love it and Hugh and Clyde will more readily take your calls.



    I think you and RTC might be suffering from a wee bit of temporary fame that has went right up your intestines.



    Me I can smell it a mile off.



    Hail Hail

  9. is it just me or are the MSM absolutely DESPARATE for rankers to sign someone ?



    It’s been Sandaza , Javi , Celik , Jagger and the latest seems to be Holt from Norwich – all getting serious column inches (or pixels if you’re online).



    That’s why i’ve loved our business this window. Yes , we’ve not paid anything but between Lustig ,Fojut and Ibrahim , we’ve just got on with it ‘under the radar’



    Sanna (glasshalffull csc)

  10. Passed Murray Park a short while ago. Two cars parked on the kerb some photographers and supporters hanging around outside the gates. They must be waiting on a puff of white smoke, methinks.

  11. Where’s the Love? Let’s end this feud by saying your both full of it and move on. ;)



    It’s Friday, we play before the bhuns this weekend, when was the last time we could create a 5 point lead over them?




  12. Rieperman



    I called Clyde phone-in the night before the last game vs the huns on the 28th and made the point that….


    Willie Collum had been hand picked by the establishment to ref that game. Hugh Keevins, as is his right pointed out to me that, by making that allegation that I was infering some sort of collusion between the SPL and Rankers!


    I stood my ground and, told him that that is exactly what I was infering!


    HK said to me that he couldn’t accept that type of allegation.


    I then offered my evidence based on the fact that, had Collum made the same amount of ‘honest mistakes’ against Rankers as he has done over us in the recent period then, Collum would have been nowhere near that game! IMO!


    Also, given the fact that, Hugh Dallas was recently pictured in the home directors-box at the, huns vs ICT game where, ICT had 2 good penalty claims turned down as well as a, perfectly good goal chopped off! IMO!


    Two days after that game, Collum was announced as ref for the said game ?


    At that point, Mark Guidi started talking all over the top of me asking, “is it just Collum you have a problem with, or would you be ok with C.Thompson or C.Murray ?”


    I said, “I didn’t trust any of them(refs)!”


    Guidi ended by saying, “your wrong Kevin!”


    And, that was me off.



    P.S. The evidence I based my call on was posted on here….a picture of Mo Johnston(bhoo!, hiss!) in the huns directors -box and 2/3 rows behind…Dallas(bhoo!, hiss!)


    Hail! Hail!

  13. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Rieperman: 20 January, 2012 at 15:50



    I haven’t heard it to be honest, but I’d guess it didn’t work.



    The idea of these shows is to get a response. And even if you think (generally, not you personally) you have put them in their place – the fact is they have won because you have called them … and without public response they don’t have a show.



    These people are perpetually wrong in the tabloids they write for. I just find it puzzling that anyone seeks their opinions or even wishes to speak to them.



    It’s like asking Nick Leeson for financial advice or Rosemary West on tips for raising a happy family. One of the many reason’s these dinosaurs hate new media is because forums like this are increasingly marginalising them.

  14. Barrach Obampot says:



    20 January, 2012 at 14:30



    errr Happy New Year CQN!



    How’s 2012 and the Naehun prophecies going?




    Matthew 24:32-35 :)

  15. Rieperman says:


    20 January, 2012 at 15:59



    Sorry bud but Captain Bob rocked.



    I´ll stand by every word that he wrote.



    Many RTC posters commented on what he wrote as being positive.



    Two didn´t.



    Those two are still indulged by RTC. Personally I think it adds credence to the Adam being an alter ego of the RTC guy not that it matters



    Contrast and compare Captain Bob with theirs and you will see the difference rather than lumping it all together,



    It was only lumped together cause I was pretending to be a hun. Which is a poor testament to the moderators judgement IMHO



    Lets agree to disagree and move on.



    Hail Hail

  16. Fleck ‘The next Rooney’ out, Some unknown Swedish kid in.



    Nothing has really changed for them has it? How is that Bedoya or whatever his name is getting on?



    He was bummed up as well if I remember…




  17. Steinreignedsupreme says:



    20 January, 2012 at 16:05



    The majority of calls over a week are football related and all are mostly matters of opinion that at the end of the day matter not one jot.



    However there are some issues where the views being expressed by pundits are unbalanced and sometimes so unbalanced they demand a challenge.



    I very rarely phone Clyde but I was angered to do so by their complete blanking of the moral aspect of what Rangers have been up to last October. I got my point across in spite of their attempt not to answer it, claiming they could not for fear of being prejudicial.



    The saying that for evil to prevail, good men do nothing, sometimes, not always, but sometimes applies to Clyde, and Reiperman is to be applauded for trying to correct clearly unbalnced and indeed self interested points of view that Clyde were making to all listeners, not all of whom would be discerning or want to be so.



    Sometimes they need to be challeged. Ok they run the deflection tactics, but after a while that becomes evident. In my case I wrote to Clyde after my call and then posted it on CQN (see below) to alert others what to expect. To phone or not to phone is a matter of personal judgement of how strong someone feels on an issue. We should maybe be grateful that some do.



    Dear Jim



    Thank you for taking my call last night re the moral aspect of the use of EBTS and taxpayers money not being collected.



    I was beginning to think on hearing Mr Keevins justifying avoiding responding to my point that I had said something prejudicial to Clyde, which was never my intent and on listening to the broadcast again I was glad to hear you say nothing prejudicial had been said and my thanks for saying so.



    It of course beggars the question if I had said nothing prejudicial why was no response given? Is Clyde so afraid of answering a question on a clear moral point its policy is simply to deflect and not answer?



    I well appreciate the pressures you lads can be under on line and you have to protect the station but there comes a time when some values other than self protectionism need to be applied and as seasoned journalists with consciences, I am sure that you all know this, the silence spoke volumes. I just hope that when that point arises again, as it most certainly will, that you will not hide and will be prepared to stand up for real moral value.


    I think you will.

  18. Rieperman



    You need to realise that Awe Naw is this boards Violet Elizabeth! He will scream and scream and make himself sick until he getshis own way!




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